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  1. Didnt you beat us 3 times in 2014, including a 40-0 before we turned you over at your place in the semi. We only win when it matters !!!
  2. Trip of a lifetime lads. On our way back to Hunslet now but for those who are not going, if you get the chance to do it again then do it. We had a ball and the people of Toronto loved us. We took about 150, which is half some of our home crowds this season. Good luck at the weekend.
  3. 7 Hunslet first teamers are not travelling due to work commitments, criminal records etc. Obviously we have no chance but if it was a vital top of the table clash with nothing between the teams it makes a bit of a mockery of the competition as a whole.
  4. Workington being abusive to kids and the opposition and accusing people of lying....you really couldn't make it up.
  5. Thats more like it. A bit of bantz. Anyway whats done is done so lets all move on and live happily ever after. Good look all for the rest of the season . Its been emotional. Laters.,
  6. I think you are on the wrong website. Disgusting.
  7. I don't tell tales. Because i am not 12. Unlike some.
  8. No you grow up.
  9. Update.... After receiving witness statements from the Stewards at the game the RFL have dropped the investigation into alleged racist chanting. The wrongly accused victim who was thrown out after inaccurate complaints from the Workington fans has received a full apology from the stewards and has been offered free admission to the next home game. So now its all done with lets finally put this joke of an accusation to bed and move on. Good luck for the rest of the season. Oh and despite apparently never going away, look out for us on Premier Sports a week on Saturday when we take more to Toronto than you brought to South Leeds. I am just finishing packing for my flight out. Bon Voyage !!
  10. This really is my last word on the subject now but you really are a bunch of pathetic, lying, grassing losers. Byeeeeee
  11. The reality is that there was no racial chanting/noises. And there is only one person talking here Scotty boy. Anyway, I'm bored of these lies now. Good luck in your quest to get a fellow rugby league side into trouble, wonder if you would have done the same if you had won. Hopefully we won't see you in the play offs as we don't want mummys special little flower to be all offended again do we. xx.
  12. I have read the thread from start to finish and I will say once more....it did not happen. The noises were not racist noises and were aimed at the bloke in the vest to mock his constant shouting. Nothing was aimed at any player. Mvududu is a fans favourite at Hunslet, how do you think it would make him feel if we were being racist toward players? For the last time...you are mistaken in what you thought you heard. It did not happen. If it did, wouldn't I just quietly drift away and accept it? Racist comments were not made toward any player or supporter last week. Clear enough for you?
  13. There was nothing racist at all but yes, pretty much the same happened Russ. What nobody has mentioned on here was the homophobic shouting from the Workington fans. And all you having a go at the Hunslet fans must have certainly heard that. 'Does your boyfriend know your here' to a 14 year old kid springs to mind. However, we just leave it at what it is......banter. However many times you say there was racist chanting, there was not. You are 100% wrong. What you heard was mocking the bloke in the vest, once more...banter. Take away the ALLEGED racist chanting and what else happened ?Pretty much nothing. The workington fans certainly gave as good as they got in the shouting stakes but then came over all offended and the hurt party when they got a bit of stick back.
  14. Some were mocking the accents, they took this as being monkey chants and reported it to a steward. Its ridiculous.
  15. Unbelievable. I have never heard so much ###### in my life. Accusations are one thing but making up total lies is another. But i suppose if that's what you get off on then who am i to judge. Obviously no reasoning with you so i'll just leave it at that...