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  1. I know the open age team lost some good players so the results started going against them and think most the players lost interest sadly. Always liked playing against them at junior level and open age even if my team was always on the end of a big score line so sad they aren’t about as much. hopefully they can come back stronger like you say big potential in County Durham for sure.
  2. Wallsend eagles is the open age team with the centurions being solely a junior set up.
  3. Saw from the Twitter account they said there still is still a bid going on from the original management team to enter the uk system.
  4. There is 9 teams in the league this season thanks to the addition of this new club and the reformation of Whitley bay barbarians open age team. I know Yarm wolves haves also started looking in to an open age team so could rise to 10 plus next year all together there is 14 teams operating at various age groups, unfortunately looks like Peterlee pumas might not be running any teams this year which is sad to see
  5. Cleveland posted out the tweet Way more teams than originally thought should be great!
  6. Atlanta tweeted out 11am est so should be announced around 4pm UK time
  7. HeCanPlayFor has came up with his idea of what the international window should look like. https://hecanplayfor.weebly.com/uploads/1/2/7/5/127590043/international_rl_2022-2029.pages personally really like the idea and how it would be played, lots of advanced notice for nations and no guessing when the next game will be.
  8. Thunder set to open magic weekend on the Saturday when they play Doncaster at St James Park. Great news for the club and the sport in the region!
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