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  1. graham fisher

    Batley Bulldogs

    Hearing that Jason Walton could be on his way back to Batley.
  2. graham fisher

    King Louis

    Hope to god he doesn’t have two poor games on the bounce,the knifes will be out.
  3. graham fisher

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    It seems Duffy as wanted out for a while as Leigh isn’t the first coaching job he’s put in for since the season ended😉
  4. graham fisher

    Players For 2019

    Well staring out of the window is about the only excitement we are getting at the moment. But it could be worse I suppose as you could be a Fev fan😄
  5. graham fisher

    Players For 2019

    He’s signed for Swinton.
  6. graham fisher

    Players For 2019

    Apparently some re signings to be announced also new signings😉
  7. graham fisher

    Players For 2019

    The very same😉
  8. graham fisher

    2019 Squad

    Thackeray to Sheffield.
  9. graham fisher

    2019 Squad

    I see Misi Taulapapa as signed for Newcastle Thunder.
  10. graham fisher

    Championship odds

    As much as it pains me I can’t disagree with you at this moment in time ☹️ Unless Mr Greenwood as got some big signings planned,very quiet even I can’t get to know anything 😊
  11. graham fisher

    Championship odds

    Don’t be getting too carried away,the championship as gone up a few notches since York where last in it.
  12. graham fisher

    Why oh Why

    I maybe wrong but after Sowerby made a couple of appearance’s didn’t he pick up a 4 game ban from his amateur days?
  13. graham fisher

    Players For 2019

    As far as I know the 3 players are on holiday at the moment. I think training starts next week,the way things are going we’ll have more on the coaching staff than we have players 😂😂ah well just another day been a Rams supporter.
  14. graham fisher

    Players For 2019

    Andy can you add Sam Day please as he’s signed up for next season.
  15. graham fisher

    Boxing day

    Don’t you worry we’ll have enough players,might have to loan some from Dewsbury Moor,Thornhill,Dewsbury Celtic and Shaw Cross though😂😂