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  1. I hear a lot of people support two leagues of ten, but the big disadvantage is it reduces the other sources of income for teams in the top league. Sponsorship and hospitality will take a big hit for teams in the second league, ticket sales also likely to be lower. Sky would also want their games to be the top league. To try and divert the thread back, are there plans for Toulouse to loan players from Catalans this year? They seem committed to a gradual growth at the moment, will be interesting to see if they are tempted into a couple of big signings if they make the top 4.
  2. I think you're looking at this on too much of an anecdotal basis. Why do you think TV companies choose Man Utd games? They've checked the figures and know the biggest names always draw the highest viewing figures. Don't get distracted by a few comments on social media, the TV companies know what they are doing and you'd get far more if you put the lower league teams on. By the way I'm one of the minority who would prefer the lower league game. The casual fan likes to be able to recognise champions, but with still with some sort of rivalry. Look at the increase in the popularity of men's tennis with Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray dominating. In the same period there have been dips for women's tennis as other than Serena Williams women's players haven't been able to win multiple slams.
  3. Warrington are second favourites and Hull will be strong again, very good chance of a new winner. Main point is there's no evidence it is harming crowds it viewing figures given its comparable to Football for predictability.
  4. Domestic cups and European places have also been dominated by a few teams, for 10-15 years the big 4 controlled them. It's simply not the case that a lack of competitivity is holding us back from big attendances. It also seems to be a double standard to count European places in football, but not league leaders shield in rugby league. When you take into account the relative sizes of leagues it's arguable which is more predictable. I'd happily take an even money bet in Wigan & Saints vs the rest for the grand final.
  5. Newcastle thunder have announced they have already increased season ticket sales, so crowds will be into 4 figures next season. It's not huge growth at all, but wrong to suggest it has no effect. I'd view Magic Weekend overall as a minor success. It could definitely be improved and there's room for growth, but find it strange that it's being used as a stick to beat the RFL with when there are more obvious areas. On the original question I think Nigel Wood might be a solid guy to work for the RFL, but doesn't come across as a leader. I would be happier with Draper leading it, or someone else from another sport.
  6. I'd be very surprised if they were worried about not breaking even in their first year. Most (eventually) successful new businesses don't achieve that. I don't think crowd for the trial game has any bearing, given their home games will be in Toronto it doesn't tell us anything about interest there. I think they've achieved a lot already - great PR as you say, TV show and games being televised locally, they've managed to attract significant names for management & players and have significant interest in Season Ticket sales - they're claiming 6k sold, which I'm a little dubious about but still suggests some interest if fhey are prepared to put that figure out there. That's notable given the limited time, a standing start and that they haven't played a game yet. I'm not ready to crown them just yet, but a lot of Super League teams could take some tips from their work so far, though granted they might not have the same backing or advantages (first transatlantic sports teams is an easy one to attract publicity for). Where did you hear that about the shirt sponsor? I'd be very surprised, even the lowest Premier League deal would dwarf anything a Super League club could attract, to do that in your first year would be superlative.
  7. I also think they can attract new fans. There are local teams, but most Mancs won't feel an affinity towards Warrington or Salford.
  8. 1. It helps the sport in Australia of course. Minor benefit to international game as if they are cashed up they're more open to expansion. This is a bit different though as it's our league 2. Proof of concept. Toronto face significant challenges, but if they are successful then it encourages other business people to invest in the sport as they are the potential. They will naturally be drawn to larger cities, but London and Bradford could attract due to not starting from scratch. 3. Potentially, but that's decades away. I wouldn't mind if that happened though, if it did the quality of play here would likely increase as the player pool widens dramatically even if our best leave
  9. Any money invested in rugby league is a positive, your first question makes you sound resistant to the idea of attracting investment internationally. Yes for London and possibly for Bradford, not necessarily on the same scale. Attracting money to Wakefield, Castleford and Widnes would be difficult - they are small and relatively poor markets so the potential return is limited at best. If Toronto succeed that will be the best inspriation, as other people will see the potential. For millionaires in the USA owning a sports team is probably out of reach for most due to the wealth of the teams, you can run a rugby league team for a fraction of the cost. It's been said he brought in the investors, that's bringing a huge amount, plus so far Toronto have appeared very professional. Salford are still better off than they would be without Marwan, we've got a couple of years before we need to decide on the cap
  10. He convinced people to invest in Toronto, that alone shows he has a huge amount to offer. We need more money as you often state, people who can attract those with it are therefore very valuable.
  11. I'm not sure there is a set strategy, expect it will be on a case by case basis and that's quite understandable. Then the new teams admitted (if any) will influence decisions on the structure. Since Toronto application many people have discussed more international teams, but it's still guesswork and will depend on Toronto's success. Within UK it changes as well - a couple of years ago Leicester Storm seemed likely to be the next team, but now they have gone quiet and Manchester Rangers appear most likely. The new teams will be driven by where the private money is, I'm sure the RFL would love more southern teams but if there was a bid from a Yorkshire or Lancashire team with a good business plan I doubt they'd turn it down. I doubt they would kick out any current teams for new ones.
  12. They haven't played a game, but you are criticising their fan base! The little information we have suggests they may be similar to Wakefield in support. Toronto may fail, but they have a much greater upside than Wakefield. Sponsorship, hospitality and merchandise income could dwarf the sky payment, that's before you consider a TV deal. If they fail it will likely be before they get to Super League, hence Wakefield will be unaffected.
  13. It's good to get some info, but I was a bit underwhelmed. It reads like it was conducted via email and David Collier chose to answer some questions very briefly. I also dislike the repeated use of Tier 1 Nations. "RLIF tested the market re a Nines event but there was limited response. The Tier One nations would like a Nines event to be trialled in 2019 and, assuming the board agree, we shall tender that option." This raises more questions than answers for me - how widely did we test the market for sponsors, venue, etc? Assuming the board agree is used often in the interview, but no date given on this. I just think it's a missed opportunity to be more passionate and expansive. "What are your thoughts on England going to Dubai for a training camp?" is a very soft question considering the history on that issue, though it's probably Wood / Bennett who more deserves to be grilled on this.
  14. That's very impressive! Do you have any insight on what's driven the increase? Do the RFL promote the club to people from the local area who purchased England tickets? I'd be pushing for that if not.
  15. 10 out of 15 starting line-up? I think you really weren't paying attention in that game! Catalans have on average more than 5 French players, as you know. You've also not mentioned they clearly have been a catalyst for the increase in French players with Super League and (occasionally) NRL clubs. They are only just benefiting from the breakthrough of players who they have trained since they were kids, in 10 more years I'd expect the number of French players both at Catalans and other teams to be even higher. I'm very happy with their impact, if Toulouse and Toronto could follow a similar path we should all be delighted. Super League isn't a zero sum game, and we need to look at more than just attendances. Toulouse and Toronto offer us great potential in increasing TV revenue, media coverage and the International game. That potential increased revenue would provide us with the opportunity to expand Super League as well.