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  1. thunderpete

    2019 squad

    Add Alex Rowe
  2. thunderpete

    2019 squad

    Add Lewis Young.
  3. thunderpete

    oldham home

    New signings are being brought in to bring experience and consistency.
  4. thunderpete

    RL Backchat - sublime to ridiculous?

    I watch it, and enjoy it. This week's, however, was badly chaired. Last week's was far better,
  5. thunderpete

    keighley away

    How was it, Andy?
  6. thunderpete

    2019 squad

    So far we've signed: Liam Finn Remy Marginet Jared Blanke Liam McAvoy Evan Simons Rhys Clarke Jack Aldous David Weetman.
  7. thunderpete

    London home

    First 20 minutes were hard, two good defences keeping the other at bay. Then Thunder started getting on top after Remy scored after a good kick and good bounce. In the second half we proved our superiority. We have a fair bit of talent, but still make too many mistakes and fouls. The future is looking better, though.
  8. thunderpete

    liam finn

    I'm waiting, fingers crossed, for the confirmation from the club.
  9. thunderpete

    Hemel home

    We were good for most of the first half, but let in one try by very poor defence. In the second half we decided to give away loads of penalties and let Hemel back in. This worked. We were obviously the better side, with several stars missing, and 5 of our own playing, but we must learn to close a game down when we are in a winning situation, and stop believing we have already won, get lazy, and foul in the tackle. A good win, but it should have been by 60, and I can't help a feeling of disappointment that we didn't do as well as we should.
  10. thunderpete

    Skolars Preview

    Great result! Well done!
  11. thunderpete

    bulls away

    Watching it on telly I can only agree with you. We should do well.
  12. thunderpete

    york away

    Thanks, Andy.
  13. thunderpete

    york away

    And Tee Ritson?
  14. thunderpete

    york away

    I listened to the game on BBC York. It sounded like we were the better team for most of the game but couldn't get over the line.
  15. thunderpete

    Coventry home

    I can't make it, Andy. I'll be bombarding you with questions about it when I get back.