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  1. - The NZ NRL TV rights deal from 2018 -2022 is estimated at 18 million NZ dollars per. http://www.sportspromedia.com/news/sky_nz_extends_rugby_league_deals - NRL has sponsorship deals from all sources worth $26 million Australian dollars per year. Working out a % of that sponsorship revenue that is generated as a result of the NZ involvement in the NRL is difficult. Operating in NZ gives the NRL a reach into market with 5 million people and some NZ companies have sponsorship deals with the NRL. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/06/15/nrl-declares-money-will-flow-back-to-clubs-grassroots-after-posting-huge-surplus/ - there are also other revenue streams the NRL generates from NZ such as NRL merchandise sales, NZ NRL Radio rights, Event fees such as the amount NZ company DUCO Events paid NRL to stage the NRL 9's in Auckland. I estimate the NRL would be generating around $20 million AUD per year from NZ in NZ TV rights, NZ sponsorship earnings, NZ Merchandise sales, NZ Radio rights. The NRL club grant to the NZ Warriors is AUD is $12.5 million per year. An estimated $7.5 million AUD profit per year and the NRL has been making a yearly profit in the millions from NZ for the last 25 years. To the best of my knowledge the NZ warriors players and staff are the only NRL employees based in NZ. The NRL currently does not grant any funds to the local grassroots game in NZ. NRL does not directly contribute towards any NZ charitable causes that assist the wider community. The NRL does not operate any ongoing programs in NZ to assist the grassroots of the game in NZ. NRL should start giving something back to NZ as this is responsible and sustainable business practice, creates a win - win situation and ensures goodwill continues. NRL could set up a NZ charitable trust and partner with who they like NZRL/Regional leagues/Schools/Clubs to assist and deliver Coaching, refereeing, administration, recruitment and development of juniors. I am 100% this would be greatly appreciated in New Zealand.
  2. Dane did a Kiwi ruin your Fish N Chips once upon a time or something?
  3. No worries, I get what you mean. I was just trying to get across that a Bougainville Rebel leader is not likely to Support PNG as thats the country they want Independence from. Or Australia either as they administrated PNG up until PNG independane in 1975 and didnt give Bouganville the Independence it sought from PNG in 1975.
  4. The 1st link above is the NZ warriors organisation charity partners that they give time and money an NZ based sports team giving its own time and money to other kiwis without direct involvement of the NRL. The 2nd link has no mention of any NRL activities/initiatives/course/events that take place in NZ. My point on the NRL indigenous round needs to include Maori as the indigenous people of NZ as the NZ Warriors are part of the competition and often play a home game in NZ that round and a large percentage of Warriors Fans/players/staff are Maori. The Warriors do there bit usually have a Maori themed jersey for that round but the NRL forgets it also operates in NZ.
  5. NRL does not run any programs in NZ on an ongoing annual basis it does in Australia and also gives 38 million per year in grants to Australian State leagues. I like the NRL's product more than the Fast food chain you mentioned but at least that fast food chain gives back even a small % of profits to assist sick children and there families in the community. Good will is everything in the sports entertainment industry and a charitable trust could be set up in NZ by the NRL to give back some small % to communities that support the game. Even NRL Indigenous round totally misses the point in NZ a large percentage of NZ Warriors fans, players and staff are Maori.
  6. probably that and liking GB more than Australia due to issues around how independence from Australia of PNG effected Bougainville who have closer cultural links to the Soloman Islands than PNG and the exploitative deal the people of Bougainville received for there Mining resources.
  7. It seems like a tough job running and organizing rugby league in the USA. When its a niche minority sport in the USA and there are vast distances involved. Im happy and amazed they actually play rugby league in the USA. But I have always wondered why the game is not played in California/West Coast as there is a large Pacific Island population and has more connections to Australia, NZ and the Pacific.
