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  1. Steve Mascord - US franchise interviews

    I'd take that! Hopefully it's something along the lines of what you're suggesting and Mascord is just being dramatic for some attention (not a fan of that type of post - if he isn't going to share anything then don't bother at all).
  2. Steve Mascord - US franchise interviews

    Very little to go on, but taking a punt on Rimmer's comments on Toronto and my own negativity - it could be RFL turning down US proposals point blank?
  3. Ralph Rimmer candidate for top RFL Job

    Just reading the Sky Sports article this quote stuck out to me. "Everybody knows the vacancy is there. I don't think when the time comes they will be short of applications of high quality." I don't know why you'd assume everyone knows about it, unless the 'everybody' is just those within the game. I did a cursory search online and couldn't see it on the RFL careers page or when searching a couple of executive job sites. It really stinks for me.
  4. The SL launch video

    It's a bit poor in my opinion. The Brownlee brothers have a decent profile as endorsers, but their acting is basic and it's not exciting. I'm no advertiser, but I'd consider taking the different league tag and showing clips of games (mix skills and hits). That or focus on the fans, though I think the latter is more about exciting our base than attracting new fans.
  5. Draper also leaving the RFL

    I agree, generally your profit margin is much better on renewals than new deals. There is room for the sport to increase the number of sponsors though.
  6. They had a massive drop in funding from Sport England. Where would you have cut funding from instead?
  7. An alternative/addition to Bob8's response is that it needlessly narrows the field. There's very few people with that knowledge and the required experience, hence we may rule out better candidates.
  8. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Bradford didn't struggle because of the season tickets, that was a good strategy and part of their success in getting high attendances. It was the cost of Odsal and mismanagement. This makes the assumption that all of the sales came from existing fans, when actually they will have attracted new or lapsed fans with this promotion. Short term you are right it will likely cost them some many this season, but many sports teams don't recognise the long-term value of fans. Fans are more loyal to a team than just about anything else they spend money on (Nike or Apple would give anything for that kind of loyalty to their brand). They have just gained 400 new Season Ticket holders, granted at a cost of only £50 but given they have an average tenure of 10 years that could be worth £200k (several times more than the loss this year). That's before you look at increasing the prices, match day sales, hospitality & sponsorship opportunities.
  9. North America sponsorship myth?

    Often deals are signed months before the launch. If the companies have come on board in the last few months it would be strange to do a launch now. Sponsorships aren't always listed on the website either - roughly half of football sponsorships will be on there.
  10. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Yes I can see the routine quite clearly now. In fairness it's quite successful albeit misleading.
  11. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Let's stay on the point - we agree away fans are irrelevant given the increased home attendances. Of course I wouldn't be so rude to suggest they're doing them a favour, in fact it's very rude of you to suggest I did. Toronto do offer clubs an opportunity though which is much more valuable than away fans.
  12. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Toronto helped the majority of clubs to their record attendance last season. That's much more valuable than away fans as they can attract them to other games. Leneghan didn't say anything of the sort about Toronto.
  13. I don't buy that. New Zealand v someone is probably the easiest to sell, but if you're saying it's them or bust now then the 2025 world cup is doomed to fail however many games we stage there. A few rugby league games aren't going to convert the masses. The focus on top level competition is also wrong - fans are terrible judges of the standard of play, those new to the sport even more so. Whether NZ send a 1st team or 2nd/3rd string will make little difference to their enjoyment. That's why I think it's worth calling the NRL bluff on this - announce the game and even if a couple of players drop out the impact is much less than if it was in UK or NZ.
  14. Super League restructure coming

    I can blame Sky for not pushing rugby league more on their own channels, but can't expect them to buy loss making adverts on other channels. They have no responsibility to throw huge money around, just to maximise viewers once they have signed the deal. What you're suggesting is much more long term, and if it worked rugby league wouldn't show loyalty to Sky for it, we'd seek the best possible deal either from them or elsewhere. True it didn't work a couple of times, but the main issues of the two (lack of stable ground, significant population, wealthy population, business management) won't necessarily apply again. Toronto already look much better prospects than London or south Wales ever did, if teams in the USA have similar setups it could work.
  15. Super League restructure coming

    It wouldn't get a return on investment, I can't blame Sky there. I really don't follow the argument - if we had a similar situation in terms of coverage and revenue in the USA are you suggesting that wouldn't be good for the sport?