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  1. Who said that? I just contested when you said the positives were limited. It's possible for them to be both a plus for SL and not single handedly save the sport.
  2. I don't have insider knowledge. A huge amount of alcohol is sold there, so that means TWP can charge a significant fee to the suppliers as plenty would compete for it. The amount would be guesswork but that it's good income isn't. If I had to guess I'd say 750k loss. That's way ahead of where I thought they would be, and given their advantages could break even relatively quickly.
  3. Very interesting, thanks for the reply. Merchandise income won't be huge, but looks like it's better than most clubs. Alcohol sales definitely. Given the amount spent there, whether they charge a fee or take a % it is a very significant income. Suppliers would pay a lot to have that sort of access. I think they still make a loss, but aren't a long way away from break even. People tend to fixate on the travel (which is covered) and miss things like their stadium cost being a peppercorn rent.
  4. I found the start a bit surprising, as I think TWP offer more positives (and negatives) than any of the teams that could join SL. Hence wondering if you don't consider the following significant or otherwise discounted them? - merchandise is professional and income appears strong - some of the biggest sponsorships in the sport - increased media coverage - very high matchday income from beer garden - extra TV time slots The elephant in the room is a potential TV deal. There's a high chance of someone quoting me using the phrase 'jam tomorrow', but even a small chance of TV money has to be considered as a plus. Though we shouldn't be seduced by that alone and make sure we review properly.
  5. He's not quit. He's returned to the same role he had for the first year or so. We'd lose pointless threads like this.
  6. Yes. Toronto Wolfpack. It doesn't really warrant further discussion in my opinion, given there is no suggestion of it happening.
  7. One of best bits of advice I got in business is it's a lot easier to get a lot of money from a few people, than a little money from a lot of people. Matchday income in football has grown mainly due to hospitality - for some clubs it's now up to 2/3 of matchday from 1/10 in attendance. Rugby League is poor in this area in my experience despite some advantages. I wonder how the clubs target new fans. For example if I was Warrington new fans from the posh local areas would be a priority, you can afford to pay more to attract them because they are more likely to be future hospitality and sponsorship clients. However I doubt they have a value of what a new fan is worth, let alone segmenting by where they are from.
  8. Regardless of gender I'd actually like to see RL use pundits with less playing experience if they are more media savvy. It's something we see frequently in other sports (though almost always it's a man) - Guillem Balague, Gabriele Marcotti and others are regular pundits / co-commentators in football and some of the most respected despite next to no playing experience. There are countless other examples of commentating on sports they weren't a top player in, as well as elite women commentating on men's sports. Athletics is a great example as often the 'expert' didn't even compete in the event they commentate on, given the vast amount of events. What I notice with the female commentators is they tend to be much better prepared, likely as they know they will be held to a higher standard (and I think it's similar for players with more limited careers). An ex-star may seem like a good idea initially, but too often they have limited training, effort or are just not able to articulate their knowledge of the game.
  9. I doubt the financial risks or rewards of the game are of much interest to Barcelona either way.
  10. That's a very odd thing for him to say, even if the sales look that way
  11. There's a lot of things a Magic venue should be ideally: - Attractive as a weekend break & accessible for fans - Stadium comfortable for multiple games. The right size - probably 40-60k capacity - Good access to city centre & local pubs - Space for fan zone - Local clubs to provide development opportunity - Venue/local authority offering support in marketing of event It sounds like an obvious thing to consider all these, and others in reviewing options but it seems like Liverpool doesn't fit very well. Maybe it was just a very good offer financially and that overrode any reservations, or they just didn't see them fully at the time (it's always easier with hindsight). Based on the above I think the options are more limited and we might have to sacrifice 1 or 2 of them to get a venue. Personally I think the first one is crucial, and it's why I would rule out Birmingham which sometimes gets mentioned. Cardiff, Newcastle and Dublin look like the best options to me. If Dublin was successful then you may be able to make a case for somewhere in the south of France in the next few years. Then that gives you a decent list to hopefully compete with each other. Edit - should add that Manchester is still an option, but for slightly different reasons.
  12. Similar number to Newcastle, with less people staying overnight. I have reservations about Liverpool, but it's not one of them.
  13. I highly doubt it. Barcelona have definitely been a significant factor with their own promotion, club affiliation will help too, the fact it's Barcelona also helps get local coverage and such a well known stadium is extra incentive for travelling fans.
  14. I think it's more likely the 22k was an overestimate.
  15. Cheers. Didn't know they reported them differently, but makes sense.
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