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  1. Thanks Gary, great update and some serious competition for places in centre position there then. Mossop,Davies,Rasool and Higginson. Competition always brings an edge Shame about Karl but I've no doubt our board handled the situation professionally and Karl is under no illusions that Town is where his future in the game should be. Again thanks for your update and enjoy your weekend off...or at least Sunday...👍
  2. So GMck. Loads and loads of crack about Olstrum coming back to Town, without commenting on rumours without any fact behind them which I know you dont. What was / is the situation ? Did we try ? Is there anything to communicate to the fanbase ? Thanks.
  3. Logan Campbell on his day was dynamite.
  4. Prop Chris Young was good, ended up at Barrow I think.
  5. Shelford and Rasool loaned to end of season.
  6. Well let's just hope the lad gets playing rugby again for us or haven as he's too good to be watching week in week out.
  7. The report says that Forster is looking to add a couple of players to his squad and that the Olstrum situation may be cash transfer, swap a player or loan. It doesn't say swap Olstrum for players.
  8. I guess he's based closer to Coventry than Cumbria then at the moment. Theres always other circumstances which is fair enough, I was just wondering if it was considered when we were looking for props or as an option in the future.
  9. I'm not sure but can you loan but not have DR players unless they've played a certain amount of games for you in the regular season.
  10. GMck Have we enquired about the availability of the Barrow prop Brad Brennan? He's loaned to Coventry but I'm wondering if we were offered him especially at time where we took Ryan, Byrne and Bretherton over the last month. Is it an option as he's a big lad and would certainly add some size and maybe Barrow would consider a loan to us as if we win a few games in the 8s it could do Barrow a favour in the promotion shake up. Cheers
  11. The Club can't sort everything out, maybe his mates should just reign him in and tell him to calm it.
  12. Got to agree that making the top 5 is a long shot. But...... Let's look at the positives. One of our better players is back in Callum Phillips. A lot of talk about where he should play, is this an opportunity to see if Doran and Phillips can be our future at 6&7? Because if we are aiming to get up to the Championship by the time it happens Carl Forber will be towards or at the latter stage of a good career. So an opportunity to look to the future in that area ? This is not a reflection on Carl's performance just a inevitable part of pro sport. Scholey got minutes in the tank.Great to see him back. Tom Curwen will be available,hope he enjoyed the rest as he's had to some big minutes as a young prop in his first Pro season. Kris Coward and Phil Joseph will have another 2 weeks recovery time. Big men who we've missed. Hopefully 1 will be back by the start of the 8s. With some more pack men becoming available that should hopefully see Davies back to centre now Rasool heads back to Warrington. I think his loan has finished now. We have Toronto & Haven at home so potentially a couple of decent crowds. Hopefully Haven will bring a few more through as they'll be expecting to win and we get a good gate and income. What we need to achieve in the 8s is a level of performance that we will show the fan base that we are heading in the right direction and that we will be pushing hard at the top end of the league next season. 4 tough away games but we need to perform and I wouldn't call it raising our game ,we need to prove that this side is at that level. Next season the top end of the league will be hotly contested, most likely 1 of Barrow or Haven won't go up,+ 2 teams coming down will be strong most likely Bradford being 1 of them and Doncaster,York, Keighley, Newcastle ,'s not going to be easy to get out of this division. But from people saying this was the black hole of rugby it's far from it in my opinion, obviously on a wider scale there are issues relating to the best way of developing the Coventry's,the Oxfords ,Hemel as the scores are not a good reflection on the RL but I'm not sure what the alternatives are. Those teams need to have a pathway and there's no point in them playing each other every week as they'll never know what they need to improve on to get up to the levels required. But at least we're in the top 8 and have some good games to look forward to and maybe we can throw a spanner in Havens promotion bid.... UTT.
  13. Here we go again , yawn
  14. So Toronto,Haven and Doncaster at home. Barrow,York, Newcastle & Keighley away.
  15. Every club is desperate for income,it's within the rules so they're gonna do whatever to grab it. We weren't complaining when Lee Mossop rocked up at Batley, or Manfredi was on the wing. Great news ref Steve Scholey.