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  1. Rather embarrassing admission presume you don't watch Sky matches and missed his 90 metre try against Huddersfield?
  2. stevereed100

    2019 kits

    I can see why Gillette pulled out of the sponsorship deal. Have they tried UPS? Or ZZ Top?
  3. stevereed100

    Rovers Rebooted...

    You need to get out of the kitchen more often son. I am beginning to fear for your mental health.
  4. Hope so, what he tried to do was criminal!
  5. Feeling the warmth, winning 5 out of 7 feels like success. Being the first promoted side to retain SL status allows us to paint the town red! The Super 8s were dull but Wigan won 7/7 and Hull..... See you next season!
  6. As you well know it was a response to someone trying to outdo you in trolling Rovers. Interesting I get no apology from you for calling me a liar. Why do so few Hull "fans" have number plates? As the season has been successfully completed with my team winning I am off on foreign travels,signing off.
  7. You are so desperate! The DVLA promoted EN 61 AND as England at auction and that included misspacing. KR10 5FC picks up on number recognition as KR10 SFC which is great. Drive down any motorway and check out how plates are made up. But if you don't want to buy these memorable plates why not consider HU11 HKR...but that is worth a premium as it can represent friendship and that ain't your style. Now then, give up!
  8. And yours is very current,can it be extended in 2019! Interesting new recruits announced a few days ago,hope your rebuilding goes well!
  9. So funny, was that self analysis? Have a chill pill now the season is over for you and me,perhaps you can come back in the new year and up the quality of your contributions. For me I think the Forum lacks intelligent debate too often.
  10. Or to dry the tears of those clowns weeping after 11 consecutive losses kicked off by being whipped by the Rovers juniors side! How safe are the mortgages of the Hull players after Pearsons tantrum?
  11. A bit stretched young man but yes I did. And I was proud of my teams Wembley run and in retrospect 50 seems low in comparison to the pastings Hull are taking and have taken over the last 10 years. In that they couldn't win at Wembley for so many years you may not be old enough to remember how many years Hull held the record for defeat margin and highest score against. I take the big picture but Hull losing at Wembley to a local junior side is something I will always can't take that away from me.
  12. Is that the sum total of your humour...or just the low value you place on Hull FC? Even the DVLA would ask for £499 and they don't rate your team! Your "friend" insults my integrity by suggesting I don't have the plate when selling cherished registrations is now my living...see Cherished...HU11 are having a laugh!
  13. MZH I didn't get your post for some reason but see it in OFs quote. Offer £999 and I will consider it!
  14. If I could master the technology I would show you the Retention Certificate. Make me an offer and as a pal I will look on it favourably..also so little demand from Hull fans I would like to move it on. As you know HKR plates eg R105 HKR are seen in large numbers around Hull but rarely do I see a HU11 one. I am a Rovers fan but I do not post EVERY week with a huge about Hull unlike the man himself. I have enjoyed the jeopardy of the Qualifiers more than seeing the mighty Hull humbled. 6 challenging games so far with possibly another 2 to go. Almost don't want the season to end as I enjoy my games win or lose. You are peeved I think that I have chosen to read this Forum but reduce my contributions due to the idiocy of some who insist on bile rather than constructive comment. If Rovers stay up as a fan I will be delighted. If we go down as a fan I will as before increase my financial support for the club and look forward to a very competitive Championship meeting some true pillars of RL supporter.
  15. It's neither of those. Something to do with % and on that Toronto go up!