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  1. i dont agree with NZ & Australia administrators withdrawing from the world Cup, but I understand it is very tough on players from NZ & Aus to attend the Cup. NZ based players from NZ warriors for example haven't been back to NZ all season to see extended family and friends and another 6 week tournament plus 2 weeks in quarantine is a lot to ask, i can understand that is just to much to ask for some. Anyway I had part of my last post removed due to covid content when the whole reason for Australian and New Zealand is not attending the Wold cup is due to Covid. As a result of this censorship, I wont be posting in this site again, all the best to you all, bye.
  2. I have no idea what is happening with the Grand Final this year, it was due to be played this week but due to extremely bad weather last weekend, games were cancelled... Wellington Rugby League website has nothing to offer and WRL facebook page seems to dedicated to promoting everything but the Premier Men Competition....
  3. Very disappointing decision when you consider that the Olympics are going ahead with Australia & New Zealand participating. It remains to be seen if this call was based on the players or just made by administrators? For players I understand it is tough. NZ warriors have been based in Australia for almost 2 seasons now, whole NRL has been relocated to Queensland. Players would have to undergo 2 week quarantine when coming home after the tournament. But Australia and New Zealand could just select players prepared to do 2 weeks quarantine after the World Cup.
  4. Marist Northern were a club from Wellington, New Zealand. I played for Marist for a couple seasons as a teenager and couple seasons as an adult, They were based in the Northern Suburbs of Wellington, the home ground was In the Northern Wellington suburb of Grenada North (Near Tawa). In the 1980's - 1990's a large number of there players and supporters were railways workers, so obviously link up to jersey sponsor Trax tavern a bar inside Wellington Railways Station.
  5. Yeah, Whiti Te Ra are from Otaki and changed from Manawatu to Wellington Competition a couple of years ago.
  6. In Wellington Premier Grade Semi Finals : Wainui v Toa 2:30pm at Wise Park, Wainuiomata. Te Aroha v Vikings 2:30pm at Te Whiti Park, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt. St George and Whiti Te Rā have this week off. Next weeks games: The winner of Wainui v Toa will play St George next week 17 July in major semi final 1. The winner of TA v Vikings will play Whiti Te Rā next week 17 July in major semi final 2. Appleton Shield Grand Final will be held on Saturday 24 July. The reserve grade grand final is this weekend, St George v Wainui 1pm at Cannons Creek, Porirua.
  7. Auckland Rugby League High School Premier grade Final played last week at Mt Smart. I realize its not part of the Fox Memorial but is another Auckland Rugby League Competition, so rather than start a new thread I thought Id post link here.
  8. In my opinion having a NZ Nationwide semi professional competition again is important and achievable. The Lion Red & Bartercard Cups had many successes that haven't been acknowledged. The competitions created pathways for local Juniors to play Semi professionally and make the NRL, while living in NZ. Like Stacy Jones from Pt Chev to Auckland Vulcans to NRL or Simon Mannering from Nelson college to Wellington Orcas to Warriors NRL side. Coach's like Brian McLennan from Hibiscus coast to Mount Albert to the "Kiwis" National team & John Ackland from Mt Albert to Warriors under 20's & NRL assistant coach. Commentators like Dale Husband & Te Arahi Maipi got from local radio to Maori TV & then to Sky TV. Not to mention the grand Finals of the competitions were usually well supported with a couple thousand in attendance. with a reported $32 million/year from NZ NRL TV rights. The NZRL and other media, haven't released specific details of the level of reinvestment in the local game, saying things like Sky and NZRL will now become partners, etc. I agree with what people on here have said about helping fund Jr development and competitions in NZ. For years now hundreds if not thousands of kids like Jason Taumalolo, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Benji Marshall etc, have moved to Australia aged 16 or younger to play rugby league. NZ needs to have Schools/institutes/academies where young potential NRL players get quality training/coaching, while still living in NZ. For players who don't make NRL immediately from these NZ based Schools/institutes/academies and the best local club juniors who want to test themselves at a higher level. Having a National semi pro competition for them to play in provides motivation, incentive & competition to continue playing the sport in NZ.
  9. https://nzrl.co.nz/nzrl-announce-a-long-term-partnership-with-sky-and-the-nrl-through-to-the-end-of-2027/ Direct Quote from NZRL CEO from the above link Greg Peters, NZRL CEO says: “Sky has been a long-term supporter of Rugby League for over 25 years now, and the nature of this renewed partnership enhances and deepens this to a new level. “Against the backdrop of our current sponsorship agreement, coupled with added value over the next seven years, this enables us to support the game in ways we haven’t seen before, from grassroots to high performance. “This kind of partnership signifies a new era and is a real milestone for Rugby League. Thank you to Sky Sport for sharing our vision and supporting us in such a significant capacity.”
