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  1. fredm

    What now?

    I wonder if the contracts signed by the players contain a clause stating no payments will be made until the season actually starts as opposed to the normal commencement date for contracts?
  2. fredm

    What now?

    Hanging in there by the skin of their teeth, I think Roger. All of them. I think some will say "Thats enough, call it a day."
  3. If they are waiting until a vaccine is fully available I reckon we will be wearing shorts and sunglasses before we watch a game.
  4. Somewhere to go if the Dogs aren't playing, Redditch?
  5. I think you are correct there BSJ. If clubs cant get things organised to play league matches in October what is going to change by Boxing Day?
  6. Well unless a team plays the other three both home and away, making a six match competition, I can't really see the point of continuing to even consider playing at all.
  7. So people watching the game = spectators.
  8. So are you saying that I can go to the cricket club every night, 7 nights a week, and Saturday and Sundays daytime but cannot go on Saturday afternoon when there is a match on?
  9. Other teams in Kirklees have spectators at their matches.
  10. It is a national agreement between the government and the FA. As far as I am aware there is no local restrictions at all.
  11. No, Bob, nationally allowed.
  12. How is it that local semi-pro football teams can nopw have 300 spectators at matches up till next Monday and then in September can have up to 600 spectators? Seems to me that the RFL are not exactly breaking any pots to get any semi-pro rugby played.
  13. fredm

    2021 strips

    Yes Bob, the iconic shirt that I would suggest everyone connected to Rugby League associates it as "The Batley shirt" but for some reason or other the Club (or is it Ravensport?) won't have anything like it nowadays.
  14. And what will be different from now in 6 months time?
  15. So Lunt and Scott are presumably still under contract and receiving payment from the club until November. If this competition starts in October will they be selected to play, and if so, I wonder what their reaction will be?
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