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  1. Well done Scott Murrell Halifax the crowd and the 11 year old RL official on the touch line. Yes honest. God help us all if the other Official had been called on to cover an injured ref. Withdrawing Lunt from the team on match day, with Carney and Heffernan also resting, playing 3 players returning from long term injuries and introducing Chris Atkin for his debut was hardly a recipe to deal with a team playing its Cup Final. For Rovers the season starts again in 2 weeks...It will be novel to put out 17 fit and first selection players!
  2. But it was unnecessary! And why would they be fined...Were Leeds fined for resting 13? Rovers have coasted/ rested players with a bump since beating London Broncos to win the League.
  3. Justin Carney and Heffernan both rested for a second week to fully recover from minor strains, both will play next game. Both locked on try scorers. Chris Atkin plays his first game, could be a revelation! Matty Marsh and Greenwood back for first game from serious injury so not 100% match fit. Plenty of opportunities for Halifax on their ground...They must win we will face Toulouse away if we win, so bonus if we lose! Think Rovers will want to win and do it but it's very unfair to Toulouse ( and us ) that not all games played Sunday.
  4. Who said anything about profit? It is about running a club and enjoying the rugby whilst not making losses that cannot be managed. Not every club has a sufficient catchment of followers, Hull and Rovers do along with a few others.
  5. Well he is only being paid to the end of the season. Isn't the salary cap the same as Super League? If so plenty of scope with an average home gate well above 7000, with Sponsorship and Hospitality well in excess of last year as is kit sales. Running events like a 25000 pop show, 2 Bierkellers events, 2 runs of outdoor film shows and many other events means the club can meet its budgets. If only we get into SL just watch us go and grow. If not we will blast the Championship better than 2017.
  6. I was never impressed with Palleaaesina anyway hope Maseo is a bit more effective...Rope a Dope fits!
  7. Think he must have a good Agent. Switches from UK to Australia then back then back then back again. And what has he actually achieved. Not good enough in NRL and just average in RFL. Good luck Salford!
  8. If he does with the squad we are now assembling for 2018 we really are going to have a good season! You boys really are trying to convince yourselves we are not going up either on merit or as the 13th team. Justify yourselves or be written off as mere trolls!
  9. Why? Nobody has the right to be in SL since the demise of Franchising. We had to win promotion in 2005/2006 and have to do so again this year or next. With Danny Maguire, Carney, Chris Atkin etc we are already recruiting for 2018 in the Championship or SL. Just accept we will be there again!
  10. Enough said! Just need to check when the season starts in 2018 and whether we are in Super League!
  11. Enough said! Just need to check when the season starts in 2018 and whether we are in Super League!
  12. After all the warmth and applause we offered the French yesterday, could we expect better of you Hvy Wig? It was the rare Salford fans who invaded the pitch! As for not getting 50/50 calls that is nothing to bother us. If it is 50/50 we only had half a chance anyway!
  13. Lots of views possible but Rovers professionally disposed of London Broncos and are currently in cruise mode,giving players games to get fit, resting anybody with a knock (yesterday Carney and Heffernan) so don't read anything into losing 31-30 having been in control at half time.
  14. Je suis tres joyeux dans mon domicile en Galle merci. Au revoir!
  15. Great performance by Toulouse,Rovers made several mistakes to gift tries but gratefully received by the French boys. Rovers can control who makes it into middle 8s if Toulouse beat Featherstone. Beat Halifax and we play home to Featherstone and avoid a hostile home crowd but then travel to Toulouse...A tough game. Will know what we need to do after Saturdays game!