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  1. Personally i prefer to see teams take the tap and throw the ball around but games in the NRL quite often remain competitive right down to the final second and every point counts.
  2. Good that Jean Galia is being remembered as the Founder of French Rugby League on the RFL's website. RFL England vs France test matches with a couple of months notice and playing the games mid week after the Super League grand final at Leigh Sports Village does nothing for Jean Galia's memory. How about a yearly mid season test between the England and France announced a year in advance beginning in 2021 for the Jean Galia cup? To make the game more competitive have the annual mid season test in France for next 5 years and the English side only selected from Super League players. RFL to Help French Rugby League promote the game in France and in no time you would have money generating product for RFL and FFR13.
  3. Well its really Brave of the NZ Warriors to commit to playing out a whole season away from home in Australia. It was lucky for the NRL, had the Warriors returned to NZ for there home game against Canberra they and any opposition teams would have had to isolate themselves for 2 weeks and not been able to play. I am obviously not an expert on Covid 19 but I would imagine that Professional Rugby League players aged 18 - 35 who are very physically fit, unlikely to be smokers or have respiratory conditions are very unlikely to die of from this virus. I also think the Democratic capitalist system we operate under in UK, Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand etc needs to have laws installed that prevent people from losing there homes due to not being able to work in cases of medical or civil emergencies that prevent people from working.
  4. I have not read a hard copy in a least 5 years as magazine distribution companies in NZ apparently no longer order it and the Wellington Central Library stopped being able to order a copy. I see no reason why magazine should not continue as long as Writers, Editors, Technical support people can all work safely from home if need be. There are always things to write about, hows is Mose Masoe doing at this time and under theses circumstances? New York Franchise, what plans do Ottawa & Toronto have plans to assist grassroots development in Canada and develop pathways to the semi pro and pro levels, theres also history of game and nostalgia to write about. Then theres the obvious covering the effects of this virus on Clubs, Coummities and people involved in the sport.
  5. In every team there is usually at least one player who could be Semi pro or Pro, that is a ratio of 1 out of 25. But in countries with developing playing standards like Canada, maybe double that 1 out of 50 could be a semi pro/pro. But players get injured or can lose interest after teenage years so perhaps 1 out of 100 Juniors in a developing country like Canada could be semi pro/ pro. But who really knows its all guesswork and maybe a good development program could make almost anyone with the necessary physical talent, a desire to learn and a passion for the sport into a Semi pro or Pro player.
  6. Yes it is difficult in North America but would have to use what they currently have in the CRL & USARL competitions. All North American sides entering in the RFL Structure have to have local under 21's development side & Ottawa, Toronto, NY could all play against each others development sides. Where there is will there is a way.
  7. Basics ingredients of a Development program are to have talented youth who want to purse a career in pro rugby league and then receive coaching in skills of the game, game tactics, fitness, diet, rehabilitation and Video analysis. People in the program test there skills by playing the game at increasing higher levels ranging from youth level, open age amateur level, Amateur representative level, to semi pro, then if good enough full time professional level.
  8. Countless Rugby Union players have had successful Rugby League careers, I see no reason why a candian 7's rugby union rep who has the interest and a desire to learn how to play Rugby League could easily be up to UK Championship standard in a season or two. Look at Union signings to League like Mathew Ridge went from All Black 2nd string Fullback to Manly In NRL then 6 games later was in The Kiwis Test side. Brian Carney was playing Gallic Football in Ireland, Tried rugby league at University made Irish Students side and got signed to Super League had a successful career. Gareth Thomas who changed codes later in career was reasonably successful at rugby league. I also dont buy into it taking 20 years to produce a Canadian Super League player I think Quinn Ngawati maybe the 1st homegrown Canadian to play Super League Later this year. Obviously it may take 20 years to set up an environment and culture in Canada that produces many Canadian Super League standard players. If you had 50 talented teenage athletes in Canada interested in a Rugby League career in a good development program with a pathway to the Championship and then Super League anything is possible.
  9. Probably the opposite, to much speed work not enough weights, fais moi cuire des oeufs
  10. OK, so Affiliate members can enter world cup qualifiers and from there if they qualify they are in the world cup.But I wonder how many registered Rugby League participants there are in Scotland at present? Going by there website there is 4 x mens sides, 2 x under 16 sides, 2 x Wheelchair sides and they are holding open trials to set up a womens national side. At a guess Id say 200 participants including coaches, refs and administrators.
  11. I already covered this in another thread but once again NZRL cant come under ARLC jurisdiction as NZRL would lose all sources of government sports funding, as well as proceeds from sport betting as both are dependent by law on being run by a recognized NZ sports body, not to mention loss of public good will and Nonsensical situation of the Kiwis NZ National side being run by Australia. As also pointed out in previous thread ARLC could set up a Charitable trust to deliver grassroots programs to youth, coaches, administrators in NZ an appoint its own directors thereby having control of its own charitable grant. To date the NRL has shown it likes to makes a profit, Nrl has made a profit out of the NZ market for 25 years. NRL and its TV audience like NZ playing talent but to date no ongoing programs have been set up by the NRL to assist the improvised NZ communities that talent comes from. Oh well making more money and bigger profits is all some people care about i guess!
  12. 2018 NZ census figure is 381,000 people or 8.1% of NZ population have pacific Island ancestry. In 2016 Australian census there where 206,000 people with Pacific Island Polynesian ancestry or just under 1% of the Australian population. For Australia 48% of NRL players having pacific ancestry when this ethnicity is 1% of the Australian population, is really quite a bizarre statistic. For NZ I would estimate 48% of NRL players is fairly consistent with the number of Pacific Islanders registered players in NZ, Id estimate around 30 - 40% of all people who play Rugby League in NZ have pacific Island ancestry. What all this means ill leave that up to you lol.
  13. Well I clearly stated In my own post i was dreaming regarding a professional North American Spin off competition. In the realms of the more realistic I want to see London, Bradford, West Cumbria United as well as Toulouse & Catalan both in Super League with P & R for french sides between Super League side and French Elite One.
  14. Yeah no argument I am dreaming but a Toronto TV deal for super league coverage and with Ottawa and New York in lower leagues... then you have the possibility of linking up with other areas of North America where there has been some interest in the Sport Like Jacksonville, Utah, Hawaii and forming a North American Competition. Clubs from small towns and cities mostly in the north of England with limited budgets in lower divisions of the RFL structure cant continue to be expected to be used as qualifying hurdles again & again by every North American side wanting to enter Super League. At some stage North American going to have to develop there own competiton.
  15. It also unfair that semi pro sides from Towns and cities in the north of England are used as financial speed bumps by cashed up American sides in the Championship before gaining promotion. I am dreaming but definitely still within the bounds of possibility a North American Rugby league could be set up initially featuring Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, Jacksonville, Utah.
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