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  1. Catalans sign a NRL player

    He's been ruined by injuries, still has a good brain though
  2. Joe Wardle, Joe Burgess and Mike Cooper all used it. He only left Canberra because they ran out of cap space, I think the entire time he was at Leigh he was angling for a return to Australia
  3. Isn't it just because their colours are green, white and pink?
  4. Best Tigers Rugby League logo in the world, IMO.
  5. How much trouble are Catalans in?

    Hahaha absolutely. He's done this at every club he's played for, ripped up trees at first and then lost interest and become extremely mediocre
  6. He's not injured but the most notable absentee from the Grand Final winning team is Danny Maguire IMO. Leeds' halves were dreadful, zero direction in attack
  7. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    Every time you mention the "All Blacks" you're mentioning Union, because that is what the NZ Rugby Union team is called...
  8. Yep. His season is over. Poor fella. https://www.broncos.com.au/news/2018/02/12/savelio-injury-confirmed/
  9. A few NRL games are played in Perth throughout the season and are fairly well attended. However, the early season SL games coincide with a lull in the Western Australian sporting calendar with the Big Bash having finished and the AFL yet to start. That, plus a sizeable English ex-pat community, plus general curiosity would probably be helpful from an attendance perspective.
  10. Haha more that a 1pm Saturday game fits in with the normal 3-4pm Saturday game nicely so both could be televised in succession, potentially bringing in a bit more viewership. I know the lead has to come from Perth, but if they were to show an interest I think there are enough positive factors to present a strong case for it being commercially viable for all parties
  11. A game in Perth sounds like a good idea to me. As well as the reasons already stated, Perth also cuts 10 hours off the travel time and an 8pm kick off would be on at 1pm in the UK, which should make it more accessable
  12. They're a civil engineering company
  13. Hull FC - Catalans warm up

    Full strength team for this one. Nice
  14. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Ok, I'm not a Saints fan or anything but I guess their round 1 squad will look like this: 1. Barba 2. Makinson 3. Morgan 4. Percival 5. Grace 6. Lomax 7. Smith 8. Amor 9. Roby 10. Douglas 11. Taia 12. Wilkin 13. LMS - 14. Fages 15. Knowles 16. Walmsley 17. Peyroux - 18. Thompson 19. Richardson