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  1. He played in a couple of pre-season games and not a mention since.
  2. Barty

    Toulouse whose going

    Getting a good spanking again.
  3. Barty

    April 2nd

    As it turned out the clash was avoided by a bit of H2O. Happy days.
  4. Barty

    April 2nd

    Latest from Karen in the shop, regardless of any communication from Swinton, is that we've lost the use of the floodlights! Strange one that. I hope they have enough stewards to go around. As it stands sadly I'm choosing the football to go to because at this stage in their season they are in greater need of the support and that's what counts.
  5. Barty

    April 2nd

    Karen in the office has confirmed that the football aren't changing their fixture time and she hasn't had a response from Swinton yet, so I guess this means efforts are being made to avoid a clash. Not sure why this couldn't have been settled months ago.
  6. Barty

    April 2nd

    Plenty of people have read this and still no replies. Strange state of affairs when both managers/coaches have declared they're in a relegation dogfight and put great store in making home a fortress and the importance of fans and yet the clubs want to compete for speccies. Why not get together and do a Dual Deal ticket with one of the games later in the day. Possibly draw in some extra fans on a bank holiday and make the respective stadia more intimidating. I don't want to have to choose which game I go to - I'd like to go to both.
  7. Barty

    Raiders on the radio

    Bit of a tonking now. Double figures now at least.
  8. Barty

    Future Fixtures after 2nd April

    As could having a clash with the football on the 2nd.
  9. Barty

    April 2nd

    Can anyone confirm that the game on April 2nd vs Swinton will definitely be at 3pm at the same time as the Barrow AFC game at Holker Street?
  10. Barty

    2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    You seem to have Stosic still in the list rather than Susino.
  11. Barty

    Barrow v Town

    What's with the finger pointing to Clarkey from Dalli after he scored his try? He was shouting 'that's for you'. Some old score there?
  12. Barty


    Need to correct your pre-history. Palaeolithic came before mesolithic. The new stone age is known as neolithic and that's more recent than the other 2.
  13. Barty

    Players Visas for Toronto trip

    I'm glad I'm watching this on stream tv and not paying for it. So disheartening and to be honest a waste of the players time. There's no positive at all.
  14. Barty

    Where's the crowd?

    Opening game of the new season and 700+ only. Remind me why we have reverted to Saturday nights?
  15. Barty

    Friendly v Barrow & District

    300 odd. Not sure you could gain anything other than gaining match fitness. I'm afraid the select team were light on numbers and couldn't handle the 20-odd raiders that faced them.