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  1. Got fax on sunday, wheeldon and Delaney both back to fitness and available for selection. Only watson here at the minute, other 1 is the centre, watson in great shape, i follow him on instagram, he played big part in there win vs England nights not long ago, and been training since, see how he adapts to the championship.
  2. Were am i flapping? Am actually stucking up for the kids who have come from amatuer and done a decent job against the best amatuer club in the country with only a few week together. Think its about time kids got a chance at this level again, been begging for reserves back last few year.
  3. Some people are just absolutely clueless, dont put there brain into action before coming out with absolute bull. They must just look at the names of the clubs and think that shouldnt happen, if they did a bit of research, they would see it was a very good amatuer side against a newly formed reserve team. The clubs has recruited better than i thought to get within 4 points of them, seen as though a handfull of our team were playing pennine league, or u18s amatuer level last season.
  4. People seeing featherstone going down 14 10 to an amatuer side, thinking were doomed, but in reality thats a very good effort from them young lads, who have also mainly come from amatuer, to play for our reserves or trial for them. Theyve only been together a few week and most never played together, so to give the best amatuer side in the country a very close game is a good effort, shows the club as done a decent job recruiting some good amatuer talent aswell in such a short space of time. Id expect Davis and Hardy to be the only 2 out of todays squad, that will play regular 1st team, so will have been a very good hit out for the rest of the young lads.
  5. fev4evatiggerneva

    Great PR by Featherstone

    Well done👏.
  6. fev4evatiggerneva

    Great PR by Featherstone

  7. fev4evatiggerneva

    Great PR by Featherstone

    Load of wetwipes fax fans, dont mind going to fax cause i know they get next to nowt of money i spend there anyway.
  8. fev4evatiggerneva

    Great PR by Featherstone

    End of the day 1st team takes priority on your own ground, especially when you own the ground, not playing 2nd fiddle to an amatuer football like fax. Its part of the yorkshire cup fixtures and a important fixture in our preperations for the new season, seen as our coach and 4 or 5 overseas signings are arriving this week and next, theres just 2 week after this fixture till our 1st league game. Not sure the groundsman would have been too keen on fitting a 1st team game in on the same weekend as 6 amatuer games either.
  9. fev4evatiggerneva

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Roll on, needs to crack on to get us owt like for season starting, couple of players supposed to be coming with him.
  10. fev4evatiggerneva

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    We flipping a coin to see who plays in halfs🙈.
  11. I never heard no racist chants and i was stood in middle of them, ya dads a #### and so are you to cory aston, and the usual we hate cas songs. Security surrounded us from start to finish so, sure something would have been done if racist chants were going off. Easily offended them pussycat fans, alright when there shouting abusive chants throwing bottles and causing bother, but fev come and have a bit of a laugh and a sing song, not looking to cause any trouble and there all animals.
  12. fev4evatiggerneva

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Dont think ive mentioned land like, dont see what your getting at, am on about our facilities when people come on here and slag fev especially people from ainley top who are well known for mounting sheep.
  13. fev4evatiggerneva

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Weve got some of the best self owned facilities in the game over here, most teams are just tennants these days and dont own a bean.
  14. fev4evatiggerneva

    2019 captain?

    I think jonny davies would make a good captain, sets an example with how he plays. Comes up with some big plays to lift his team. Other than him Delaney probably the obvious choice, lots of experiance at the top level and somebody the young lads will look up to.
  15. fev4evatiggerneva

    Reserve grade for next season

    Oxford tiger.