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  1. A little Birdy tells me , this week could be quite a fruitful week in relation to squad numbers being boosted.
  2. His heart was never in it to come to town so I'm happy he hasn't.
  3. That is not what I call a supporter....Stick with the club whilst it has a trough and the peak will feel so much better Oneday, i never understand this view and never will. This is when your club will need you the most.
  4. Fair enough that......Also I suppose playing in a top stadium which England use will show the ex amateurs that they have stepped up a level and this could be the norm if they give it a real go. Eg Shaun Lunt,McNally etc Any other news to kick off the weekend?
  5. Good to see another friendly Gary, can I ask why we're playing away? At this point do we not need revenue from a home friendly ? Even 300 watching at a £10 a piece would bring some money in. Or are we getting a share of gate ? We will have bus costs etc to cover etc
  6. Lessons to be learned when you haven't got the money ,don't spend the money.
  7. What a lovely, positive spin on trying to find a way to develop first year professional players....I'll tell you what let's try nothing and see how that goes...Oh sorry I already know , the local scene continues to decline and anybody who does give it a go but isn't playing or in the squad gets NO rugby week in week out.
  8. Whether you agree with this is your choice, Hooker is not a priority, we have Callum ...Young Dowsett and Doran if we have to play him 9 for whatever reason, if funds are light I'd be using them to bulk up the pack. If Mattys heart isn't in it after the battering he's taken over the years that's totally understandable, time to move on....Les Ashe advised that they hoped to speak at end of November, haven't a clue how that went but as I say I would be looking at other areas in the squad.
  9. Fb Ritson. Wings Chamberlain, Patrick. Centres Mossop ,Hambley Halves Forber and Doran. Front row Coward C.Phillips Scholey. Second rows Szostak ,B.Phillips Loose C.Fitzimmons. Bench Curwen,Fearon, Dowsett, Singleton. Possibly could look like that.
  10. Proven player and a good kicker, so if Carl still not wanting to kick or not in the team then it covers that base. Keep it up Town, we got 17.....and counting.
  11. Looks very good. Only thing I would say is both home and away shirt have a lot of white on them and normally you would have a distinct difference between home and away shirt. Loving the v
  12. Come on one day, it's his initiation bit of fun at his new club.....We've all been had.
  13. Who are they Gilly? Johnstone and ?
  14. Yep more of a slight on him than haven, an average travelling man that played his part in stopping a good local like brocklebank nailing down a spot.....Result good local goes back amateur...All our clubs need to take heed and develop our own players and fill the teams full of them.
  15. What do you suggest needs to be done then DavidM.....? Not having a pop just wondering what isn't happening that you want to happen?