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  1. But it had nothing to do with the offensive chants or in now way started them, which is a ridiculous statement is the point am making, lot of time our fans make things worse talking bull , people that dont have any information about the incident, just need to zip it, instead of posting rubbish everywhere making matters worse and dragging the club down.
  2. Ive sat in that section on the stand since it opened, there has been various different drums and drummers in the time, the drum beat sets off 2 chants what i can think of non are in the slightest offensive, other chants are started and sometimes joined with a drum beat, impossible for people to come up with a spur of the moment chant from a few drum beats unless weve got Queen sat at back of stand. The chant in question didnt have the drum joining in, if it did people probably wouldnt have heard it anyway.
  3. I put it on for 10 minutes and our lass said what the hell are u watching, she said its like watching a chequers match terrible ground and no atmosphere, cant believe its allowed at this level.
  4. Probably were he will end up at the back end of his career, hes powerful lad, technically very good and has decent pace at the minute, so probably better served in the back row for now, but cant see him having a problem playing in the front row.
  5. Doesnt sound like Carr wanting to make any changes for the game this weekend, but when a player like fergy comes available, weve cant knock him back, hes a very good sl back rower and as always wanted to play for fev at some point in his career, been a local lad. Turned down a couple of sl clubs to come to us. So wont hurt to have a player of his calibre breathing down the necks of the established players, weve a tricky run in coming up, the competition for places will do us good.
  6. Not only thing hes still doing.
  7. Hes made us a miles better team already, weve played some right rugby since hes come in. We was 1 up and clueless before. He clicked 1st game against best team in league, and has had 2 different half back partners in 4 games, so will get even better when hes got a settled partnership with Holmes, so no brainer hes made us a better team.
  8. Not to mention your attendances, heard theyve stopped opening stands at fax just put fans in dugouts, save on security costs.
  9. Dont know what robin said to u that time to really upset u, but wish he would say it again.
  10. Ha ha, suppose it adds a bit of entertainment to your dull life, i dont give a dam whats happening at fax, so dont even read there forums, never mind sticking my nose into stuff i havent a clue about, theres a name for people like u, busybody's. Cant think of anything more irritating than a busybody.
  11. Did u witness somebody tell the young girl to f off? People like u make problems worse, jump on bandwagon and stuff gets blown out of proportion, when they havent a scooby doo what actually went off. Leave matters to the people concerned then they dont get complicated.
  12. Keep popping up to owt negative at fev. But you never replied to me about the Fax coke sniffers, amongst your whiter that white fans, did they get dealt with?
  13. Yes mate think thats a big problem in the game these days, the sl is just a conveyor belt of athletes, most of kids with natural ability get it coached out of them and just get coached to play a percentage game, which is boring to watch a lot of the time. Powell plays an expansive game and hes took a lot of half backs that look pretty average in other teams, but look world beaters playing a more expansive and creative game for him. You need so much structure in a team, but on the other hand you need players who can weave a bit of magic and turn a game for you, players for me these days dont get enough opportunitys to show what natural ability they have.
  14. Ye weve been there before, but think he seems to be enjoying it with us and good mates with king, so hopefully kick on and get us in that top 5. Think Tom Holmes popping up on his shoulder when he gets a bit of match fitness could be deadly, few times ive seen him break and lacked support from somebody with a bit of speed, something holmes does well when hes match fit.
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