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  1. You have too short a memory,without checking think Hull got hammered twice by Wakefield and Wigan? giving Hull the record for points against and losing margin in an era when tries only counted for 3 points. Dementia helps to forget the recent past and remember well the late 50s and early 60s? Wellsy your obsession with your near neighbours is touching but as usual you will be in Denia sorry denial.
  2. How old is the little beggar? I am 67 and could never keep up with this game even when 60. Even if he is 50 unfortunately his similarity to a Chuckle Brother is not a good look for the game.
  3. Thought it was you the supplied the video evidence but choose to go coy when challenged. Nobody seems to want to comment on the League's insistence on a geriatric on the line or to explain Ben Thaler s role as a H20 man. But enough said.
  4. Yet there is an equally convincing pic on line of a Drinkwater kick through for Crooks to go over where unusually the Ref blows for offside,yet Crooks is well behind the ball. Video ref would have given a try. Enough of all this. Reports on facebook that Saturdays game has James Child as ref with Micklaus and Tony Martin running the lines. All we need is Ben Thaler (renown for his indiscrete dressing room anti Rovers comments reported by linesman ) as waterboy to continue coaching the officials, leading to fears of bias. Even the RFL cannot be as blatant as that,especially on a Saturday game with unlimited options.
  5. But can you explain how Tony Martin is suitable to run the line in a professional Super League game.
  6. You will tell me next that the Chuckle brother got the Wigan 40/20 right when he eventually got there. How do we put up with such an old man running the line in Super League when we have 5 officials on the pitch and BenThaler running the water bottle on. Like current politics you wouldn't believe me if I made it up!
  7. I did immediately above your post. Are your eyes still deceiving you. Suggest you put me on ignore as I seem to rile you. I got sucked back into the Forum but it's the same old .... So enjoy yourselves it's all yours.
  8. Funny that because you obviously did but let's not worry about it,you lost,we won,your fans no doubt enjoyed their North Stand experience and the South Standers may have wished they hadn't bothered. On you roll to Wigan to see if you can set a new record. All good in love and war.
  9. Hull Daily Mail reported tickets returned to Rovers,evidenced by Block 3 adjacent to Hull allocation being half empty. Did you not go to the game and see that!
  10. Strange that because you refuse to pay a penny to stand there for your own team! You need to get over the 84 points on that day,it was the case on an Easter Monday game too far where bigheaded bully boys (Sam Tomkin's) showed little mercy to a brave band of junior players. It certainly doesn't match up to 13 consecutive Super League defeats,time for the RFL to recognise Hull are in the wrong competition!
  11. The answer is simple. Away fans are seated in the brand new superb facilities North Stand. For some perverse reason Hull returned one of their allocated blocks 2weeks ago yet sold about 1000 in the exposed miles away South Standing Terrace. Until Rovers can sell out all other areas most weeks there is no financial sense in wasting energy developing the South Stand.
  12. Well said Bob. I was proud of Rovers professional attitude looking aggrieved...Chris Atkin also made his views known,but the team showed restraint.Some teams would just have piled in getting themselves in trouble.
  13. Agree 7723. The camera shots I have seen are on the blind side of the incident and a thorough review by RFL is needed. The touch judge said enough to put a home marquee player in the bin,Maguire immediately reacted to what he saw,and Tomkin's sustained a seemingly serious head knock. Oh and the Radio Humberside commentators immediately screamed elbow attack to the head. Perhaps they were on the same side of the pitch as the official. We don't know what the touch judge reported but it was the Ref who decided yellow not red and he was on the wrong side of play to see the alleged assault. He was never going to show red to a home marquee player on the touch judges word!
  14. That's why he demonstrates the use of an elbow! Plus Tomkin's has dropped the ball and is poleaxed so what madman looks to play the ball. Why are you so desperate to claim no incident!
  15. Contraryto an earlier post Maguire was nearest and immediately incensed,look at the video.Also Tomkins was down and held.Austin was riled that Tomkin had just beaten him and wanted to stop the quick ptb by flopping.Whether it was the elbow or knees the touch judge reported foul play hence the yellow card.
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