  10. Unfortunately I think your right, I also doubt that NRL will reinvest any significant amount of profit from NZ TV rights back into grassroots game in NZ. NRL in its various incarnations have a 27 year history of putting nothing from NZ TV right profits back into NZ grassroots. The NRL has now already got more money for the NZ TV rights, which has been quoted as $160 over 5 years or $32 million/year. That is enough money to fund 2 & 1/2 NRL club grants of $12.5 million/year. IF the NRL just pockets all the profits and continues to spend all of NZ sourced profits to fund Australain based player development pathways ,Bunker referees, NRL administrators salaries...it will mean NRL have gone to a sickening level of greed, treating NZ as a personnel ATM.
  11. NZ National Competition the Bartercard Cup ran from 2000 - 20007. Over that time it featured - Auckland clubs, merged Auckland clubs, a Bay of Plenty club side Ngongotaha were in the 1st season. Provincial rep sides from Canterbury, Manawatu, Northland, Waicoa. Wellington had Wainuiomata club and a combined Porirua side, both withdrew & were replaced one Provincial rep side the Wellington Orca's. NZRL was involved in fraud, mismanagement and was $1.7 million dollars in debt. NZRL announced that Bartercard cup would finish at the end of 2007. It was replaced in 2008 by a short end of season NZ Provincial Competition. Which has now become the 4 team end of season NZRL premiership competition. I can remember attending two Bartercard cup games both at the Basin reserve in Wellington. I saw Wellington get upset by the Northern Storm. I also watched Wellington play Mt Albert which was a competitive game that Mt Albert won. On both occasions the crowd would have been around 100 - 200 people. Over the years I watched games on Sky TV or Maori TV. Below are some links. Canterbury Bulls Winning the inaugural NZ Bartercard Cup Final https://canterburyrugbyleague.co.nz/2019/09/flashback-friday-bulls-2000-bartercard-card-triumph/ 2002 NZ Bartercard Cup final, Mt Albert Vs Hibiscus Coast, was one of the last games to be played at Carlaw Park 2007 NZ Bartercard Cup Final Auckland Lions Vs North Harbour, this was the last year of the Bartercard Cup. in part 3 the saga continues, we look back to see what can be learned and look towards the future...
  12. NARL or any other future organization looking to set up a semi pro competition in North America would be wise to give California Rugby league a call 1st.
  13. Spark bid for NZ NRL TV rights, increasing the amount the current holders Sky NZ paid. $32 million/year could easily pay 2 NRL club grants of $12.5 million/year with $7 million left over in profit. I hope NRL finally reinvest some profits into NZ domestic game... few Australians would know or perhaps care? about the level of poverty that effects rugby league in NZ, it would shock a lot of people! i think unless NRL is pressured by media attention they will continue to do as they have done for 27 years. Spend the millions made from NZ TV rights profit in Australia, on Australian youth development, bunker referee's or administrators at NRL headquarters in Sydney. Lion Red Cup NZ national competition ran from 1994-1996. A brewery rivalry saw DB sponsor the Auckland Warriors to enter the Australian competition in 1995. Lion Red a long term sponsor of NZRL, sponsored NZRL to set up a national competition in 1994. At the time club competitions in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury had semi professional elements. Up that time, NZ Provincial Rep teams were selected from local clubs for a short mid season NZ Representative competition or for one off games against touring international teams. Local clubs in regional competitions viewed the Lion Red Cup as rivals competing for players and often refused to play curtain raisers to the Lion Red Cup. Auckland NZ biggest Province was divided into 4 sides, Wellington & Canterbury were both divided into 2 sides. These sides lacked history or existing supporters and had unfamiliar names. By 1996 ARL VS Super league war happened, impacting all of rugby league. NZRL was involved in financial mismanagement and Lion Red stopped sponsoring the competition. I attended 1st round of the Lion Red Cup in 1994, watching the North Harbour at Birkenhead War Memorial, back when the ground had a grandstand. Each box of the sponsors product had a free ticket to a game you could tear off the box. Was a decent crowd that day I'd estimate over 1,000. I actually went to a couple of Loin Red cup games that year. Ill save the exciting story of how Batercard cup folded for another post LOL...
  14. Good to see rugby league played on the west coast of USA, keep up the good work California Rugby League.
  15. Mcgillvary should have been selected for the England team the guys been the a genuine world class winger for years. Jake O'Conner should have been in the England side as well, would have been good if George Williams played as well. In my opinion besides Farrells hard running and a bit of creative play from tomkins England had nothing in attack. As for off the Field in UK needs better administrators capable of setting and achieving goals to improve the sport in terms of administration, marketing and promotion.
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