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  1. Looks like the challenge cup is getting played 22nd of August weekend , our game with wakey might be on,clubs have to let RL know if they want to play , a little bit of hope
  2. Agree with you on top 4 cant see us been below that ,but we all know fev anything can happen , like someone said on another thread we will go and lose to swinton after a great performance at london , no disrespect to swinton but im thinking it should be a comfortable win by at least 22 points
  3. Hi Rob , i put this on before the Dewsbury game i just fancied Dewsbury tonight and i dont think Windes will be as good this season as last ,going to Dewsbury on a cold sunday night is not easy
  4. Hi All I have not been on for a while so i dont know if this topic as been raised .just for peoples views My thoughts are finishing positions 1st Leigh 2nd Fev Only because i think Leigh will beat us on points difference ,we seem to let lower teams come back at us 3rd Toulose 4th London 5th Widnes I think Bradford will be pushing and might get in
  5. Well i thought we would win by about 8 , good win lads ,this team is a good team and we have more to come we will get better UTR
  6. Going to go against the grain and say fev win by at least 8 , probably just a bias opinion but i think we are a strong team and can turn them over UTR
  7. Funny thing this , i was in Stratford upon Avon last nigh a valentine thing , i got talking to a bloke who lived near Widnes but supported saints and he said he had been to fev and mentioned this game and we both agreed that we would of won that game easy if saints would of come out of the changing rooms, i remember we was winning easy and singing why are we waiting when saint wouldn't come out of the changing rooms , our lads were waiting 10 mins in freezing conditions while saint refused to come out onto the pitch , when they eventually came out they ran rings round Fev , i dont think we scored in the second half but remember been 20 odd points in front at half time , it was very cold and i think it was a night game
  8. Chizzy Harrison Blackmoor
  9. Going to stick my neck out on this we beat them the other week if we had of been on sky the tries would have gone upto the video ref and i think they would have gone our way, I dont think we will let them into the game as easy next time if we go in front,they are a good team at backing up and throwing the ball out but if we smother the ball we will win, tackle hard and push them back and the games ours ,im going Rovers by at least 10
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