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  1. Featherstone have done this for a couple of years now. It's not an increase in admission price it's a discount for buying early. It is also available for away supporters to buy on line. We can also buy tickets to away matches in advance from the club shop. These are not discounted but the club receives 20% of each sale. Non of the tickets are refundable so you take your chance.
  2. Chizzy Susino Hardcastle
  3. If you want a site with all the facilities, have a look at Crystal palace caravan club site. Lovely site and the bus into London is only £1-50. Good luck this season UTR
  4. Mach

    The Final

    Well done Oldham. Good to have you back.
  5. Well done for all your achievements this year. You should be very proud of your club. Good luck for next season.
  6. Mach

    New stadium

    I remember going to watch Fev at Clarence street in the seventies, a old traditional ground. The new stadium is something completely different. It looks great, looking forward to visiting, pity it’s been delayed. Let’s hope it gives you some great memories (but not against Fev). What happened to the petition about the parking charges.
  7. Chisholm Holmes Briscoe Great defence first half. Great attack second half. A performance Peter Fox would have enjoyed.
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