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  1. How did we end up with two teams both playing in green?? One team at least must have a change kit?
  2. Not sure whether to call in the medics- widespread outbreak of positivity on this forum. Unheard of, but long may it continue!
  3. Do Wakefield have an agreement with anyone?? Or Salford even??
  4. Not sure how Bradford expect to DR with Hull when they already have one season long loan player from HKR (Milnes) and supposedly three loanees from Leeds in exchange for Rhys Evans. That only leaves one possible space for another player unless they are playing by a different set of rules
  5. Apologies everyone. Current supplier (BT) came back with an even cheaper offer, so I cancelled the SKY transfer. Promise to make it up to the club- (Warchest or BISSA additional contributions) BB.
  6. £42.50 for switching broadband to SKY !!!!
  7. Did we release him from his contract? If not and he's signed for Newcastle I imagine compensation is due......
  8. Mick Frain definitely a prop. I have his shirt from the Centenary match v Fulham (he was a sub then, so it was a no15 shirt)
  9. Next question should be who was Batley's coach, and can you pronounce his name?
  10. Nope, I was there! If I remember right, Central park was unplayable because of snow but Bolton had undersoil heating. Pity it didn't stretch to the terrace)
  11. Burnden Park, Bolton (and it was bl***dy cold)
  12. Ah, Thanks PM. Another name for Stan W's firm. They have been great sponsors for 10 years now then.
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