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  1. could we not have them without the advertising DB gears ?
  2. Schofield off to a blinder, tipped Batley by 7, ld stick to being a coach if i were you Garry.
  3. If and its a big if, RL does take off in NA, SL will simply be the third best RL comp in the world instead of the second.
  4. Now this is a brand new club, what happens to the trophy cabinet, memorabilia etc.?
  5. Could be very usefull for the RFL, anything that goes wrong in future, blame Ivan
  6. and the team that benefited most from the Hudds/Sheff. merger, yes thats right, Heth/Rhinos. and whos always got the blame, right again, the Giants
  7. but HE didn,t make his bed did he, it was made for him, McBanana said he would pick on form, he never did. For whatever reason Brough was frozen out, he was NEVER going to get picked for England dispite he is arguably the best half we have got. Lucky Scotland.
  8. Switching off is something the Giants do with monotainous regularity, if they carry on doing it l can see the fans switching off next season rather than watch Championship footy
  9. Giants have no game management, if Wakey really want this game it should be easy
  10. Nice list can you spot the odd one out? , a clue!, all cities, except a small S#%t hole down the East Lancs Rd
  11. Giants need a very good center, Wardle is great but looks like moving up to second row, Cudjoe is stagnating, average to good. the Giants strike force is average, points for poor for top 4 side.
  12. Rovers Vikings Reds Wildcats Centurians Bulls Eagles Fax Wildcats to beat Centurians in playoff
  13. He,s 19, been at the Giants at least 3 years , at what age did the Bulls sign him, and was it legal?
  14. when Giants played Tigers, McGilvary had Carney in his back pocket. end of.