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  1. theirs an amazing level of generosity of the Ex Pat Pacific Island people in NZ and Australia towards there home nations, but lack of money in Islands and a reasonably high level of corruption of political leaders in the Islands. There was a FIFA grant given to one pacific Island and i dont think the people who play Soccer in that country received so much as soccer ball! Under old Super League world governing body $ grants were given to countries, one particular country spent the cash then League ceased to exist in the country for a while. Another example is a Pacific Nations Union supporters based in NZ & OZ etc donating millions of dollars to there team to help them play in the world cup, as well the Rugby Union administration in that country getting grants for being in the world cup, Yet professional players had to pay for there own travel and payed a pittance and housed in hotels at inflated prices that were owned by members of the rugby & political Administration. Its really important that WRL make sure they have a good balance in Island nations Rugby League administrations of existing political leaders so they can receive status and give status to others from involvement in the game and then have people with vetted financial integrity to control finances and deliver whats need to the players and game in the Island Nations.
  2. Im from NZ and ive only briefly visited London & Edinburgh/Glasgow in the UK 5 years ago... really like to know more about the foot print of the game in the North of England. Is the game only popular in the towns and cities of the North where the well know Super League and Championship Clubs are? In Northern cities and towns of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Northern Lincolnshire and the North East that are not currently represented in Super League or the Championship like Runcorn, Chester, Preston, Lancaster, Morecambe, Blackpool, Carlisle, Scarborough, Middlesbrough, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Rotherham, etc ? I know some of these places once had pro sides but whats the current level of awareness of the game in these areas, amateur participation, what level of causal support exists that for example would pay attention to the Super League grand final result or Ashes Series or World Cup?
  3. Like anyone Gelling is Innocent until proven guilty as is the law. Obviously I agree totally that men should never be intentionally violent to women they are in relationship with. Women also commit domestic violence against men maybe not in the same number as men and its something men who suffer it dont often report and police have been known to laugh at when it is reported or just assume its the man who committed the offence and arresting the guy. Apparently same sex relationships have the same level of partner violence as male - female relationships. Moral of the story.. humans dont hit people your in relationship with.
  4. Read somewhere that China is funding this competition?
  5. Read the article on front page of this site about Toronto getting dispensation to sign 2 Canadian under 21 players. Looks like former player Quin Ngawati will be one of the signings I hope the other has at least played 7's or age grade rugby union for Canada. 25 players is bare minimum needed for squad. The CEO, Mcdermott & Noble were all at TWP in 2019 and knew that promotion to Super League was highly likely for the 2020 season. How they allowed TWP to spend the full salary cap on a squad of 22 players + 1 Marquee signing for 2020 season is just ridiculous! Anyway its A good call by Super League to Allow TWP dispensation to sign 2 Canadian players under the age of 21.
  6. Society needs more tolerance and inclusion especial to a divisive issue where it can become people shouting there views at each other and no one listening what anyone else has to say
  7. I think instead clubs planning pride days and making players wear rainbow shoe laces why not just have a diversity day or an inclusion day where everyone differences and our ability to get along and or agree to disagree are respected despite differences in age, gender, race, sexual orientation and religion?
  8. I thought if you put in Provence as well as Toulouse, Catalan and Aude you have 4 sides so could have a 2 week french knock out competition. Provence could include all elite one players who originate from that area but play for other elite one clubs as well as Avignon and elite 2 clubs from Provence. There could be 2 double headers, 1st round knockout, then a 3rd vs 4th game before the final.
  9. What about a French preseason knockout comp before Super League starts featuring Catalan, Toulouse, Provence, Aude?
  10. If you believe in god then god causes all things to happen good and bad. Bush fires are an occurrence that have taken place in Australia for thousands of years and helped naturally regenerate the environment. Original Australians often used controlled bush fire as a tool to make nature regenerate more abundantly. But the current bush fires have been on a bigger scale than previously seen. Abrahamic religions are full of stories of God causing natural disasters to happen, Moses and the Israelite's in Egypt come to mind as an example. So you can see where Folau draws his examples from. While I dont like or argee with Folau views on this i still think he is entitled to his religious beliefs and opinions. But Folau's bush fire comments were really badly timed to say after the recent loss nature, property and of life. I personally would like this tragedy to bring about some good regarding climate change and make changes and provide education to help prevent bush fires of that scale occurring in the future.
  11. If Super League can find a Reasonable TV deal there should permanently be 2 French sides in a 14 team Super League. In the event of a french side being relegated they could only be replaced by another French Side. Remember you heard it here 1st and hopefully not last.
  12. The glass is half full, French Elite is the best rugby league competition in Continental Europe, it is the highest paid semi pro comp operating in Continental Europe at present, It currently has TV coverage on Via Occitaine, there are ex Super League and NRL players participating, top sides have budgets of a million euro, attendances range from 300 - 3000. Super League, RFL, French Rugby League, European rugby league need to work on a Europe wide structure and help lift the French Elite up to the Level of UK Championship. So Top French sides or merged entities have a direct pathway from the French Elite One to Super League.
  13. Toronto look like they need 2 or 3 hard running forwards to gain meters up the middle... a few new recruits in there squad so that may explain all the handling errors as getting used to playing together as a team. Its early in the season but i get the feeling from that display TWP will struggle and be in battle to avoid relegation... and im not a fan of relegation.
  14. Well Toronto didnt have the forwards to make yards up the middle combined with bad handling skills, SBW did not have a good game. Miloudi and Liam Kay were TWP most dangerous players and liked London recruit Cunningham work horse solid tradesman like effort. Cas clearly the better team on the day and deserved to win.
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