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  1. Wakey friendly

    No that was george flanagan hooker mate
  2. Wakey friendly

    Cheers kevin
  3. Wakey friendly

    Is it 2pm k/o sunday peeps??
  4. 2018

    Cheers beefy will do
  5. 2018

    Cheers bob, should.of been done 2mths ago me thinks as could of got wife to get me it for xmas lol
  6. 2018

    Can anyone, i.e ravensport or the club put a photo of away shirt up as i and probs alot more fans cant make the nash night, would be appreciated??
  7. Good News

    Meant to say to set our mark lol
  8. Lewis Gailbraith

    This wouuld be a realy good addition to our squad, very tough competitor, reminds me abit of walton at centre, very hard strong runner and defence was solid last time i saw him play
  9. Good News

    Cant wait to get up there sunday mark
  10. Old programmes

    Like a bloody hurricane at mo mate lol
  11. Players past and present

    Tiger Flannagan S brown
  12. Old programmes

    Hi bob, ive 2 or 3 pretty old programmes from alot of yrs back when batley played doncaster on a few occasions, are these of any use to Bissa or someone else buddy??
  13. Todays game

    Cheers bob much appreciated mate
  14. Todays game

    Ha ha yes johny lol
  15. Todays game

    No fake tan for me buddy ha the real deal pal lol