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  1. York vs Hunslet

    We do try an make a day of it and an atmosphere wherever we go. Some don't like the fact that we never stop singing but we have a laugh with most supporters.
  2. York vs Hunslet

    Well done. Your city is 6 times bigger than Hunslet. Will your crowds be six times bigger ? I think not. Will your away support be bigger than Hunslet. I think not. Think i'll just leave it at that.
  3. York vs Hunslet

    Well at least 36 would be three times more than you took to Toronto wouldn't it ?
  4. Oxford and All Golds to merge?

    It would be nice if they could build such a thing as a path from the clubhouse to the stand. Been twice and got blathered in mud both times.
  5. Forget it. Cant really be arsed. I am just speaking from experience and giving an opinion.
  6. The point was more that none of our lot paid as we were told we would pick up free tickets.
  7. That was sarcasm by they way. It was daylight robbery at $9 for a stubbie can.
  8. Sorry, but what has that got to do with anything ? I'II simply stated Toronto's crowd would not be as high if they didn't give as many free tickets out. I would say that's a gimme. If you don't agree with that then fair enough but asking how many people i know from a massive country to back any argument up is very odd.
  9. Sorry, but where am i being negative ? I am stating facts. Would the Toronto crowds be as high if there weren't as many freebies going around ? We didn't spend that much actually cos the players and staff gave us a handful of tokens each to spend after the game.
  10. No, but i spoke to a player, an employee of the club, several supporters and our hotel concierge who told us to make sure nobody pays as we'll pick up freebies.
  11. How is it bitter ? What on earth have i got to be bitter about ? I had a fantastic time in Toronto and were made to feel most welcome. I think my club are one of the few that embraced the experience and made the most out of a fantastic trip. I would love to go back. However, free tickets were flying about everywhere and i was speaking to a fringe player who was not involved that night who told me that Toronto flood the place with free tickets. I have no problem with them doing that at all, but everybody jacks one off over the crowds but all my point is would the crowds be so high without the freebies ?
  12. I have said it before, the reason Toronto get such good crowds is because of all the free tickets they give away. I don't actually know anybody who paid when we went with Hunslet. Free tickets in the hotel lobby, free tickets in the pubs, there was even an employee in the pub who said if any of your lot hasnt got tickets just give my name at the ticket office.
  13. Great atmosphere at Hunslet on Sunday. Crowd just below 500 with no away fans, hoping for a few more on Sunday. Both teams well up for it even as much as two London subs leaping about and gesturing to the Hunslet fans when they went 12-10 up. They got a fair bit of stick (especially Bryan) when Hunslet won but it was all good banter. Hunslet have taken a full coach to the shield games at Hemel, Oxford and North Wales and home crowds have been pretty much the same as the regular season. Might be the trophy that nobody wants to be in but I would say we have embraced it as a chance to win a trophy (as well as the prize money) and get some wins under our belts. And So We Shall Again!!
  14. Toronto

    Didnt you beat us 3 times in 2014, including a 40-0 before we turned you over at your place in the semi. We only win when it matters !!!
  15. Toronto

    Trip of a lifetime lads. On our way back to Hunslet now but for those who are not going, if you get the chance to do it again then do it. We had a ball and the people of Toronto loved us. We took about 150, which is half some of our home crowds this season. Good luck at the weekend.