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  1. ha ha, realy dont care any more Tony mate, like the powers that be dont care about the fans any more mate
  2. rumours around mount at pink weekend was Diskin is here for 2020, i bloody wont be if he is and many many more was saying same at weekend too
  3. same blip for 3 seasons
  4. since he took over 2 and half yrs ago he has done nothing but split a good side up, patch gone, davey gone, rowey gone, farrel gone whos next? so dont say itsnot his fault the way we are, 100% its down to him, everone was chelping about the game against widness, and i said just wait that is 1 game, and shock, straight back down to earth, did he take ward off to early sunday? yes, did he leave manning off too long, yes, down to the coach simples
  5. cant see us beating dews the way Diskin messes with the team so much, he is a joke
  6. it will never under Diskin
  7. yep what a great game that was eh?
  8. its dull what we are watching at the moment isnt it??
  9. stevieb


    erm the coach??
  10. realy omg that is disgusting
  11. who mentioned putting money on it??
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