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  1. The entire system is ridiculous and is a drain on the professional game. The fact we've arbitrarily decided that 12 teams is the magic number of clubs in SL is well.... extremely limiting. Ditch promotion/relegation and immediately move Leigh, Toulouse and London to Super League. Bring in others provided they can afford to go full-time, charge expansion fees, etc. Start running the game like an actual professional sport and stop letting it be beholden to a bunch of amateur clubs that play out of a park.
  2. I would be willing to pay for every game through a digital subscription if Sky broadcast them all. I already pay for Sportsnet Now in Canada just to watch NRL and Super League. The future is in streaming based services.
  3. What sponsors have they lost? The shop closing makes complete sense given the lack of games and the high rent in Liberty Village. Toronto just signed Kallum Watkins, the idea they are going to suddenly go under is so foolish. Given how wealthy David Argyle is, they are probably the least at risk of any Super League club.
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/16/mlb-new-media-rights-deal-with-turner-sports-worth-over-3-billion.html Yes they do
  5. The problem is the archaic contract Super League has signed. It's a relic of the 90s when everyone had satellite dishes.
  6. I live in BC as well, good to see a fellow West Coaster here. RL has presence in Vancouver but none on the Island which is 100% Rugby Union territory. Things don't make sense on Vancouver Island though, this place is like its own little world which is one of the reasons Rugby Union has been so mismanaged by Rugby Canada who are based out of Langford and run the National Program. There are six League clubs on the Mainland, 4 in the Vancouver area, 1 in Whistler and 1 in the Fraser Valley. TBH, BC has been the driving force in Rugby Union for years in this Country but the demographics and sport has changed. Toronto is the new power for Rugby and with the Arrows in MLR and TWP in Super League, if you want to watch high level Rugby of either code, you watch Toronto clubs. Wolfpack need their own TV deal and Sky needs to be less restrictive with such an archaic deal. Toronto Arrows are shown on TSN and ESPN has rights to MLR. There is no reason every Wolfpack game shouldn't be shown on TV.
  7. Case in point, the Ottawa Senators. They spent $30 million less than the Leafs and were close to making the playoffs.
  8. There is definite appeal to playing for certain clubs but it isn't as strong as in Europe. A lot of times it's players wanting to play with specific players. The New England Patriots were able to bring in the best talent for years because players wanted to play with Tom Brady. Likewise, in the NHL, many players will take lower pay to play with players like Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby.
  9. They also have a minimum and maximum salaries. The difference between team spending levels is 20-30 milion in the respective big 4 leagues.
  10. Toronto doesn't get any TV money so we don't care. Glad to see news of our impending demise have been greatly exaggerated lol
  11. Survival of TWP will all depend on what Arygle is willing to spend, as it always has. I think Rugby League is in for a big shock post COVID though. Whether TWP survives will be the least of our concerns. For the interview, it's here: https://www.sportsnet.ca/590/writers-bloc/toronto-wolfpack-ceo-clubs-challenges-pandemic/?fbclid=IwAR0LHFddayvLNjfo5D_9Szt4bRKecMLGzUezT2yjEfydAgQWQ8mKDyvwGu8 If Toronto is not given any games at Lamport, they should receive their share of the Sky Funding.
  12. I have just set foot on dry land for the first time in about 60 days. When the COVID 19 restrictions were put in place, I and a few other lucky souls in the Armed Forces were sequestered to our warship where we spent the next 60 days sailing around, remaining "healthy". Needless to say, I have absolutely no idea what's going on and all the physical distancing measures are kind of strange after just having spent two months in a sardine can with 200ish of my best friends. How is everyone holding up? I for one can't wait for Rugby League to get started up again and miss watching TWP. How are things in the UK atm? In British Columbia, things are quite good. The virus was brought under control here very quickly and active cases are declining. The danger now is a new outbreak which is why physical distancing restrictions remain in place.
  13. NHL and NBA have cancelled the season. Super League will be done soon.
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