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  1. Well if he's a forward who's got the handling skills of a scrum half then that'll do nicely.
  2. Good luck and enjoy being a townie.
  3. Ironic......Accusing SS of being a keyboard warrior when you come on here basically hiding behind your keys calling Maudling a pizza & pie eating champion, presumably you would say the same to his face, nope didn't think so. Also don't need new scripts when the old ones state the facts....You have never won anything of note.
  4. But wanted by Haven too. You've made yourself look a bit silly, get to bed ,school in the morning.
  5. Yeh heard same name then. Big mates with a town half back apparently. Maybe likes him more than his brother,ha.
  6. From Whitehaven RL or is it or just Whitehaven area ,heard a whisper last week that Town were after a second rower who is an absolute workhorse. Don't know how true but hopefully it is.
  7. I'd say guesswork . PhilJoseph put on Facebook that he was looking forward to get back with his teammates & it wouldn't be long. With a 3 week gap he'll be back without missing too many games. Also told by a player last week that before he got injured that Phil wants to be on the pitch as much as possible to improve his fitness. Not the actions of a person who's going through the motions. Let's get behind him eh. This guy's played a lot of games just about every year so we've been unlucky.
  8. I don't think that Fell did anything wrong or lacked effort just didn't excel, and the his signing is the only one i don't agree with as it's pushed Mewse,Lister and Patrick of the scene which i don't think is in our long term interests. Rooke looked good v Widnes at fb and is sparky and a live wire but in defence of the coaches we don't see what's happening in training and the coaching team decided they haven't got confidence in what's in the squad so then asked for Fell. It's their call but if it backfires and we lose local players or can't entice them then it's decisions like this that will be looked at. If we were down to bare bones for options on the backs i would understand but we weren't. We were looking short on forwards so I and many others felt we should have been looking in that area first. However I think we've really only gave 1 absolutely dud performance v Gloucester in the cup,a poor 60 in the league v Gloucester & the error strewn first half v Haven on Friday, so there's a bit of overreaction on here in my eyes. A few have mentioned that if we managed to tidy up our discipline and stop inviting opposition into our 20 repeatedly then we have enough talent to score the points required to win the games we should and compete like we did against the likes of Barrow. Having Mewse and Patrick would not have stopped Forster, Parker and McAvoy scoring from close range after incessant pressure brought on by giving endless penalties away and numerous dropped balls. To end on a positive Tom Curwen will be fit for Hemel and it will be 4/5 weeks since Phil Joseph had his clean up,so he may be ready for minutes v South Wales and a bit of size will return to the squad.
  9. I spoke to Dan Rooney after the game,seemed a very decent guy, i asked him would we see him back at town and he told me he his having further shoulder trouble without even playing rl so he didn't forsee a come back anytime soon.
  10. Always going to be a tough battle going in with 2 props but personally considering the amount of time we spent in our own 20 defending i thought we done it well but eventually under relentless pressure your going to crack. Regarding the pens we were guilty of being incredibly dumb or were instructed to slow the play the ball as much as possible because of their size advantage but in the end it was totally counter productive as it just brought them in to our 20 and we cracked. Once we got ourselves going second half we played some good stuff and the try to put us in front was great handling all round. Feel for Doran who along with the introduction of Howarth drove the recovery. We were the better rugby team with ball in hand no doubt. Regarding JP ,he could have spelled forwards off no problem,when you see him in the flesh he is every bit the same size as Scholey so we missed a trick there. As for Szostak i really feel sorry for him as he keeps putting his hand up to play but is clearly injured before we even ko. Positives are we can no doubt play but we must play much smarter and our experienced guys like Mossop,Forber and Howarth must lead the way and take responsibility and sort this out on the field. A final note fair play to Marc Shackley who as Haven went to celebrate with their fans, shook hands with old teammates and quietly made his way to the tunnel. That's how you show respect.
  11. Why do you think we are so naive with scores from dummy half, we've been poor at this for the last 2/3 years ? It's really hurting us and surely could be addressed, but PV didn't manage it and it's continued under DC......
  12. Singleton and Davies.
  13. Why are we turning on Howarth? This is a player who has played well over 100 SL games ? He is quality, form temporary class permanent. It smacks of criticism Sammut used to get when he was expected to create a try from every time he had the ball. He admitted in n&s that he was disappointed with his performance and that's a good start, the better players look at themselves rather than look for excuses. I don't know if he was injured or dropped and I'm glad Doran played well as we need as many people on the pitch who can create points as after dominating possession against Barrow we couldn't break them down enough to take that game. Great effort either way after playing second half with 15 bodies. Hope the 2 lads are ok,Any news on them ?
  14. It's amazing how happy camps have fewer injuries , especially happy camps with bigger squads as nobody wants to lose their place oh yeh and the other thing, they want to play for the coach, it's maybe just a helluva lot more fun too.
  15. He's not a victim on this occasion, video suggests a bit of verbals as Karl moves away from marker and then he goes back and clouts him. Deserved ban and a lack of control. His loss or gain as I'm sure he'd have been a big player for Haven next week.