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  1. Wellington Grand Final went ahead as scheduled with crowd limited to 50 supporters for each side. Randwick 44 beat Whiti Te Ra 24 In the Plate Final Victoria Uni Hunters 38 Beat Te Aroha 34
  2. Mark Broadhurst just looked Hard AF actually reminds of a White version of Danny Trejo who stared in Machete. In all seriousness tho sad to hear about his Alzheimer's I hope he has a supportive family as he will need them as time goes on.
  3. Elstone is well spoken and presented. however losing the existing French TV deal with Bein sports to date is the most notable thing about his performance. Even though it only covered costs it was something and provided content at no cost to Sky and reach into French market for sponsors. Elstone was right to ask for more $ for French TV rights but should have been able to do that in a way that meant worst case scenario was retaining a similar deal to the one that Super League had. The other feature of Elstones performance is Papa Johns sponsorship contra deal pizza for signage. While Papa Johns is an internationally well known brand and this deal is part an effort to associate Super League with recognizable commercial brands to increase the Super League brand. But doing a free pizza for players contra deal did not come across well in enhancing the super league brand. If it involved Super League being mentioned in Papa Johns adverting Eg promoting a discount on pizza's if you mention the Super League team you follow... now that would be something. Then theres the Toronto Wolfpack situation obviously due diligence, checks and balances etc haven't been done as well as they should have been but that dates from before Elstones time. Nobody could have foreseen what has happened this season and how it has effected sport and travel. Wolfpack do offer the potential of increasing the sports revenue but can Elstone capitalize on that for the Super League in regards to increased TV rights and Spnsorship?
  4. Yep I agree with your post, im seriously considering voting for a newly formed political party but thats politics so ill leave it at that. Wellington grand final is scheduled for this Sunday WRL have booked Porrirua Park which cost around $2000 to hire but as level 2 ends on Monday and crowds are restricted to 100 people until then.... Wellington has not had a case of covid for over a month.
  5. Gabhaim buíochas maith, i had to google that response hopefully its the correct way to say I'm good thanks? Very interesting that you speak Irish and support Rugby League, Im Irish and Scottish so would have had ancestors who spoke Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Im happily surprised that local Irish rugby league players in the Irish Grand final are able to speak Irish and the game in Ireland got some Irish Language coverage as a result. Does anyone know if Ronan Micheal is still with Huddersfield and what are his chances of playing Super League in the near future? Are there any other current Irish based players who look they could handle playing professionally?
  6. Conas a ta tu, Damp Squib, do you speak Gaelic fluently?
  7. The NRL has made a net profit out of the New Zealand market in the multi millions for the 25 years the Warriors have been in the NRL. To date the NRL has done nothing to directly assist the grassroots game in NZ.... if anything it is the NRL that leeches of New Zealand Market through profits generated from NZ TV rights etc which have entirely been spent in Australia for the last 25 years. But I have addressed all this before in Shane Richardson thread last year.
  8. NRL should in my opinion set aside 10% of NZ TV rights profits as a grant to assist grassroots game in NZ, they could even set up there own NZ charitable foundation and get other people to donate to the cause of helping grassroots rugby league in NZ be that getting the game played in more schools or training coaches, refs, administrators etc. Taniwha Warriors has a good point, generally grassroots clubs in NZ either care more about having jr teams playing for there club in local age grade club competitions than they do about forming a relationship with the local schools or just dont have club members avaliable, willing and capable to volunteer there time to approach local schools with a proposal acceptable to schools that meets well run standards required by schools sports.
  9. Have noticed a few articles and key people hailing V'landys as 2nd coming of John Quayle etc and News Ltd having the rights definitely explain a lot of that media sentiment. But in saying that V'landy's seems to be a step up from previous administrators. How 80 million per year was being wasted on utter BS like teams of accounts, assistant bunker refs, grants to clubs to pay for squads of assistant coaches... is beyond me. As always my stance on this issue is the NZ market has contributed annual profits to the NRL bottom line every year sine the NRL was formed. The grassroots game in NZ always struggles as niche sport played in poorer areas of the country... still waiting for the NRL to do the right thing by the NZ market and grassroots game that has contributed to the NRL's profits for decades and seen little in return other than the NZ Warriors.
  10. Yeah your right mega rich people offload debit by having multiple companies and using failed companies as a tax write off for the successful companies. If anyone wants to look back at the original Toronto Wolfpack Thread on this forum before they even entered a team in Championship one I said RFL would need to do a very good job of there due diligence before allowing Wolfpack into the competition. I really hope the RFL have a watertight contract with Argyle where there is a penalty if he pulls out of Super League to recoup losses as a tax write off.
  11. 2.30am to be precise lol. It was the year after the Dowling vs Tamati scrap. Wonder if Oregon will be working with BC league on west coast of Canada?
  12. Actually Union is played at elite schools in Melbourne as well, its is just that from Working class to the toffs in Melbourne AFL is not just the number one sport it is basically compulsory it is on almost every TV channel and 1/3 of the newspaper is AFL coverage. I lived there in 2005 for a year and notice a slight improvement in support and visibility of the sport when I moved back again in 2009-2013.
  13. Hope this is more than just a logo and rugby League is played in Oregon, USA. It was the score when the Kiwi's beat Australia in 1987
  14. Have a mixed opinion of Fitzsimmons as a journalist one good story he did was highlighting the disparity and lack of any government support faced by Kiwi's living in Australia. I have sometimes read his column over the years i remember he once wrote that he actually had played a couple of games of rugby league. His bias towards union is clear and usually if he is talking about league it is either to bash the sport or because he has to because his audience is interested in the sport. Wellington probably could have had an successful NRL when they bid 25 years ago and again about 15 years ago. These days would need a lot of work to be done before a NRL side could be based here in Wellington. I would say Christchurch or the Waikato would be a better locations for 2nd NZ NRL franchise at the moment.
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