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  1. I suspect there´s some truth in that unfortunately. My limited experience in dealing with them, the attitude seemed to be "wé´re already doing that" when provided with some (free) suggestions on marketing. Even from the outside looking in I could tell they weren´t even scratching the surface. Contrast that with some of the top sports teams, their commercial models are much more developed but the senior execs would tell you they´re just getting started.
  2. I doubt they are paying close to full cap, a quick comparison of their squad with St Helens makes that fairly obvious. Travel is all covered by sponsorship, and they have some other good deals on top of that. It´s a big part of the reason big cities are an opportunity, the commercial potential is bigger than for smaller towns. Their stadium costs are peppercorn compared to most SL sides, note that you´ve not referenced that merchandise or sales in stadium. Whether it´s a ·250k loss or 1m, it´s not massive by any sport owners standard. As a reference point though Toronto´s entire budget first year was 2m, so unlikely to exceed the latter figure. Rich owners are important because they need to be prepared to make that loss for a few years, with the possibility they may never earn it back. Significantly New York, Ottawa or whoever else are unlikely to have as good conditions as Toronto have, so the road to profitability may not be as quick. Would be interested in why you took Pearson´at his word too, thought that was a bit naive.
  3. Yep, so whether they just sell the space to breweries or not they are making a good amount on it. It´s odd in the UK, why almost every football and rugby ground will not offer you decent beer or food. Since I´ve been out of the UK I´ve not been able to see for myself, but I was wondering if any teams in UK had tried to take parts of Toronto´s success on match day experience. I wonder if anyone approached Eric Perez in the last year or 2, even for advice if not a formal role.
  4. It´s interesting you dismiss Lenegan´s comment as PR, but don´t consider that Pearson may not be giving his honest view to the media. It would be prudent for him and Super League in general to be cautious in their statements initially, as they try to negotiate the best possible deal with these new teams to allow them to enter SL in the future. Also, you keep describing TWP as making huge losses, but this likely isn´t true. We know they gave out a lot of free tickets in the first year, but these have decreased significantly since then. They pay minimal costs on the stadium, so much better off than most clubs there. Further, they have some of the best commercial deals in the sport, merchandise appears to be selling very well and must make a lot on the beer sales at the stadium (not sure if the latter is sold by them, or it´s franchised out but either way it´s a good income stream).
  5. http://surveys.tell-us-what-you-think.com/s3/RLWC2021-R
  6. I´ve just completed a survey from the RFL about the World Cup. It´s interesting as it gives a few clues about their plans, e.g. for Australia and New Zealand games they seem to be considering Coventry as a venue quite strongly. They´re measuring themselves against other premium events too. Also, that they´re trying to adjust their pricing, both as a whole and relative in different parts of the stadium. From positive point of view they are doing this well in advance and in quite a lot of detail. However, it´s a poorly written survey, rather than focusing on 1 pricing analysis they´ve used 3 in a scattergun manner. It´s also long'winded and wrong question types used in places.
  7. It's too early to speculate really, but I'd assume the figures claimed are the total deal not yearly. That said I do think it was short sighted of the clubs/RFL to put the onus on Toronto (and Toulouse) to bring their own TV money and not share the existing deal. That does leave open the possibility (and I'm not speculating on the chances of this) that Toronto could be much richer than any other club.
  8. If Wigan had won everything this season I think it's possible they'd have cancelled the deal too. Both sides took a risk with the oral contract. Now Edwards is profiting as he's in greater demand. If Wigan were sure they wanted him they should have signed the contract when they had the chance.
  9. I don't think it's small time in this case. If I try to make a guess of their current asset value and price of the stadium I think the loan rate would be very high, if a bank would even offer it. It genuinely could put whole organisation at risk.
  10. And then So hypothetically how do a championship team in the super 8s show they are Super League quality? It seems like if they finish below Super League sides it proves they are not, but when 2 sides finish above a Super League side it just means that side wasn't SL quality in the first place.... Toronto and Toulouse aren't far away from the lower level of Super League, if you look at their results last year and London's start to this season. Additional players can come from any team in Super League, championship, Australia or Pacific countries and of course local over time. It wouldn't need to be a huge amount of players, as we've seen they can compete already and there's no reason the Super League players need to come from weaker teams.
  11. He sounds more like an average fan than a leader at times, and not in a good way. The comment that referees would make a decision to 'get on TV' is ludicrous, it's the sort of thing you hear in the pub and dismiss immediately.
  12. Oh absolutely I agree. It's just one step, they can definitely be broader. Will be interesting to look up the background of whoever gets the job.
  13. At least they haven't insisted on someone with experience in Rugby League this time. However, that salary is low for the role and their expectations for experience. Many marketing managers in the sports/entertainment industry will already be on a similar salary, so even for a first time Head of Marketing it doesn't look particularly attractive.
  14. Need to do that just to have a chance of staying up? A team with those results would have finished 9th or 10th last year.
  15. Even if I agree I really doubt the sport could manage it. Even with the RFL and Broncos together and mortgaged to the hilt it would surely be way beyond their resources. On the more realistic side of things I think the social media and website is an obvious one, but wonder why it's been poor for so long. Given David Hughes is investing significantly surely people have advised that before, but for some reason he's not backing it?
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