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  1. fev4evatiggerneva

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Alright saying let him go and replace him, players started pre season yesterday and they are a very unhappy small group of blokes by the sounds of it. Been told Duffy not even had contract offer in writing off fev, had no say in recruitment but 3 year deal on table from Leigh on his door step, if we wanted rid, should have been gone end of last season, with a replacement there to take over yesterdays 1st pre season session. Sounds a bit of a circus at the minute.
  2. fev4evatiggerneva

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Rumour still going pretty strong round leigh, fev of them recon theyve offered him offer he cant refuse and will be revealed as there new coach beggining of december. Hopefully bull, would be massive set back for us.
  3. fev4evatiggerneva

    Steve Lingard RIP

    Rip steve, top bloke signed me as a young en, thoughts are with his family.
  4. fev4evatiggerneva

    2019 Squad

    Must be a players agent or summat this boyo🤔
  5. fev4evatiggerneva

    Reserve grade for next season

    I was told other day, the reserve league will be a 10 team competition next season. Some very good recruitment is needed, to get a team to compete with the likes of wigan though.
  6. fev4evatiggerneva

    2019 Squad

    Thing with Halifax, theyve been getting pretty poor crowds, they rent there ground off the council, was also told the council takes most of takings if not all off there catering profits aswell. So they will have very little income coming, other than the funding.
  7. fev4evatiggerneva

    Gaz Hock

    Well the club told him he was free to leave over a month back, or take a decent paycut, the last of his travel buddys from lancashire as just gone, so woudnt suprise me, thackray also weighing up his options, so best hope these png lads are pretty special.
  8. fev4evatiggerneva

    Gaz Hock

    Somebody on facebook said he had asked to be released.
  9. fev4evatiggerneva

    2019 Squad

    Bradford deal in monopoly money anyway dont they?
  10. fev4evatiggerneva

    Gaz Hock

    Players come and go, but losing carlile wilde and rumoured to be loosing riddy and thackray, am pretty worried if them 2 go to be replaced by a couple of png lads who are unproven at this level and a lad whos been playing for lock lane replacing our hookers. Its a massive overhaul of players and Duffys going to have his work cut out to get us up to pace, in an even tougher championship. Weve got Toronto,toulouse,Halifax,Widnes, then york and Bradford looking strong, Barrow come into some cash, were going to have to recruit very wisely, our back row looking pretty good, but some recruiting to be done yet.
  11. fev4evatiggerneva

    2019 Squad

    Hes still contracted for next season and the club announced at the forum he was staying, weather he does or not though is a different matter.
  12. fev4evatiggerneva

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    He wont be replaced by anyone from the bigger clubs either. Your missing the point, we were offering him a lot less than lower clubs are paying players, not saying hes a superstar, but a young lad who come through our reserves, whos improving all the time and we will have to pay someone from a lower club more, to do the same job.
  13. fev4evatiggerneva

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    End of the day, there part time players, familys to support and morgages to pay. Version of events ive been told is, he wasnt on a lot and asked to take even less to stay. They train 3 times a week aswell as holding down a full time job, risking injury and not been able to do there full time job, if a club like sheffield can offer you 30 odd% more, youve got to think am i getting p£@% took out of me here. If were looking at replacements from Dewsbury or Batley we will have to offer them quite a bit more than we did knowles, for it to be worth there while coming to fev, just hope they show his commitment on the field.
  14. fev4evatiggerneva

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    He still needs replacing though, we wont get anybody for less than hes on, of any great quality. He hasnt been offered a great deal off sheffield, sure he would have stayed at fev for the same, had we offered it. Seen as he only lives down road.
  15. fev4evatiggerneva

    Misi back to Sheffield as a coach? Pure speculation

    Thought missi was done as a player, half way through the season. Hes found a new lease of life back end of season though. Playing as well as ever. Looks like he could do another season, if his body feels up to it. Must be taking its toll now though, he puts 110% into everything and is involved in some big collisions.