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  1. stevereed100

    13 Jul: SL: Hull FC v St Helens KO 7:45pm

    Only Hull suffering an injury curse! As if....grow a pair.
  2. I may be very wrong the last few weeks Rovers have thrashed Huddersfield who went on to beat Hull and Wigan....demolished Salford scoring 36 points in the first half...and nobody hear dares predict a riot against the bottom team set a drift from the League table.
  3. stevereed100

    Visiting Fans

    No exposes the fact that Thursday night games are tough with work and school on the day of the game and day after when you can stay local and watch in comfort on Sky. Away trips offer camraderie and a bit of a party but not on a Thursday.
  4. Has any other team faced injuries this year?Moan moan moan. Getting Hull folk a bad name even when their team has a week off!
  5. Oh go on, we should have selected Joel!
  6. Must be the conditions! Oh no NZ look fresh
  7. Certainly a penalty but Thaler no courage.
  8. Sean o Loughlin too old and too far in decline to bein this INTERNATIONAL side
  9. Even I was too young to go in 1954. The play off final doesn't require a result, months of free dates follow. What better attraction than a replay to the Million Pound game,either at the away teams ground or at a big neutral stadium. Our product is matches,the more the merrier!
  10. Never stopped us in the good old days. Been to several classic replays...Hull v Widnes (cup final) Leeds v Hull KR (cup semi) Cas v Rovers (cup earlier round)...massive gates!
  11. Golden point might be needed in a knockout although I prefer the bonus of a money-spinner replay.
  12. Paul and Jacqui enjoyed every minute of that game. Has to be a great performance if the Cas retort is injuries and ran out of players. Surely used 17 like every team every week. Most of the KR injuries were pre match but not worth mentioning as no one listens. Rovers to Carry on up the Charts.
  13. Well they certainly failed to "Build"!
  14. Rovers to Carry on Regardless,could just be our Happy Hour! All back to our Caravan of Love.
  15. OF commenting on a Saints v Rovers then young man be off with you and your obsession.