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  1. What a farce. A competition is run one season and most people thought it was a step forward and a good idea. It gets dropped the next season! And they wonder why interest in rugby league is dropping off.
  2. Well one person on the York forum says he is "lacking in his go forward", We shall just have to wait and see, but really do need someone who is going to hit the defensive line at pace.
  3. Is Karl still working as an agent though?
  4. If we are looking at a base white shirt why not have one with three wide V's, two maroon and the middle one fawn/amber etc. The shorts could be maroon or white with stripes down the side.
  5. There is every chance that the new owner, who only owns the team not the stadium/other facilities, will look to make a quick buck and flog it to some chancer.
  6. Now we are starting a new era with the appointment of Linners and Karl, hoping to bring back the well won victories of yesteryear, is it a good idea to have a kit that is bold and distinctive as opposed to the little lines and squiggles of recent years?
  7. What an absolute load of rubbish. Whoever came up with the idea that likes on face book and the suchlike would be part of the assessment for the award of central funding needs their head examining. And as for the people who went along with it and agreed to it - presumably the club chairmen - well they need a period in the asylum.
  8. Ripping it up on the field as outside half for Bradford Salem.
  9. But wouldn’t it be nice for the clubs to announce who is definitely leaving and thank the players and also the fans could bid them farewell?
  10. fredm

    It's over.

    So, if you discard the Hornets, we were the lowest points scorers in the Championship; only relegated Barrow and Swinton conceded more points and only Barrow had a greater points deficit. If you don't score at one end and concede at the other then you are not going to win many matches. If this is the same next season we will be finishing even lower.
  11. What are the prize money allocations this season BSJ? Just asking as I haven't seen them posted anywhere and thought it was perhaps another one of the RFL mysteries!
  12. Well with those that are coming the other way perhaps it’s the forerunner for when the merger takes place?
  13. ?? sorry but can you elaborate?
  14. Was surprised to see that the food/drink outlet adjacent to the first aid centre was not open today. I thought the reason it had been constructed was so it could cater for when there was an anticipated larger than average attendance to ensure more income to the club. Perhaps the loss of income was offset by the increase in the price of beer for this match?
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