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  1. ettenna


    The other post is locked? on RLfans web the FA says a gap of 24 hours is required before a Town game, Town have stated they need 48 hours. the Giants are rolling over, they are a doormat and its upsetting a lot of fans. Town normally play Saturday, and Giants have moved to Friday, so expect a lot of Thursday night games, the Giants cannot afford to loose a single fan, yet if this situation carries on l can see loads leaving.
  2. ettenna

    Let the vitriol begin

    Friday is the Giants chosen game day, s why move to Thursday? l think its so it makes it much more difficuilt for both sets of fans, l could be wrong
  3. ettenna

    Predictions for league 1

    Bulls Whitehaven Doncaster York Workington Newcastle Keighley Oldham London NW Hunslet Hemel WW Coventry
  4. ettenna

    2018 predictions are not so hard

    Leigh Fev Toronto Fax TO London Dewsbury Batley Sheffield Barrow Rochdale Swinton
  5. ettenna

    Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    Due to boundary changes last century, Yorkshire has lost nearly 1 million acres of territory Leeds/Bradford airport was also jointly owned by Wakefield, Kirklees, and Calderdale councils. John Smiths Stadium, is jointly owned By the Council (kirklees, which includes the likes of Dewsbury, Batley, Mirfield, Heckmondwike, Cleckheaton ,to name a few) Huddersfield Town, and the Giants, it is run by"Kirklees Stadium Developement Limited"
  6. ettenna

    Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    Go anywhere in the Saddleworth area, Delph, Dobcross, Uppermill, etc on 1st of August, and there will be no doubt about which county you are really in.
  7. Scotland should be kicked out, England 4th team, second ,third rate players, nothing going on up there, at least Lebanon have a league set up, better to expand and let the likes of Canada, Russia, Serbia, Jamaca have a chance.
  8. The Samoan RU is bankrupt (BBC sport) is this a chance for thr RL to step up there, or will they ignore the oppertunity.
  9. ettenna

    position numbers or squad numbers?

    Shirts are taylored to the player, so squad numbers fits this
  10. Both teams bursting with energy, however as they are the only teams playing SL this week instead of pussyfooting around in the cup, both will be knackered next week, giving their opposition an unfair advantage well thats life.
  11. The Giants own 20%, HTFC 40% Kirklees 40% (that is Dewsbury, Batley, Heck, Cleck, and a host of other towns, and areas in the metropolitan area of Kirklees as far East as Birstall, West as Meltham, Holmfirth and Marsden)
  12. Its interesting that Wigan are still 2nd favorites for GF, lf Giants win then both they and Saints will be ahead of wigan in the table, Saints with new coach are getting that fresh fealing, The Giants like Wigan are getting a lot of boddies back and are finding some form, the season is far from over, and any, if not all of these 3 could easily be in the last 4 nothing is won till Sept/oct
  13. ettenna

    RLWC 2017

    Going on the Catalan Sports Tours trip.
  14. The locals don,t attend because they don,t know its on, its been publisized inside the ground on matchdays. Last year not a publicity sign anywhere until you got to the stadium. even a taxi driver who usually know everything hadn,t a clue. the RFL should make it an absolute, that the club bidding to host the event publisize it in all the local media outlets.