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  1. Did HCP choose to play the game at South Leeds Stadium? Or did the RFL deem your ground unfit to host semi-pro opposition?
  2. Coventry Bears versus Distington is the BBC's tie of choice for live streaming. Auntie smells an upset! http://www.rugby-league.com/challengecup/article/51865/coventry-bears-v-distington-selected-for-bbc-sport I predict wins for York, Normanton, Kells, Pilks, Workington (by no more than 10), Newcastle, Keighley (not by much), Bradford (a blow-out), Hunslet, Distington (not by much), Doncaster, Whitehaven (not by much) and Oldham.
  3. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    Sound suspiciously like what happened in football with the advent of the Premier League. The big clubs, with the connivance of the Football Association, engineered a structure enabling them to keep almost all the money in the sport. The big clubs didn't give a monkeys about the medium-size and small clubs, most of whom have been left to flounder and struggle since 1992.
  4. I bumped into this couple, at a non-league football match, on Boxing Day. They're longstanding rugby league fans and, as such, will know only too well how amateurish the sport can be. Not that it excuses yesterday's apparent fiasco. A poster in the rugby league section of another sport forum was at Stebonheath Park yesterday, and describes events thus: "Match postponed because of total stupidity by the new owners and swaggering know-all stewards of the new club. Pre-match boasting about how rich WWR were; how they had purchased Stebonheath Park from Llanelli Council; how they were going to make an immediate impact. Their impact was to have had no idea that RFL regulations say that a doctor has to be present at a game. Half an hour after the scheduled start a doctor arrived. The referee checked with him and found that he did not have the appropriate drugs and medicines. The doctor rushed to the nearest hospital. Procured drugs. Returned and showed them to the referee. They were the wrong drugs. Referee then called off the game."
  5. I know - it's ridiculous. York's next few games, all away, are Askam (February 25, Challenge Cup), Coventry (March 4, league) and Oldham (March 11, league). I presume March 18 is Challenge Cup round four. Why is it so difficult to alternate between home and away games?
  6. Game today

    Thanks for that!
  7. TODAY

    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the last-gasp penalty, I (a neutral) felt York were the better side in both halves. Plenty of promise in their team. May well be back for more on March 25, when York play Keighley. Well done, York, for handing out, to spectators leaving the ground, flyers advertising the Keighley game. Smart move. Shame, from a marketing perspective, it's such a long way off!
  8. Next home league game is against Keighley on March 25 (3pm). Flyers were being handed out to spectators leaving the ground. I noticed quite a few HKR shirts in the crowd!
  9. Just back from Bootham Crescent (it's a five-minute walk, door to door). Cracking York-Bradford game for a bumper 4,281 crowd. It's the second highest rugby league crowd of all time at Bootham Cresent, topped only by the 11,247 who watched a Challenge Cup tie with Leeds in January 1989, and a record crowd for the 'new' York Club, bettering the 3,509 who saw a January 2005 friendly with Leeds, also at Bootham Crescent. Bradford won it with the last kick of the match, a 44-metre Joe Keyes penalty awarded in the second minute of stoppage time. The hooter sounded as he was teeing up the ball. I was a neutral at this, and felt York were the better side in both halves. They had better field position and created the better chances. Looked more creative, too. Defeat was very hard on the home team. Mind you, the rest of League One can take considerable heart from this afternoon's events. On this evidence, Bradford really aren't any great shakes. Bulls didn't get their noses in front until the 37th minute and fell behind again in the 68th. Admission was £15 (main stand seat) and a lightweight 16-page programme sold for a rip-off £2.
  10. Game today

    Any chance you could keep us posted on the final date, opponents and venue? Always fancied watching the SCF, and somehow manage to miss it every season.
  11. Great to hear York are opening Bootham Crescent's Pop Side Stand for the Bradford game. Plenty of room for all now therefore no need to muck about buying a ticket.
  12. More live rugby on TV

    Exactly the view of my wife, who travels by train, for work, from York to King's Cross at least once every week. We had some great (essentially free) days out, every couple of months, to London and Edinburgh with the old loyalty scheme. Branson put paid to those!
  13. Challenge Cup Third Round

    The first 't' is silent. Some say Dizzington, others Dissington. Maybe Distingtonians are so used to the name of their village being pronounced incorrectly, they don't worry about it.
  14. Challenge Cup Third Round

    Shame Dave Woods, after three Challenge Cup draws, still hasn't learned (or thought it necessary to learn) how to pronounce Distington.
  15. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    Yes, she loves to crack the whip. :-)