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  1. I think Reserve grade could be used to help expansion for example if Salford had an agreement with Manchester Rangers to run there reserve grade side. It would help Salford save some funds and give Manchester Rangers a Semi pro Competition to play in. The other Idea is championship sides from smaller towns wanting to enter reserve grade sides could combine at reserve grade level to help save funds and enter a regional combined reserve grade side eg: West Cumbria
  2. Wow we have the French U19, NSW Country and The UK Community Lions side. What next NZRL to clear its $700,000 debits and Nz age group & residents sides to tour other countries again... a national semi pro competition reestablished out of Auckland Fox memorial competition... The NRL to Reinvest some NZ sourced profits into the NZ Domestic game? I know the last one is a fantasy that only someone like Eddie Mabo could make happen.... its really good so many international rep sides below test level are touring NZ again.
  3. A draw... and A draw again... hang on rule 19B subsection 3 states in case of a draw any side who invented the sport and had previously lost 3 One day cricket World Cup Finals could interpret the rules as they please in order to win said competition final at 4th attempt... Congratulations. At least it was a little bit more exciting than a test cricket draw!!! Ged Stokes was selected for The "Kiwis" New Zealand Rugby League Team in 1982 he later coached Canterbury and Wellington Sides in the Batercard Cup National Competition. He moved with his family to coach in the UK....
  4. Interesting article. Didn't former England player England International Ikram Butt actually start up a competition in India or was that in Pakistan? Interesting that many players are coming from Auckland Competition set up for new immigrants to NZ to try rugby league. Speaking of Kiwi's of Indian heritage involved in the sport, International referee from back in the 1980's Neville keisha and former Warriors/Newcastle and current Northcote Tigers player David Bhana come to mind.
  5. As said above obviously not in Super League. But I guess they real question is what will not being in Super League be like for teams in Championships in 2021 and what will the Championships look like then...
  6. looks like the games according to this article will be against the South Island U19's, Samoa U19's, Auckland Under 20 side and the NZ residents U19's. As France are the current European U19 Champions it will be interesting to see how they go in NZ. Honestly cant remember when the last representative sides below test level toured New Zealand. Good that the French Rugby League have made a profit and are investing money in to youth Representative tours. https://treizemondial.fr/le-groupe-de-la-france-u19-pour-preparer-la-tournee-en-nouvelle-zelande/
  7. If they are coming to Wellington and I am not working that day i will definitely go and watch.
  8. I hope he makes the GB squad if his current form continues, he deserved man of the match but that 40/20 kick was next level and was what sealed the win for London.
  9. Enjoyed that game some big hits from both sides also both sides playing some expansive attacking rugby league, London's chase and regrouping in defense when HKR made that break in the last couple of minutes was amazing. Real team effort from London really like the way they are playing.
  10. Sorry, you will have to make your own investigation into that. but there is obviously interest for the Kiwis vs Tonga game in the UK, if Sky is not covering it what happend to premier sports i think it is called why dont they cover it?
  11. Do i have to spell it out its Paul Pudendal - Cleft apparently he was a bit of trend setter back in his 1 game 1st grade career with the the North Sydney Bears going by the nickname PPC!
  12. Its a good idea for a competition that includes UK clubs but it has to be curtain raiser to the CC final
  13. That just goes to show what a crazy waste of time it is for French teams have to leave French Elite One for UK Championship One in order to attempt to get a spot in Super League. A European structure that helps the French Elite improve standards and is recognized as a pathway to Super league along side Championship one clubs is needed in my opinion.
  14. there are obviously other ways to watch those games if your interested and pay TV providers wont be televising them
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