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  1. Why is it never Hicks, Childs or Thaler?
  2. But haven't Ganson, Cummings, Thaler etc all had " promotions" in the last few years plus job opportunities in NRL. Given the TV money, the number of games they cover each week, the fact they know the money when offered the job I would be surprised if those really are the reasons.
  3. Hardly, every team you played were beatable. You even avoided Rovers at Wembley,you know how that would have ended!
  4. Hardly. Either the selection process or management is to blame. Remember the good old days when the Referees stayed forever and were not the story?
  5. As the gate money is split 50/50 after match expenses sponsorship would presumably all go to the home team. Are we sure neither club get anything from Sky or RFL in compensation? For me the M6 and for our Hull following the M62 on a Friday night is a big negative. Surely 2 local ties could have been chosen....After all its the fans that matter. Hull v Catalans would have been an obvious choice!
  6. Sadly I have watched it over and over on here and on BBC coverage. You opened this post. That allows me to comment as much as any who did not see it live. Watts has a history, Gale was concussed. 2 games ban is not unusual. Realise he is a key player in your team but I am sure you have enough resource within the squad to cope without him.
  7. You are getting boring now....You and I know that Hull could not rest anybody v Rovers. A home draw for Rovers v Hull was my wish, a full house, TV coverage and all those travelling Hull fans stood on the North Sea Ferry terminal. Nirvana.
  8. Hardly. He has a less than perfect record and as usual went in to smash Gale not tackle him. 2 games is a slap on the wrist and will not bother him one bit.
  9. The lengths you go to ! Beginning to think you really are obsessed. Nice to think you fear Rovers so much. Get over it we are just a Championship side with massive support and a real threat to that West Hull circus.
  10. Hull winning at Wembley, whenever that was, was hardly a shock. They had tried so many times it became inevitable. The shock was that Warrington played that badly! Having said that Rovers beating Warrington when outside Super League was a shock to some.
  11. Stop swinging his arms!
  12. So the all beating Cas have lost the wheels on their wagon. Shame the Observer article was this weekend! And remarkably all 3 Hull teams won this weekend. Well done to the black and whites looking forward to a good cup draw!
  13. Come on Toronto. And Swinton. Clear the path to Wembley! Any updates welcome.
  14. Apologies. Wanted to like your original post but finger slipped onto qoute but couldn't find a way to cancel / clear. Thought you would have had a sense of humour however.
  15. Car kicking is said to be after he spat at a fan! But perhaps CCTV will give us the answer! No denial of his spitting anywhere. A sad end to a great day but there is always a mad fan...But a mad player.....He should be banned!