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  1. A stats-minded individual posted the following in the forum's York City Knights section: League 1 Matches Only Bradford 3574 (3913) -9% York 1628 (1088) +50% Newcastle 1023 (910) +12% Doncaster 826 (562) +47% Whitehaven 798 (674) +18% Workington 782 (654) +20% Keighley 781 (808) -3% Hunslet 616 (413) +49% Oldham 505 (792) -36% Coventry 394 (366) +8% North Wales 374 (342) +9% West Wales 321 (229 as S.Wales) +40% London 320 (443) -28% Hemel 177 (118) +50%
  2. Hopping Mad

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    I'd like to go to the Test at Anfield. The revised Sunday date suits me much better. I used to be an Anfield regular in the early 1980s, watching the football team, while studying at the city's university. I haven't been to Anfield since 1986, but if I can't handpick a seat that suits me (as posts above suggest I cannot), I simply won't bother.
  3. Very true. Swinton have been on life support since they flogged Station Road. Hard to imagine Workington wouldn't have brought something useful to the second tier. Other than fulfilling the fixtures, what value do 'Buryton'/'Kersalton'/'Saleton' add?
  4. Hopping Mad

    Grand Final Crowd

    Has to be one of the bigger drawbacks of all-seat venues. Years ago, upon encountering drunken idiots (at any stadium sport), one could simply move to another part of the ground.
  5. Looks good. I enjoyed Watersheddings Memories. What a shame a print run of just 500 will be large enough to cope with demand from Oldham's few remaining supporters.
  6. Worth noting, for those thinking about driving to Heywood Road, Sunday is Manchester Half-Marathon day. The route (for 14,000 runners) includes Sale and the A56. Road closures will be in force. Be wise, perhaps, to check when they end. http://www.manchesterhalfmarathon.com/route/interactive-map/
  7. Makes it a level playing field, irrespective of how farcical the fixture is.
  8. So, Swinton will be similarly affected, then?
  9. Swinton win the coin toss, according to a Lions tweet. Might see about getting along to that game.
  10. Interesting RFL choice to present the trophy: solicitor Karen Moorhouse, director of operations and legal. Crowd 5,000-plus, according to the commentary team.
  11. FT 27-8. Congratulations to Bradford. Town will be hoping for some luck with the Swinton coin toss.
  12. Fists fly but the ref keeps his cards in his pocket.
  13. Hitchcox in at the corner. Hat-trick try. 23-8.
  14. Another poor penalty shot at goal from Bradford. Remains 19-8.