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  1. How will Wigan go this season?

    Probably the same as every other season. Meek and mild when Wigan FC call, full of themselves at all other times. Wonder why nobody lerves them or their conservative fans/fools. They need a year in the Championship to earn respect. On the Wane.
  2. I believe I would be relaxed if we were still in the Championship, after all in my support since 1960 we have spent many years in the lower Leagues. The Championship has a lot to offer...Sunday rugby,genuine fans,honest hard-working "owners", traditional grounds,competitive teams, genuine players..... The Bradford experience is not a true measure to match against. A millstone of a ground, a failure to re-ignite the fans, spending money and offering dreams that couldn't be afforded. And to date have any lessons been learnt? Here's a question does having to travel distances to all away games give Hull and Rovers a headstart in getting the fans "together"?
  3. A visionary if you say so. I raised the topic (again?) as I looked forward to 2018 with a renewed enthusiasm after the great experience my club has had in the last season in a very refreshing Championship. I then wondered about Leigh's experience and took a view that they too had benefited. So why have a play off system that favours a no change result. But if you are bored you know what to do.
  4. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    Share your sentiments, just hope Hull can stay up! Dual reg players on both sides, but in reverse...registered with the Championship 1 teams loaned to the big boys. Also City Academy players not yet on SL terms. In other words not even in the 30+ squads....little respect for putting a show on for the fans. Better to play games v York and Doncaster that are basically run throughs.
  5. After experiencing the excitement of a year in the Championship it strikes me that Leigh also benefited from their journey in SL. Both clubs are entering 2018 much better prepared with a revitalised determination to succeed. SL benefited from Leigh's presence and their fans and Stadium had a good run for their money and fresh faces were seen. The Championship teams experienced much bigger away support and the challenge of matching up to a full time "SL" team. And the KR fans enjoyed new travels and the party atmosphere of Sunday away trips of pre match get together. As a club we made a commitment and rejuvenated ourselves after 10 years in SL. And increased our support going into the Championship and breaking all records this year. Relegation and Promotion ( if only for a year) might be a godsend for Salford and Widnes or Halifax, Featherstone or London. Just a thought!
  6. Danny Houghton testimonial today.

    If only the crowd had been above 6000 a few Hull fans might have stayed to respect Danny Houghton. The pre season Derby is such a dull affair now, made a mockery by players brought on without numbers. There is too much at stake in SL to play a friendly in a half empty hollow Stadium in the coldest conditions risking injury. In this case at least Danny gets some cash but there was little respect for the Clive Sullivan Trophy. As with the Steve Prescott Trophy we should use the 3 League games to decide and award the CS Trophy to a worthy winner. Looking forward to real games next month!
  7. Will Leeds break SL attendance record?

    Thursday night in February will struggle to get to 100,000 even with free buses. But I will be there even though it means a 3am arrive home. And what's this about 2017 in the wilderness? Think we were very much in the spotlight and experienced a great Championship competition more interesting at times than a sterile SL.
  8. Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    Totally agree. KR offers superb facilities yet retains the true feeling of a traditional ground generating real atmosphere.
  9. Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    Hull boasts 2 superb stadiums! One ideal for 20,000 plus football crowds and RL international games, the other ideal for typical 8000-12000 SL crowds with ample car parking and excellent modern hospitality facilities. KR offer a mix of comfortable seating and covered standing while retaining the South Stand for overflow away fans who want the true North Sea experience. With the traditional grounds at Cas and Wakefield to add to the mix, Lancashire clubs have little to crow about. Similarly last season these strange fellows from the West won nowt!
  10. 2018 predictions aren’t so easy.

    Your concern for Rovers lack of depth is touching. With a current signed squad of 36/7 excluding any new Academy promotions numbers are not a problem.In fact players are being offloaded to make space for any new late signings. The fans are not restless just a little forgetful. We start 2018 with the Grand Final MoM making his debut and with several players signed late last season who made few games in 2017....Carney Atkins and Maseo to start with plus several new experienced ( Tommy Lee) and up and coming stars (Will Dagger) plus a couple of World Cup stars. Having missed Donaldson and Quinlan for most of last year...and with the winning habit well ingrained the club start 100% better than 2016. Lets see what February and March bring!
  11. Now then young man, I support and believe in my club. It makes life more interesting.
  12. These are fighter jets, will not be sufficient to cope with our massif.
  13. Like to know I still provoke a loyal following. I have kept silent throughout the predictions thread where absolute disrespect has been shown by fans of all the teams we have beaten over the last 6 years. Rovers may not be a sure bet for the top 6 but nice odds for 6-8 yet everyone seems overwhelmed by the fancy Dan teams.
  14. Sky sports

    The big question....can you take this offer on its own without a subscription to the basic Sky package?
  15. You obviously find old jokes. Originality would make you look less a It is a racing certainty that both teams will retain their SL status. And if it is the 4th Derby game in a season they can play it in outer space for all I care.