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  1. Media Watch World Cup

    Sorry, I was being sarcastic there. Doesn't work too well in this medium!
  2. Media Watch World Cup

    All is forgiven...
  3. Media Watch World Cup

    They probably couldn't be bothered to rewrite the script. Let's face it, BBC Breakfast is 20 minutes of rubbish, repeated for almost four hours. Must be the dullest programme to work on.
  4. Play next week (against Australia) for 80 minutes as they did in the opening 20 (against Tonga) then England have a chance. On the edge of the sofa at the end. England really shouldn't have put me through that. That last seven minutes was both alarming and thrilling. Nearly undid all the good work that went before. Performances still improving, though. Hoping England peak in Brisbane.
  5. Media Watch World Cup

    My complaint was much more specific than the BBC's reply suggests. "I understand that..." Sorry, you don't appear to understand at all! As long as the licence fee millions continue to roll in, the profligate BBC simply doesn't care what its consumers think of its activities.
  6. Media Watch World Cup

    Just received the BBC's response to my complaint about its RL World Cup coverage: Thank you for contacting the BBC. I understand you feel there is insufficient coverage of the Rugby League World Cup. Naturally we regret when any member of our audience is unhappy with any aspect of what we do. We are offering coverage of the Rugby League World Cup across TV, Radio, BBC Red Button and BBC Sports Website. As a publicly funded broadcaster the BBC has finite resources and can not always provide all the coverage every member of our audience may want to see. Inevitably decisions about what matches we show will involve a judgement call and we appreciate not everyone will be happy with all our decisions. There is more detailed information about the coverage being provided by the BBC on the BBC Media Centre Web page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/rugby-league-world-cup Please be assured we have passed your complaints to the teams responsible for sport on the BBC as well as BBC Management via our audience feedback report to ensure your concerns are seen by the right people quickly.
  7. Media Watch World Cup

    It's a waste of time complaining to the arrogant, complacent, outmoded BBC. On the occasions I've complained (and there's been a few), the BBC rarely admits it is in error. When it does, it always has a lame/inappropriate/barely credible excuse for being so. Or, as you have discovered, the BBC ignores the actual complaint made and responds to one it prefers would have been made.
  8. 2018 Kits

    Love it. Now, imagine how great Workington Town's strip would look if they took a leaf out of Wakefield's book and opted for a plain white shirt with a broad blue band across the chest.
  9. 2018 Kits

    That Wigan away kit is reminiscent of a dog's breakfast shirt worn as an alternative by Cowdenbeath FC in the late Eighties. It's a complete shocker. Unless they have to (i.e. the players), who would wear that in public? When it comes to design, any sort of design, nothing succeeds like simplicity. The Wigan home shirt follows this guideline - and looks excellent.
  10. Wow. Some pretty nifty running and handling in that reel. I'm tempted to say more exciting than some of the R&H seen during the 2017 World Cup.
  11. My wife, raised in the posh bit of Surrey, would say 'keckle' is a form of laughter.
  12. At university, I had a brief thing with a lass from Baxenden. She asked constantly if I'd 'like a brew'. I'd have preferred her to ask me for something else, to be honest, but at least her tea tasted nice. Close game, but England by 10. Lebanon showed Tonga are far from unbeatable.
  13. 2018 Sponsors

    If the kits come free, as part of the deal, they won't mind so much!
  14. 2018 Sponsors

    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're after there!
  15. 2018 Sponsors

    Quite a lot of information here (worth over £200,000, apparently): http://nationalconferenceleague.co.uk/leagues__competitions/national_conference_league/article/50756/rhino-and-arnold-clark-back-the-national-conference-league