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  1. kiwis 13 6

    NZRL National Competition

    Canterbury had a big win over Waikato, Brad Campbell Canterbury's 19 year old half would have to be considered for NZ Warriors 2nd tier contract or a spot with another NRL club? Counties beat Akarana which is a little bit of an upset. Wellington well the result is a reflection of the the state of the game in the region... well done to Otago probably the best result ever for them, they now face Northland to qualify for the Promotion game.
  2. to answer the question NO.
  3. kiwis 13 6

    NZRL National Competition

    Northland beat Wellington 16 -14. Wellington's hopes of promotion now rely on them beating Otago and the outcome of Otago Vs Northland game. Wellington need to follow Canterbury's lead in order to improve the status of the game in the Wellington region. Canterbury bulls players have pride in the province & return to represent the Bulls after playing overseas, Canterbury has increased playing numbers this year, Canterbury has a reasonable website that is regularly updated. Canterbury Bulls have a main sponsor Rockcote and individual jersey sponsors, As a result I believe Canterbury can provide players some financial incentive.
  4. I think one contributing factor was In 1981 the french Grand Final that was televised nationally was abandoned after a couple of minutes due to players having an all in brawl.
  5. kiwis 13 6

    NZRL National Competition

    NZRL Premiership starts this weekend. I've noticed some ads on Sky NZ promoting there live coverage of both games from 2pm NZ time this coming Sunday 16/09.
  6. kiwis 13 6

    France beating Australia in 1978

    Well basically the Warriors entered NRL in 1995, local game struggled to get attention, lion red cup national comp was introduced and failed, Rugby Union and other sports went professional about the same time creating way more competition for funding & sponsorship, NZRL administrators were involved in dodgy financial activity, Batercard cup national comp was reestablished that also failed, Star players at end of careers & now even young prospect who dont make it overseas are not often seen back involved the local game in NZ. The money generated from NZ league Supporters ends up in Australia via NRL TV rights & Merchandise sales and is not reinvested back into the game. ARL has bought the NZ Warriors and has a goal of making the Auckland Club Competition Semi Professional, its currently the last club comp in NZ league with any money for player involved but is more a pro/am comp than semi pro. But please head to international section and check out the 2018 NZRL premiership thread NZ regional comp which starts this week
  7. Well better late than never... it would be excellent if at the end of the competition the top 2 teams played in a European Championship final.
  8. This thread title is not likely to help anyone do anything about a loss of funding for development officers and as a result a big downturn in participation in London. Realism and positive action are needed not defeatism & negative potentially self fulfilling prophecies. I bet if you google London amateur rugby league 2018 this thread tittle shows up to put even more people off. I notice to much unnecessary negativity on this site and moderators should be able alter the names of overly negative threads. London amateur rugby league has existed for a long time and will continue to exist long into the future thanks to clubs and volunteers hard work often in spite of thread tittles like this!
  9. kiwis 13 6

    ARL Finals, Auckland NZ

    Well NZ Local league biggest club competition dosnt get a mention in mainstream these days until something like this happens I would imagine the Bay Roskill club rooms with there large amount of active church going players after wining the Sharmin Cup and promotion to the Fox next year was a more respectful scene.
  10. kiwis 13 6

    ARL Finals, Auckland NZ

    Former Warriors and Kiwi's Ben Henry & Jerome Ropati were playing for Bay Roskill side that won Sharmin Cup and promotion to the Fox Memorial next year. The rain really started persisting down during the Sharmin Cup Final the Crowd looked bigger for that game than for the Fox Memorial. Obviously the bad weather stopped a few people attending. Also Ex Kiwi Tavita Latu played for Point Chev and former Warrior Hame Luaki for Glenora. All NZ regional Club Finals are over, Linwood won in Canterbury, Whiti Te Ra won in Wellington, Point Chevalier won in Auckland. Next is regional representative games in NZRL premiership.
  11. kiwis 13 6

    NZRL National Competition

    Wellington beat Taranaki 50 - 22 so they now play winners of Southern & Northern Zone to see who gets a promotion match to the NZRL premiership.
  12. kiwis 13 6

    ARL Finals, Auckland NZ

    Sharmin Cup Bay Roskill Vs Manurewa about to start now Followed by Fox memorial at 3pm NZ Time, PT Chev vs Glenora
  13. kiwis 13 6

    Denver test is dead

    The crowd for the England Vs NZ game is Denver was the biggest crowd Rugby League has had to date in the USA
  14. Yeah warriors making the Finals is a big factor in the sell out game but even if they weren't and it was just Mannering's 300th and final warriors game there would still be a higher than average crowd for the game. A lot of people in NZ have respect for Mannering's long career, putting the team 1st and giving 100% in every game through some bad years when many others in the team were not!
  15. Looks set to be a sell out. Simon Mannering officially done the most travelling just to play of any NRL player ever Out of interest do UK Clubs ever do one off promotions to mark player milestones or retiring players because you dont seem to read or hear about any being organised in the UK?