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  1. You are all eating much better than me at the moment. I just discovered you can customise the burgers at Mcdonalds so i had a double cheese burger, with extra cheese, extra pickles, extra onions, bacon, lettuce (but i didn't want to pay 20p for tomato)and small chips. £3 total, i thought i'd done pretty well, but jesus!! caviar, steak, some sort of pancake cake, fancy ham and i assume all washed down with champagne? i'm feeling pretty ashamed of my self. i'm going to have a sausage roll for tea on the train
  2. re-Arabic Vimto: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/06/vimto-sales-set-to-surge-middle-east-as-ramadan-begins I was shocked SHOCKED I tell you.
  3. The wife and I like to discuss foods that weren't around when we were kids,(tbf the wife couldn't care less) and there are loads of them. I have decided the butternut squash came into existance 5 years ago. I'm having a tin of stew meat on toast with pickled onions for me dinner. I am pretty progressive so i've put chilli sauce on it, amazing dinner!!
  4. i didn't know it existed out of a can until recently and i've never had the non canned version. what about tinned stew meat, golly, try and make something that tastes that good!!
  5. I've only ever had it made by my Grandma and it was always potatoes, tinned corned beef, gravy, and other stuff, it was like a very thick stew, if i was lucky it was served on pancakes!! yum yum. now 'm thinking about it she maybe calls it ash. i'll have to ask her!
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