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  1. You've missed a few out,does that mean you don't want them? Garreth Moore as agreed a 2 year contract. Walshaw is contracted next year, along with James Glover. Michael Knowles is contracted next year. There a few of them I'd like to keep, we'll see.
  2. It's got to be Tom Hemingway that wrote this 😎😎
  3. Try reading it right way up, Bradford Bulls finished topπŸ˜›
  4. Think you right BSJ about not talking to players that are under contract, doesn't seem to stop clubs approaching our players though does it?
  5. He's definitely out of contract end of season.
  6. You'll have JC Campbell back next season so that's the fullback\winger coveredπŸ˜‰
  7. Does this mean we won't be signing Sam Day then?
  8. The answer to that is yes.Buckets at the ready.
  9. Agree 100%
  10. Wonder how many of those players contracted till end of 2018 will be at the club πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
  11. When we beat you again in the playoffs I might buy you a 🍺
  12. We spent the money to make sure we finished above the Bulls because believe you me if we'd have finished below them then we'd have definitely got relegated.
  13. A few candidates for me,more so since Neil Kelly took charge. Josh Guzdek.I know he's missed a big chunk of the season but he's a joy to watch,hope we can keep him. Dale Morton.Mr consistency,I know he's got his critics, especially on the south stand but for me he does alot of good things but unfortunately some supporters pick up on his odd mistake he makes. James Glover. Another player that's really improved as the season as progressed, especially under Ned Kelly, play's anywhere he's asked, unfortunately I can't make my mind up which is his best position. Paul Sykes. Again under Ned Kelly he's come to the fore and really helped the younger players around him, just wish he had a better relationship with officials. Jode Sheriffe. Been one of the best signings we've made this season, always ready to take the ball up and never shirks when it's getting a bit heated,alot of supporters me included was a bit sceptical when we signed him due to his history with injuries. Jack Teanby.Had another good season for me, another player that as got a good future in the game, hopefully it will be at the Rams. Toby Adamson. He's been a different player since his brother Luke left the club. Robbie Ward. Been another good signing,good defender and quick round play the ball. Sam Day. I know he's not been here long but for me he's been impressive, I'd love to see him sign a permanent contract. Lucas Walshaw. Tbh I thought he was pretty average at beginning of season along with majority of the team but since Neil Kelly came in he's been the player we knew he was, good going forward and aggressive in defence,but imo he's a 2nd row and not a centre. Aaron Brown. Had a great season for me,my nomination for player of year. Unfortunately is upturn in form as as brought him to the attention of the so-called bigger championship clubs. Dom Speakman. Been impressed with Dom this season, always puts his body on the line and aggressive defence, another player that as plenty of critic's amongst the supporters. Special mention to Garreth Moore, Macaulay Hallatt & Shaun Squires who've all contributed to the Rams since Neil Kelly brought them to the club.
  14. Wonder why? Wonder if Bulls situation as anything to do with it?
  15. Don't be upsetting piggy's mate πŸ˜‰