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  1. Me along with another 15 are flying out Friday from Birmingham coming back Monday. For flights, hotel (room only) transfer to and from airport cost £221
  2. Toby, Luke's still injured I think. I thought Sheriffe looked good while he was on the pitch,he certainly likes tackling which I think will come in handy.
  3. With less than 3 weeks to go till our opening game against Rochdale away,if you had to pick your 17 now what would it be. My 17 would be Guzdek Kudangirana Crookes Barnes Potts Sykes Kane Stringer Ward Teanby Walshaw Hale Brown Speakman Spicer Tonks Sheriffe/Adamson
  4. Enjoyed the game,not the result though, obviously. Gareth Potts mom,did he touch the ball 2nd half?
  5. Aww that's nice, I'm welling up. So true though mate.
  6. If the Rams went under I'd still follow rugby league but I'd be a neutral,I couldn't support anybody else.
  7. Maybe we can lend you one,there was plenty on the south stand Sunday against Wakefield 😉😉
  8. Think it's £10 for both North & south stands,no concessions.Not sure about children. Maybe someone from the club can confirm this?
  9. Tbh I thought there was more than they gave out,maybe we turned one of turnstiles off,still a good turnout with Wakefield turning up in good number's.
  10. Tbh everything coming out of the club at the moment is a big let down.
  11. Not gone ahead yet, I'm not sure but it could be after the Wakefield game, by the sounds of it we've still not taken delivery of the new shirts yet so we may need the charity shirt's tomorrow 😂😂
  12. Doesn't look like the shirt's have arrived as yet in fact I don't they've received any of the new merchandise yet. The club said they wouldn't be ready for Christmas but will be here for our first friendly against Wakefield,ah well another lost opportunity to make some brass 😡😡
  13. he was on a good contract at Bulls as well, interesting.
  14. Can he play 6/9 though,his special friend I mean not Mr Cotton
  15. Wishing coaching staff, players and supporters of the Rams a happy new year, wishing you all health wealth and happiness.