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  1. Top flight Rugby Union clubs generally have around 40+ players on the roster with double and sometimes triple coverage in most positions. Leicester Tigers 1st XV is 47 players atm. Many reasons for this: 1. Multiple Cup Competitions 2. Internationals 3. Regular Season There is no break for international matches in the club season so clubs go without their best players during Six Nations, November Internationals, etc. They need the bodies to be able to fill those spots for 22 rds in the regular season + a minimum 6rds in the Heineken Cup or Euro Challenge Cup + league playoffs.
  2. We shall just have to wait and see won't we. 27 more games to play
  3. Well the scoreline was pretty close. I don't think any TWP fan thought we would win every game we played this season. Salford were in a GF a few months ago. We will win a couple on this lengthy road sojourn and probably win a bucket full at home in the heat and on the turf of Lamport. I'm still calling an 8th place finish overall.
  4. All these arguments about the Irish in a Canadian Thread and I could swear I was in the Miramichi! People in the Miramichi are also crazy! So that sort of ties in by system!
  5. Well it appears they were in the match until the end there. The good news is the team is competitive!
  6. Really wish I could watch this match. Better get a better tv deal in 2021! I tried a VPN but it ain't working for me.
  7. One of the MLR teams, Austin, already almost folded but was bought by the owner of fellow league rival, San Diego Legion who apparently has very deep pockets. MLR is being run by business people and in order to own a team, you have to buy in to the league. It is in fact one ownership group with their respective clubs being worth equal shares in the entire operation.
  8. Toronto Arrows just announced a TV deal with TSN. All games are to be shown on TSN2 and TSN Go.
  9. That's because the model he is using is different. St Helens, Warrington, Leeds all make a profit but not a very large one. If TWP are able to stay in Super League and solidify themselves, I predict within 10 years, they will be the most valuable SL Club, by a long shot. The Wolfpack will become a vehicle for other assets, see link: https://rugbystrengthcbd.com/ Owning a Rugby League in Canada is basically comparable price wise to owning a Major Junior Hockey Club here (which are 16-20 year olds trying to make NHL) https://www.tsn.ca/talent/chl-franchises-worth-millions-can-afford-to-pay-players-study-1.522306
  10. DA likes the sport but also seems to think he can make money off it long term. Reality is, the cost of entry is ridiculously low. Expansion in most Major League Sports in NA is priced in the 100s of Millions of dollars now. Vancouver and Montreal paid roughly $40 million each to join MLS a decade ago and would pay considerably more now.
  11. I'm certain every Super League club would love to have a couple of thousand extra fans and their families available to attend their matches. Imagine if Leeds Rhinos games were at the same time every Rugby Club in Leeds was playing their matches? That's what TWP face due to the scheduling.
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