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    Unusually, seeing as I like both RL and RU I don't take the attitude of many RL fans of hating everything to do with RU, nor do I take the attitude of many RU fans of treating RL as completely insignificat

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  1. John Fisher

    Hearns not coming to Rugby League

    Surely their main job is to promote the club that pays their wages, and not the sport in particular? Too many clubs in too small a geographical area chasing the same fans
  2. John Fisher

    Rugby League in the summer

    Agree. Both RL and cricket have seen reduced participation, one reason possibly being that it's now difficult to play both.
  3. John Fisher

    Sign him up!

    Did seem to be a lot bigger than the opposition, which is always an advantage at that age.
  4. How Rugby League is this? Finding things to moan about that most of us hadn't even thought about.
  5. John Fisher

    England v New Zealand attendance

    Might be rattling around Anfield as well
  6. John Fisher

    Anfield parking

    I'm sure there will be lots of nice young lads offering to look after your car for you.
  7. John Fisher

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    I know. I was being pedantic. Again!
  8. John Fisher

    Double booked - spare tickets

    Why did it take you until two days before the game to realise you had double booked?
  9. John Fisher

    Is RL fading away in Lancashire?

    Or could it be that there are actually only 100,000 American Football fans in the UK but that they all choose to go to Wembley each year because it's the only chance they get to see their favourite sport in the flesh., no matter which team they actually support? I very much doubt that a permanently based US franchise in London would fill out Wembley each game because then fans would be supporting anther team rather than the sport as a whole.
  10. John Fisher

    New league structure revealed

    This is Rugby League. Why wait 3 or 4 years before changing the format?
  11. Or give them the choice - play at somewhere like Wigan or Leeds in front of a big crowd and increase their income from the match, or play at home to increase the chance of an upset.
  12. John Fisher

    1800 at Widnes last night

    4000 fans for two teams less than ten miles apart.
  13. John Fisher

    no league express at Manchester airport?

    But is Manchester the heartland of the game? Now if it wasn't available at Wigan International Airport you'd have a point.
  14. It was I joke, I think.
  15. John Fisher

    Most competitive

    So HKR just beat Catalans, but both Wakefield and Salford came well short.