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  1. Where next for Gareth Hock?

    Jim, you seem to be the only one with any time for Hock! Are you on commission?
  2. Where next for Gareth Hock?

    Blair,Scruton,Addy,Lawler,Jewett....Lunt,Maseo to name a few. Jim,which of these do you disrespect so much that a loser like Hock could replace? Hock is a loser but alright as a vehicle to show your disrespect for Rovers.
  3. Where next for Gareth Hock?

    Don't dump your rubbish on us! Hock was at best a Championship player 2 years ago. Given all the names linked with Rovers in recent weeks it seems people have a short memory. Tim Sheens is coach, a wizard who will not be fooled!
  4. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Had a great night thanks. Danny Maguire man of match.The plays hero only ever wanted to sign for Rovers, every mention of the dark side was booed by a very partisan crowd (had all the Hull fans planned to be in MCR) and the play didn't even have to mention 1980 to paint the town red! Impressed if you have been to see the play....the City of Culture can be enjoyed by all. Remember Rovers actually contributed to the Culture bid and management, Hull FC clearly didn't see any significance for their followers!
  5. Grand final sell out

    Hardly! And we and some other clubs stay to the end even when losing.
  6. Grand final sell out

    Read this thread and you will find plenty. The ignorance on here sometimes astounds. Fantastic if RFL have now stopped selling and giving away tickets but if anyone without a ticket wanting to go turns up sure they will get in. Where there is a will there is a way. Great publicity if this is the first full house with no obvious empty seats. Takes 2 Yorkshire teams , good job Wigan missed out or they'd be struggling to get there!
  7. Grand final sell out

    When was the last genuine sell out with fans locked outside the ground? Ticket touts making big money? Is it just Leeds and Cas fans that have paid? So many coming forward now saying they haven't paid!
  8. Grand final sell out

    Plenty of evidence,plenty of numbers plenty of everything.
  9. Grand final sell out

    Tory boy get off my case. I have better things to do than complete tasks set by you bossman. If you could actually read I did answer your ? earlier but even now I will humour you as I watch another game for which I had 2 free tickets...see the empty red seats near the tunnel at Wembley... Rugby AM have just offered me 4 Hospitality Tickets and 10 pairs of tickets and given me the answer to their competition. All I ever questioned was the claim of a SELL out.
  10. Grand final sell out

    Is that big enough?
  11. Grand final sell out

    Think not, plenty of responses! Even your need to bring HKRs away support into it. Admit it you missed it this season.
  12. Grand final sell out

    You may mock! Just open your eyes, get on Facebook, look at your fans forum, ..... You must have had a message from RFL offering you the chance? However a 60,000 crowd on a Saturday night in October in Manchester is quite an achievement,especially with Hull Fair first night,Sky coverage etc. Look at Wembley and compare.
  13. Grand final sell out

    Interesting how many pairs of tickets are being offered on social media. And how many are winners...sorry...freebies from the RFL. Clearly not a sell out and there will be lots of empty seats...a free ticket is not valued other than to sell on. There will not be many in Hull who will overcome the cost of travel etc on a Saturday night just because they have won a ticket. Sky and a pint more desirable. But it's not all about reaching 73,000.
  14. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Condemned by your own words. I promise never to like anyone elses comments where your paranoia might come into play or to ever use your opt out (it's only a joke). In fact it might help if you send me a list of your do's and dont's . For the sake of your superiority I promise never to tease you again.