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  1. You'd think anyone with a brain or lacking an agenda could clearly work that ot, but Mr Shepherd seems to have neither.
  2. The Wakefield v Fev game was in my opinion the pick of the friendlies and so it proved. Plenty of pride and a bit of spite, and as closely matched as you can get between most of SL and the Championship Fev almost certainly the best Championship team, Trinity as ever far better that the pundits suggest. Very competitive game. Fev threw everything at Trinity in the first half as you'd expect but were largely thwarted by some first class scrambling defence, which pleased me. All the same in attacking terms Fev were the better team by some way. In the second half when Trinity realised this was more than just a training run and they rallied. Fitness and finish was the key, Fev were tired and Trinity knew how to take full advantage, something we have been missing for a few years now. It took some stonking tries for us to win, there were no walk ins, we had to play hard and well to win that. From a Trinity perspective, Proctor and Atoni look first class signings, Proctor in particular looks what he is, a seasoned pro. Two friendlies and he's got stuck into both. The rest of the team looks more balanced though I prefer Morgan Smith to Gaskell myself. Oh, and the Lineham seems to want to play again, which was an unexpected bonus to be honest. Fev are a huge team, though I thought a couple of their forwards were a bit blubbery, ok for now but may need sorting. However they are well organised, strong up the middle and have good halves. Hard to see anyone who can challenge them this year.
  3. Dear god the nonsense on here gets worse.
  4. My guess is testing the pitch. It really is quite amazing, way better than I expected. I was there yesterday and it’s been used for 3 weeks constantly and it looks like it’s the middle of summer. Added to that it’s not established yet, this time next year it will be indestructible I’m told and now I believe it. Why give your pitch a hard time when you don’t need to. As it stands BV can still take 2200 as it is so it’s adequate. That said I tend to agree with you, POR would be better. Yeah it will look great imo, though all things are relative , nice to see you’re a bit more magnanimous than that other bloke.
  5. No it's just an opinion and I have met him. Maybe I'm a bit bitter, but he rarely if ever offered us support whilst we were struggling for publicity to build a stadium. I didn't expect him to pay for it, but a positive word or two would have been nice. As for being at BV, it's been a while since I saw him, but he may now frequent the boxes so I could be wrong. As for RL in general, I assume we are all passionate about that, so it hardly makes him special. My opinion of his publication which is what I was really digging at rather than him personally would possibly soften if Callum Walker would stop posting silly list involving the same teams every day, it's like being in an endless game of RL top trumps, but playing it with only three cards!
  6. Thanks for that wonderfully bitter endorsement, but we've enjoyed 24 years of SL all the same (wink). Well at this exact moment it's not a great experience even by BV standards. The re-vamped North stand is not yet re-opened and of course the East stand is only half built. The West terrace has not been started yet for obvious reasons and the viewing angles remain poor for now. But we do have a grass covered and extremely flat, full sized new Premiership standard hybrid pitch, with brand new white light halogen floodlights, ones that actually illuminate so, that should be a new experience for you (wink, wink). Think it will be a good game, the day Fev give us an easy ride will be a first.
  7. He's was a very good player, who's career has been spoiled by bad advise. However 'was' is the operative word, he's not played more than a handful of games in 18 month, and had no pre-season, so in that respect its a gamble.
  8. Sadler like the rest of this publication watch only three teams, maybe Hull and Warrington if they are doing well. No he won't, I've never seen him at BV to watch the club he claimed to grow up supporting.
  9. Yet you insist on calling Trinity the Wildcats, so excuse me if I don't give a chuff.
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