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  1. Yeah i went to watch both of those games you mentioned at the Basin Reserve. Also saw Wellington play against GB at the Hutt Rec in 1988. Imagine if the Wellington Rep team played Australia or GB these days it would be a massacre. Wellington lost to the Otago Rep side 2 years ago and there are only about 4 adult mens teams to choose players from in Otago!
  2. Do you mean the Jr kiwis? I can remember they played Jr GB team in a series of curtain raisers before Kiwis palyed GB
  3. Do they want the NZ Warriors in the NRL? YES for the money! Do they want NZ to have a Fair go in the competition! NO
  4. Decline has been slowly happening for two decades but its got to the point now where its really noticeable. In the link you posted the NZ Warriors ran a clinic before there recent game in Wellington. That was funded by the NZ warriors not the NRL. The NRL really should be helping WRL & NZRL to run clinics for kids as well as referee and coaching seminars. God knows the NRL make enough money out of NZ. Also better administration, refereeing and coaching combined with ONE Wellington team in a NZ semi pro competition would definitely help the game in Wellington.
  5. Regarding this years Womens comp in Wellington im not sure if there was one or not? The 7 High schools that currently play Rugby League play a couple of games when the rugby Union season is finished. The Wellington 2019 Schools comp is starting around about this time of year. Club in the link posted, Upper Hutt Tigers currently have no mens sides. In the 1980's - mid 90's there Premier grade side was semi professional and they had several other mens sides as well. They were sponsored by Dunlop Tyre's & featured NZ Kiwi's rep players like Morvin Edwards (Penrith), Mike Kuiti (Leeds) and Adrian Shelford (Wigan/Manly). In the 80's - mid 90's NZRL was based on local provincial competitions, there was also a mid season Provincial Representative competition & end of season National Club Knockout competition to decide NZ's Champion club. But at the same time the NZ Warriors entered the NRL & rugby union was about to go pro. The Provincial rep and national club knockout comps were scrapped. A new Nationwide semi pro competition was set up with manufactured teams with stupid names and it clashed with existing provincial club competitions. The National Competition folded 12 years ago and the Wellington club competition is struggling there is currently no form of semi pro rugby league in Wellington. A lot of Rugby League people have emigrated to Australia and the game now dosnt have a lot to offer to attract people to play the sport. The Wellington Grand Club Grand Final last weekend did make the papers afterall today but it seems only because reports of the police being called due to a fight in the crowd made it news worthy.... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/114772635/scuffle-involving-spectators-at-wellington-rugby-league-final-sad-day-for-the-sport
  6. Wellington Premier Grade Mens Competition has 8 teams Wellington Reserve Grade Mens Competition has 5 teams Wellington Masters Grade for Social players over the age of 35.. has 4- 6 teams Not sure if there is any Womens rugby league in Wellington anymore? Clubs run KIds Grades compettions from Under 6's to Under 14's Also there are 7 school teams in Wellington College Sport Rugby League Competition that play a couple of games at end of season. Every year since the turn of the century there has been less and less teams and players involved in Rugby League in Wellington. The Wellington Grand final was on last weekend dont think it even gets a mention in the local papers or radio anymore. Wellington Representative side the Orcas are weak and Have been relegated from NZRL premiership and now lose to Bay of plenty and Southland Rep Sides in the division below that. Wellington Rugby League needs NRL to fund run clinics to attract kids, referees and coaches back to the sport and a semi pro side in a National Comp would help offer players in the region some incentive to play and something to aim for.
  7. Cameron Smith received a Caravan, a speed boat & brown paper bags of cash, outside the salary cap and got away with it without any punishment! The Joke about his 400 game was he had only refereed 360 of those games. The NZ Warriors are not the best performing club but putting that to one side they have turned the other cheek so many times in the face of bias officials. If a ref has a 50/50 it goes against the NZ club as they less like to come back to bite the match official if they rule against the one NZ side. Then there is this one occasion where racism & officials conspiring to cover up a dodgy call can be proven to have occurred against the NZ Warriors. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/114635053/former-warriors-coach-mark-graham-reveals-racist-slurs-by-referee
  8. add Gary Connolly to the list but again thats going back a bit.
  9. all four officials dropped for next week... that had to happen! still wont change the fact the warriors chances of making the semi's has been severely buggered by reffing calls this season. Also inconsistencies in Suspension lengths have been happening for years. When the mid season Anzac test where around Kiwis got suspended Aussies walked for the same thing! Check the link still going on all these years see issac luke suspended vs trbojevic walks... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/league/news/article.cfm?c_id=79&objectid=12253501 Then there are other issues like Cameron Smith is afforded privileges with ref that no other captain is given and we have all seen it happen before our eyes but it happens so often that it just becomes what you expect and nobody questions why he gets these special privileges anymore?
  10. I wish i had had access to NRL video rights of Warriors bad calls over the last several years and the impact it has had on recent seasons, it would make a very interesting youtube video if not a segment on current affairs, type of TV show. I only have a feeling about NRL reffing corruption with all these bad calls going against one team who happen to be the only non Australian team in the NRL. but you only need to look at Australian banking sectors recent deliberate illegal behavior as found by an Australian Government review. In Sport look at recent cheating by the Australian Cricket team with sand paper ball tampering. Anyone remember Ryan Tandy who was found to be a corrupt NRL player involved in a far wider conspiracy and later sadly died. Or what about this corrupt NBA ref in video below, to see what can possibly happen.
  11. I am from NZ I support the NZ National Side the Kiwis that is what got me interested in Rugby League in the 1st place. As I like this sport and i am from NZ I support the Warriors by default as my local team. Like many clubs NZ Warriors have had there on and off field issues. But they are almost always on the wrong end of marginal calls and penalty counts and occasionally blatantly obvious poor referring calls. It has become so ingrained for 25 years now that its an aussie comp & NZ Warriors will be unlikely to get a fair go from refs that it is just the way it is. Well over the last two years and the last month in particular it has gotten extremely bad. Its long past time for the NZ Warriors, NZ media, Warriors supporters etc to take official action. Its just not good enough that paid officials could continually be that poor at there job so often in regards to one club in particular, I have always thought there is some kind of sub conscious patriotic bias happening but now im of the opinion that it is some element of corruption involved! NZ only government regulated betting agency an organisation not know for it generosity for refunding bets... see the cricket world cup... has agreed to refund all bets placed on Warriors most recent game due to the quality of the reffing. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/warriors/114561316/tab-refund-warriors-punters-after-disgraceful-officiating-decision-in-eels-defeat https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/warriors/114560482/the-controversial-calls-that-cost-the-new-zealand-warriors-dearly-against-parramatta-eels NRL makes a lot money out of NZ in TV rights, Sponsorship and merchandise and reinvests nothing back into in the country or the local game in the New Zealand and to top it of the refs have been pure biased and corrupt. Things just have to change i cant watch a contest where one team has to be better than the ref and the opposition to win.
  12. I played amateur Rugby League in Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand from Under 15's, Under 17's, Under 19's, Reserve grade and played a few games in Premier grade. Before Injuries stopped me from being able to play in my early twenties. I Played in teams and against people in the Junior grade in Wellington who later made the Junior Kiwis and the NRL.
  13. So Corbeil & Paris Chatillon have teams in Federale & Nationale divisions, what level do Nanterre "Les Hssards" compete at? Is there any youth or adult amateur competition for clubs based in Paris or the north of France?
  14. I would really like to know about the current state of Rugby League played in Paris, as well as Nantes and the North of France? Now that FFR 13 have apparently balanced there books again is there any plans for a development officer in North of France?
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