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  1. Yes. And amazing that commentators just ignored it. Glad Queensland got the result after that, especially as the ref decided to use the sin bin late on for a nothing tackle which wasn't a shoulder charge and ended up being a clash of heads.
  2. NRL obviously not signed up to attacks to the head being illegal based on Addo Carrs attack on Walsh and Kleins totally ignoring it
  3. How was that not a red for Addo Carr and a yellow for Pangai? Forearm to the head from A-C and a late tackle by Pangai. Unbeleievable, Klein did nothing
  4. Ha! Linners obviously the master of mind games. Fooled us all with the number of long term injuries! Brilliant result today.
  5. Have to say think Phildog has a point. I believe we have 27 contracted players, 3 gone out on loan, Milthorpe not been seen, Leak definitely out, if we're to believe LInners comments after the HKR game we have some serious injuries from that game (Flynn, Woods?). Even if no one else was injured at HKR we are left with only 20 players to fill our 21 man squad. Hooley playing for Leeds reserves tonight, so won't be available. Believe Kear has been carrying an injury, Senior not played yet this season for us, Brown, Hirst, Morton not chosen v HKR- were they fit?? I'm sure Linners knows what he's doing but I would be greatly cheered if we found out there were a couple of loan players incoming. Bare bones hardly describes the squad at the moment.
  6. Looks like Craig Lingard on course to be promoted from assistant coach to head coach even before he has officially arrived. Either that or Cas will be offering him a payout and he'll be on his way back to Batley
  7. Sounds like he will definitely be in SL next year as has already had conversations with six SL clubs according to his agent.
  8. Wow! That looked like a clear penalty and a yellow card minimum. Could even have been a red. Tackle was not just late by about a minute but it was head high too.
  9. That game showed what terrific team spirit there is at the club. We may not have any superstars but we have a group of players who play as a team where the whole of the team is way greater than the sum of the parts. The defence last night was incredible, always seemed to have a man available to back up every tackle, each player ready to go the extra yard for his teammates. The backs did more than their fair share of taking up the ball, the forwards were always ready to add their weight to cover tackles. All that without Leak, Manning, Meadows or Brown. The players that came in really stood up to be counted. Impressed.
  10. Well, he isn't in the Leeds 21 for their game this weekend.....
  11. Add in Fulham, Chelsea (V Cardiff), Chiswick, Hendon, and probably more. Waiting for them to turn up in Bromley.
  12. Very solid performance. Dominated possession and position in the first half and gave Keighley very little to work with. Second half was one sided and I almost relaxed- which I very rarely do when watching us! Keighley poor and need a lot more size and aggression in their pack. Gale did nothing. Might have been slightly different if Chisholm had played but we were never going to let that game slip from our grasp.
  13. I'm looking forwards to the 2024 Championship grand Final between Batley and Wakefield when Batley win by 20 clear points and somehow Mr Hetheringtons words of not being able to foresee a situation where the Championship winner doesn't get promoted gets tested. Instead Featherstone or Castleford are relegated and London Broncos are promoted after finishing 10th in the Championship but scoring very highly in other non performance rated categories. Sounds like the future.
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