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  1. Yet again not a whisper as to why these players make up the 19. What has happened to the others - injured - unavailable? Who knows - the poor fed up fan certainly doesn't.
  2. fredm

    Bradford Sunday

    Anything less than £72000 per year will be a favourable deal !
  3. What hey......it's just like years ago......battling Huyton and Doncaster for the third from bottom spot. great...init.
  4. I thought my response answered your question. As I said, apart from perhaps Toronto I would expect us to be competitive against all the other teams in the league. The squad this season is equal to any of the other teams if they are properly coached and put together so that they are all in their best positions and work together as a unit. On that basis there would be no reason for us not to finish above any of them.
  5. It is a good job we didn't take this outlook under Harrison when we won the NR Cup or under Kear when we reached the final one season and third in league another. Apart from maybe Toronto there is no reason why we should not be competitive against any other team. If you plan for mediocrity you achieve mediocrity.
  6. I thought that the aim at the start of the season was a top 5/6 finish?
  7. I dont think you can call 3 lines about a match as being an update, Roger. When will there be a full match report? And looking forward will there be articles about the next match - which happens to be a crucial derby against our nearest rivals - with quotes from the coach as to how he sees the game; details about the possible line up and what is the position regarding players who have not featured recently - Scott; JC; Ward; Tiara and Lillycrop. Updates regarding their injuries or being left out due to the tactical formation of the team. Or are we going to be left in the dark again? Or will there be articles about charity fundraising?
  8. Keep up 9'oller. Haven't you heard the rumours?
  9. And nothing on official club website as usual about team selection, reasons for absences (injuries etc.) Talk about mushrooms............
  10. fredm

    Diskin out!

    I would guess that Batleys budget is equal to Halifax and Sheffield and possibly some others
  11. May be wrong but I thought this was part of the Heritage research being undertaken by Craig Lingard and others. Can anyone confirm?
  12. fredm

    Diskin out!

    So take York for an example, what difference would there be between respective budgets? They show that it is not all about money.
  13. fredm

    Diskin out!

    Not according to the record held at Companies House. Neither of the above are or ever have been directors of the company.
  14. fredm

    Diskin out!

    There are only two directors of Batley Bulldogs. Kevin Nicholas and Andrew Winner.
  15. fredm


    5 clubs outside SL besides Bulls and Widnes have expressed an interest in joining. Perhaps the Dogs are one of them?
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