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  1. Coincidence it seems, but I get the impression that the big fella could get Motor Neuron Disease and people would be saying it's karma
  2. Knowing Nick Politis they could probably somehow retain the same team
  3. Whereabouts have the guys in the junior system come from?
  4. Jordan Thompson was it? Black dude, played a bit of 6 for Mounties but generally a centre/small second row?
  5. They're the anti-Raiders. none of their English signings ever seem to work out
  6. Yeah, just mucking about ? Best of luck, I think it could go either way
  7. There are 4 guys from the first team in that lineup, that basically looks like an NSW cup trial game. Still, hopefully Irish does well. The more halves options we have, the better
  8. Maybe he would do his fitness, sports science, strength and conditioning, nutrition stuff with Wigan and his game prep stuff with Swinton? I've known guys in NRL systems who train all week in Melbourne and then get their plane ticket up to their Q-cup feeder club a day before the game, but Swinton is just down the road from Wigan basically so the logistics of such things are probably easier to manage
  9. Which Vaivai is this? The wife beater or The Rock's cousin?
  10. I suppose Saracens can't really use a bunch of middle eastern dudes wreaking havoc in their marketing, could get a bit... tricky. Wolf related marketing lends itself well to aggressive team sports though... A group of similar predators, who work together to devour their adversary, it's extremely unsurprising that it crops up a bit
  11. It could be Seggy, or Danny Levi from the Knights who is rumoured to be on the outer. As I understand things Marty Taupau is heading to the Roosters, to replace Napa who is heading to the Dogs, to replace Klemmer who is headed to the Knights. I would be astonished if it was Cam Smith as the main reason he hasn't re-signed is because he wants more money and is already on $1m a year and I don't reckon the Bronies can match that. Having said that, could be Shaun Johnson for all I know
  12. Ford, Takairangi, Moeroa, Gelling, Glenn, Nicoll-Klokstad off the top of my head. They'll be the team to beat for sure but they do have a tendency to underperform
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