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  1. Hock

    It seems to me that you trying to have a go reference us needing some size and overlooked that we had signed Wilkes & Dawson that you are now diverting attention & going back to the signing of Joseph to get a dig in. If basing this on fact then Wilkes played 27 games last year. Dawson 17 Scholey played 17. Curwen 17. So the ageing Wilkes wheeled his Zimmer out more than 3 lads alot younger.
  2. New Facebook group

    Ive loved reading and watching all.the clips it's fantastic, The thing we can all easily do is share,follow and retweet all these things on social media ,this is such a great idea which stirs the juices, the club need this type of free advertising ,spread the word , if you know people who used to go matches then get them to go again, get them to bring their kids,they may just rekindle that love and the kids may become fans for life and we can all play our part in getting Town back in the higher levels of the game. Big Jimmy Pickering though, what a player, absolute beast....he was great around the Town too,he often used to come into college and just join in our practical sports lessons with Town fitness guru Mick mcgurn who was years ahead in the sports science field,he ended up getting a great job at Hull city FC.

    Would you not go if it was closed ?
  4. Happy new year.

    Let's hope this season brings some great games to D.P this year and teams dread their visits once again and we keep moving forward. Utt, have a good one Townies everywhere.
  5. Away shirt

    Not in stock but you can pre order it at the club from 2nd or call offices 1030 - 230. 01900 603609.
  6. Away shirt

    It's certainly different,wasn't sure at first but it's growing on me and I think it will be popular to the younger fanbase where as we have tradition covered with the home Jersey so the club has both bases covered.
  7. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Lads read the posts , 100% the club will have its own website based online shopping platform. It's being worked on as per a previous GMck post.
  8. Town website

    Ladies committee and Derwent park sc have posted them.
  9. Town website

    Are you on twitter DavidM ,there's some good photos on there from today's store.
  10. Town website

    Theyre only lost if Town wanted to keep them.
  11. Newcastle Thunder Academy in Cumbria

    Slightly off topic but have to praise the club for their offer for the coaching sessions with James Graham , all kids get free season tickets , what a brilliant gesture and hopefully the sessions are rammed and some good money is raised for the Team Evie charity. Fantastic.
  12. Pre season gym

    Can be worked on. How about this review of him instead. Bull is a very promising prop, has rough edges to work on and will need to improve, but all players need to improve on something, if he's prepared to have a go as a semi pro and train hard then maybe he can follow in Scholey and Curwens footsteps and establish himself as a semi pro. Good luck Same to Ethan Kelly , good luck and well done for wanting to better yourself.
  13. TRSC Committee Fundraiser

    Good article relating to this event on towns website page. Good luck.
  14. Town website

    Sorry ,confusion I meant that there was a news item relating to the lottery, there is something on their saying about a £5k draw taking place so I'd guess/hope ts in hand.
  15. Town website

    There is a update on the website.