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  1. Yeah all I'm really saying is that its hard to equate it to ther comps in the game, personally I enjoy it nearly as much as first team.
  2. I think the point of reserve grade gets lost at times. Its a totally different competition if you can even call it that, one where results and league tables are fairly meaningless. It's good to watch and it does it's job but every game is effectivly a one off. First team, U19's etc are team games, with a dedicated squad. Every reserve team game is totally dependant on what players are available. So if your avereage SL club has 30 full time players, then if they have a good season with very few injuries the reserves will always have at least ten first teamers to pick from. If they have a lot of injuries and poor form there may well be no first teamers available for the reserves. You could easily end up with a Saint's team who despite there relative strength in depth not having any first teamers available due to injury, whilst say a fortunate Hudds may have no injuries and have loads of experienced players to throw at the reserves but we still know who is the better team over all. Long winded I know but basically the reserves are rarely if ever an indication of a clubs real strength, in a way that perhaps the U19's are. I think reserve football is vital, but it's main benefit is too the individual player and not the reserve team such as it is. Hope that makes sense.
  3. After last years disapointing season I decided not to predict how Wakefield will do this season. The main reason Wakefield flopped last year was an horrific injury list. However there were other worrying signs, a lack of direction and comitment were obvious at times. Some players were simply not good enough. This season season has seen a raft of new signings and the departure of a few and its done us the world of good. Pitts looks inspired to me, Josh Wood! What were Salford thinking, I mean he's not a world beater but he can play a bit and he has plenty of ticker. Westerman is a flawed player but he's still got plenty to give when he can be bothered, well worth a punt, Tangata is proving that he was SL all along and I was already sold on Green. Walker I'm not sure on just yet but only because he hasn't really played. With the return of TJ who I have made clear for years is imho the best winger in SL and the iminent return of Fifita and Arona (still our key forwards) things are looking better. We have definitely strenghtened on last year, injuries though still remain a lottery. Thanks to the general lack of imagination and the inability to read a teamsheet many fans and less forgivingly media pundits have pretty much disgarded us, the polar opposite to last year when we were heavily tipped. Luckily that's a good thing IMHO and takes the pressure off whilst giving us a 'prove you wrong' goal. One game however doesn't make a season and we could easily come a cropper on friday, we usually do against Cas! As I say there is no doubt we have signed well and improved a squad that already had a good smattering of quality. Whether that translates into anything then watch this space. Like most clubs the first priority is not to end up in the million pound game, I'll consider it a major victory if this squad has managed to learn that lesson. In SL these days you simply can't affort to switch off for half a season, even if you have an injury list that would alarm Florence Nightingale.
  4. couple of questions for you and graveside. Have you ever read a teamsheet? Do you understand a teamsheet? Are you aware of what a pre-season game is? So Wakefield field a team missing the following players... Tom Johnstone Bill Tupou BJB Joe Arundal Danny Brough Tini Arona David Fifita Craig Kopczak Joe Westerman All first choce players, with the backline in particular being totally makeshift. Also a number of players returning from injury. Against a virtually first chouce Leeds playing at home. Yet despite this you bin the team on a result that quite frankly was less one sided than it should have been. Remember 16 points came when we were down to 12 men with a player on the way to hospital. I'd suggest Leeds have more concerns, they played that game like it was a cup final, yet it clearly wasn't as Chester threw in more and more youngsters. We'll see what happens in the real games. Hell Trinity may prove to be utter ###### and Leeds champions elect I don't know but to try and work that from the Boxing day game is pure idiocy.
  5. Ah the Cas troll pretending to be a Wakey fan from the other forum arrives, happy days.
  6. So go on where has this 'defensively suspect' tag come from other than your ignorant imagination? Johnstone has never been any such thing, yes he got caught out once or twice as a 19 year old but name me one that doesn't at that age. Now he's as sound as any other player, end of. As for being always injured then yet more staggering ignorance on your part, he's player 80 games at aged only 24, that's a reasonable record by any standards. Had he not suffered his ACL injuries it would have been about a 100, so thats 80% availability, go on think about it. If he gets back from injury and regains his form he will be back in contention for full honours. Note: Tom Johnstone is hardly a breakthrough player so why he's even being discussed on this thead baffles me.
  7. That's because unlike you most people know what they are talking about. The big boys as you put it were in for him, that's why Trinity nailed him down to a five year deal, that's clearly something you were missing. He's not been injured 'a lot' he has had only two injuries, both unfortunately both were season ending.
  8. Really, Cas beating Leeds has pretty much always been normal service.
  9. it does, that wasn't the team I was looking at. Thought Gigot and Mac were out, I suppose I should be pleased really.
  10. If the new players are nowhere near as good?
  11. Personally I’d prefer Catalan to be stronger. Trinity have a decent record in France in recent times but we never seem to know how to beat a weakened team. Catalan by 14
  12. Think all three were taken off as a precaution, all were moving ok at the end.
  13. Well we certainly looked world class compare to you, should have been 50+ we were running rampant at the end.
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