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  1. I think this is the quote you're referring to, he plays down expectations to take the pressure off himself and the team but it's pretty clear they do have an ambition for super league and certainly no suggestion of any barriers. “There’s a lot of rugby to play yet but it does look like being Hull KR plus any three from four for the rest of the places,” admitted TO coach Sylvain Houles. “Every game counts. We have no plan in place for TO being in Super League but we’ve talked among ourselves. If the opportunity is there, we’ll take it, of course. Even though we are not ready yet as a club, we will push it. You cannot wait, as you never know if it will happen again.”
  2. Possibly, I don't mean I expect 5 in the 17 every week though. I'd hope they could find a couple of great athletes and maybe a couple of young rugby union players - the guy Ngawati is the sort I'd expect them to target in the early years. Think last tackle may get a better quality of players if they continue too, if they can show a success story then I'm sure that would encourage others.
  3. You bring up this Lenegan quote a lot as a supposed barrier to expansion. - he's not all powerful - it was several years ago, the situation and his opinion may change - most importantly the system has changed since then Others have already rebutted your points on Catalans, so I won't repeat them.
  4. It's a good question, as for me Catalans are a clear success but some aren't happy because they don't bring a TV deal or have enough French players. In 5 years for Toronto I'd say success is: - Revenue in excess of £7m, i.e. above average for super league. That might seem ambitious, but they have a lot of potential in many areas. They may still be using some owner investment with that revenue, but at least less dependent on it - Crowds averaging 9k. Again that's tough and I'd have said less 1 year ago, but having started out on 7k for 3 games you'd hope to see growth - if they do the above they will be a commercial asset to Super League. That can be in a number of ways, just for example it may help us take an event to to Toronto and it should also increase sponsorship revenue - 5 'real' North Americans in the squad and getting a decent amount of minutes. Some basic junior competition in the local area. Ideally they'd get college teams but that's tough as it's a lot of work outside their main market - If they achieve the above that would be proof of concept for others I think. TV revenue would be a great success, but isn't necessary. They could also overachieve in some areas e.g. much higher revenue and crowds, which would mitigate issues with having less North American players.
  5. Definitely very impressive. Even for a well run club I would have expected it to take years to build merchandise to the level they have. There's so many positives to take from them at the moment, very keen to see how things progress from here.
  6. Like every other sport! There are several games a season in the Premier League where the 'real' attendance is close to half the official one, but they don't fixate on it.
  7. Don't they also have home games in the super 8s?
  8. Which even if it was true (and I highly doubt you're right), would still be a great achievement way above almost anyone's expectations. Really our obsession with crowds goes too far, it's not just the figure itself, we have the tracking of sales in the lead up to a game and people counting on their hands rather than watching a game!
  9. It seems a very odd thing to focus on to me. Like every other professional sports team Toronto will report tickets sold as the attendance, so it's possible they sold more for this and yet there are a few less there than for Barrow. However, whether there are more or less seems redundant to me. You're watching a new Canadian club, play in front of c7k fans with 2 born and bred North American players and quibbling over if there might be a few hundred more or less than for their last game.
  10. It's definitely brave to move it given we've had our 3 best attendances there. I do think there's room for growth, hopefully the RFL can leverage the benefits to the local economy to get a better financial deal and more help with promotion from the local government.
  11. Why do you prefer those London grounds? I do think Wembley would be too big, it wouldn't look good and would harm the atmosphere I feel. I believe Barcelona would be at the Olympic stadium which is about 55k. I'm open to trying a new area, but would be concerned about Glasgow and Dublin being completely 'virgin' territories and with little long term benefit. I'd consider somewhere in the south of France for a bit of a wildcard, particularly if Toulouse are promoted. Toulouse, Nice or Marseille maybe (though I'm not sure on the stadium and city suitabilities).
  12. I received a survey from the RFL about Magic Weekend, in which they asked about preferred venues. Included within the usual suspects (Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Cardiff, Olympic Park, Wembley) was Barcelona, which was interesting. The fact it's on the list suggests it's at least under consideration, though I'm not aware of anything apart from the Catalans game there a few years ago. So if we assume we're keeping Magic Weekend for now, where would you choose as a venue?
  13. There are about 20 French professional players now, even before counting Toulouse. If you were hoping for 50 then I guess you are right though.
  14. I'm a Wednesday fan, but there's plenty of room for another sports team. The Steelers have shown it's possible to get decent support in a sport with less visibility than rugby league. I've no idea how many they took. Wembley, but I don't think anyone would reasonably expect tens of thousands at that stage. Teams need time in the area and some engagement with the local community to build it, but it's wrong to suggest it can't be done because it's a football city. People will follow multiple teams and you only need a small percentage of people for a viable club. Plus as has been already said they have much better potential for sponsorship and hospitality revenue.
  15. Both make them money, so scrapping one would give them less resources. I do agree it might be a lack of resource, but the solution is to invest - could a new marketing manager on say £50k a year make more than that on magic and other events? I'd be surprised if they couldn't. Also, your suggestion would require more resource than our current situation - 1 event like magic and on the road games.