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  1. Dogfather, the press have named it the “million pound game” as they like to make out that the winner would receive all that amount from their income from SL amounts from the RFL plus the extra cash from presumably larger gates. All a bit of press talk to make things sound bigger than they really are.
  2. In the Football League play off final, the winners donate all the match funds to the losing team as they have won the big prize. I wonder if Leigh will be so generous?
  3. What teams are playing in this? I haven't seen any advertising for it? Surely a way for the club to make a few quid if people attended?
  4. See Broadbent will be playing as he has joined Fev till end of season and then, allegedly, signing for Castleford.
  5. Now changed to Ben Kaye. Final score as above.
  6. JC again! Half time 4-12.
  7. I think it is a crowd of over 10000 so could not be justified at The Mount anyway.
  8. So which primary school children slapped some paint about to make that shirt?
  9. fredm

    Dual Reg

    Where abouts does it say they are dual registered players? The article I have seen says that he needs extra players as they are running a reserve team this season so need more players than last year.
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised at all BSJ. Reckon the ones with the larger attendances will be shown most.
  11. Brownie not happy with the thought of a trip to Barrow on a Monday night by what he has put out
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