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  1. England v France

    No other sport restricts themselves in such a way. I lived in Manchester at the time, and would have tried to convince a couple of newbies to go if it was we elsewhere. With all due respect that's harder when it's in Leigh, they wouldn't have had a clue about the competitiveness, but a national game there doesn't sound like a big event.
  2. Well they have another 2 games there at least. They Looks promising, I'd estimate that ticket sales have passed 5k - the block that's almost sold out is about 600 seats. Out of interest how do you know promotion haven't happened?
  3. I didn''t say anything about hundreds of millions, you invented that The fact they are turning down Sky money shows they expect they can get £2m+ from North American TV deal. Also, is 'Ad man' really an insult in your eyes?
  4. You could spend significantly more than they do currently, but it would still be a minor cost relative to the total for a Super League team.
  5. The costs aren't that much higher than running any super league team. It's possible for them to be profitable on 8-10k crowds without a TV deal, given their greater position for sponsorships, merchandise, hospitality, ticket prices, etc. Obviously a TV deal is the aim, but it's more something to increase revenue beyond current SL levels than just to survive. I thought it was interesting TWP recently said they didn't want a cut of the sky deal, but instead a larger share of North American revenue in future. That shows a lot of confidence that they can get significant TV revenue.
  6. I highly doubt the Toronto owners saw that 1st season as disappointing commercially. 3.5k Season Tickets is strong for a team in its first season, what's even more positive is ticket sales were growing through the season. Sponsorship and merchandise sales are very encouraging, from the little we know. You would be crazy to expect a paid TV deal in the first year. Even getting it on TV for free was a good result, and takes a long-term view.
  7. RLWC 2021 Venues

    That would be very restrictive given the number of cities without a professional club. The benefit to local teams is difficult to estimate, but taking Newcastle Thunder and the impact of Magic Weekend for example they only gain a max of 100 regular fans from the event per year. That's not to be sniffed at, but it does mean we aren't in a position to ignore Middlesbrough if they offer 250k and Bristol don't offer anything. We should absolutely try to link the game to whatever teams are based locally though, professional or amateur.
  8. This is one thing I would defend the RFL on, for many reasons - the incoming CEO would want to have plenty of time to review himself, whatever work has already been done - this should be a long and thorough process. I'd be more worried if they made a decision in a few weeks - I don't think fans should expect regular updates. It's fine to offer some privacy here and updates would only waste their time here I feel, I can't think of a sports organisation who would be that open in a situation
  9. More Guardian News

    We need to question why they manage to charge more for tickets, despite not being a wealthy area. Rugby league should benefit from relative scarcity (less games), being a higher level of the game. Our hospitality is light years behind in quality and priced accordingly. Rugby league has an opportunity I think to target those priced out of football fans, as tickets have become much more expensive recently. Don't think there is a coordinated strategy on that though. Teams like Warrington, Leeds and York have a big opportunity with the wealth locally. Getting rugby league into schools is always a positive, but I'd be quite cynical about targeting the posh schools. It may be more difficult if union is involved, but worth persisting for potential benefits as if the kids become fans their parents can be attracted as sponsors or for hospitality. Long term those kids can be a huge asset for the club.
  10. Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    Good to hear. Do you know if Thunder are allowed to email the local people who attend Magic?
  11. Is the Summer Bash destined to be a flop?

    I think there's an opportunity for that, but Blackpool is the wrong location for it. Blackpool appears to have been chosen mainly to attract travelling fans, possibly low cost to rent the ground as well. I'm not aware of any links to local clubs. Newcastle is good as it offers both the nightlife/city break and links to local clubs. York could be an option, as the club seems to be quite forward thinking. Otherwise I'd consider somewhere in the Midlands, but not sure on suitable stadiums.
  12. The embarrassment may be that it draws a bigger crowd than their World Cup opener or dare I say it the final.
  13. The money Everton have spent is pretty standard these days in the Premier League. Their decline has been pretty minor and he was there for a good 5 years whilst they were still a top 6 club, the change was due to foreign money coming in to other teams and David Moyes leaving. I'd judge him best on commercial success not football though - Manchester United went from champions to 7th despite the highest wage bill in the league and only 3 years later are they recovering to their former level. That didn't change my opinion of the commercial acumen of Ed Woodward and Richard Arnold though. He seems to have a decent record in this regard. Looking at his background the previous roles with Deloitte Sports Group and Sky are very encouraging, Deloitte are very well regarded in sport. It's hard to say how good an appointment this would be, but definitely I'm a lot more positive than if it was an insider.
  14. Super League 1 & 2

    It does suggest a big divide in strategy among the clubs, as previous leaks have suggested increasing to 13 or 14. The player pool is a false flag, as professional clubs are a driver of growth in players, both on a local level and by allowing more players to turn Pro. NA teams would have to lean heavily on English and Oceania players initially, but that's not a major issue, particularly as most people would only suggest a couple of these teams at most initially. I'd be disappointed with a top league of 10 too for other reasons - a top league team attracts more sponsors, fans, hospitality, TV revenue, etc. By cutting 2 we would be losing money from the sport. Re-branding the second league as SL2 isn't going to make it anymore enticing.
  15. Should we be worried about the future of Catalans?

    I don't think they necessarily need a big increase in French players, but foreign players need to make the effort with the language. That has to come from the coach, like almost everyone I don't think McNamara is the man. A lot of talk about which coaches speak French, but that really narrows the field, with intensive courses (and pretty narrow vocab for coaching) they should be able to get to a decent level within a month). Should be a condition of hiring that they commit to that. It's a tough one as it's unique to Catalan to SL.