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  1. You need the RL spellchecker on
  2. RR that was an introduction that had a very Ray McCooneyesque feel to it. Good work. Tonight's score is going to make for painful reading. If London manage to leave with less than a 25-30 point loss they will have performed at expectations, assuming there hasn’t been huge squad rotation. Sadly I think it’s more pain heaped on the Broncos, I hope for no injuries and expect a scoreline around 46-8.
  3. Any other ex Leeds players in the KR ranks lining up for a try?
  4. I really hope so. Given the treatment they’ve had from the RFL, £500,000 would be simply delicious.
  5. Conditions were difficult with high winds. It’s true that Broncos never give up but these lapses in concentration are costing them dearly. We cant give Super League teams a 22 point lead and then show flashes of our A game. London aren’t as well structured and nor does their attack look as threatening without James Cunningham on the pitch. Broncos struggled to contain Ikahihifo. Huddersfield were well worth the 2 points today.
  6. Good choice that’s my favourite GB shirt. Not sure if that’s also because of its association with a rare victory though. The Aussie one is a great design too.
  7. Was a cracking game, Dixon put the ball down inches from the whitewash in the penultimate set and whilst we might only have levelled it up I hope we don’t rue those missed chances in September. Very pleased with how competitive we continue to be.
  8. Will be there looking for a London win. The lighter Hull pack is a slight leveller but I don’t expect us to keep performing at this level so I’m going for Black and Whites by 8.
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