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  1. Hopping Mad

    Kingston Park

    A1 can get a bit busy because of the Metro Centre, though putting in a third lane on that stretch has helped a lot. Only five minutes from the A1 to the ground. Loads of parking at Kingston Park (certainly for rugby league games).
  2. Hoping to maintain my early-season run of close matches by heading for Oldham v Workington Town. Best chance of an away win from this division's opening four games?
  3. St Helens are sticking with a 'physical' programme for 2019. Price is £3. Interestingly, Saints, supported by Saints Heritage Society, will be running a series of 'retro' covers throughout 2019. They're asking fans to send in their ideas (favourite covers from seasons past). Good to see that sort of engagement. For the season-opening Wigan game (31/1), in addition to the regular match programme, Saints produced 200 copies (available only from the club shop) with a one-off cover celebrating wing Tommy Makinson's 200th Saints appearance. Warrington Audi is the programme's season-long sponsor.
  4. Hunslet, who issued individual match programmes last season, have confirmed for 2019 they'll be producing a monthly magazine. Covering all the games in any particular month, it will be an in-season extension of the club's existing quarterly magazine, South of the River.
  5. Hopping Mad

    A game of two halves

    1,275, officially. I thought York looked much more potent - and much more watchable - when they got the ball wide. Didn't seem to be much mileage in ploughing up the middle.
  6. 10/2/19, Betfred Championship Dewsbury Rams v York City Knights: 24 pages (only five of them ads) for £2.50. Decent content and good value.
  7. Just back from the Dewsbury-York match. Very enjoyable contest. My Surrey-born wife, only an occasional spectator at rugby league, loved it. Rams will be disappointed they didn't win after leading 16-0 and, with nine minutes left, 22-18. Interesting to hear Dewsbury head coach Lee Greenwood admit, on BBC Radio Leeds, he felt York deserved to shade victory. Leaving the ground, I overheard a York player, not included in the matchday squad, tell a Knights supporter he thought the visitors were lucky to win. Dewsbury defended very well for the first 50 minutes but once York got over the line they seemed to get on a roll. Far too many penalties conceded by both teams (ref a bit fussy?), and neither coach will be happy about some of the tries scored against his respective team, but it's early in the season. An exciting, see-saw battle for the spectator. Official attendance was 1,275 (including a good following from York). A main stand seat was £19 and a 24-page programme sold for £2.50. If a club the size of Dewsbury can do a proper printed programme, I've no idea why the likes of Bradford, Halifax, Hull KR, Leigh and Widnes cannot.
  8. I guess NCL newcomers Batley Boys will be issuing programmes for their home games at the Mount. Watch them instead. :-)
  9. Hopping Mad

    Challenge Cup Round 1

    Thanks for the link. Just seen that myself. Disgusting is the word. I should imagine when the Army played - and lost, narrowly - at Bentley in the first round, their players left the away dressing room as they found it. I wonder if West Hull will make the RFL aware of what took place. Or maybe they have the dignity to rise above this sort of 'pub team' behaviour?
  10. Bootle's ground is a complete dump. Waterloo now have a modern stand but, out at Blundellsands, they're well on the way to Southport.
  11. City of Liverpool FC, formed as recently as 2015, plan to build a new, 5,000-capacity stadium off Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley. The Purps claim to be the only non-league football club in 'proper' Liverpool. At present, they share with Bootle FC and attract anything up to 650 spectators. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/impressive-designs-revealed-what-could-15563795
  12. Hopping Mad

    RL 'fans' putting the sport down

    Didn't Nick Hornby say the average football fan leaves every game disappointed? eg. Your team win 3-0, and it's 'bloody 'ell, we should've 'ad six against that lot'. Same probably applies to rugby league supporters. Since I stopped following a team, and started attending matches as a neutral, I find I enjoy the game a lot more.
  13. Swinton have confirmed they'll be issuing a printed programme for 2019. Workington's website and Whitehaven's Twitter indicate both will be doing 'physical' programmes this season. Batley have confirmed it's digital only for 2019 (their programme is available free - you can subscribe).
  14. I've had confirmation Widnes won't be issuing 'physical' programmes in 2019.