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  1. So the all beating Cas have lost the wheels on their wagon. Shame the Observer article was this weekend! And remarkably all 3 Hull teams won this weekend. Well done to the black and whites looking forward to a good cup draw!
  2. Come on Toronto. And Swinton. Clear the path to Wembley! Any updates welcome.
  3. Apologies. Wanted to like your original post but finger slipped onto qoute but couldn't find a way to cancel / clear. Thought you would have had a sense of humour however.
  4. Car kicking is said to be after he spat at a fan! But perhaps CCTV will give us the answer! No denial of his spitting anywhere. A sad end to a great day but there is always a mad fan...But a mad player.....He should be banned!
  5. My favourite TV documentary, RL at its rawest. Great memories of playing with 2 of its stars, even if my memory fails to be able to name them! Tony Banham and Don Robson....Long term memory still there when not under time pressure!
  6. Whether he was verbally antagonised or not he is still a disgrace! His language on Twitter cannot be defended.
  7. Rovers now reporting 1580 tickets sold which would fit with crowd numbers. Must say LSV is an ideal venue for Championship rugby, free car parking in vast numbers right outside ground, Morrison store for last minute needs, Marston pub on corner of ground, great stands with indoor catering throughout games (not enough staff) good pitch etc. Good scoreboard, clocks and loudspeakers. Wouldn't mind going there for a SL game.....
  8. It's a lot closer when you can leave in the morning get there 3 hours before kick lot and have a drink. And the return journey is shorter as well. Hull as City of Culture is a whole world away from the West Riding / Lancashire cluster! Home at 7pm not after midnight!
  9. Do you realise how far Wigan is on a Friday night with the M62 accident blackhole in the West Riding? 200 fans to see a weakened team thrashed by Wigan is an excellent turnout. My point about attendances was not getting at Leigh....Cup ties are badly supported by fans financially starved!...But just an observation....Rovers fans seem to dominate Toulouse and Leigh grounds yet the official attendances seem suggest big home support yet they are nowhere to be seen.....500 Leigh fans behind the sticks and less than that in the opposite main stand. Our big away support week in week out is testimony to Sunday afternoon rugby. Dreading weeknight matches if we get back up. Much as a club specify Sunday as their home choice Sky dictates so many changes! Even yesterday I had the horrors of the M6 because of next Thursday's Sky game. Free travel would have been useless for me and the other cars I saw coming from the Midlands and further West. Gather Gareth Hock was a disgrace to professional players on his way out of the ground!
  10. How that crowd was 3800 heaven knows. Would accept 1000 plus from Rovers but where did Leigh hide their 2500 plus fans. Similar at Toulouse....Rovers up to 1000 and being generous another 1000 French fans yet given as 4000 plus. In both games Rovers "fill" one stand and look over at an almost empty one. Today we had 2 coachloads fly in from Spain, Salou belongs to the Robins! Obviously Fev would have been brilliant today and made mincemeat of Leigh, their League position says it all.
  11. The scoreboard is a joke and I was teasing you. It's got to be 120 yards plus from the "away" and difficult to read anyway. I hadn't realised that away scorers were announced at most grounds, I have rarely if ever heard them. Most grounds loudspeakers are inneffective anyway. I am amazed that solid Yorkshire folk in Feb would stay away from following their team because they felt intimidated. I have never felt that way at any ground.I am more than happy to stand on my own, get into "debate", and then shake hands and depart with best wishes at any ground in RL. No wonder crowds are so low if people really feel this way but I don't see it.
  12. Presume you were referring to the Stewards at the end....But remember we are on a suspended sentence due to the misbehaviour of the Salford fans that invaded from that Stand. If we didn't make sure of player security from away fans you would criticise. With crowds of 7000 to 8000 we are well stewarded and prior to full-time the other stands security is withdrawn and added to the away end. You should feel very safe! Apologise if the announcer ignores the away fans but they are usually hard to find. Even Fev failed to bring the numbers expected on a Bank Holiday. Plus the away team scores are so infrequent! But surely you could see who scored for you and the scoreboard is right in front of that Stand! Have you never seen an Aldi! See you at Bigfellas...Trust you have a few stewards to live up to that description. Expect a minimum of 1500 fans so stock the bars and provide some food.
  13. Looking good, missed a game or 2 but appeared more than Ellis, rated at 4 in last HDM I read, Leeds game. Only time will tell!
  14. OF I know you do talk sense at times so will comment on each point to help you understand the thinking in the Championship. Things can change overnight so I never assume the superiority of my team. In SL I always believed on the day my team could beat anybody, unlike your relationship with Hull I always had faith. The target of top 2 is one set by the fans as we quickly found that the Championship is a League of the haves and have nots. Full-time v part time, well funded v impoverished and well supported v little home support and negligible away following. Each game has been tough as these minnows are well schooled and play with heart but not well enough for 80 mins. You may be getting used to 50 point games at home but I much prefer a 14-6 challenge. So after 11 games it is reasonable to take the view that the next 12 games may not offer too much of a challenge. That is not because we feel we are superior but because we have the recent SL breeding, are full-time with a large squad,fantastically well supported and financially sound. I am sure many would like to see David beat Goliath but that was a fairy story! TO are a strong team and even the once mighty Hull would have struggled to beat them on Monday. My comment about Leigh would be any fans wish v possible SL opposition in a relegation battle. Last season Rovers suffered horrendous injuries and we're battered and bruised in the final few games. Even that Superstar Kelly had gone AWOL! I support HKR so I always want the best for my team and I am proud of how the management( Hudgell and Sheens...Best in category!) the players and the fans have accepted relegation and within days become very positive about 2017....Sunday is the social highlight every week and we also have a game to watch.Up to 1000 championship fans spending a long weekend in France (Inc the 200 in Spain...For a week!). We are not superior just naughty boys.
  15. And Josh Hodgson developing at Rovers! Have they not already done so....Thought you had just conceded 100 pts plus at home in 2 games? A bit like the Romans, what did Kelly ever do for Hull? How many games played so far? And you extend his contract! Good luck.