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  1. Just got back from Victoria University Hunters Vs Wainuiomata game. Wainui thrashed the Hunters 50+ - 0. Wainui were the top grassroots club in NZ and have won NZ club comp 3 times in the past... But NZRL don't don't run that anymore! Hunters are the only club in Wellington won Wellington comp 10 years ago but haven't been going to well in last couple years. Heard that reserve grade was struggling for number then covid hit so been scraped for a 10 team comp that wiil split into top & bottom 5 playoffs.
  2. Nah in my opinion NZ should have a competition the standard of the NSW or Queensland cups. This Australian focus at lower levels is part of what has damaged the local game in NZ.
  3. NZ needs a Semi pro before a 2nd NRL Side. Basically if you put the Canterbury Bulls, Waikato or the Wellington Orca's if/when they are back up to standard into Auckland's Fox Memorial Club Competition it would be the NZ National competition and have a semi pro element. All they need is a bit of a TV deal and some sponsorship to cover prize money, travel and refs.
  4. Other areas of NZ were League is struggling or dead at adult level are West Coast & Tasman in the South Island. In the North Island I dont think there is currently any adult or even kids Rugby League played in the East Coast, Hawkes Bay and Wairarpa Regions. NZ needs nations like Fiji, USA, Ireland, Lebanon etc to tour NZ and play local rep side like the Wellington Orca's etc, that would get some positive local media coverage. A Nation wide semi pro comp to give people in the Regions something to play for as outside Auckland everything is totally amateur. In my opinion the best chance A NZ semi pro comp happening is if Auckland Fox memorial comp was expanded to include rep sides from Canterbury, Waikato, Wellington. THe NZBL basketball league has just signed a deal with ESPN... pretty sure any NZ national comp could get some TV coverage in Australia or UK.... maybe other countries as well.
  5. Havent been to watch a game this year but went to watch a game last year probly 50 people watching, Wellington Rugby League is not in good shape, the Wellington Rep side the Orca's are not in NZRL top division anymore, every year less people playing the game in Wellington. Auckland is where its at for NZ Rugby League, In the South Island Canterbury competition & rep side the Canterbury Bulls are best outside of Auckland.
  6. Rugby League is a sport most people in NZ are aware of. Rugby League in the Wellington Region where i live is currently the weakest it's ever been. This year there is a ten team competition, Reserve grade competition finished last year so there just one grade but there is a masters over 35's competition with 6 teams, theres kids grade between under 5 to under 13. There is a High school competition that happens at the end of the year and there about 6 schools that play. Not sure about women's game in Wellington.
  7. Kearney seems like a good person should have been treated better than this. Warriors next move better be there best move but i have little faith in the NZ Warriors.
  8. Sounds like RFL or Robert Elstone or the club chairmen that are influential... somebody needs to get a least half a dozen of the more charismatic Super League Player on TV/Internet adverts for the game and other products, as well as sponsorship deals on billboards and appearances on various TV shows to Promote the game.
  9. I didnt say he couldnt play for multiple countries, I didnt say anything about an earnings cut off. I was responding to your earlier comment about making a living in a sport with no job security where you retire in your mid 30's. I pointed out that Ben Te'o has been well paid by many clubs he has paid for and good on him for that. Representative Honours are called that as you are representing a people of a country and are a representative of the best of that sport in that country. But there is a price to the player who accepts representative honours of country after country, You have identified yourself with people of a country so people from that country identify with you. International sport is devalued by a player changing nations multiple times just because they can. People from the nations that players have walked away from can be hurt by a person taking the International Rep honours for granted a country is not a club.
  10. Well he played professionally for West Tigers, Brisbane Broncos, South Sydney in Rugby League and Leinster in Ireland, Worcester in England, Toulon in France and Sunwolves in Japan in Rugby Union. He would have made a very good living playing for those clubs so needing to represent multiple nations to make a living dosnt make any sense to me.
  11. Im happy to see most people on this thread thinking along similar lines. This guy got selected for the Jr Kiwis as was born and raised in NZ, then qualified for Queensland due to residency but wasnt good enough for Australia, so he represented Samoa through his heritage, then switches to Union but couldnt make the Irish side as not eligible yet through residency, so plays for England due to heritage... as a professional play any sport you want for any club you want to allgood. But representing your nation or nation of your parents or nation you are a long term legal permanent resident of is an honour. But when you represent any nation you can for what you can get out of it and do it repeatedly, you have no honour. I feel sorry for the kid that didnt get selected for the Jr Kiwis in 2005!
  12. Had Never heard of Sebastien Vahaamahina before but according to Wikipedia from New Caledonia but Polynesian Wallis & Futuna background, played for Perpignan & France at Union. Im starting to think the indigenous Melanesian Kanak people of New Caledonia may not be into rugby? This side could recruit some Melanesian PNG players to help promote the game in the Indigenous Kanak community. They will be no shortage of Wallis & Futuna professional rugby players with links to New Caledonia to recruit from. The amount of pro rugby players of wallis & Futuna background Via New Caledonia in French Rugby kinda reminds me of Polynesian players in the NRL in Australia Via New Zealand. https://theconversation.com/from-the-pacific-islands-to-france-migration-hope-and-deceit-in-the-rugby-industry-67343
  13. Tour matches from the 1990 GB Tour of PNG & NZ Great Britian Vs Wellington it was held mid week in the day time and i took the day off school to go it was typical Wellington Mid winter weather that day. Great Britain Vs NZ Maori
  14. Demitri Pelo is Polynesian from Wallis & Futuna but raised in New Caledonia. The below Rugby Union article is about Wallis & Futuna producing the most professional Rugby players per head of population. https://www.rugbypass.com/news/tiny-nation-produces-professional-rugby-players-per-capita-earth/ A movie called Mecenaire is based around a player from Wallis & Futuna via New Caledonia going to play in France.
  15. Pacifique Treize have a good website and they are running clinics in New Caledonia. If they can restart the local rugby league Comp in New Caledonia, Work with Vanuatu's domestic competition. If they sign a few French & Q'land Cup players, 2023 is looking like a real possibility. New Caledonia is a good location as its 2 hrs flight from Brisbane and the only other country in the Pacific region with a per capita GDP similar to Australia and NZ.
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