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  1. Will Sheffield hold back on Sunday, keeping their powder dry for a good cup run? Who do they have on loan? Looking forward to Jordan Cox making a cameo appearance, no longer sat at the back of the stand acting the fool!
  2. Thought Rovers signed Addy and Clark in the normal cut and thrust as a SL team. To their credit they still joined us probably because of the packages a well financed and well supported club could afford. Moss was rescued from a bankrupt club that no longer existed. Kavanagh came very recently as a free agent I think. Your club may look like the old Bradford (which is the worry in terms of sustainability) it may feel like the old Bradford but lets be honest it is not the old club. It is totally new so has to start from scratch. If they had "bought" the club from the Administrator they might have had claims to the players list but they had left them out to dry for months. Be sensitive but get real and deal with the NEW club.
  3. Far from perfect but the answer is not numerous loans. Get out there and find players at a lower level or on contracts in the Championship where clubs would be happy to lose.
  4. But what else could be expected when a new club is formed so quickly without funding etc Any other time 2017 would have been the planning and development stage.
  5. All very exciting. International publicity, feature games for every home club and live TV! Well done Skolars for capitalising on this!
  6. Four weeks is far from perfect but that's what happens when sweet fa is decided from October to February and the new club is promoted to the Championship! And being new to the Championship I am amazed that you can play 5 loan players ( Inc from Super League level) it totally distorts fair competition. As does a 12 point deduction....Bradford become the Joker in the pack that can have a crucial impact at the end of the season. Will be interesting to see a League table with their results omitted. But we just get on with it....
  7. This is a team competition,just wish Bradford would get on with signing up a team! Each week I look at their result and question what was the team? Clubs beaten now by the Loanstars might just feel sick if Bradford's own team at the end of the season is much weaker. 4 weeks into the season how many of their squad are full time signed to the club?
  8. Another good weekend for the Robins! With a crowd of 7200 plus inc a commendable band of c30 from Oldham,true Roughyeds! Mitch Clark ankle injury so we might be missing him,Danny Addy,Lawler and Salter plus at least 3 pre season absentees for the next few games. Could consider loans but doubt any available given the number at some of our rivals (joking). With Featherstone also unbeaten it could be a tough Easter weekend for us...Fev at home on Friday (good argument for a Thurs night fixture!) then Toulouse away Easter Monday. Stay unbeaten and win both these games could leave us clear of the pack by late April. Was impressed with Oldham....Tackled their hearts out and played well in possession just lacking any individual to make the initial break. Lots of energy....Hope they beat a few of our rivals! Good levels of fitness,a fast game by both teams on a good pitch.
  9. Copeland were electing an MP to represent their views in Parliament,ie pro Nuclear energy (not Trident) and anti hospital closure. They were not voting for a Govt or a party leader. The Tories are led by an incompetent reactionary...Snap!
  10. They are running a club.Their supporters need to know the DNA of their club to avoid getting all excited again and then finding out their club no longer exists...And might never again.
  11. Why do you think that? The Tories are about to implode,chickens coming home to roost. But how is this relevant to a RL forum?
  12. That just peed me off. Siddall force a drop out. The Toronto no 13 immediately shouts for the ball.....And kicks it out the ground! Restart delayed.Clock stopped. Bellboy retrieves the ball and gives to the Toronto kicker. Who then drops it to the floor and somebody else kicks it off the pitch. Is this what Rugby League is about or calls entertainment? And the Ref sees it, says something and carries on. As in football that behaviour gets a yellow card in our game a Sin binning would stop this stupid childish behaviour.
  13. If the RFL " own" Odsal and do a redevelopment deal with the Council that generates a big profit does that money not belong to all members of the RFL not just Bradford? I can see the need to try to help Bradford relocate assuming they can prove financial sustainability....Difficult hurdle as they have a poor track record but these are new owners...With no money? A small financial aid package with the rest used wisely....A big ask....To benefit the game and clubs in general. Perhaps a handout to Wigan who despite all their success and money over the years seem unable to find a ground that is fit to play on and in their "control".
  14. Just fed up of your pathetic one track attacks. Change the record and contribute some rugby to the discussion eh?