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  1. I would imagine they stay in Canada and bring their families over. Nice time of the year right now and would be a good opportunity to do a bit of travelling. If they have a week off, I would highly recommend a trip to Quebec City or if they are looking for something a little closer, Kingston and the Thousand Islands.
  2. Every week, the Top 7 Championship sides hammer the bottom 7. The leagues aren't comparable at all. The bottom ranked team has beaten the top ranked team in SL, twice this season. In what world is Rochdale ever coming close to beating Toronto? The top 6 or 7 clubs in Championship regularly put up cricket scores against the bottom 7.
  3. Kind of a flawed argument when the gap between the #2 snd #12 is so small. Adding the top 6 from the Championship wouldn't really change this as I am willing to bet Toronto would be better than some of those clubs and the rest would be no worse than London Broncos.
  4. Or split the Championship between Super League and League 1 which is basically how it is now with the Championship essentially being a two tier league.
  5. I don't necessarily think playing less games overall is the answer. Rather, the games should be distributed differently. Challenge Cup gets changed to a round robin cup competition. Perhaps there are two or three different Cup competitions? Challenge Cup/Challenge Bowl/Challenge Shield etc. Sort of like the Euro Champions Cup/Euro Challenge Cup/Euro Shield in Rugby Union. A larger league also means more teams which means more variety and more home games. I think P&R should be kept but the Championship should be split in two with the top half moving to Super League and the bottom half absorbed by League 1.
  6. The way the NFL makes the season interesting is by making the Regular Season short enough that there are enough teams still fighting for a playoff position by the last game of the season. Super League could: 1. Increase the size of the league 2. Shorten the season as I think 29 games is too many. 3. Concurrently, Increase the length and number of teams that make the playoffs. Possibly make playoff rounds between teams series (2 game aggregate or best of 3 games).
  7. Blood and Gold, you had it right the first time. I grew up in a French town and speak it fairly fluently. I was one of a handful of Tête Carrée, or square heads as the French like to call Englishmen here, in the town. We all get along splendidly now, I swear
  8. Red, Black and White is the colour of all Ottawa Sports Clubs. I think a nice Rugby League kit with those colours (something like the 67's wear) would look great. The 67s have a great history btw, the club is over 50 years old and is one of the most successful junior hockey clubs in the country. Junior Hockey is a bit of an anomaly in Canada. It's the only sport that I can think of that has thousands of fans willing to pay to come watch 17-20 year olds play a sport. Playing in the Canadian Hockey League has pretty much always been the best way for any youth from anywhere in the world to make the NHL. I'm more interested to see what they name the Ottawa Rugby League Club? Especially because Ottawa is a bilingual city with a substantial French population. When they revamped the Ottawa CFL franchise, one of the reasons they chose the Red Blacks name was because it translates to French as Rouge et Noir which is very similar to a French University in Canada called University de Laval which has the top Canadian Football University club in the country. There team name is the Red and Gold or Rouge et Or.
  9. Ottawa is also headed up by a similar business consortium that is backed by Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group (OSEG). They own: Ottawa Redblacks (CFL) Ottawa 67s Hockey Club: And Ottawa Fury FC: The consortium owns all three clubs and now supposedly owns the Hemel Stags license. They also control a 25,000 seat stadium, 10,000 seat arena, dozens of restaurants, shopping complex, beer gardens, condominiums, etc.
  10. Odsal should def be demolished but the site itself is pretty large. Surely they could build a new boutique rugby stadium there?
  11. I think that poster has also now been banned.
  12. It probably got deleted after a certain user accused the forum of being run by "Fascists" for them daring to question his assertions that TWP were dead in the water and that the dream of Rugby League in NA was dying. As for the management shakeup at TWP, as I posted elsewhere:
  13. I think what we are seeing now is Argyle separating the business aspects of the club from the Rugby guys. That's why Martin Vickers is heading up the UK Company and why Bob Hunter and John Pellatt have been brought in on the NA side of the house. Brian Noble is a great rugby mind but he isn't a businessman. He got the Rugby team up and running but now they have brought in actual business people to run the financial/infrastructure side of the club and let people like Brian Noble and Brian McDermott focus on what they are good at: Running a Rugby team.
  14. CFL shouldn't be too much of an issue. A lot of games are played on Thursday and Friday and games that are played on the weekend are played late at night. Simple scheduling fixes this.
  15. Yes, the 5 year plan was the "5 year plan to get to Super League" We don't know if that was from time of incorporation or when they joined League 1. It took a year to get the team off the ground before they even played a game so we are probably in year 4 of that plan. I love watching TWP and think it's been great that I have been able to watch top level Rugby League but I hope they are playing in Super League next season. I don't think the concept works outside the Top Flight. I know you don't have such a thing as Major and Minor Leagues in the UK but TWP are a Major League team playing in a Minor League Competition. They just hammered the #2 team in the Division 56-6. It isn't financially sustainable forever and no major sponsors are going to want to indefinitely sponsor a club who isn't playing in the top flight and getting coverage. Here is a question - Are any of the Big 5 Canadian Banks heavily invested in the UK? They have a pretty good history of sponsoring Canadian Sports Clubs and would probably be a good sponsor for TWP to try and acquire.
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