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  1. Already got RL on the main Sports page of the Mail which makes a change. Getting the press on board would be one of his main challenges in raising awareness, would need to change a lot of minds
  2. parklandswolf

    Proper Sport stream every Bulls games

    Great game and enthusiastic commentator, SKY should sign him up
  3. Realise getting this observer status is good news, what would be the early signs that this has had any effect on the growth of game ?
  4. parklandswolf

    Chris Hill leaves game early as wife goes into labour

    Great coverage and interview with Chris on Five Live this afternoon and had people texting in what they had to leave to be at a birth
  5. In any other business someone would have a KPI or Objective to ensure we get full member (and possibly a bonus if successful). Said person would also be named and made clearly accountable. Just hope we get some clarity as to who will be leading this.
  6. parklandswolf

    Media Watch 2018 Season

    Cant knock Five Live today, tuned in on & off today and must have heard the trailer each time
  7. parklandswolf

    Media Watch 2018 Season

    Crikey, another article been added about Kallum Watkins battle with depression. Torygraph warming to us ?
  8. They could have picked a better camera position, there's a post keeps getting in the way lol
  9. Enjoying the Challenge cup game on the Red button. Just been a dog on the pitch as well, quality
  10. and the weekly union podcast, sick of hearing the ad for it on Five Live
  11. parklandswolf

    Toronto (Merged threads)

    Never heard of Propersport and couldn't find any background doing a quick Google. Whats their background as seem to have league alongside boxing as the main sports ?
  12. On the rare occasion we have an article on the front page does that also mean it is only the front page in the M62 area ?
  13. parklandswolf

    Aviva funding

    Just seen this on fb, there is a Community Funding & Grants Support Officer, Russell Murphy (
  14. parklandswolf

    Aviva funding

    Not clear on what you mean