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  1. thunderpete

    cory aston

    Isn't there talk that Wakefield might want him to replace Tom Johnstone?
  2. thunderpete

    denis betts

    What staff will he have? Who'll be head coach? Who might he sign?
  3. thunderpete


    Jason Payne?
  4. thunderpete

    jason payne

  5. thunderpete

    jason payne

    This is a drastic move. I want Jason and the club to come back stronger from this. If possible.
  6. I'm terribly saddened by this news. Jason has a great deal of ability, and I hope that both he and the club will come back stronger after this drastic move.
  7. thunderpete

    coventry away

    Is this worrying?
  8. It's Union. You can tell because people are just standing around
  9. thunderpete

    doncaster at home

    Sorry, I meant "Bugher"
  10. thunderpete

    doncaster at home

  11. thunderpete

    doncaster at home

    Doncaster will be a very tough test. We must not just expect to beat them.
  12. thunderpete

    RFU v RFL - Strategic Thinking

    Which particular French General? General Banal Cliché?
  13. thunderpete

    Sky Sports Mix

    Don't care
  14. Dave Woods is one of the best assets our game has
  15. thunderpete

    wakefield friendly

    Thanks, Dad