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  1. Omari Caro

    Thats it, spoil everyones excitement imo of course why dont you😤😤
  2. He is back

    Ha ha ha ha ha realy weak imo of course😂😂😂😂
  3. He is back

    Ha ha, never have been bullied and definatly will never be bullied, especially from the likes of you😝😝
  4. He is back

    Wondered how long it would take for you to chelp up silverback, been way too long imo of course😆😆😆
  5. He is back

    You forgot the willing to but in bit, imo of course
  6. He is back

    Who seems to think he knows every thing and like to but in, imo of course
  7. He is back

    Awesome 7 games in a full season, seasoned professional, or quarter season and less professional imo of course😁😁
  8. He is back

    In the squad yes, to be just in a squad is a number, doesn't mean ur going to be picked, i thought even someone like you knew that, imo of course🤔🤔
  9. He is back

    Only 7 times, wow outstanding performer then
  10. He is back

    Only reason brown wasn't in the squad was because of injury, only reason hemingway was in ur squad was because of someone elses's injury's, imo of course, a big big difference
  11. He is back

    What has that to do with his age? And imo of course, look at the latter end of the season for stats then come back to me with your facts
  12. He is back

    Omg is that your way of being sarcastic, imo of course ur not very good at it
  13. He is back

    No he couldnt, read back on what rams said about him
  14. He is back

    Just getting my facts right, imo of course you should try it
  15. He is back

    Imo they play regular rugby and as a good combination, were as i have said it before, hemingway couldnt even get in a 50 man squad at dewsbury,