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  1. I did hear that they both failed fitness tests.
  2. Smeaton. Campbell. Ward. Fans going for Joufret tbh I thought all 4 halfbacks were poor,ours were worse of the pairings. Brambani and Joufret should have had a field day behind that dominant pack display.
  3. Good post till you brought Batley fans into it.
  4. And to think Smeaton wasn’t fit to wear the shirt not long ago he made the difference. That tackle on Adam Ryder at 12-4 wow
  5. I wish I could blame the referee ffs
  6. 1. Chisholm 2. Holmes 3. King A good all round team performance,two very good halfbacks playing behind a dominant pack of forwards was great to watch. If I’m honest I’d say Fev was the best side I saw all day.
  7. I’m not confident at all for Sunday’s game,even though we’ve had the bragging rights 3 out of 4 year at the bash. The sooner we get Paul Sykes back the better. Rams 10 Batley 18 Fts Ryder Mom Day Hope I’m proven wrong with score line.
  8. I may be wrong here,it will be unusual if I am like but didn’t Alan Watts and John Fox have a joint benefit season at Batley many years ago? I remember them both playing for Overthorpe Rangers when I was a young lad living up Thornhill.
  9. Agree 100% DD I’ve not seen one good HW derby yet at Blackpool even when we’ve won. Anyway I won’t be there Sunday to see another Rams victory as I’ve other things on,why they had to take it away from the bank holiday weekend
  10. I’d play Gabriel at fullback. Heard Ben Kilner was a 2nd Row/centre. Wonder which two players miss out? A bigger pack this week so hopefully Tom Garratt won’t have to play 80 minutes again.
  11. Why your not planning your next vacation are youno seriously don’t know.
  12. I will be there if it’s just to hear some of our fans moaning about us charging match day pricesI don’t know what to expect tomorrow,for a start I haven’t seen our 19 man squad yet. Will it be a performance that we saw against Batley & Toulouse at home or the one we saw away at Fev & Widnes? If it’s the latter I think we can run Halifax close,saying that it’s a good squad they are bringing,we’ll see. Rams 16 Halifax 24 FTS Sam Day MOM Sam Day ATT 789 Or and me to win HT draw
  13. What....you pay road tax,car and bike insurance that’s a rarity round here
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