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  1. Opening game of the new season and 700+ only. Remind me why we have reverted to Saturday nights?
  2. 300 odd. Not sure you could gain anything other than gaining match fitness. I'm afraid the select team were light on numbers and couldn't handle the 20-odd raiders that faced them.
  3. Can someone confirm which 2 year deals are genuine 2 year deals as opposed to 1 year with 1 yr option please?
  4. So why do Morrow and Holmes need deals when they'd signed for two years in January and December respectivley? These EM articles even quote Andy Gaffney saying we've signed them for 2 years.
  5. Unless they've got getout clauses if we weren't promoted, I think so.
  6. Abram, Dallimore, Ashall, Holmes, Aspinwall, Duerden, Morrow all have an extra year to go.
  7. Cresswell and Morrow need to be added. What's the craic with Jamie Tracey?