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  1. I see the funny side, and it was unfortunate. But let’s not overlook the Mr Ellis biggest investment was beating the current SL champions quite comfortably before it ended. Yeah it was a friendly, yes both teams were not full strength but both were pretty close. However Trinity looked very comfortable and well drilled and more than a match for Wigan on the night. Floodlights can be fixed for few hundred quid, teams can’t. So I’ll take the floodlight failure anyway over a team failure.
  2. Why is it great news? They have no money to do it, just the 2 million the council gave them. I could get planning permission to turn my house into a mansion, problem is I can only afford a shed. People live in a fantasy world in RL they really do. The only reason Trinity got there money was through a fortunate set of events. Had it not been a development in Rotherham requiring the councils blessing at NM, we’d still be waiting to this day for YC to cough up. Cas need just that, it will come, but when? That’s the real issue.
  3. That’s because people like you have in inbuilt snobbish inferiority complex. Most of us celebrate being northern, quirks and all. We don’t need to apologise to anyone.
  4. I’m afraid you’re another one under a miscomprehension. The space on the west side of the ground is more than capable of taking a decent sized stand. I accept that it does look narrow but actually it isn’t, I think because it’s so messy at present it looks worse than it is. Access is poor but as it’s not where the main stand is anymore it doesn’t really matter. The fact that the west terrace used to contain the old main stand tells you it’s bigger than you think. i get what you are thinking but it’s actually height that may be the issue, as it may deprive the houses behind of light. That’s what Ellis means when he says “creative’. However you are right about the south end of the ground. There is a huge amount of space there and it has its own independent road access. It really could be developed into something special, but it’s last on the list as the boxes are paid for and are a good revenue maker.
  5. Ridiculous statement. I give you Dave Fifita and countless other fringe NRL suckers stories. Did you start watching RL last week,
  6. You’d still need to relay the terracing. I get your logic but those’d boxes are 25 years old. I doubt they would survive the move and even if they did they are still a temporary structure. Its something the old BOD would have looked at but I think Ellis’s has bigger plans.
  7. The hyperbole used by LE these days is disappointing but typical of modern media There is nothing bold about what he’s saying, he’s just echoing the current consensus. He’d be daft not to. What matters is if he’s right - I’ll see you come September time on that one.
  8. Glad you said Hood. He gets a bit of stick from some fans, but if you watch us over the past two season, on the few occasions we’ve been decent, he’s been in the team. probably not going back to SL but I reckon he will give us a good season this year.
  9. Its narrow but not as narrow as people tend to think. You could fit a slightly narrower East stand minus all the stuff at the back. In truth what goes there is more down to the town planners than the club. Depend how accommodating they are. However Ellis says he wants to be more creative than that - but as yet nobody knows his vision.
  10. He just doesn’t think full stop. iMHO it’s the bones of a SL squad, especially in the pack including the hookers. The amount of players just on the cusp of hitting there premium years is very high. I’d say it’s 2-3 players off from SL survival and 5-6 off being top six contenders.
  11. Yeah it was a cycle track that’s true enough but it was relayed after the stand was pulled down. At that point you’d have thought the council would have raised it. The bit that’s under cover was built later by the fans I think and is the right height from memory. There is also no drainage. All it needed was a bit more concrete, so to me it was a lost opportunity. Meaning now we have to completely rebuild where we could have possibly just extended. Oh well..
  12. Sad thing is that there is nothing wrong with the terracing, it was only put in mid 1980’s . However the council in its infinite wisdom laid the first three steps beneath pitch level rendering it almost useless. Had they laid it correctly it wouldn’t need much work at all. Oh the mistakes of the past.
  13. From one of the most derogatory posters in the forum, that is hysterical - silly person.
  14. Can’t agree, his defence is fine imo. His problem is that he doesn’t fit the modern game all that well. He’s not got the finesse or athletics of a Tom Johnstone. Nor does he have quite the physical presence of a Ryan Hall, though he sure tries. He doesn’t fit into either of those two styles. However his biggest weakness is that he’s not a natural try scorer. He scores a fair few but he doesn’t conjure many and is prone to being slightly off the pace and bombing some real sitters. That said he’s still SL squad player level, great cover for most clubs but unlikely to ever be a first choice imho. We didn’t keep him because he didn’t want to be in a championship team I’m told. Fair enough but if he ends up at London he’s kind of forced that to happen anyway. Be especially brutal for him if we replace London.
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