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  1. stevieb

    James Davey away

    i would have flanners back in a flash, one of best by far we had at mount
  2. stevieb

    Alex Rowe leaving

    one of the best props we have had and definatley could of done another season for us easily so will deffo dissagree on you with Rowe, i agree with you on holland however, AKA airbag, for size of him a waste of space at prop, could burst a balloon never mind a defence
  3. stevieb

    Batley v Rochdale

    very very poor to watch, so much 1 man rugby, no flair, no commitment, no wonder stands was empty today,
  4. stevieb

    Wards n smeats

    very happy with ward, smeats not too bothered about ide of rather kept crookes
  5. stevieb

    Rowe, Davey, Farrell and Crookes

  6. stevieb

    Ducking Stool

    credit were its due, you all do an amazing job on pink weekend as its a horrible thing and does or has affected every one at some stage in there lives
  7. stevieb

    Dewsbury sunday

    even though i dont like Diskins way of playing as i think we have gone backwards by a long way, i will be there sunday to support the boys but i think its a must win game for moral and if players are not going to be interested, how is the fans, it will be busy sunday as its pink weekend and it is a fantastic way of getting together because that horrible horible disease has affected nearly everyone at some point, so get up there and enjoy the day come rain or shine😎😎
  8. stevieb

    Featherstone v Batley

    anyone know team for 2moz plz
  9. stevieb

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    if you like
  10. stevieb

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    because its wasnt a paid gate derr
  11. stevieb

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    yes and they was well loud, good support for there team that day, only fev and leigh have given us more this season, except obv, sheffield freebie that shouldnt be counted realy
  12. stevieb

    Attendances over the last three seasons.

    according to league express which i get every week, we are usualy between the 450 and 650 mark, except as ramsfandan pointed out the sheffield game ect
  13. stevieb

    Content to be also rans

    is that the same people that k ew we needed cover on the wings ect as we was up the s..t creak without a paddle who instead get a hooker and loose forward and 2nd rowe instead, let me thin🤔🤔, yeh good coaching😂🤣😂🤣
  14. stevieb

    Content to be also rans

    looks like theres alot more than me that isnt confident in matt diskin as coach, just saying like😉😉
  15. stevieb

    Content to be also rans

    100% agree, this season alone we must have more sponsors than we evef had which is fantastic, but do you think them sponsors will stay when teamsgonig backwards