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  1. Will get a cheque in the post today Rog.
  2. Well, that's the end of expansion of the game. Who in their right mind is going to try and bring a new club from outside the M62 into the game now? And if we're not expanding at best we're standing still, more likely we're contracting and losing clubs. A local game for local people. Is it any surprise that things look grim? We seem to have a sport run by people very lacking in vision or imagination. People who believe that a title sponsor who doesn't offer money but instead offers adverts on the side of a truck is the right way to go. Or is it free tuna pizzas instead of hard cash? We have sponsors with such aspirational products as mushy peas, bingo, and betting. Our champion team are sponsored by a pawn broker. Of course the Toronto bid may have had shortcomings - I'm obviously not party to any discussions - but the whole scenario reeks of self interest, short sighted shorttermism by the clubs that rejected them, the clubs that benefit from an increased share out of the central funds. The whole way Toronto have been treated set them up to fail. No offer of a share of the Sky money, no flexibility on salary cap - do we really expect the cost of living to be the same in a large N American city as it is in a small north of England town?- and total lack of understanding when Covid struck that they could not access furlough payments apart from having zero possibility of match income and no central broadcast revenues.The RL were given a £16m government loan to tide the sport over this difficult period. Toronto were unable to access this. Is it any surprise they had to pull out of the 2020 season? Regrettably I can see no other scenario other than slow decline and fall for our sport. We just don't have the vision to see beyond our own back yard. Sad,
  3. It wouldn't surprise me to see SL take advantage of the four (apparently) clubs voting against accepting Toronto, to go back to Sky and propose a new breakaway of those clubs who voted 'for', add Toulouse and London and to try and interest Sky in a 'New' SL , all broadcast monies to be paid to them. Toronto and Ottowa to be included if they came up with financial 'guarantees' (ie funds deposited in an escrow account). Solves the 'problem of underachieving small town Northern clubs at a stroke. Well, nothing surprises me in RL these days.
  4. And...... White it is!
  5. Very hard to leave out Clive Sullivan and Gus Risman but I voted for Jim Sullivan, Francis and Boston. Also have some great memories of Johnny Freeman and Colin Dixon. A difficult choice! And although he was born in Milford Haven, Wattie Davies played all his RU in Cardiff. As a Batley fan it would have been nice to see him on the list!
  6. His last club was Workington not Coventry. Video highlights look good but then again they always do! Still need two half backs......
  7. At the moment we still have only one young lad with one first team game behind him as a signed on half back. We can have as many wingers as we want and a whole tribe of forwards but unless we get some decent halfbacks signed up we're in for a difficult season.
  8. Good signing, he's shown up well as a substitute in the last two Hull Superleague games
  9. Think he had a job offer in London but Covid appears to have ruined that for him
  10. Congratulations to Dave Scott. This looks to be a great move for him giving him some valuable coaching experience as well as a playing contract. Best of luck Dave and thanks for all your efforts at the Bulldogs.
  11. Nah! That Jake Connor did nothing the first time he was here.
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