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  1. Online now, better late than never! The noise is interference from the referee ccmms, can't shift it. http://www.batleybulldogs.co.uk/2017/03/10/bulldogs-vs-bradford-bulls-preview/
  2. The players are watching England v Uruguay after training this evening in The Bulldog Bar, open from 7.30, all welcome!!
  3. Due to pitch problems at Halifax this Sunday's friendly will now be played at Batley, kick-off is 2pm
  4. There will be a Sponsor's Evening in The Ron Earnshaw Lounge on Friday 17th January, where last year's player sponsors will be presented with their shirts. The 2014 AWAY Shirt will also be launched at the event, merchandise will be available for sale and the squad & coaching staff will be present to outline their plans for the forthcoming season. All are welcome.
  5. Saturday's game against Swinton has been postponed due to the weather conditions and overnight forecast. All being well we'll play Sunday at 2.00pm. Apologies for any inconvenience. The meal this evening is still on.
  6. The club will not tolerate any individual or groups making personal attacks or defamatory remarks against other individuals via this forum. Anyone found to be doing so will be barred from the forum and details may be passed to owners of this and other message boards where measures could be taken preventing them from accessing the forums of any RL club. Nor will the club defend any such individual or group in the event of action being taken by offended parties. This is a family facility where we are all supposed to be on the same side. Pack it in. Thank You.
  7. The views expressed on this forum are the views of the individuals posting the comments. They are not necessarily the views of Batley Football Club Ltd. and/or it's employees and whilst we endeavour to monitor the forum to the best of our ability, Batley Football Club Ltd. cannot be held responsible for comments posted on this forum.
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