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  1. The Albert Brothers

    I'm hoping Widnes can pick up Lucas from Catalans, then it'll be a real family affair
  2. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    Signed. https://www.warriors.kiwi/news/2018/01/12/vodafone-warriors-sign-ex-wigan-centre-gelling/
  3. Catalans announce squad

    That's cooked. He wasn't even a starting 6 in NSW cup
  4. Toulouse 2018 thread

    Maybe the Dragons don't want to get beaten by them again? But yes, I agree. They should play someone. I suppose the trouble is that all of the other French teams in Elite 1 etc are in the middle of their season and that arranging a fixture with an English team means that either they, or their opponent has to travel which might be too disruptive or expensive or something. Which really only leaves Catalans. Although, to me it would make sense that they play one another every year, like the charity shield match in the NRL pre-season and turn it into a tradition but... that isn't happening, so whatever, I guess
  5. I'm gonna go to this. For better or worse, things will be rowdy!
  6. Lo & Behold!

    He's too short IMO. I expect that will be exploited mercilessly by teams throughout the season. But Mr Powell knows more than I do so I guess we'll see
  7. McGillvary NRL poser

    Hahaha fair enough, I'd love to see him over here though. He looks the goods
  8. McGillvary NRL poser

    I personally think Australian clubs would probably be better served by going after Darnell Macintosh and apprenticing him than chasing after McGilvary
  9. If they're Fijian born then they started off playing Union or Sevens and switched to League later. But ol' mate with the disallowed double movement is Australian and his only excuse is white line fever.
  10. Stadium names in the WC

    Not the way the Colonel does it though
  11. Stadium names in the WC

    Yeah it's good. You guys are missing out
  12. World rugby league

    Well... Whatever's going on, some of those logos are pretty snazzy. I particularly liked Greece and Belarus
  13. Maybe Fiji will play France since there's an international window now?
  14. It should just be like a normal competition for the next WC, instead of the weird, laughing stock, mickey mouse structures we always seem to hack together because we don't want teams to lose games by too much or whatever. So... 16 teams. 4x4. Top 4 seeds in a group each. Top 2 from each group progress to the QFs. We've all made mock ups of it, you know what I'm talking about. One thing which I think would be cool is that, due to us having a clear "Big 3" it should mean that the 4th group will be a "Group of Death" of sorts. For example, an improved Tonga are the top seed in the group, then with Fiji as a losing quarter-finalist (Hopefully!) and a much improved France team you end up in a position where all 3 are potentially taking the points off each other. The 4th nation in that group may or may not also put the cat among the pigeons That would generate a bit of a buzz, I reckon and be interesting for neutrals. Everyone loves a group of death, it's exciting, the stakes are high. The supergroup structure doesn't really work that well when Wales and USA were still getting towelled up in the groups that they were put in to prevent that from happening. My point is, you play 3 games, you could get badly beaten in all of them like Wales and USA, or just badly beaten in some of them like France or Scotland. Doesn't seem to make much difference which group the team is placed in.