  8. That is a fair point regarding how a potential NRL grant would be spent in the NZ. A grant would be audited and have to be spent on designated purposes that assist the grassroots game In NZ Eg: courses recruiting and training refs/coaches & initatvites to encourage kids to play rugby league in NZ. The Auckland Rugby league like all provincial Rugby Leagues in NZ are affiliated to the NZRL. NZRL dosnt fund the Auckland rugby league. Auckland Rugby League are funded by the Carlaw Park Heritage trust which issues a yearly grant to the 32 rugby league clubs in Auckland. This is a unique situation and no other region in the country has anything like this type of funding for Rugby League. NZRL runs nationwide provincial representative competitions & tournaments at youth, Secondary School, Men's and Women's levels. NZRL is currently made up of 7 Regional zones & Auckland is divided into two zones Akarana & Counties Manukau. NZRL controls how representative team funding is spent by Akarana & Counties not the Auckland Rugby League. As I said earlier I am aware of only one instance the NRL financially assisted the NZ Schoolboys team trip to Brisbane in 2015. I stand by my earlier comments about the NRL not investing even a small % of profit back into the game on an on going basis in some from of grant, initiative, trust or program to communities in NZ that support the game. But please feel free to post any links to articles, programs and budgets that prove otherwise. NZ does not have a team in the EPL & an EPL match has never even been played in New Zealand so I do not think that the EPL has any obligation to invest anything into Soccer in NZ. The fast food restaurant you named give back to the NZ community by funding free accommodation facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for sick children and there families to stay in while the children undergo treatment in hospitals! ARLC/NZRL/RFL/FFR13/PNGRL already share the profits or losses of international matches when two nations play each other in whichever country matches are played in and that should continue to be the case..
  9. What you have mentioned is not what I want and not necessarily what will happen. I agree with Shane Richardson's proposal of the NRL making a grant to the NZRL to assist with grassroots funding. NRL has operated as a business in NZ for 25 years and to date has not reinvested any of the profit into the NZ community it makes that profit from. Some admire that as ruthless business practice others despise that as an exploitative business model, many dont care either way but i have said what i have to say.
  10. Sounds like the same thing that has been happen in NZ outside of Auckland for all of this century.
  11. Why do they have a magic weekend is it for the current TV deal with VIaoccitaine? otherwise it sounds like the round would draw a better total attendance if the figures were held as a normal round?
  12. In your opinion will this mean less funding for CRL areas undr NSWRL?
  13. I havent ignored that its is part of reason why support Shane Richardsons suggestion of some NRL funding donated out of funds they make from NZ being granted to help grassroots in NZ. Keebra park type academies could be set up in NZ to help develop NZ based players. I think the best way forward is NRL and NZRL set up a NZ registered charity or non for profit trust to assist youth playing the game in NZ with better facilities, improve referring and coaching standards. the majority of NRL signings from NZ played rugby league in NZ here are there Junior clubs and clubs location in NZ. SBW - Marist, Auckland. Kieran Foran - Ellerslie, Auckland. Issac Luke - Hawera, Taranaki. NAS - Upper Hutt, Wellington. Brandon Smith Waiheke, Auckland. Jermaine Isaako - Aranui, Christchurch. RTS - Otahuhu, Auckland. Shaun Johnson - Hibiscus Coast, Auckland. Its about time to give back to communities in NZ that support the game.
  14. Get the Show on Nationwide in the UK at a reasonable time with better production, guests and analysis.This should be non negotiable, If not give it to another network who will put it on nationwide at a reasonable time, for free if need be, this is the shop window for the competition and advert for the Super League and should have had this from day one of Super League 25 years ago.
  15. Holy ###### Mackerel. I had no idea the NRL granted that much $38 million every year to Australian States. In 25 years the NRL's made multi millions in profit out of NZ and it's given next to nothing back to the game in NZ. Seriously you wouldnt believe how tough it is to get funding for grassroots rugby league in NZ. Seriously there are kids games that dont have qualified refs and coaches of kids team who cant afford to get coaching certificates, not to mention no adult mens comp in West Coast or Tasman, Wellington club competition is a shadow of itself. Even Australian banks who operate in NZ at least fund Rescue Helicopters and other charitiies. The NRL have operated with extremely greedy business model in NZ and to date very few people in NZ have called them to account for that.
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