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  1. I imagine it will be at the BBC SPOTY show in December when Battler will be up against Tyson Fury and Lewis Hamilton for the big award.
  2. A timely intervention by Batley Cricket Club helped here, I think. They re-tweeted to all their followers and the National Asian Cricket Council and Geoff Boycott and his followers! At the time we were trailing Oldham by quite a margin but it all turned round in the last hour and a bit! Good cooperation!
  3. Game won and lost on two bunker decisions. Boyd's 'try' would have made it 24-0, Cherry Evans tackled a guy who was already through the defensive line without the ball. A clear mistake imo by the video ref. Then in the second half Manly given the benefit again when a defender clearly impeded by an off ball runner and DCE scores. Don't understand the point of bunker video refs if they can't get these things right. Brisbane have every right to feel cheated in this game, and no, I'm not a Broncos fan.
  4. Have seen both Fev and HKR doing them. Would imagine most clubs will be doing them soon. Well done Bulldogs in beating the rush- see Batley Bob's message above.
  5. I see other clubs are offering club branded face masks for sale. With it becoming necessary to wear a mask on trains and buses soon, and probably in shops as well there is an opportunity for the club here surely. We're probably all going to need one, why not make it a Bulldog one? I'd buy one in club colours.Can Ravensport make them?
  6. Oldham in the snow from 1990, and a certain Mr Rayne in the Batley team!
  7. Agreed, the two relatively easy kicks that Simon missed were just as important to the final result. 7-0 would have been a big mountain for Doncaster to climb.
  8. Gah!! I knew it. He just doesn't learn, got sent off again!!
  9. Hope Jeff Grayshon not fit for this match
  10. Not really a fan of this thread. Yes, we've had players who never lived up to our hopes but I still think we should be applauding them all for putting a shift in at one of the toughest sports in the world and a sport that hardly makes any of them rich. I played but only until the age of 13 or so (a long time ago) and I have nothing but admiration for guys who go out in all weathers and put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. They are all heroes.
  11. I'm in for £10 if 9 others can be found.R
  12. Yes, especially enjoyed the commentary. I know we can all be a bit one-eyed when watching our own team but this guy was extraordinary. Pure comedy gold.
  13. Works for me on my laptop. Though I did have to reset my password. Hope this idea is successful. Well done to whoever thought it up.
  14. Similar situation in supermarkets down here. The car park at Lidl in Catford yesterday was full 10 minutes before the store opened at 10 am! People just grabbing anything and everything they could find. Don't know why they are stockpiling toilet paper. Do they plan on eating it- lots of people had more toilet paper than food in their trolleys. Idiots!
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