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  1. No i understand that,but i always think the result should be on the pitch, what do Dewsbury get out of the cancelled game this week , why dont the full time team come over for the week and play us and Dewsbury its been good chatting pal and clearly you know your stuff But its not just covid killing the game the RFL have their hands round the neck
  2. so you dont have to actually play 16 games on the field just on paper, bit ###### on the rest of the championship who will try hard to fulfill fixtures Thank you mister Phantom you have made it so clear to me now, play 16 dont play 16 qualify who knows i have learnt something today and that is what the RFL want they will get ha
  3. So no one has to play 16 games to qualify ??
  4. Toulouse will be able to participate in the Championship play-offs – even if they don’t or can’t reach the minimum number of 16 games. The points percentage system was brought in to level the playing field, with 16 the number of minimum games to be played to ensure the play-offs run smoothly. However, most of Toulouse’s home games have been postponed as English clubs do not want to travel for fears of quarantine upon returning. i might be missing something but this says Toulouse, not all championship clubs
  5. True but British clubs dont have the same restrictions so will probably play the amount of games needed
  6. One thing set in stone Toulouse dont have to play a set number of games to qualify, so you are right rules change
  7. RFL can cancel the game under COVID-19 protocol. i will just leave this i really hope the game gets played because its the best fev team i have seen in years But dont be suprised if it gets called off (not saying RFL are bent ) BUT
  8. Yes they would, my point is why risk top spot when they dont have to , the rules are set for them to go unbeaten AND come top so they can sell the brand to SL
  9. Not saying they wont come a cropper and no disrespect to the other teams, but what i am saying is why would they risk top spot by playing us when they dont have too
  10. I have this feeling that Toulouse will not play us due to one reason or another and stay top, then play the easier teams and have a better percentage than us and win the league then have the final in France with no away fans to make it hard for us We all know who the RFL want and i think we will get done over again
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