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  1. stevereed100

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    Hull got lumbered with Fatboy Kelly when Rovers no longer wanted him. We can all make childish contributions Hullfan. Lets just see what the season brings,Hull need to crack that losing record run of 11 games before you have anything to shout.
  2. stevereed100

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    Ullman you may well be right. Drinkwater does not seem to have settled and starred anywhere long term but time will tell. In Sheens we trust.
  3. stevereed100

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    Quinlan, Burns,Dobson,Blair,Kelly(when sober) and that half back starring with Melbourne now (age affects my memory) to name but a few second raters in recent years! For a team that hasn't dominated the game since the 80s we attract more than our share of haters keen to get a dig in. Focus on Wigan!
  4. stevereed100

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    I've never seen Rovers as feeding Hull rather giving you cast offs or bad boys who subsequently fall off the wagon when led off the rails by Radford....Watts and Kelly come to mind. But I accept that this season Hull will be glad of any help with their numbers. Oh, and thanks for Josh Hodgson!
  5. stevereed100

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    The problem being that after 2 years no amount of money would entice him away from the City of Culture 2017-2020 or from playing in the only true Derby.
  6. stevereed100

    Josh Drinkwater signs for....

    Tell me, who have Hull signed since Pearson practically said his team of losers were not good enough? And our haters predict Hull to finish higher than us. Think we might turn the table upside down this year.
  7. stevereed100

    Hull kr v Hull fc

    The game is still definitely being played at Craven Park hence all the ticket sales. Nice to see Hull fans have finally recognised that tripping a mile or two over the river is better than hours queuing on the M62 to get to Lancs or standing in run down grounds in the West Riding! It will be nice to see 1500 Hull fans...we take 6000 plus to the KC every game....supporting their team in its vain attempt to stop their record losing streak. I just hope it rains and is freezing cold. In any kind of weather...
  8. stevereed100

    Hull kr v Hull fc

    You are joking. Is he a trainee electrician because he certainly disappeared as a player when he decided he was "too good" for the Robins!
  9. stevereed100

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Rather obscure remark. Which one?
  10. stevereed100

    Lights go out at HKR

    It was compromised...just like Hull FC with their never ending run of defeats and unbelievable injury list...well, I for one didn't believe it. We will seek the advice of Hull fans on the construction of our floodlights when their players show an ability to be FIT for purpose! Rovers are in the spotlight,publicity is publicity especially out of season.
  11. stevereed100

    Lights go out at HKR

    For a team supposedly playing in the dark we haven't done too bad. Now watch us go with what will clearly be the most solidly rooted lights in Super League,just like the fans I hear you say.
  12. stevereed100

    Lights go out at HKR

    As with Kelly,they fell short of the try line. Pylon the sarcasm.
  13. stevereed100

    Travelling to Perpignan

    A fit man could walk it,many do after game but plenty of public transport. 1 Euro buses are great for rides out of town including Argeles or Canet for the beach. Google it.
  14. stevereed100

    Golden Point

    1.That seems very hard on genuine injuries if cannot be subbed until team regains possession. Could concede 2 tries before that happened at least. 2. So we play 80 minutes,deservedly achieve a draw then lose advantage because of a throw of the dice. All to avoid a problem that doesn't exist ( outside of the States and NRL). 3.I said this will not now happen but I was always irked that Referees condoned such behaviour.
  15. stevereed100

    Golden Point

    The problem with restarting scrums is the fake will this be reffed? The Golden Point is unfair if decided on first set such that one team doesn't get a "go". Also what if a strong wind favouring one side in first extra time. We like the rare draws! Restarting goal line dropouts quickly will stop teams throwing the ball away,suddenly becoming unable to catch etc. Although I would prefer firm action by the Ref...sin binning for unprofessional conduct. And fake injuries.