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  1. Awful news. Such a young man. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Archie
  2. Mathematically safe now and unless Barrow win away in Toronto, so are Dewsbury!
  3. Despite Kevin asking fans to check the website regularly as it's one of the RFLs metrics, the site is still hopelessly out of date and the last place you can usually find news or updates
  4. A member of the Fulham team to play against Wigan in their very first game in 1980 and a cornerstone of their pack along with Harry Beverley and Tony Karalius. What a front row that was! RIP Ian
  5. Kevin- I'm happy to keep checking the website if it's going to help the club but seriously it would help if there were actually some updates posted onto the site. The headline is still the Rochdale match in the 1895 cup, the fixtures and results tab shows fixtures but not results and doesn't include 1895 fixtures etc etc The website can be a great marketing tool but we don't really utilise its potential at all. It's should also be the go-to site for casual visitors and non Batley fans to find out about the club. It's not a great advert for the club at the moment.
  6. And is Bienek still with us?
  7. Just signed rest of the family up!
  8. No, not seen yet. Must still be counting the bruises and/or hangovers from Wednesday
  9. And well done to Crusaders at Whitehaven- great result
  10. Never saw an attendance figure given for the 1895 cup match v Rochdale either.....
  11. Without Craig Lingard it's probable that Keighley wouldn't even have started the season. He stuck by the players, wasn't paid, put together a scratch team and took them to a position where without the 12 point deduction they would be near the top of the league. This is the thanks he gets. Loyalty gets you nowhere these days it seems.
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