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  1. graham fisher

    M.O.M Featherstone Rovers v Dewsbury

    Davies Cooper Brisco
  2. graham fisher


    Hope so😀
  3. graham fisher


    Your ok we only play round about 60 minutes then implode 🙁
  4. graham fisher


    Fev side is a mix of ex Rams and Rhinos 😛
  5. graham fisher

    Diskin out!

    What,a twin?😂
  6. graham fisher

    Toulouse game

    That’s true as was proven last week against us. A lot of fans thought Thackeray was the difference but for me Patch Walker was the main man,his organisation was brilliant,if he’d have been playing for the Rams we’d have won that game hands down.
  7. graham fisher

    v Sheffield

    We were down to 10 men when they scored winning try🙁don’t get drawn into the niggling tactics like we did,I think you’ll win quite easily.
  8. graham fisher

    Batley V Toulouse MOM thread

    Leak(he got you going forward more than the half backs did) Wood(great prospect this lad,nice break and offload for 1st try) Tiara(got through a lot of work and put some monster hits in.)
  9. graham fisher


    Tom Garratt Is injured. Not seen anything on whether Kabul’s as been charged.
  10. graham fisher

    The Silence of the Rams

    It is silence of the Rams as well,any team news anyone?
  11. graham fisher

    Toulouse game

    Having watched last weeks game against Toronto I can understand why he’s stuck with the same players,Toronto had to work hard for their tries other than the interception. Good luck today,I’ll be watching on the our league app.
  12. graham fisher

    Sheffield Eagles

    2 London players straight into the 19 man squad one of them is Ben Helliwell.
  13. graham fisher

    The Silence of the Rams

    Be very careful GOR otherwise you’ll be sent to Coventry 😂
  14. graham fisher

    Sheffield Eagles

    I see Sheffield have entered into a dual reg agreement with London with immediate effect 😁
  15. graham fisher

    Toulouse game

    No Jonathan Ford that’s a bonus for you.