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  1. Really NAS gets band from the Kiwis Tests for what appears to be sticking up for a friend who got a punch he didnt see coming and was almost glassed on a Melbourne Storm end of season trip. This dosnt make sense if i was NAS id get a lawyer and contest NRL playing Judge Jury and executioner, when he was sticking up for friend and Greenberg virtue signalling BS, then the ban the NRL gives causes no loss to there product with NAs free to ply in round one next year but is served by the Kiwis side losing one of best forwards... whole thing stinks.
  2. No way the Otago or Wellington players are paid to play in the championship for there provinces neither side even has sponsors. Otago players were selected from 3 adult mens clubs sides this year and those sides played in a combined competition with sides from Neighboring province Southland. It would be about 15 years since anyone has been paid to play by Clubs in Wellington. Wellington players are selected from an 8 team club comp those teams sometimes struggle to get enough players to field sides and clubs just scrape by to pay there operating costs. In the Premiership the Counties and Akarana players play in Aucklands Fox memorial club competition so many get paid to play by there clubs. In the Fox Memorial Ive read that good players can get up $500 a game. I have read that some clubs in the Canterbury competition still pay there players small amounts of money like $50 dollars a game. I dont know much about the Waikato club competition and would be surprised if any clubs there could afford to pay players. In NZRL premiership i noticed that Canterbury, Counties, Akarana and Waikato all have sponsorship on jerseys but i dont know if players are paid anything to represent there provinces.
  3. Have French Elite One Magic Weekend plus Catalan vs Wigan, Toulouse vs Bradford or something along those lines in Toulouse over two days.
  4. For next years NZRL Premiership WRL needs to find sponsors for the Orca's and recruit 3- 4 former pro players back to the city. Otherwise its going to be tough in the premiership next year against Canterbury, Akarana & Counties who all have former NRL, NSW, QLD Cup and current NZ Residents players playing for them. Heres full match coverage from skysports NZ
  5. Hmm ok that old kettle of fish, eh! Well that might be partly to blame over the years but so are other factors at the club like poor administration, coaching, development, recruitment, retention, under funding. Some factors are out of the clubs control or things the club cant really do much about, NZRL is skint cant fund semi pro comp, Coaching and Player development in NZ is not good, NRL Refs have an almost blatant bias against the NZ warriors, Scheduling of matches and travel and a Lack of NRL investment back in NZ Rugby League. https://thespinoff.co.nz/sports/05-09-2019/the-long-and-sordid-warriors-saga-has-a-chance-at-a-happy-ending/
  6. The Titans are worse than the Warriors but thats about it, for the most part beside 2 decent patches of 2-3 years each, for best part of its 25 years its been. For the most part its been make the same mistakes, do the same thing get the same results select the same types of players from the same areas and get the same results. Believe me unless they are competitive right from the start and through out the next l season, I wont be watching lot alone holding my breathe! One good thing Ive read about Autex ownership is as a multi million business they can invest in the Club and use the investment as tax write off against there other business. CHT as a not for profit organization were not able to do that.... $2.5 million NZD lost on sale of the NZ Warriors by CHT the could have just set up a semi pro comp with that money instead of trying to buy the NZ Warriors.
  7. More good news for Wellington they have just won the NZRL Championship beating Otago Whalers 38 - 28.
  8. Akarana beat Canterbury 28 - 10 to win the NZRL Premiership NZRL really needs to do more promoting and organizing of there flagship competition press release on there web site couple of days before the comp starts and before the final is not enough and need to find a major sponsor for this comp. But SKY TV have done well covering the Competition & making games quickly available to watch on youtube.
  9. NZ Warriors have been bought by Autex which is a company that has sponsored NZ Rugby League for a long time. I believe that Autex were the First company to sponsor a New Zealand representative sporting team when they sponsored the Kiwis in the early 80's. The Carlaw Park Heritage Trust which was set up to fund the Auckland Rugby League has apparently taken a 2.5 million dollar loss on the sale. One of the goals of the trust in buying the NZ warriors was to set up a semi pro competition! Logically thinking the trust could have spent the 2.5 million funding the Auckland Fox Memorial competition over 5 years! I really hope NZ Warriors new owner can get things going in the right direction and break them out of the over promising under delivering, mediocrity they have experienced through most of there existence. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/league/news/article.cfm?c_id=79&objectid=12271707
  10. Honestly think Canterbury Rugby League did a selfless thing for the wider community as Crusaders super rugby side draws 15,000 people every other week and had no where else to go after the earthquake. I believe the ground was leased by CRL from the council and in exchange for CRL giving up rights as major tenant the council have built a new facility for CRL at Nga Puna Wai Sports hub.
  11. Not sure of exact ownership details but I believe Canterbury Rugby League is still able to stage Test matches and NRL games at whatever silly sponsors name they are giving to the old Addington Showgrounds / Rugby league park these days. Otherwise Nga Puna Wai will be fine for Canterbury Club games and Canterbury Bulls rep games.
  12. Canterbury Rugby League gave use of the old Addington showgrounds / Rugby league park to Rugby Union as the Canterbury Crusaders Super rugby side were without a home after the Christchurch Earthquakes destroyed Lancaster park. In exchange the local council has built Nga Puna Wai sports hub as home of Rugby League in Canterbury the main ground has a capacity of 3,500, TV standard floodlights, artificial turf and several other fields for rugby league at the same facility. Theres a link on Canterbury Rugby League Facebook page with Frank Endacot talking about the new ground and an interview with Canterbury Bulls Captain taken from the Kiwi League show last week if your interested.
  13. Outside of Auckland, Canterbury in the South Island is the next strongest province in New Zealand.
  14. Canterbury have earned themselves a home final after beating Counties 24 - 22 https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/116184300/canterbury-to-host-first-national-rugby-league-grand-final-for-10-years
  15. Well some good news for Wellington they have just won the North Island Provincial Championship beating Northland 28 - 24. Next they will play South Island Championship winner Otago for a shot at promotion to the NZRL Premiership.
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