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  1. As a neutral, I thought the first half was really excellent and was looking forward to a second half that was just as good, but have to say that I agree with other posters that in my view every 50/50 went Saints way, Ashworth could easily have been sinbinned, and lost balls seemed to be inevitably called a strip and penalty when Saints were in possession and simply lost ball when it was Salford. I thought the referee completely spoiled a great game. Yes, Saints were the better team but they didn't really need the ref's help to win and what could have been a classic became a rather damp squib. Still, congratulations to Saints on a great season and to Salford for confounding all the pre-season pundits and coming so close to what would have been one of the greatest upsets.
  2. Well, unless Brev is deciding to go around again ( and I would be very happy for that to happen) , it must be Walker??
  3. A really enjoyable match. Toronto deserved to win and the crowd was a genuine sellout. Great performance from Featherstone, this was just one game too far. Some really class performances from all the Fev lads but particularly impressed with Davies and Harrison. Toronto will bring lots of positives to SL not least in expanding the reach of the game and increased public recognition. They will though have to strengthen before next season but providing they do so (and I imagine they will have the finances to do some serious recruiting) they should be well able to achieve at least a mid-table position. Nervous times for some SL chairmen!
  4. Of this season's squad I think the following are the only remaining 'unknowns' for next season Leak Dickinson Campbell Walker Smeaton Everett Some there who I really hope we re-sign!
  5. Just hope he plays more minutes next season. Criminally underused this season.
  6. Glad to see Tomlinson re-sign. Always gives 100% and if Linners can find a fixed position for him I think we should see great things from him. Hasn't been helped in his career so far by being switched from wing to pack and back.
  7. Looked on the cards on Sunday- during the second half at Barrow he was standing all by himself behind the posts at the end Barrow were attacking. Didn't appear to be in touch with the bench and looked completely despondent and ignored by the rest of the Batley staff
  8. Hard to find three names out of that lot but... Tomlinson- tried hard Leak good in patches Brambani- some good touches and a 40/20 Thank goodness this season is over! And I had to get up at 6am for that.....
  9. No, bringing the game into disrepute like this is quite clearly a 35 point deduction
  10. Awful news. Such a young man. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Archie
  11. Mathematically safe now and unless Barrow win away in Toronto, so are Dewsbury!
  12. Despite Kevin asking fans to check the website regularly as it's one of the RFLs metrics, the site is still hopelessly out of date and the last place you can usually find news or updates
  13. A member of the Fulham team to play against Wigan in their very first game in 1980 and a cornerstone of their pack along with Harry Beverley and Tony Karalius. What a front row that was! RIP Ian
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