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  1. Listened to that podcast, good to hear more about the 6 West Coast sides, so there going to centrally funded and based in Las Vegas for 1st year, then looking to get investors to buy into them in the second year. Setting up and funding 6 clubs from Scratch an then looking to sell these franchises to people in the Various cities they are names after. Good Luck to them but in my opinion it would just be simpler to work with newly established California Rugby League to run West Coast sides?
  2. Championship should have a tv deal 2 0r 3 games each week, even if its just for the game of the round each week and rest of games each week could still be covered on Ourleague.
  3. Game is to regimented and robotic without them, Scums are a good way of opening up the field with half the player involved in a scrum
  4. Canadian and East Coast sides the people behind them are already involved in the sport and they have some local players to draw from. Toronto Wolfpack is now owned by a Toronto sports consortium, Ottawa is run by Eric Perez, Brooklyn Kings have been playing in US Competition. Cleveland is run by Monte Gaddis who has experience playing rugby league in USA, UK & Serbia. As for the West Coast Sides in the NARL... I get the feeling they could either be Union sides looking to paly both codes or could even be wishful thinking by the competition organizers. Would be more organic and sustaina
  5. From what ive read the way the NRL are introducing this 18th player is a bit weird. Apparently the 18th player cant be the 18th man who already travels with the squad in case of last minute injuries but must be a youth player who hasn't played a game that week. How about just make rule something simple like when 3 players are severely injured and wont be involved in the game anymore that day the 18th man who already is a part of squad is able to enter the game as the 18th player.
  6. RIP Tommy Raudonikis, big personality in Australia, the comedian 12th man did this impersonation of his gruff manner.
  7. The 2 Canadian & 6 US East Coast sides its clear who the people organizing the teams are and there is some amateur rugby league activity to draw on. But who is running the West Coast sides? Where will they find players? California Rugby League only started last year, with a couple exhibition style games by sides from Sacremento, LA Mongrel & San Francisco Savage, they are arranging a game between California RL and Utah later this year. https://www.rugbyleagueplanet.com/2021/03/22/successful-start-for-california-rugby-league/ NARL West Coast sides don't seem to have any affiliation
  8. Having there own semi professional competition is the way forward for Rugby League in North America. But having said that I do have some questions, apart from 2 West Coast sides being set up an playing an exhibition game last year there has been no rugby league on the West Coast, so how will this competition find the 150 or so players needed for the 6 new West Coast clubs? With Toronto & Ottawa in this competition what will happen to the proposed CCRL semi pro competition? What realistic chance do the competition organizers have in the short term of making money from there investment by s
  9. Super League needs a French TV Deal that pays something towards the club grants of Catalans & Toulouse, either that or they will need to be entirely privately funded by club owners/sponsors/local government/fans. I would love to see 2 French sides guaranteed a spot in Super League, so if Catalans or Toulouse was demoted the could be replaced by Avignon or Aude Cathars. But after i think its important to improve grass roots and reestablishing clubs in Elite 2 in places like Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Corsica, Cannes.
  10. Yeah no need to mention any other sport, just the Victory of Rugby a Treize surviving a ban by the NAZI backed Vichy government and Celebrating it still being played today in France, with a world cup held in France.
  11. It would be really good for the game in France to host the 2025 World Cup, the French came up with the Idea and hosted the inaugural one in 1954. Would help the profile of the sport and grow grassroots in France. Obviously need French government support for 2025 to make it happen but part of a positive marketing campaign should mention the resilience of the game to survive Vichy after WW2. As others have mentioned Perpignan, Toulouse, Carcassonne, Albi and Avignon have all proven in recent years there capable of drawing crowds to rugby league games of 8,000 - 18,000.
  12. surely the people behind the purposed CCRL and this purposed comp need to join forces if they havnt already
  13. RTS was the difference, sad to see him leave the sport at the end of the year but several seasons at the NZ Warriors will do that to you. IN other new it was amazing to see a bad call by the refs favour the NZ Warriors that must be the 1st time ever!!! Only 2 weeks ago Warriors lost to Newcastle when ref awarded a try then Video ref made a BS call that overturned that try...and even NRL boss of referees sad it was a poor call by the video ref.
  14. Yeah Utah has a large Polynesian population around 30,000 due to the Mormon Church. But LA, San Francisco and Hawaii also all have large Polynesian populations. Would be good to see 4-6 team competition set up on the West Coast. Due to distance & Expense involved in the USA maybe regional conferences like East Coast, South, Mid West, West Coast would be the way to go? The winners of each conference could qualify for Semi finals and then a Super Bowl like final.
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