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  1. Not really a fan of this thread. Yes, we've had players who never lived up to our hopes but I still think we should be applauding them all for putting a shift in at one of the toughest sports in the world and a sport that hardly makes any of them rich. I played but only until the age of 13 or so (a long time ago) and I have nothing but admiration for guys who go out in all weathers and put their bodies on the line for our entertainment. They are all heroes.
  2. I'm in for £10 if 9 others can be found.R
  3. Yes, especially enjoyed the commentary. I know we can all be a bit one-eyed when watching our own team but this guy was extraordinary. Pure comedy gold.
  4. Works for me on my laptop. Though I did have to reset my password. Hope this idea is successful. Well done to whoever thought it up.
  5. Similar situation in supermarkets down here. The car park at Lidl in Catford yesterday was full 10 minutes before the store opened at 10 am! People just grabbing anything and everything they could find. Don't know why they are stockpiling toilet paper. Do they plan on eating it- lots of people had more toilet paper than food in their trolleys. Idiots!
  6. To be honest, I don't see any games going ahead for the next 3 or 4 months. If Italy still hasn't reached the peak infection stage and we are 4 weeks behind Italy, then the most likely outcome I imagine would be a total cancellation of this season and a restart next year...... Unduly pessimistic? Maybe, but things certainly not looking good.
  7. Has our missing head coach got home yet or is he still quarantined in France? Hope he's not trying to cross the channel in an inflatable boat with the Afghans and Syrians.
  8. Perfect reception on my tablet. Toronto unrecognisable from last week. Very organised defence.. Springer and Miloudi the standouts for me. Was Sezer playing?. Totally invisible
  9. Not for the first time Flashscores get it wrong I'm afraid
  10. Yellow card for Dickinson (and Sangare for Toulouse)
  11. Bulldogs lead 8-6 at HT. Sounds like a great effort
  12. Surely Uncle Joe's should have been in there first?
  13. SKY sports news have already shown the Folau try, so someone is filming it!
  14. I hope so, we desperately need a centre and winger to reinforce the squad
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