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  1. kiwis 13 6

    Christmas Island and Cocos Islands

    Dane after you have just made a very long post you tell me i am off topic... very ironic! Adult migrants to country who commit serious crime get what they deserve. But If someone moved to a country as a child and then lived there whole life in that country later commits a crime in that country as an adult, does there time for there crime in jail. But On released is taken by authorities to Christmas Island, told they can be free if the agree to relinquish there Australian residency and agree to deportation to New Zealand, Chile, UK... somewhere they have not lived since they were children! That is just wrong plain and simple in my opinion! But hey back on topic at least the guards have a Rugby League team to play in in there down time.
  2. kiwis 13 6

    Christmas Island and Cocos Islands

    Anybody that moves to a country as an adult and commits a serious crime should be deported! But deporting people who have lived whole lives since childhood to a country they have little connection to is Australia offloading the criminals created in Australia. Then the treatment of bonafide refugees who've been through hell and back already in this centres is just plain wrong! I've made my point I'll leave it there
  3. kiwis 13 6

    Christmas Island and Cocos Islands

    No doubt some bad people on Christmas Island not all have kiwi connection there are people with UK, South American connections etc. They are taken and held on Christmas Island until they agree to renounce there claim to Australian residency then they are deported back to a country they may not have lived in since childhood! Many people with non Australian connections have been taken to Christmas Island just for alleged minor offences like repeat marijuana use or shop lifting. Pretty Ironic getting deported for petty crimes from Australia, a nation forged on the deportation of people who stole bread or horses among more serious crimes... then theres the treatment of legitimate refugees and there children in these centers on Christmas Island... these issues are more important than if my favorite sport of rugby league is played there
  4. kiwis 13 6

    Christmas Island and Cocos Islands

    Must be teams for the staff of the detention & deportation centres based on Christmas Island... Fun place by all accounts riots, hunger strikes... Made the news in NZ due to NZ born people who have committed crimes in OZ but lived whole lives in Australia being sent there til they give up fighting deportation... Ahhhh Straya!
  5. Hey I have a lot of respect for your print journalism. Nothing wrong with your voice and content was OK, just reduce the stammering umms and errs, were really annoying when you've stayed up in the early morning to check out some international league. That's my 2cents worth and constructive criticism for the suggestion box.
  6. kiwis 13 6


    Good Idea but the side definitely needs a new name Super League All Stars or World 17 etc.
  7. kiwis 13 6

    London NRL signing imminent

    Blake Ashford currently at the NZ Warriors is a free agent now 2 years ago was the Warriors Centre but Warriors have since recruited KIwi's international players Gerad Beale & Pita Hiku. I think Ashford is good player if your still looking for a centre?
  8. kiwis 13 6

    Heartwarming story

    Congratulations to the Reggae Warriors on Qualifying for the 2021 World Cup. I just assumed the USA with home advantage & Experience in last years World Cup would qualify. Big ups to Jamaican Administration with good administration this game is capable of reaching amazing heights. It would be great if this helps the sport spread to other Caribbean countries. I hope Jamaica some supporters gear for sale? I would definitely be down to buy a T shirt, Jacket, Beenie or Jersey to help fund the 2021 World Cup campaign. I was trying to find Video of the game online, does anyone know a link to footage of this years Jamaica Vs USA game ?
  9. kiwis 13 6

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    LOL but not moving due to a soap dodging lions invasion
  10. kiwis 13 6

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Yeah its good that NZ gets some games dont forget to actually play some games in the Islands and Fiji has a decent population almost a million people. Anyways All going to plan I wont be living in NZ for the lions Tour next year...
  11. kiwis 13 6

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Hope they actually paly Fiji in Fiji
  12. Wales Vs France 3 game Series would be a good idea, even a annual one off test match Wales Vs France would be good
  13. kiwis 13 6

    Rugby League World Cup Goes Missing...

    Well I last saw it in 2017...
  14. I was neither crass nor am I embarrassed in my constructive criticism of English officials regarding that decision and they way whole 1st test was officiated was poor. If the reverse happend to England in New Zealand with an NZ ref and video ref officiating a penalty try when no try was ever going to be scored people on here would be outraged i guarantee it. A try has to have been definitely going to be scored for a penalty try to be awarded. As Johnson was already tackling the tryscorer, turning him and wrapping him up preventing the possibility of a try being scored with or without DWZ's involvement. but hey i want to move on Neutral OFFICIALS ALWAYS is a must for all Test matches end of story.
  15. I would like to see who wins an England Vs Australia series in England with a game staged in London