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  1. Sorry, i didnt mean about travel to Toronto in the cup. I meant in general. Toronto are not in the i pro trophy.
  2. Looking at last year, the draw was 27th November. Not heard anything about it this year and the start would only be a couple of months away. Has it been done away with ? If not, does anyone know when the draw is ? Also, any news on fans trips to Toronto. I know Toronto are paying for the clubs to go but are there any deals for fans through the clubs or is it just every man (or woman) for himself (or herself). Cheers
  3. I have just looked back on the Hunslet news page and they were out on 10th OCtober last year so hopefully it will be pretty soon.
  4. Does anyone have any idea when the championship 1 fixturescome out for next season ? Want to get my hols booked with work for a Toronto trip before anyone else muscles in. If we (Hunslet) play them that is. AND SO WE SHALL AGAIN !!
  5. Phil Hodgson has organised a Q and A with the board 18th Jan in the Pheonix 7:30pm. Open to all so we all have a chance to have a say.
  6. I have more love for Hunslet in my little finger than Barry could ever have as he has proved with his utter contempt of the feeling of the fans. I dont like the new kit, i am entitled to an opinion. I dont like Barry Eaton as a coach of Hunslet. I am entitled to an opinion.
  7. Shirt is horrible. Just wear a Rhinos shirt then Barry wont have to change at all.
  8. Its a joke. No respect at all. Just dont do it. He knows the ill feeling, just come in a different top. It doesnt take much. Its almost as if he wants to wind the fans up. Wasnt all this supposed to stop with this fans panel and meetings etc. Doesnt look like anything at all has changed to me. Total and utter waste of time. I personally think that there isnt anybody at the club that has the balls to haul Barry in and give him a dressing down. It looks to me like he just does what he wants and to hell with everyone. EATON OUT !
  9. Monday is rubbish. Is there a bus going ot as its so near is it make your own way. If so, will there be a meet up pub before the game ?