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  1. And day 3 is up and running
  2. Ah, Thanks PM. Another name for Stan W's firm. They have been great sponsors for 10 years now then.
  3. Are the club going to make a statement about K&M metals replacing Morley Waste Traders? Who are Yorkshire Beers? If these guys are going to sponsor the club, the least we could do is give them a welcome and give supporters some details. Yorkshire Beers sounds good but I need to know more- can I get them in Bromley??
  4. Well, as someone who first watched Batley in the 50s and 60s when the club played almost exclusively in cherry and white hoops, I like the new kit. Plus I was there at Blackpool in 2010 and this kit is a nice tribute to that great occasion.
  5. Yorkshire Woollen District buses. Not always coaches but quite often just the standard service double deckers- and usually the oldest most clapped out ones at that. Remember going on one of their worst buses to Bramley. The engine overheated going up the hill from Birstall Smithies and we had to stop while the driver added water to the radiator. Arrived at 2:59 though!
  6. Barrow kept most of their team from last year plus added some good signings, so no surprise to me that they are favourites
  7. Brilliant news. Cheered me up no end today. Well done to BISSA, the Club and Signature Resin Floors!
  8. Well, what to say after that? Bennett must surely go, that's for certain. Congratulations to PNG, they played well with lots of enthusiasm. Only Burgess and McGillvary showed up well for GB. Terrible team selection, caused by inexplicable squad selection. Great atmosphere at the ground, this will do wonders for PNG. As stated above, the only positive for GB is that the national press will ignore the game. The whole tour has been a lost opportunity, we should have been building towards 2021 World Cup, blooding new players (Trueman, Evalds, Newman and Smithies), instead we played the old guard and a bunch of imported Aussies and paid the price. Depressing
  9. Brilliant article, well worth reading, glad to see the BBC doing these sort of things. As stated above- respect to the players on this tour, got on with the job despite the hardships, undefeated in the Test series in Australia. An inspirational story.
  10. Would be great to get Jack Broadbent back on a season long loan.
  11. Valencia is not northern Spain, it is eastern/Mediterranean Spain and January is usually pleasantly warm. I lived there for 5 years and can confirm that even at Christmas it was warm enough to have Christmas lunch outside. A lovely city, already has a number of amateur teams playing RL and would be top of my list for a long weekend away with a RL game included. Bring it on!
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