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  1. New signing

    wow utt
  2. Predictions

    Ryan McDonald playing for them guys?
  3. Predictions

  4. Predictions

    anything else bear sir?
  5. Predictions

    just the one signing? and has big Harrison trained this week or is that a naughty rumour and are we setting up a just giving page to pay his train fair from barrow?
  6. Predictions

    any word heard different
  7. Predictions

    Doncaster not a bad outfit either mind making Derwent park a fortress also

    who are the 3 names haven13 pal?
  9. Signings / Potential Signings

    hopefully comes back soon could grab a lift with Pryce
  10. Signings / Potential Signings

    Boston in the USA?
  11. Hock

    1000 a match? he isn't sam tomkins. when sammut wasn't on that and he is better then tomkins. if he comes which is unlikely it seems it's only going to be a stepping stone to finish his career at a higher level closer to home or at the top once a team suffers from injuries or loss of form. saying that wasn't a 20k figure posted on here for big pj and look how that ended.
  12. Signings / Potential Signings

    experienced part of the family why not if he fancies a bash and a lift off Leon. seriously though griffin could come up and play for the zebras on a Saturday and us on a Sunday
  13. Signings / Potential Signings

    Where is Karl Pryce now?
  14. Squad Numbers

    thank you sir
  15. Squad Numbers

    any official word Mr mckeating?