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  1. Cowardly Fan

    SBW to Toronto??

    I thought Union players counted less on the cap? Or could be made their marquee player.
  2. Cowardly Fan

    R2 Attendances

    Away fans are more likely to be young and male generally. Therefore would suggest Leeds attract more fans from outside that demographic.
  3. I'd argue it's both. There are brands that would want to be associated with Rugby League even with its current image. Also changing an image is difficult: Stella Artois has a down-market image in UK (wife beater nickname). It's tried for a long time to get rid of that with premium advertising 'reassuringly expensive' with limited success. I work with a company who are still associated with a bad sponsorship from 5 years ago, which gives them a cheap image. Both companies have much bigger budgets than Rugby League
  4. I was just going off the website, that's poor if they have left and it's not been updated.
  5. I don't know the past numbers, but you can look at it in terms of our properties and sponsorship categories. From category point of view We have - car, rail, betting, glasses, cider, sports equipment, patient claim & mushy peas Some notable gaps - spirits, wine (and potentially beer if you can split it from cider), watch, airline, travel, banks, mobile I've possibly forgotten some current sponsors and gaps, but looking at that there's still a lot of potential. In terms of properties as well they need to be creative in making these. One example from football is training kit sponsorship, that was genuinely revolutionary a few years ago in a mature market and the first club to do it got a £10m deal from it. Now all clubs look for a training kit sponsor and it appears obvious.
  6. Cowardly Fan

    Corporate Hospitality

    I'm talking about my experience in football, I've never worked in rugby.
  7. Cowardly Fan

    Corporate Hospitality

    Fair enough. Just my experience of what worked in the past.
  8. Cowardly Fan

    Corporate Hospitality

    I'm not sure if this is serious, but companies in the £1-20m revenue range won't necessarily have huge budgets for this sort of thing. So they might be prepared to consider rugby league over Man Utd/Liverpool. It's aiming above Syd's Garage, but typically requires less sales effort than international companies who often only want blue chip events anyway.
  9. Cowardly Fan

    Corporate Hospitality

    Yeah, I always felt a bit uncomfortable with the pricing of those (even if I did play may part in it). The fact they are selling out means they don't see the incentive to improve the service. I've been in a box at Warrington, but a long time ago and in matchday hospitality much more recently. I think the rugby hospitality is aiming too low in its pricing and service - I think it was about £40 per person. That included a simple 2 course meal and a pre match chat from a player on a dodgy microphone. I would suggest this is one area that rugby league has an opportunity, and some advantages over football. My suggestions would be: - Price a bit higher - Target the local companies / individuals who are being priced out of the football clubs, as well as wealthier fans. We go as a family once a year to see my football team and it's a good enough standard of service that it's worth it for wider family to come. For rugby league currently, it's strictly only proper fans who would be interested hence in our case their potential income is 1/4 - Improve quality of food, offer gifts as part of package - Give the players some basic training if needed and use them more for photo opportunities and interaction with guests. This is one big advantage over football - there are too many VIPs at Man Utd for the players to see them all and in any case sponsors take priority
  10. No problem. Another question for me though is not so much the distance/area as how people identify themselves. For example people from a suburb or nearby town might consider themselves both to be from that town and (more broadly) Liverpool, but I suspect it's less likely to happen the other way e.g. someone from Liverpool identifying with Huyton. We often hear people asking why don't these potential fans just go to Saints, but personally I think people often follow a new sport first in part due to it representing their area.
  11. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in our sport, that some places are fated or not to be rugby league towns or cities. The Steelers have managed to get decent crowds as an Ice Hockey team, despite the sport being arguably less stable than Rugby League. It's actually an underpopulated sports market, definitely room for Sheffield Eagles to gain a following with some stability. There's a similar theory that working class areas are somehow more of a fit for rugby league, even without the history. It's an attitude that has held the sport back for a long time. Also, both your examples are not in Liverpool.
  12. Cowardly Fan

    World Cup venues announcement

    It's smaller than 2 of the group games and yet he said it was too big for those same games.
  13. Cowardly Fan

    Challenge Cup stream (non-UK viewers)

    I'm based in Spain and it's playing for me
  14. True, but if they are aiming to double the attendance then a c25% max growth in the semi-final seems too conservative. I agree about the England games being an opportunity, and definitely with Old Trafford for the opener. I'm less sure about Leeds - might be good to have one group game in London for a few reasons.
  15. We surely can't hit the target if we have a semi-final double-header. The semi-final sold 10k more than the Etihad capacity last time, so I'd definitely be against holding it there as a double header. I guess it could work as the England venue for a semi-final, but even that seems overly cautious to me.