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  1. highs deffo 2010, finishing 3rd in league, getting to another final but just loosing out to sheffield. Lowes, the appointment of Matt Diskin
  2. deffo john sharp for me or even Noble who spends most of his time at mount, but deffo not lingard, way too soon for him to be a good championship coach, he needs loads more experiance, look what has happened in past 3 yrs with an inexperianced coach
  3. it has been a terrible terrble few weeks yes, but you also must understand that this hasnt been going on for just a few weeks, this has been going on for 3 years
  4. such tragic news, 20 yr old and life hasnt even begun, rip archie & thoughts and prayers to all the Bruce family❤
  5. stevieb


    erm the coach??
  6. that wasnt just rain that was gail force rain, and no one gets the elements like we do at the mount?
  7. we only started realy playing when it was lashing down with rain which toronto are not used to, Disking had 2 and a half yrs chances, he must go absolute joke as a coach, needs to coach an amatuer team and work his way up, and hopefuly never come back to batley
  8. doesnt matter what colour we play in
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