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  1. Something has got to be done about this. It was surprising how many teams in the lower half of the Championship could never pack down without an injury stoppage, wrongly counting scrum numbers needed or a player 20 metres from the pack suddenly realising they needed to be in the scrum. It was painful at times as a fan waiting for the game to restart. The Ref might stop the clock but this doesn't speed the game up, it plays into the teams hands. Also seeking to challenge every decision,again wasting time. Refs need to speed it up.
  2. What, you have cars! You will be claiming you have inside toilets next. Here's an idea.....Like the Academy why not merge the shops to provide a better service, Rovers will let you have access to a computerised till and skilled staff! How come Hull were so slow off the mark with releasing the Fixtures, did they not expect their fans to be up by 8am?
  3. Wondered why the Rovers lease was so cheap. Obviously nobody else wanted to set up next door!
  4. We must be to live alongside your lot. We share an Academy with you and you set up your Town Centre store next door to us, you really do drag us down.
  5. I have Warrington down to win the first 6 games, is Widnes really going to trouble them? Catalans at home should always favour the home team including HKR. For me Halifax and Featherstone are the 2 wild cards....Can they compete every week or will it be too much relentless pressure? Will they fall apart? Would like them to stretch Warrington and Catalans and upset one or 2 others. For HKR we have the ability,do we have the mentality to see it through. What a great competition with a very big prize or nightmare for Warr, Leigh, Cats, or Widnes. Leigh and Widnes most at risk?
  6. But then you will have been battered by Featherstone and their fans the week before, even if you have won! Disciplinary findings might prove crucial. Getting an away game to a SL side early is to our advantage and then Warrington last game may be less crucial.
  7. Delighted that all HKR games are on a Sunday bar the TV clash with Leigh.
  8. Rovers website and Facebook last night!
  9. The leak was 100% right. So much for a big release! So having played Halifax last week we now can test our credentials at home next week. Interesting. Leigh away on TV! Saturday.
  10. You are so wrong! The chat is that Rovers would benefit from playing Warrington last. We could be up before playing Catalan and Warrington, easier fixtures first and facing Warrington away when they have nowt to play for.
  11. Well fixtures for Hull KR have leaked! If Rovers v Halifax on Sunday 6th is true then we have Widnes Catalans and Warrington as last 3 games. Hope this is a spoof not a scoop!
  12. Don't have that problem with Policemen...they are wearing long trousers! Not wishing to make a thing of this but as a critic of the RFL they never fail me. If somebody said it was part of take your child to work I could go with it. There was something strange going on...the main pitch side official took a sheet of paper on each time Halifax were taking aconversion, showed it to the Ref and then discussed something. Were they working to a script? All very unusual!
  13. If that were the case shouldn't the bottom 2 championship teams play off v 3rd and 4th in League 1 to ensure that being bottom means something?
  14. Hull KR fans who have brought so much revenue to these clubs! Took an 11 year old to front up to these ravaging hordes. Do you actually know why the RFL couldn't find an accredited official?
  15. Would be very surprised if he doesn't. He is a fan after all. Wishful thinking GaryO.