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  1. Very shocked they have got rid of john sharp and appointed duffy, mind boggles🤔🤔
  2. Scott Manning J brown
  3. You can't just blame the ref for that game, yes he was very bad but we was very poor in that 2nd half, after 1st half we had high hopes going into 2nd half, but we was just no were near good enough at all
  4. Day Lillycrop Leak
  5. Rettie Scott Brown
  6. So many to choose from but that captain fantastics side step run to score nr the post was class.
  7. Brilliant day and brilliant display what more can we say
  8. Its that wash and go he uses piggy lol
  9. My appologies lol, it was the irespective part weather they have paid or not part that got me🤑
  10. Could be ainy, jaw and head strapped during game sunday
  11. Good to know there something in the pipeline.
  12. I said it was a fine gesture didn't i?? I was just commenting that it also would be a good gesture for the club that season ticket holders have already paid for this game and so are not getting in free, like last season in season ticket booklet we had free drink vouchers but have nothing realy this season, hence use sheffield ticket slip for a couple of free vouchers, just a thought dont attack me for suggestions, theres enough gripe on this forum already, just saying
  13. Great idea, although not one for bursting a bubble but for those who are already paid season ticket holders and have paid for this game, do the get a couple of drink tokens or something with there season ticket slip??
  14. Great game to watch sunday,if we played with half as much grit and determination as was shown today, we would of made most games we lost into wins
  15. I do understand billy bulldogs frustrations and everyone else's but i will still be at the mount come sunday to support the team as its my only day off and a day away from the wife with my mates lol, but i also dont agree anymore with name calling as i once did this a long time ago and ended up getting a long ban on this forum which realy wasn't worth it, yes we have been let down big style of late by everyone involved with the team, but we still need to get behind the lads come sunday.