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  1. graham fisher

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Maybe Crookes is the next big announcement by Sheffield😉
  2. graham fisher

    Rochdale away

    You can only play the players you have got,but at least we can get 17 players out on the field,where as....😉
  3. graham fisher

    Short list

    Hahaha Jimmy don't feel sorry for them yet,wait until they appoint Glenn Morrison as coach 😂😂
  4. graham fisher

    1st September

    Don't be getting giddy PM you've signed a player that couldn't get in the team, sometimes wasn't even in the 19😝we've got better players at the club you've missed out on, unfortunately we have as well 😞
  5. graham fisher


    Thanks Colin,at least Dane picked on someone his own size 😂
  6. graham fisher


    Tiara? Or whichever way you spell it.
  7. graham fisher


    What for?
  8. graham fisher

    1st September

    Another one gone,Toby Everett to our nearest and dearest.
  9. graham fisher

    1st September

    Don’t know about a fullback but I’ve heard we could be losing a centre to them.
  10. graham fisher

    Teams who voted with Super Duper League @ EGM

    I wonder if those clubs if will feel the same way in 2 years time when/if the funding stops,especially those in championship 1.
  11. graham fisher

    Short list

    A Warrington rep,that says it all.
  12. graham fisher


    Tbh I don’t think he’s any better than you’ve already got,certainly couldn’t lace Alex Rowe’s boots. No mate,he didn’t play in the game at your place,he had a half decent game when we beat you at ours😉
  13. graham fisher


    Heard you could be getting a forward off us😉
  14. graham fisher

    PROMOTION 2018 and 2019 Format decided.

    According to league express you voted with the super duper league clubs along with Sheffield,Leigh,Whitehaven,Doncaster,Coventry,Oldham,Rochdale and London Scholars.
  15. graham fisher

    Dual Reg

    To be honest I’m not sure,some championship clubs are well and truely in super league’s clubs back pocket.