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    Unusually, seeing as I like both RL and RU I don't take the attitude of many RL fans of hating everything to do with RU, nor do I take the attitude of many RU fans of treating RL as completely insignificat

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  1. Or give them the choice - play at somewhere like Wigan or Leeds in front of a big crowd and increase their income from the match, or play at home to increase the chance of an upset.
  2. John Fisher

    1800 at Widnes last night

    4000 fans for two teams less than ten miles apart.
  3. John Fisher

    no league express at Manchester airport?

    But is Manchester the heartland of the game? Now if it wasn't available at Wigan International Airport you'd have a point.
  4. It was I joke, I think.
  5. John Fisher

    Most competitive

    So HKR just beat Catalans, but both Wakefield and Salford came well short.
  6. John Fisher

    Not Saints After All

    But who needs more than £3.00 an hour to live St. Helens anyway?
  7. John Fisher

    GB Lions Squad

    Always felt the Lions as a concept worked better in "the good old days" when there were always a number of Welsh Union players who decided to try their luck up North (until they realised they had to pay tax on the money they got from playing!) who were clearly unable to play for England
  8. John Fisher

    Reserve and Academy teams

    So playing two games of a hard contact sport a week, as well as probably trying to hold down a job is an option?
  9. John Fisher

    Playing in the snow

    And end in October, which is often the wettest
  10. John Fisher

    BBC coverage(again)

    Of course. Twickenham is shi-e. So shi-e that when the National Football wasn't available RL had to play the Challenge Cup Final there. And where exactly are next years games against New Zealand being played? Lower Ince Working Men' s club car park?
  11. John Fisher

    BBC coverage(again)

    Apologies to the BBC. Tonight's Masterchef featured gourmet pie chips and peas from Lower Ince Labour Club.
  12. John Fisher

    BBC coverage(again)

    But Masterchef the Professionals featured Union players dining at Twickenham. Biased Broadcasting Corporation again.
  13. John Fisher

    Training Facility

    Sporting facilities in Australia are miles ahead of those in the UK. There is less of an issue with space, land is generally cheaper, and the climate tends to suit a more outdoor lifestyle
  14. Agreed, but was it in a match that really mattered?
  15. "The number of times we came up with errors at the start of sets or at the wrong time was, IMO, the deciding factor" And that is why Australia always end up beating England. International sport in particular is about fine margins. You wouldn't see an Australian full back drop a high ball when under no pressure, for example