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  1. And if we had kicked the conversions we would have been well out of sight!
  2. We like to make games interesting. Gets boring if you dont give the opposition a bit of hope lol
  3. So how long is this investigation going to take? When will a decision be made? Surely an announcement must be made before, say 6pm, today in order that people can decide if they wish to purchase the viewing package. Or if people go ahead and purchase the package and the match is subsequently cancelled, what will happen to their subscriptions?
  4. Google featherstone rovers tv gets it ok
  5. I see that John Kear thinks that the new rules this season will probably mean that the ball won’t get out to the back line as much meaning there will be less open play.
  6. I think they ask the player for his name like they always did prior to numbers etc. Anyway the refs know who the players are without even speaking to them if they didn’t want to.
  7. It's only a friendly. They can wear whatever shirts they want no rules to say what they have to do. Probably will be wearing last years away shirts with other peoples names on!!
  8. Liners has said that it will be 4 x 20 minute schedules and all 20 plus players in the squad will get a run out.
  9. fredm

    FEV friendly

    Thanks for that. At least it lets people know there is a specific reason as opposed to the club(s) just doing it.
  10. fredm

    FEV friendly

    Whats with playing these matches on a Saturday? Sunday is rugby day!
  11. Sorry, as the thread was about matches being shown online etc. that was what I was referring to in relation to the income generated.
  12. So does Batley receive any income from the two away matches or does it all go to the home club?
  13. But do you think the club do enough to publicise themselves within the area? If you had just moved from, say Scotland, to Batley would know there was a professional sports club in the town?
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