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  1. UniSamX

    Jackson Hastings.

    Make that 18 players and one board member!
  2. There have been quite a few good signings for SL next year, seems like there are more quality/In their prime players than there have been in previous years
  3. The kid obviously loves pies so expect to see him in Cherry and White
  4. UniSamX

    Blake Austin signs for...

    He absolutely cannot, that's not how he plays. He's got an excellent running game though, should be very effective in Super League
  5. UniSamX

    Jackson Hastings

    Haha! Interesting...
  6. UniSamX

    Jackson Hastings

    Heaps of players have come out in support of him, apparently DCE was playing pranks on him (Some have described it as bullying) and went a bit too far, which led to Hastings throwing 'em. Hastings is notoriously a bit of a bell though, Huddersfield withdrew their offer due to him making "Unreasonable demands". FWIW, I'm hearing he's Salford bound
  7. Hopefully also Toronto, so that their bromance can continue
  8. UniSamX

    Kiwi Retirements

    Nah, we can put out a good, youthful side which is maybe lacking in halves depth. Although I don't feel as confident as I have in the past against England, I'm very glad we aren't playing Tonga!
  9. UniSamX

    Kiwi Retirements

    Hey Manny, I believe the team will be similar to this: 1. DWZ (RTS) 2. Hiku (DWZ) 3. Marsters 4. Whare 5. Isaako 6. Martin 7. Nikorima (Johnson) 8. JWH 9. Luke 10. Taupau 11. Proctor 12. Harris 13. Blair 14. Smith (Nikorima) 15. Nelson Asofa-Solomona 16. James Fisher-Harris (Liu) 17. Tapine 18. Beale 19. K. Bromwich The players I have bracketed are players that are under an injury cloud/moved to accommodate players I'm doubtful will play/Alternative selections.
  10. UniSamX

    Kiwi Retirements

    Ok, so... Fusitua, Kata and Taukeiaho played for Tonga in the world cup and I wouldn't be surprised if they committed to them this time around as well. Rapana is out for the season. Foran is injured too Johnson and RTS are both carrying niggles, I'm not holding my breath on either of them, but I'm more hopeful for Johnson than Rog, as we have more options at Fullback than we do in the halves. We'll still field a good team, but the halves have had the guts ripped out of them a bit, leaving us with in the worst case scenario, Te Maire Martin, Kodi Nikorima and Tommy Leuluai as our only fit options.
  11. UniSamX

    Kiwi Retirements

    I do. He's been good this year and was good the whole time he was ineligible. Plus all of that stuff happened under a different regime. Even if he doesn't play, Alex Glenn or Cody Harawira-Naera can fill in there just fine, depending on whether Madge wants to go for youth (CHN) or experience (Glenn)
  12. UniSamX

    Kiwi Retirements

    Unfortunately J Bromwich has done his hammy but even so I think it'll be along the lines of Taupau, NAS, Fisher-Harris, Fonua-Blake propping, Blair at 13, with Harris, Proctor and Tapine fulfilling second row duties. I'd have no complaints with that forward pack at all. Our halves on the other hand could be our undoing
  13. UniSamX

    Kiwi Retirements

    I don't think Matulino would have been selected anyway, I think Packer would have been there on form... But possibly not there due to his assault conviction. Doesn't matter, we can assemble a good middle without them.
  14. UniSamX

    Greenwood signs for Wigan.

    He attacked well last year and ran good lines but defensively, in terms of both reads and technique, he was pretty poor. He missed a few tackles per game and got himself concussed a lot. Other factors that will have led to him being on the outer are; The Titans changed coaches in the off-season, signed Cartwright and next year Peachey and talented youngster Keegan Hipgrave coming on strongly meaning there is a lot of competition for second rowers at the club