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  1. Forgot singleton had made an appearance?.
  2. Theres 1 playing for Leeds thats played for fev this season. Do a bit of research before trying to be funny, and making yourself look a plonker?.
  3. 1 thing that fax have had the last few years is a togetherness, and will to win for eachother, theyve done the simple things well and probably overachieved, compared to clubs who have probably had a bigger budget around them. They seemed to crumble pretty easily against toronto and were the same at fev. Think things gone a bit stale and bit of a shake up needed, johnson seemed to be trying really hard in halfs, murrell doesnt look a patch on what hes been previous years, grix was good for you last season, really let himself go in off season.
  4. Not sure mate, 1 of mates sons played with him at Hull uni and hes always been hooker/ half back for them he says, think weve always used him as a winger like.
  5. Watching fax vs toronto, i cant see things improving at fax anytime soon, too many players out of shape, halfs non existent. Only time they look like creating owt is wingers make a break or sharpe down the middle. They had plenty of possesion 1st 20 but come away with 2 points 3 times, didnt build any pressure or try wear toronto down, Toronto have there bit of a purple patch and coast in for 4 unaswered try and games gone. Think marshall out of ideas, murrell who has carried you last 3 or 4 year is passed his best and confidence very low in the rest. As for fev, we will be targeting York at home as the big 1 we must win and 1 that is winnable in the next 3.
  6. The hard part to take yesterday, was some very poor decisions from the coach. Young kid playing on the wing out of position, bad move to start with. But few simple changes we would have been a lot more solid, but after 3 or 4 mistakes early on, the kid was left out there for the full 80 minute and we conceded 5 of the 6 trys down his side. Newman to wing Harrison to centre and Day 2nd row after 20 minutes, when the kids head was well ant truely up his backside, and things would have been a lot more solid, but after conceding 2 trys and another 3 or 4 blunders, he was left to concede another 3 try. Was a poor team effort from everyone, Dewsbury looked lot better coached and motivated team, and deserved the win, but with a bit more knowledge from the coach, we could have probably scraped an undeserved win.
  7. Well done to Dewsbury, better team today. Worst fev performance ive seen for some years though, Mcdaniel nowhere near good enough at this level, questions need to be asked of coach aswell, changes should have been made after letting 1st 2 or 3 trys in, but left him out there to let another 3 or 4 in, cant afford to do that with 2 experianced halfs like sykes and finn, obviously going to target him.
  8. Some terrible goal line defence from us gifted them 3 trys, 2 penaltys for nothing early on in the 2nd half, led to leigh scoring 2 trys and effectively changed the game, we was in top end of 1st half and, thought we would have kicked on and won the game, but lacked fire power on the bench, due to the drop outs.
  9. Wow, very bitter on here, atleast half a dozen negative posters, so pretty obvious you wasnt all at the game, as theres only 4 passangers in a taxi.
  10. Not seen much of Darley, but Beckett has the ability to play sl, maybe a year too soon for regular 1s team with the back row we have at the minute. So good move for him to get some regular 1st team minutes under his belt. Sure will take the opportunity and come back to us stronger.
  11. Got fax on sunday, wheeldon and Delaney both back to fitness and available for selection. Only watson here at the minute, other 1 is the centre, watson in great shape, i follow him on instagram, he played big part in there win vs England nights not long ago, and been training since, see how he adapts to the championship.
  12. Were am i flapping? Am actually stucking up for the kids who have come from amatuer and done a decent job against the best amatuer club in the country with only a few week together. Think its about time kids got a chance at this level again, been begging for reserves back last few year.
  13. Some people are just absolutely clueless, dont put there brain into action before coming out with absolute bull. They must just look at the names of the clubs and think that shouldnt happen, if they did a bit of research, they would see it was a very good amatuer side against a newly formed reserve team. The clubs has recruited better than i thought to get within 4 points of them, seen as though a handfull of our team were playing pennine league, or u18s amatuer level last season.
  14. People seeing featherstone going down 14 10 to an amatuer side, thinking were doomed, but in reality thats a very good effort from them young lads, who have also mainly come from amatuer, to play for our reserves or trial for them. Theyve only been together a few week and most never played together, so to give the best amatuer side in the country a very close game is a good effort, shows the club as done a decent job recruiting some good amatuer talent aswell in such a short space of time. Id expect Davis and Hardy to be the only 2 out of todays squad, that will play regular 1st team, so will have been a very good hit out for the rest of the young lads.
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