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  1. The most ridiculous post ever, you are dim beyond belief. PP isn’t in the same universe you fool.
  2. I remember Jeff playing for you when we had Ray Price. Ray was tough but that day JG destroyed him with one legal (just) tackle. Even as a Trin fans I had to admire that, pride in being the top forward on the pitch, which was saying something when Pricey was playing. Have to say it, they just don't make them that way anymore.
  3. LOL, Oledski isn't a rookie, even for a troll your lack accuracy is stunning. To be honest he's played over 60 games and from what I've seen he's decent but that's all.
  4. There was no funny side the bloke was a total low life. Why some Wakey people take pride in this man is beyond me.
  5. Wasn’t Ferguson who bought him back was it and I seriously doubt he ever would. This is why Ferguson was a champ and all subsequent United managers chumps.
  6. Talking clap rap as normal. I can only speak for my own club but at present I believe we have as follows Ashurst, and Hampshire, Wigan though Hampshire is from Wakefield. Nobody from Saints or Leeds. So stop lying. We have 14 academy products and another four players who are from WMDC. Thats 18 plus 6 quota players leaving 6 places for these hordes of ex Leeds player. So Kev it’s another doh!
  7. You do realise this is a forum so anyone can express an opinion and anyone else can express an opinion about that. What part of that overwhelms your brain?
  8. Bit of a false flag to say the least. Of course any talent they produced in recent years will have fled to other SL clubs. If they had not gone bang and stayed in SL I'm sure most of those players would still be at Widnes. Trinity picked up Brad Walker that way but I seriously doubt we would have trIed to sign him from a SL Widnes or that he would have left them. Wakefield currently have 14 academy products in our first team squad. I'm pretty sure 10 of those could find their way to new SL clubs if we went down. Same for most other clubs. I'm not saying Widnes aren't a good bree
  9. Why is this worth a thread. Hugely average French player joins mid table club, wow
  10. Hello, Just doing some research and I'm interested to find out how you rebuilt the two second hand stands a few years back (cracking job by the way). Stuff like, did you need to set up a company, payment methods, insurances, that kind of thing? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. I'm not sure Frano Botica came to Wigan from RU with any great reputation as a goal kicker, that one turned out pretty well.
  12. Are you being ironic about Chester as he clearly did!
  13. Honest to god most of those players were highly rated at the time! Kleinhorst should be in a completely different list, the totally overrated, have you ever seen him play?
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