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  1. My Sheffield-raised dad, who discovered rugby league during the Sixties when he got a job in Keighley, was noted as a fairly tough semi-pro footballer. But he was hugely impressed by the physicality of rugby league, and used to say: "If you're going play a game that hard, you want to get paid for doing it." To my mind, amateur players are the real heroes of rugby league. As you say, only when you watch an amateur game, up close and without any noise from a crowd, do you appreciate fully the violence of (some of) the collisions. I've been watching rugby league since the mid-70s, and at Beverley last Saturday there were one or two 'meetings' that made me wince.
  2. Cricket's no different, I'm afraid. Most clubs I visit are struggling for administrators, players and spectators.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Shame the game was off because I was really looking forward to watching it! All for having more Cumbria clubs in the NCL.
  4. The RFL cares only about Super League. It is now reaping what it has sown since the mid-90s: essentially, virtually everything below Super League is dying a slow (but inevitable) death. Is the RFL the least competent governing body in sporting history? Won't be long before the number of amateur clubs is back to the 150 that existed in 1973 when BARLA was formed.
  5. I take it this is the same Seaton Rangers that couldn't raise a team for their last home match (against Distington).
  6. Could make sense to merge with Greetland All Rounders ARLFC, whose Spring Rock ground is a mile further up Rochdale Road. AFAIK, the All Rounders do own their clubhouse and ground. Alternatively, might there be more of a future for Elland if they actually played in Elland, a small town rather than a village?
  7. That's a yes from me, I'm afraid.
  8. Watched Yorkshire League Premier Division leaders Siddal Academy beat Beverley 42-18 this afternoon. The Halifax-based visitors looked as classy as their NCL XIII. All over at half-time, when Siddal led 24-0. Try count finished 3-7. Unusually, every try was converted. Beverley made a decent fist of it in the second half. Shame they started so slowly. Crowd of about 150 spectating at the East Riding Leisure Centre.
  9. Cricket this afternoon. Had intended to watch Seaton Rangers versus Distington (Cumbria League) but the hosts cannot raise a team. Second time this has happened to me inside a month. Walney Central the previous culprits. Is this league a bit Mickey Mouse? At least cricket clubs can be relied upon to get an XI on the field! Does amateur rugby league really want to be a summer sport?
  10. Clock Face Miners are, indeed, issuing programmes this season. Rather good, too! Rylands Sharks did a pretty decent one when I watched them earlier this season. That said, I've heard from others who've visited Arnold Clark Park and there hasn't been a programme. Most recent game for me was Glasson Rangers versus Hensingham (10-52). Hensingham, unbeaten in 2017, looked a very good side - up to NCL standard. Glasson, on the other hand, were abysmal. No programme issued. Cumbria League issuers I know of this season are Distington and Ellenborough Rangers. Hoping to get to both in the coming weeks.
  11. McNamara has certainly swallowed the 'coach speak' dictionary. Sorry but I couldn't get any further than "genuine marquee club". Pity the journos who have to interview these people every week. Things have changed quite a bit since a 1980s Second Division coach, reflecting on the paucity of his playing resources, told me: "You can only pi** with the cock you've got."
  12. Yes. St Joseph's ARLFC (Yorkshire League) play there now. Nothing left, though. Both stands razed and the big terrace overgrown. Sincerely hope Huddersfield Town's Premier League adventure proves a one season wonder.
  13. My thoughts exactly.
  14. A few, depending where I was living and which team I was watching! In alphabetical order: Chris Anderson (Halifax), Steve Dobson (Ryedale-York), Mal Meninga (St Helens), Ian 'Dancer' Thomas (Huddersfield), Dave Watson (Whitehaven).
  15. Watched this game (February, 1987) myself. Even Whitehaven, who at the time had a dreadful record in the Challenge Cup, were surprised how easy it was. Final score 25-2.