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  1. This. Argyle seems to have basically used the players and non-payments as a weapon against Super League. They wouldn't budge so he said screw it. The players were pawns in this. If SL cared about the player payments, they would have allowed Livolsi to buy the team and keep it in SL.
  2. I have not received mine yet or been given any word on where it is.
  3. Without TWP, RL is dead in Canada. Any support they did have will be quickly swallowed up Union who have already made the moves. I know the owner of the Arrows, the void left by TWP will be filled by his club.
  4. I agree, I think certain individuals have now realized it was an error not giving TWP access to central funding. The entire saga has embarrassed the sport in a number of ways. Yes, it has been embarrassing for TWP and David Argyle but the league has also personally embarrassed itself which, given the TV contract is up for renewal, you can`t help but think they have done damage to SL as a brand the way they have handled TWP.
  5. I just ordered one. Pretty stoked as I contributed to this and am glad it has all panned out, especially in light of the world atm. I've also got some connections in Jamaica so this is awesome.
  6. A rebel man for the rebel code! I love it! He is also living a few km from my house now, so maybe I can gain favour in his court and have him pass on some instructions to Mr. Rimmer.
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