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  1. That was the hardest afternoon that any of those players have felt pulling a Batley shirt on or any teams shirt come to that Two weeks have passed yes ONLY two weeks since that tragedy Do any of you know how those players felt Did any of you ask them !! No a certain minority didn’t ask them or put an arm around them they decided to shout obscenity’s at them Get a grip !! The performance was poor but our team was short of good players that didn’t help Those lads are human they have feelings!!! I know we always expect a result and no we didn’t get one today but this really has been an awful season for the club to go through mainly off the pitch These lads are only human remember this folks
  2. To be fair I think it could be a Fev win by a margin It’s going to be a difficult difficult day just for the lads to get back on the pitch after what’s happened Whatever the result they need commended for coming together and getting out there to play Come on Batley
  3. I’m not sure if you saw the last two matches toffee but I have to say Joufrett has impressed at fullback he has what Scotty doesn’t The way he comes into attack at speed and the lines he runs at least two tries at Rochdale and one against Dewsbury we’re down to just that I for one can’t criticise Diskin for that selection .Scotty is great under the high ball and defence but lacks the attacking edge of the Frenchman
  4. And the fact that Fev will probably not have the Leeds players next season .They could need quite a few extra on their books next year
  5. Think there was a reason why Leak was under par He allegedly got a finger in his eye and had blurred vision ended up in St James eye dept Sunday night But that said we were awful We had plenty of chances to win though !!
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