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  1. I would love to have seen one of the Loop fixtures played in Vancouver but I doubt the other clubs would go for it. I think it's better that any games like this get played in Toronto.
  2. Anyone wants to get a game of RLL4 going, pm me.
  3. It's around €12 million per club. Salaries used to be way higher but you had clubs like Toulouse, Toulon and Racing Metro spending upwards of €15-20 million euro a season when accounting for bonuses, etc which used to not be included in the cap calculation.
  4. 120 hrs in RLL3 and 100 hrs in RLL4. RLL3 was more arcade like while RLL4 is the superior Rugby League game as it's more realistic which also makes it harder. A lot of people didn't like RLL4 because the learning curve is steep. I would love a RLL5 and I don't doubt it will get made eventually. The problem is the market for Rugby games isn't big at all so a company like EA will never make them. Btw, all the Rugby Union games are terrible. Rugby 18 was goddamn awful as is the Rugby Challenge series. Rugby 15 was a freakin abomination. The last actual quality Union game was EA Sports Rugby 08. Rugby League Live is far superior in every aspect.
  5. Toronto launching bombs at SLE & RFL: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/sbw-coup-just-tip-of-iceberg-for-rugbydisrupters21-20191106-p5381q.html?fbclid=IwAR2ZblkKggFQPYU0RkDIoDxndNo9Ut_NzY3V7YmozTPEP7aYgMZDrrOOvso Want Salary Cap increased Want 100% transparency on money Want Central Funding rethought Want the RFL to better represent them at the UK Home Office (Believe RFL is being meek)
  6. Australia vs Toronto at BMO Field would be dope! Knowing Rugby League though, they'll probably play that match in England
  7. Don't disagree with you. I think a major part of it was Ottawa wanted to wait and see with the CPL. How many soccer leagues have come and gone in Canada? Plenty, so Ottawa wasn't going to leave a stable league and move to a league that nobody knew would last.
  8. No effect. The Fury didn't want to play in the CPL because it's a lower standard than USL but the CONCACAF forced their hand.
  9. England, France, Australia, NZ. Annual tournament single round robin. Make it happen. Likewise: PNG, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga play an annual tournament. Call it the Pacific Nations Series.
  10. Another fine example of the trash that gives this forum a bad name.
  11. On Toronto Love, anyone else stoked to see what plans Bob Hunter is drawing up to increase capacity and fan experience at Lamport?
  12. Can't wait until Ottawa, New York, London and Toulouse are also in the League. Big things happening!
  13. Lmao well your sources were hilariously wrong. My Source is Forbes and MSNBC Business, you know actual business magazines. MLB destroys IPL for revenue and value. Not even in the same league.
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