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  1. Don’t think Luke is available- one match ban for sliding in with knees according to RfL disciplinary website
  2. I came away feeling robbed but having reflected I tend to agree that we let that one get away from us - yes I’m convinced Ormy did get the ball down (and Sutty in the first half too) but we’d let them right back into the game by the end of the 1st half and most of the second so only have ourselves to blame. if you look at recent results we’ve struggled to beat any of our top 5 rivals so are probably right where we should be in 5th. its on to LSV next week and see what happens I guess
  3. Do you know for definite they won’t play next year? Might do as they’ve done this year and play a series of friendlies? I watched the game and there didn’t seem to be any attempt to commemorate the end of an era at the end of the game so could suggest they think they will be around next year. Eg no team photo etc i could be wrong but prefer to wait to hear from the club officially rather than speculating
  4. Pleased with Minns for next year. Was impressed with him when he was on loan with us previously.
  5. Brad Day Wellington Albert McCllenand (sp?)
  6. Colin - thanks for organising this this season. Speaking personally whats been suggested as a solution seems sensible to me
  7. Regards speculation that we’ve approached Spedding from Barrow. Ex Saints player but can’t say I know much about him - or indeed if it’s true at all as nothing announced our end.
  8. I was just curious as to why Wigan had recalled them. Has there been some fall out between Swinton and Wigan? Do Wigan have lots of injuries and so need them back? There could be lots of reasons. BTW - I’m not a swinton fan so it doesn’t affect me either way.
  9. Any reason given by Wigan why they have recalled their players?
  10. I agree Blues Ox- any game in recent times against fax either at Post Office Rd or the Shay has that added spice. But most at Fev would count Cas as our closet rivals even though the opportunities to play them in the past decade or so have been limited to pre-season friendlies, the couple of occasions when they got relegated and one cup game.
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