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  1. NHL and NBA have cancelled the season. Super League will be done soon.
  2. Yep and he later became the Director of Rugby at Esher RFC.
  3. That's because Rugby Union is very regional in Canada and also parochial and political. The BC Rugby Union and Toronto Rugby Union have an outsized voice and influence in Canadian Rugby, even though many good players come from elsewhere. Trust me, I used to coach Junior Rugby in Ontario. The representative teams aren't filled with the best players, just the ones whose parents are willing to pay the fees and who come from the "right" clubs. I know a number of players who were on no ones radar in Canada yet have gone on to very successful rugby careers in Europe.
  4. That's not true. Both Edmonton and Calgary have a strong Rugby Union community. After Ontario and BC, Alberta is the strongest Rugby Union playing province. Here are a list of clubs: https://www.rugbyalberta.com/findaclub/ Alberta has also provided a number of pro players to European clubs, notably: Andrew Tiedemann (Top 14, RFU Championship) Scott Franklin (Top 14) Ryan Smith (Top 14) Jeff Hassler (Pro 14, including ALL Star honours and top try scorer, MLR) The Prairies have produced a lot of good rugby players. Saskatchewan and Alberta have pumped out some of our best players in recent times. Notably Jeff Hassler and DTH Van der Merwe (who played his Junior Rugby and HS Football in Saskatchewan). DTH is a player that could walk in to any Top 10 RU side and probably be a starter, bar for the NZ All Blacks.
  5. Ricky Leutele apparently being traded to Wigan in exchange for five players.
  6. Yet the NRL average is a little over 16,000. Like I said, Club Rugby isn't a big draw attendance wise.
  7. Really spoiled in TO right now with Rugby. I hope TWP and Arrows both do real well. There are some good things happening in the Americas in both codes right now, need to keep the momentum up!
  8. They need to beat Hull KR both games they play them. They also need to beat Hudds and Wakefield. Near the business end of the season, they will need to steal a couple of games against the top half of the table. Long season, 23 games left. They need to win 10 or 11 of those IMO to avoid the drop. I also don't think teams will travel well at all to Lamport.
  9. I think out of the next 5 games they can beat Wakefield, Huddersfield and Catalans. If they don't win at least 2 of the next 5, coach needs to be sacked. They need to focus on the basics though. Get three solid hit ups and gain some yardage. Territory is killing them in these games, inside your own 20 is not the time to be throwing the ball around. Everyone was beaking off about SBW last match because of a couple of errors with ball in hand which were down to trying to force things, I was impressed with his tackling though. He made a couple of key tackles that prevented sure breaks in the line from occurring. Some others on the team though, soft defence! I think one set, SBW made 4 of the 6 tackles. Others need to step up in this department.
  10. I accept this Robert but my problem is we have not been able to receive any of the benefits. 1. We host no home games ourselves 2. We get reduced money from participating 3. It's extra games that put additional stress on our small squad. I would change my mind pretty quickly if we hosted games in Toronto.
  11. 100% in agreement. Meaningless competition that we get zero benefit from.
  12. They need to win 2 of the next 5 IMO for Brian McDermott to keep his job. Any less and he needs to go, especially with the amount of money they are spending. I would be really pleased if we beat Wakefield, Huddersfield and Catalans.
  13. The team played like absolute dogshit against Saints. The thing is, they have some good players with some decent pedigrees but as someone else pointed out, they seem poorly coached at the moment. Big problem I see though is they have no power up front. Can't play champagne Rugby if you have no platform. They came out on the wrong end against the top five teams in the competition but they didnt look bad in most games, barr the Saints match. I am confident they will get some Ws soon.
  14. Most professional sports work this way. If you aren't first grade, you're playing for scraps, even in NA. Had a few buddies I played hockey with that ended up playing a few years of minor professional hockey. One played in a league called the Southern Professional Hockey League after 4 years in the NCAA. It was probably the Ice Hockey Equivalent of League 1 Rugby League. Pay was like $500 a week and the team owned a bunch of dorm apartments the players would live in, usually four or five guys in the same apartment, earning just enough money for beer and food.
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