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  1. Are we going to follow Fev and furlough the players so we can get money from the government?
  2. I think you are being a tad optimistic if you think it will resume then. still looks like we won't be relegated this season!
  3. Might need it for Ottawa lol
  4. Every player on the books had to start as an unknown youngster. Why cant these develop into useful/good players? Perhaps in the beginning youthful enthusiasm will carry them through their lack of experience? And who knows, perhaps this enthusiasm may rub off onto others and make them raise their game a little bit?
  5. Might they not be good enough now, Roger?
  6. Surely the team has been announced at the final training session? Do those not playing have to report just in case any late absentees due to sickness etc?
  7. Definitely some work to do on defence.
  8. Depends what he does in the Army. Might be a 9 - 5 pen pusher with every weekend off. Do we have anyone who does any scouting for us? Have we signed any amateur players from teams other than within local radius over the last few years?
  9. Surely when a player actually puts pen to paper it will be announced on the main club website, together with a picture of him and Craig both smiling about a job well done!
  10. So when have these away tickets been available at the club? Can't recall ever seeing any dates/times being advertised when they can be purchased.
  11. Their coach has already stated that none of those who played on Wednesday will be involved. That will be his team for the first SL match. Those playing on Sunday are on the outside looking to get some match practice.
  12. Weren't we represented at the nationally promoted season launch? I can't see our maroon kit anywhere on a player.
  13. And the Bulldogs squad is?
  14. So clubs are actually handing over cash so that fewer people come through the turnstiles? Suppose it makes sense to someone.
  15. Anybody know how much the home team receive for having these matches shown?
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