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  1. I see Mark Sawyer is saying that the 5 Yorkshire Championship clubs are all in agreement that the season should re-start. However only Fev want it to start if no fans are allowed in the grounds, the other 4 saying there should be some fans allowed in so there is some income. He states that the cost of testing is now lower than initially thought. There is another meeting next Monday but it is not expected that any decisions will be arrived at.
  2. The thing is BSJ, if the RFL and the clubs do not make any attempt to play again until sometime next spring do you think that there will be a game to watch? Will the players who will not receive any money from contracts after October and who have not done any organised training since March be in the mood to continue in the game? They - and their families - will have got used to being at home and, now lockdown has been altered, doing different things amongst themselves. Will they want to go back to the old regime and be earning what presumably will be considerably less money? There is no doubt money will be far tighter next year, the Sky deal looks as if it will be less and the number of spectators through the gate will probably be less, given the natural fall off of people not being used to going to a game and the probable effect of the unemployment rate going up. Also we will have to get used to the "new normal" - social distancing to get in the grounds; tickets having to be purchased prior to the match so clubs have contact details of all people in the ground etc; people being restricted to a certain area of the ground dependent upon their ticket and not being permitted to change places at half time etc. To me it seems as if the RFL and clubs are just meandering along with a "it'l be all right on the night" attitude. Let's have a meeting to arrange a date for the next meeting. It would appear that football is looking at a 25% of capacity for fans to be in the ground initially so that would mean, I think, 750 in MP. Using all the ground would mean 100 in the two seated stands, 200 on each of the terraces behind the posts and 75 in the two terraces alongside the short stand. That would easily allow for social distancing? Do you not think this is feasible.
  3. France are looking at allowing crowds of 5000 into football grounds very shortly. with social distancing now lowered the crowd that would attend at MP could easily be allowed, plus the majority would be standing in the open air, which even the scientists say carries very little risk. with regard to the costs of testing, Mark Campbell doesn't agree with that figure. Is it being used just to justify not playing?
  4. Update from Mark Campbell on the Fev message board. Looks like the RFL not exactly acting with any urgency. Will have to see what tomorrow brings.
  5. I see Mark Sawyer is saying that the RFL is looking to restart the Championship at the end of August. Each team will only play the other teams once meaning that as 4 matches have been played there are 9 remaining. The season will end in November when the top 4 will play off.
  6. I see there are several clubs doing this now and they are donating the profit to charities relevant to the pandemic.
  7. GT was hung out to dry from the club rigidly observing the "we don't sack coaches" mantra. It was obvious to everyone that the best thing for all concerned at the end of that season it should have been a handshake and a "thanks for everything you have done for us, Gary, but we think a change is needed." That would have prevented all the animosity that grew and grew.
  8. Interesting reading in the top section. Has Derek Beaumont made a good suggestion or is it unworkable?
  9. Hmm. Better than Tommo? or Mick Booth?
  10. Looks like some sanity may well be returning with the reports that SL will merge back in with the RFL to make one ruling body again. At the very least it would (hopefully) mean that there only needs to be one CEO so that this would only mean one salary payment and Elstone's £400k a year can be transferred to better use.
  11. I see that it is a loan to the RFL. Wonder what the conditions re interest rate/repayment schedule is? Also the clubs have to apply (presumably to the RFL) to access this - again wonder what the qualifications regarding applications are? Presumably laid out to cover all clubs so that none are looked at more favourably than others.
  12. Are we going to follow Fev and furlough the players so we can get money from the government?
  13. I think you are being a tad optimistic if you think it will resume then. still looks like we won't be relegated this season!
  14. Might need it for Ottawa lol
  15. Every player on the books had to start as an unknown youngster. Why cant these develop into useful/good players? Perhaps in the beginning youthful enthusiasm will carry them through their lack of experience? And who knows, perhaps this enthusiasm may rub off onto others and make them raise their game a little bit?
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