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  1. My tribe have names on but 2 shirts are to big so POR if you have a small or extra small i will buy them off you if not needed
  2. Does anyone know or happen to know if anyone as a small summer bash shirt that they would like to swap for a medium i ordered my daughter a medium women's only to find out on picking the shirt up that they are unisex shirts so medium is well too big,so if you have a small and its a little bit tight or a child whats growing fast over the next week could i swap with you and get me out of the doghouse and get me back on speaking terms with a 14 year old ,Thanks for any help
  3. To be honest Dewsbury should have beaten Toronto ,from the game i watched it wasn't a case of Toronto winning more of Dewsbury losing
  4. Josh walters Callum Turner Brad Day
  5. Sorry POR it was that long ago ,and im just going on what ikram as just told me .cheers
  6. Ikky and Tony played 1 game together ,I think that was tonys first and last game for us
  7. i was stood behind the sticks half way up and i said no try straight away, it looked like he shoved it forward with his fingers (not seen the replay yet) It looked to me that the ref couldn't wait to give the try,did he even look at the linesmen
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