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  1. Thunder set to open magic weekend on the Saturday when they play Doncaster at St James Park. Great news for the club and the sport in the region!
  2. Derby The Diggers Bright yellow Jersey with black shorts and yellow socks. Same colour as diggers. JCB as the headquarters are only a 30 minute drive from Derby and the owners sons friends nephew will be bank rolling the team. Will play out of Derby county's ground. Josh Hodgson will be the star player
  3. Thinking back I played for the club back in 2006 and it was still called Newcastle eagles then. I know Newcastle Knights merged with Gateshead storm and became Newcastle storm and I'm pretty sure that was 2010/11 before finally going back to Gateshead storm a year late. Someone's obviously not done the research to claim it has been that long ago
  4. Know that the semi finals were a weird format. Semi final 1 was Jarrow vs Edinburgh with Jarrow winning and going straight through to the final. The second was Cramlington vs West View. With west view winning that. This Saturday sees west view playing Edinburgh in a play off semi final with the winner then going to the final to play Jarrow on the 17th of August.
  5. Great to see the club looking to get the open age team back up and running after a few years away from the game. Was a shame to see them go after the success that that they had in recent times. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/whitleybaybarbariansrlc/news/senior-mens-side-eyes-2018-return-2150708.html
  6. Good squad fine with Heighington being included since he has played for England before but can't understand McQueen being included especially since he has played for Queensland in the past.
  7. Very sad times, played for barbarians past couple of seasons and would think that we would go from strength to strength after winning trophies for the past 3 years but couldn't get the players as the main rugby union lot decided that they were wanting to focus on union. We also didn't have a proper coach last season so think players were disinterested.
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