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  1. Poor Distington must be wondering if they'll ever get a home tie.
  2. This is pretty much what happened in Irish, Scottish and Welsh RU. Crowds at many of the 'local clubs' are now tiny.
  3. The history of speedway in Britain since the mid-1980s wouldn't make pretty reading either.
  4. Anyone else hear the interview with Hull FC owner Adam Pearson on BBC Radio Four's Today programme yesterday morning? Got a decent circa three-minute slot. The programme was broadcast (partly) from Hull, building up to City of Culture Year. Didn't catch who was firing the questions (not the loathsome Rob Bonnet, thankfully). Pearson was asked repeatedly about his alleged interest in getting involved again with Hull City FC but he kept steering the interview back to rugby league. Said his kids "love watching" RL. Also said: "Union has all the hype but league is a much better spectacle with a fantastic club scene". Voiced his desire to see HKR back in Super League. Interviewer made at least one mention of Hull being a "rugby league city".
  5. Heworth's ground, one of the best amateur RL set-ups in the country, seems the obvious place to play this game if it becomes an annual event. That said, the York RU ground and its pitch at Clifton Park were in tip-top condition on the 27th. Just seems a shame revenue such as bar takings - which must have been considerable (when did York RU last get a crowd of circa 600?) - isn't going back into RL. I was surprised how competitive State of Yorigin turned out to be. I imagine this being York Acorn's off season evened things up a bit.
  6. I watched Featherstone Lions batter South Wales in the Challenge Cup last season. The League 1 visitors were dreadful. Unfortunately, however, RL will never have a pukka pyramid like football.
  7. I thought someone would pick me up on that. Putting on my anorak, I was referring to separate pitches at the same site. Warriors spent at least some of last season (I went to one of the games there, versus Millom) on the old cricket pitch, while the main pitch was being reseeded. But I accept your point.
  8. I suspect the talent pool in York is getting shallower all the time. I went to a game at Heworth during their last NCL season. The woman selling the programmes and taking the gate money (the chair, I think she said) seemed to think it was a triumph the club had managed to field both a first and second XIII that day. Those much closer than me to ARL in York will know the answer. Interestingly, yesterday's State of Yorigin match featured several very decent players from all four York amateur clubs. But some of the Acorn lads looked a cut above.
  9. Given the quality of their facilities, it would be great to get Heworth (founder members?) back in. History suggests, however, maybe York can support only one successful NCL club at any one time.
  10. Going off at a (slight) tangent, how many GROUNDS have staged NCL rugby over the years? Several clubs on Mark's list have played at more than one venue. These include (off the top of my head) Egremont, East Leeds, Hunslet Warriors, Kells, Mayfield, Milford, Millom, Pilks, Waterhead, West Bowling, West Hull and Woolston Rovers.
  11. Impressive work, Mark! A query for you on these two names. Wasn't it Ideal Isberg? I did a fair chunk of my growing up in Greetland, and the club was always All Rounders, rather than Allrounders. The story (and that's all it may be) goes that when the club was established, members did weightlifting and played RL - enough to be considered 'All Rounders'! EDIT: Suspect it was Widnes St Maries - not St Mary's.
  12. East York XIII 20 West York XIII 22 (HT 4-18) @ Clifton Park, York RUFC, State of Yorigin, Stuart & Jackie Evans Memorial Game, crowd 600 (estimate). Excellent entertainment in perfect conditions. Four tries apiece. Players from the Heworth and New Earswick clubs made up the East team, York Acorn and York Lokomotive the West.
  13. Just back from this. West York pipped East York 22-20. West led 18-4 at half-time. Crucially, East missed two kickable conversions. A crowd of about 600. Some excellent rugby league action. Eight tries shared. Be great if this became an annual event. Credit to York RUFC for allowing use of their facilities. Programme (£2) was an eight-pager.
  14. Given their geographical isolation, Millom's constant membership is very impressive.
  15. Maybe so! I'd be as happy as most on this forum to see York's crowds get back to the 1,500-2,500 range. Ought to be, in a city the size of York. :-)