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    Unusually, seeing as I like both RL and RU I don't take the attitude of many RL fans of hating everything to do with RU, nor do I take the attitude of many RU fans of treating RL as completely insignificat

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  1. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/sale-sharks-announce-plans-new-18404778 Possibility of the cuckoos moving yet again. But where would that leave Salford (may get moved to cross code)
  2. If you use the historic county of Lancashire inc Salford Warrington* and St Helens it might work *now they play north of The Mersey
  3. demolarised? As in lost your teeth?
  4. Summer Rugby means for a lot of people choosing to play cricket or Rugby, with a corresponding reduction in numbers in both sports.
  5. Even Bolton, which is within the old county of Greater Manchester, want nothing to do with The Greater Manchester Cricket League. Parochialism is the North's specialist subject
  6. Will any non-season ticket holders be able to afford to go to a game every five days? I know I couldn't at the moment.
  7. Love the pronunciation of Offyer!!
  8. not allowed to use the word a-r-s-e in case it offends someone
  9. So Rugby League is on it's ###### in the UK but it doesn't matter because the TV viewings in Australia are OK?
  10. Do I detect just the slightest element of sarcasm?
  11. Shouldn't really compare Salford and Sale attendances when Sale are effectively a regional team for the North West (so should get bigger attendances) but having been to watch both I always get the impression that there are more away fans at Sale games than Salford, which, seeing as the nearest club is approximately 100 miles away (Leicester or Wasps or Worcester) compared to 12 miles for Warrington is a concern.
  12. No matter what your allegiances, if you go on T'interweb enough you will always find enough information to agree with any theories you may have.
  13. This, unfortunately is a British issue. Because the NHS is "free" everybody expects anything to do with health, whether physical or mental, should also be "free"
  14. Warrington fans struggle to make the 12 mile journey to the AJ Bell. Your ambition to make the 338 from Montreal to Toronto is outstanding
  15. Found the link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/saveourparkside?utm_id=106&fbclid=IwAR3-ElZ2NPs6XeptyJZDV91ByUxQIhx3R9tXj4HQOOukATRrhpp46z4GPwc
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