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  1. Weren't we represented at the nationally promoted season launch? I can't see our maroon kit anywhere on a player.
  2. And the Bulldogs squad is?
  3. So clubs are actually handing over cash so that fewer people come through the turnstiles? Suppose it makes sense to someone.
  4. Anybody know how much the home team receive for having these matches shown?
  5. I see there is a new rule brought in for next season which states that clubs must nominate their squad of 21 players by noon 2 days before the match is to be played. This is an increase from the 19 who had to be nominated last season. Also if the club then names a player in the starting 17 who was not listed in the 21 then 1 interchange is deducted from the 8 allowed to that club during the match. I wonder if clubs will be announcing/advertising how many interchanges each team is allowed before the start of matches next year?
  6. fredm

    2020 kit

    Did you forget it should have been green and yellow this year?
  7. Got to be having a laugh at those prices for a pre pre-season knockabout.
  8. fredm

    Club Identity

    So given the views on here, am I to understand that people are happy with having a complete change of colours every few years? That everyday Joe in the street isn't able to see a shirt and say "Thats a Bulldog"? I wonder if the fans of Wigan would be happy having Blue and Gold shirts next year, or Hull KR having Black and White? etc.etc. It is all about making the name of Batley Bulldogs synonymous with an identity. We should be blasting the clubs identity all round the town - as per the other forum re Battler wearing the club colours. Every citizen of the town and beyond should be able to readily identify with the one professional sports team that represents them. Still if we must change every so often maybe we can change to Red, Amber and Black - they seem nice colours.
  9. But what is a "Batley" shirt, LD? Is it red and white or cerise and fawn? What is Joe public supposed to believe?
  10. Whilst I like both the kits displayed last night I can't help but have a nagging feeling that maybe the club is again losing its identity. I felt the same way when we reverted to red and white previously. Are the official club colours now red and white or are they the original cerise and fawn (maroon and amber)? When the club set out under the new leadership years ago they brought back the cerise and fawn and everyone remembers the famous Fox's shirt with the large V on the front. Over time different styles of shirt were produced but still retained these colours until we had the red and white 10 years ago. Then we reverted back to the old colours with styles that, in my opinion, were generally not very enthralling. All the replica kits, polo shirts, t-shirts, scarves etc. were of these colours. They symbolised Batley Bulldogs. People related these colours to the club. Now we have again produced a red and white kit. For how many seasons? Is this now the official club colours? I am afraid that, IMO, it makes us small time. You do not see the likes of Halifax, Featherstone, (and dare I say it those from across the great divide) changing their club colours every few years.
  11. No, nothing mentioned last night. Will be interesting to see who has the honour. Personally I would like to see Brownie do it, and spend more time on the pitch this season.
  12. Nobody got any leaks as to what is being unveiled on Thursday evening?
  13. Have we got the same quality in the squad this year as we had then?
  14. They have sold over 750 season tickets already!
  15. What a farce. A competition is run one season and most people thought it was a step forward and a good idea. It gets dropped the next season! And they wonder why interest in rugby league is dropping off.
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