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  1. I don't understand at all, he's probably our best goal kicker as well as being better than Maumalo in most areas. I don't think the overall gain in metreage that Maumalo brings over Isaako is worth sacrificing his running and ball skills.
  2. I think I would rather Jamayne Isaako was on the wing over Ken M, but other than that I'm happy to accept that's the best we've got for this one.
  3. UniSamX

    Aus and NZ Test Squads

    Manu and Mitchell going up against each other will be awesome, good mates in real life who have both had immense years a club level. All in all I'm happy with the squad considering what's available. Heaps of youth who will hopefully stay together for a long time and develop some good cohesion
  4. Well yeah. By the looks of the scorelines the team he's coaching doesn't even really know how to play the game. That would make it uphill struggle for any coach
  5. UniSamX

    Tongan Train on Squad

    I agree. What's Sam Moa being named in the Tongan squad for? Kata got injured in the first game of the WC, but this season he has been closer to bottom notch IMO. Mind you so have has Mennings Pulu was born in NZ, not Tonga. I reckon Tonga are going to struggle against Australia. Their halves have been injured or in reserve grade for most of the year and I don't think they'll have the creativity to unlock Australia's defence
  6. UniSamX

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    Chrissy Sandow got binned for saying the same thing a few years ago, but like "Awww me dead ref, how much are they payin' ya?!"
  7. Expansion into Lincolnshire. Whoop di doo 😜
  8. Ah yes. In the Soutern latitudes this is known as "The McCrone effect"
  9. Ader definitely looks the part, big, strong, fast. Is he young?
  10. Unfortunate. How does H. Miloudi go in the centres? Also is his brother good enough to play in the 3/4 line at international level or has the potential to? I'm aware they're both pretty loose units
  11. Is Ader the big white dude who played in the centres at the World Cup? Because that guy had a very, very poor tournament
  12. UniSamX

    Celebrities/famous people that like RL

    The guy that played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies is a Rhinos fan
  13. I doubt you'll need to have those players fresh to beat us, the way we've been playing lately...
  14. UniSamX

    SKY Robots

    Edrenalin. Absolute banger
  15. He was a cult hero while at the Warriors, nothing special on the field but good value off it by all accounts. I hope he does a job for Widnes