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  1. kiwis 13 6

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    LOL but not moving due to a soap dodging lions invasion
  2. kiwis 13 6

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Yeah its good that NZ gets some games dont forget to actually play some games in the Islands and Fiji has a decent population almost a million people. Anyways All going to plan I wont be living in NZ for the lions Tour next year...
  3. kiwis 13 6

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Hope they actually paly Fiji in Fiji
  4. Wales Vs France 3 game Series would be a good idea, even a annual one off test match Wales Vs France would be good
  5. kiwis 13 6

    Rugby League World Cup Goes Missing...

    Well I last saw it in 2017...
  6. I was neither crass nor am I embarrassed in my constructive criticism of English officials regarding that decision and they way whole 1st test was officiated was poor. If the reverse happend to England in New Zealand with an NZ ref and video ref officiating a penalty try when no try was ever going to be scored people on here would be outraged i guarantee it. A try has to have been definitely going to be scored for a penalty try to be awarded. As Johnson was already tackling the tryscorer, turning him and wrapping him up preventing the possibility of a try being scored with or without DWZ's involvement. but hey i want to move on Neutral OFFICIALS ALWAYS is a must for all Test matches end of story.
  7. I would like to see who wins an England Vs Australia series in England with a game staged in London
  8. If the Kiwis are going to play a game based around building pressure which is what it looks like Maguire is going for they cant make multiple back to back errors it undoes all the hard work. Very close game again, the Ref was way better than the ref in the 1st test but thought the England try where they went to check the try with the English video ref was very marginal. With different officiating interpretations in 2 key incidents this series could be 1 nil to NZ with heading in the last game which goes to so how close this series has been. but thats the way the ball bounces congratulations to England on winning the series
  9. I think France could beat PNG, Fiji and Lebanon at home in France with a full strength Line up. Actually PNG used to tour maybe a PNG tour to France/europe could be arranged in the international cycle...
  10. Well France deserved to win but Ireland put in a solid performance. Was the Aussie co commentator Steve Mascord? if so he needs to listen to a recording of his commentary to help reduce stammering and 100's of Um's er's and Ah's. Or just stick to podcasts and print journalism and leave live commentary to people who can speak clearly with and fluidity
  11. Yeah also great it not geo blocked in NZ. Just have to put up with the aussie dribbler who is co commentating 40 more painful minutes. The commentators from Scotland Ireland were very decent yesterday
  12. French looking clearly better but the Irish have a bit of fight to them so may comeback in 2nd half> But got to say Aussie guy co commentating for BBC is ###### annoying making mistakes, talking to fast and stuttering to make a point with way to many um's, err's and ah's.
  13. yeah then England, Australia and NZ test matches as a neutral ref
  14. Flood gates opened up in the second half. Good that Wales won as they more grassroots depth and participation than Scotland who side currently consist of grandparents heritage players and 2 amateur clubs they really need more participation and development.
  15. Well im a bit gutted that the Kiwi's lost but they only have themselves to blame for letting it be close enough that a ref could play a factor! I remember when I was a kid watching the 1988 GB vs NZ series which we lost 2 -1 to GB i was extremely gutted we lost that series & was happy when we won 3 -0 in 1996.. But I'd have to say the status with NZ Fans of the Kiwi's wining one game against Australia is roughly = to a series win over England and that maybe the same for England Fans? The thing that gets me with all the singing and noise you hear at Super League games, it seems like when English Fans get together in England at an England vs NZ game they are a bit lost as to what to do...