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  1. why would Rovers get relegated in 1997? Having failed to keep up to date with Inland Revenue debts the Directors forestalled a winding up order by putting the club into Administration. January 1997. Immediately the club operated on a strict cash in cash out basis whilst fulfilling all its fixtures. In fact that season we went to Wembley,posting the highest score..60...Ever achieved, adding 4000 to the Cup Final gate. That season the club declared a profit of £50,000. The fans set about raising funds, reaching £200,000 over the next 10 years. Continuing to compete and reach the play offs each year continued to seek a long term future resulting in Dec 1999 seeing a deal done , selling the ground to the Council and an interest in the club to Gain group. This fully paid off the secured creditors and gave 80% to preferential creditors. In 2003/4 after a year on the Board Neil Hudgell took over as Chairman. So determination by the Board and the Supporters overcame a financial crisis through determination and hard work. At no time did the club fail to meet its fixtures or disband its playing squad. Vultures like Tim Wilby and Caddick failed to get between the club and its supporters and we didn't walk away from our debts. That experience between 1997 and 2003 didn't involve big involvement from the RFL or dodgy investors. Hudgell was able to come in on a base that had been rebuilt and with a struggle took us to the position as an established viable SL side. A solid platform to overcome the issues of last year's relegation. Which brings me back to....Why would HKR have been relegated in 1997/9?
  2. Bradford to play at Huddersfield on Sunday in Luke Robinson testimonial! Leon Pryce to get injured and miss out in 3 weeks perhaps? Lets see the progress made in 4 days!
  3. HKR Bob We will keep bobbing along with the Dobbins! Together.
  4. Considering Henry Paul with Leon Pryce as an interim measure while their "pal" makes himself available seems like just one more compromise from a sensible plan. Being positive Neil Hudgell has welcomed the new club to the competition and targeted 10,000 as a new Championship record attendance for the first game. Wants to work with the new owners creating several options to bring the Bradford crowd to the game.....You are sure of a warm welcome....And a sigh of relief if a team steps on the pitch!
  5. Have you never heard of putting a comment out to get a denial or confirmation? Another day has elapsed in the run up to that first match yet the long term solution backed by the RFL still has no financial credibility. Or has it?
  6. Such a notable impact that they survived in SL!
  7. I think Rovers strength is that we didn't grieve over relegation. We were sad on the Saturday but after the weekend the work started and positivity set in. Old Frightful really hates Hudgell and the fact he is a fan. He has always approached his ownership of the club as a businessman hence the long term strength in the infrastructure....The ground, its facilities, the fan base etc He expresses his rivalry at Derby time but I think the last 10 years in Super League are about a lot more than that. And I certainly don't blame Neil and his management team for relegation by such a narrow margin. We were competitive throughout. Somebody has to lose out!
  8. Look to the future...... A bunch of RFL cronies with a blighted past lacking a published plan, talking of a full time squad when they haven't even established where the money will come from to make them sustainable?
  9. Colin, was he not honourable? He had been negotiating with Rovers to join them in SL in 2017. Once he had decided to join them in the Championship if need be did he not resign immediately to avoid a conflict of interest in the MPG. After all he wasn't the coach so his work in setting the club up was complete?
  10. It was definitely not Neils fault we got relegated. Seem to remember at least 2 drop goals in successive matches that beat us......We were relegated because we lost games, how do you blame Neil for that? Odsal is unsustainable! It is big and ugly, too big for crowds in Super League never mind the lower leagues. Just look at the grounds that have been brought in in recent years, manageable and affordable. Would any club choose to play there? When did the RFL last choose to stage a big game there?
  11. Bounced cheque I hear!
  12. This condemnation of Jon Sharp explains more than the problems with Referees, it questions the strange way Disciplinary reviews have turned out. Yet somebody on here last week praised our Disciplinary procedures. The whole RFL needs a shake out.
  13. My agenda was purely frustration at 80 odd pages with no urgency to bring it to a solution. I would not like to see any club go out of existence, no particular preference for a side blind to the need to cut its cloth. Odsal is an awful ground totally unsuitable to a modern game and unsustainable. Hopefully Bradford will start afresh with a realistic plan recognising the need to build from small beginnings powered by a commited fan base.
  14. Easily amused.....What was the joke, or funny?