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  1. They have sold all the tickets for today. There are 4000 Rovers fans all over Blackpool seafront about to descend on the ground. By the Rovers v Bradford kick off there will only be a few spaces created by leavers from the first 3 games.
  2. What part of my eulogy to a legend did you take exception to? New club is fact whether you like it or not. And to educate you tools are a vital part of creating a better world. Why hide behind a pseudonym Konkrete? Lee F....Don't encourage insults!
  3. Hull KR go into this game missing 8 first choice players plus Matty Marsh. Fingers crossed as I am sure Bradford will prove a difficult obstacle.
  4. A bit bitter aren't you when the truth is out. Leon has been a good servant to the game and given much enjoyment over the years. Pity that the new Bradford club had to misuse him in its plight. Will remember him in his prime with the Bulls etc and draw a veil over this year.
  5. Certainly not the self righteous bile that spills out of some fans of this new team. The offence taken when someone takes a contrary view is unreal, this is a Forum of views after all.
  6. That was obvious. Several Hull fans seem to like living in the past.....Off topic!
  7. Really? Too close to home?
  8. Rovers kick off is 7pm so with 4000 fans enjoying the pleasures of Blackpool beach and the Manchester Arms I hope they have plenty of gates open if there is a last minute rush. Got to say Broncos V Fev is a good warm up attraction.
  9. Agree. Leon Pryce was a class above the majority of players in his era although Hartley would have left him standing for pace. I just wish that star players knew when to call it a day without tarnishing what they had. Pryce has had a long career at the top so he shouldn't need to keep going!
  10. Hindsight in your case, I held my view on Pryce capability as he departed from Hull,he was a busted flush returning to the nest to extract what he could from his team. Did he sign for the season? Love all this negativity from Bradford to get their excuses in early before the bash. If Rovers score 60 I will be delighted but at kick off it's all square and as shown on the first day of the season 17 V 17 rarely leads to a massacre. I am sure Toovey has been watching Rochdale and Swinton, the tactic is to challenge every refereeing decision, faff around at the scrum ( the last man to pack down is always 10+ metres away when he suddenly realised where he should be) niggle at the play the ball and every breakdown, have extended " injury" stoppages and a whole other category of tactics to waste time or slow the game down. My bet is 54-12 but never rule out the Bradford bulls.... ( sorry magic) they could get a result given Rovers long injury list!
  11. That was obvious before the season started. A very ill advised signing for a club going through the odd problem. There are none so blind as those that refuse to see.
  12. Thanks to all. Subscribed using skycard which I retained when cancelling Sky 2 years back. Watched first game already!
  13. If so why does he seem to make even less effort than he did on occasions at Catalans and Hull? And you think he was offered a better contract elsewhere?
  14. Pryce was shot when he left Hull and looking for an easy ride in the Championship. Bradford with all their problems gifted his no doubt expensive contract something they could ill afford. That might explain why they do not sign any players now but I suspect the lack of a bank account? or lack of money prevents any more signings. The RFL have a responsibility to the kids that are being "used" to step in.