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  1. stevieb

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    open other scanning turnstyles🙄🙄
  2. stevieb

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    if it is going to very busy then they need to sort out more scanning turnstyles as was getting silly sunday queing to just 1 turnstyle, and there was only a few hundred there
  3. stevieb

    Yorkshire Cup Final

    when you get ur ticket online, do you always have to go through the Paul Harrison turnstile or can you go through any??
  4. stevieb

    York’s cup match thread

    who said teams far better than us, im sure i said york played better than us today were has the teams far better than us come in to it????
  5. stevieb

    York’s cup match thread

    tbh york was the better side today bar far, only our defence kept us in the game today and most of supporters in doghouse said same thing, york gave that ball alot of air and let it fly, we played alot of 1 man rugby, brown was too greedy, poor reitie was screeming so many times for ball to go right but stupid blind side rugby again
  6. stevieb

    King Louis

  7. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    not viable at all, we could of been relegated last time we went down that road
  8. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    wrong if you actually look back on some of my posts know it all, i have said if matt Diskin proves me wrong as doing good for our team up at mount i will be the 1st 1 to hold my hands up and say i was wrong and skake diskins hand and by him a thomo's gold
  9. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    if ur not a big fan dont do it , after all your our chairman and dont you have last say in it or not??
  10. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    so whos stupid idea was it then
  11. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    well said bob
  12. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    weve used it on numerous ocassions, it doesnt work simple as that
  13. stevieb

    Why oh Why

    yet another stupid idea by Diskin, when is he going to learn, look back on our other dual reg and see what it did, not rocket science, obviously you will get the usual 1 or 2 that says he's is making the right choice, but ide say the mass majority will say other wise, even i thoughtDiskin was recruiting well and then he goes down this road, CAN'T SPAKE
  14. stevieb

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    looks like what we need, a well hard hitting big lad
  15. stevieb


    any chance of a full list of players we have for the new season