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  1. Hopping Mad

    Fans standing behind posts

    Probably add the Kells End at Whitehaven's Recreation Ground to that trio. I don't like being behind the posts. Much better along the sides.
  2. Hopping Mad

    RL Programmes Collection Website

    Very interesting. Thanks for the details. I'll add a few of my own!
  3. Hopping Mad

    Old grounds

    Yes, they did.
  4. Hopping Mad

    Old grounds

    It was possible to access Wilderspool after the ground had closed but before the demolition men moved in (IIRC, I climbed through a window at the back of the main stand)...
  5. Hopping Mad

    Old grounds

    Cougar Park (when it was Lawkholme Lane)...
  6. Hopping Mad

    Old grounds

    Loved going to Fartown as a schoolboy. Always felt like a proper ground, even when crowds dipped below a thousand.
  7. Hopping Mad

    Challenge Cup 1st Round Draw

    First Round Draw Kells v Rochdale Mayfield Orrell St James v Underbank Rangers West Bowling v Hammersmith Hills Hoists Dewsbury Moor Maroons v Skirlaugh East Leeds v Batley Boys Wigan St Judes v Crosfields Bentley v Army Royal Navy v West Hull Leigh Miners Rangers v Oulton Raiders Wallsend Eagles v GB Police Drighlington v All Golds Leigh East v Wigan St Patricks Distington v Torfaen Tigers Lock Lane v Longhorns Shaw Cross Sharks v Haydock Ovenden v Woolston Rovers Hunslet Warriors v Featherstone Lions York Acorn v Beverley Normanton Knights v Edinburgh Eagles Bradford Dudley Hill v Milford Marlins North Herts Crusaders v RAF Millom v Red Star Belgrade Clock Face Miners v Siddal Hunslet Club Parkside v Thornhill Trojans Thatto Heath Crusaders v Stanningley London Chargers v Wath Brow Hornets Ties to be played over the weekend of January 26-27
  8. Hopping Mad

    Old grounds

    McLaren Field, Bramley, has changed quite a lot since I made this August 1986 visit!
  9. Hopping Mad

    Tony Adams to become RFL President

    Tony Adams is a big name, known across the world. What harm can this do?
  10. Hopping Mad

    Will Odsal ever get redeveloped?

    Hasn't this ship sailed? Shouldn't Bradford City have relocated to Odsal (permanently) after the 1985 fire, rather than opting to redevelop landlocked Valley Parade, a hopeless location for a modern sports stadium?
  11. Hopping Mad

    Eddie Hearn Interview

    I'd say this is right. What is there to lose?
  12. Hopping Mad

    The Great Rugby League World Bake Off

    Actually, with that sheer drop on the far side of the pitch, it could be the Pit Field, Kells!
  13. Hopping Mad

    The Great Rugby League World Bake Off

    Is that stadium modelled on the one Sheffield Eagles use?
  14. Hopping Mad


    BBC Radio Leeds is tweeting Keighley will come out of special measures later today, and Craig Lingard and Steve Gill are both returning.