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  1. 2018 signings

    ali blair signs, very happy ali is staying, come on thunder!!!!
  2. Predictions for league 1

    from what i seen of ritson against thunder he looked very good indeed, and i have heard about how good he is, so its a great signing for us, as i keep saying all teams have signed very well, and its going to be a very competitive league next season, we also signed connor fitzsimmons who played for workington last season i see.
  3. Predictions for league 1

    id imagine he will play wing, Peter fox retired so we needed to replace him.
  4. 2018 signings

    squad looking very strong pete, come on thunder!!
  5. Predictions for league 1

    yes indeed, I'm very happy with agoro, ritson and Lloyd signings, every new player we have brought in looks very good, ben pointer hooker from london broncos also is a good signing, on paper we do look very good, hopefuly the squad gel as you say, keeping the league 1 young player of the year and thunders top try scorer fullback lewis young for me was the best bit of buisness, quality player, though as i say all league 1 teams have strong squads, going to be a very competitive league next season.
  6. League 1 2018

    we are staying at the llanelli central travelodge, arrive the saturday and leave the monday, looking forward to a great weekend, yes he will be there too bigkev haha cant wait!! Come on thunder!!
  7. Predictions for league 1

    I really hope your correct, going to be a very competitive league one next season and I cant wait, we have kept most of last seasons squad including young player of the year and top try scorer lewis young, all teams have strengthened well, Hemel look strong and hunslet.
  8. 2018 signings

    Matty Barron stays.
  9. Premier Sports cancellation

    what channel is going to show the nrl now??
  10. 2018 signings

    Ben dent joins from york, another great signing.
  11. Ben Dent

    yes ben has joined us, look forward to seeing him in action next season, going to be a very competitive league one.
  12. League 1 2018

    see you their in Feb when newcastle visit stopping over 2 nights.
  13. 2018 signings

    york also putting together a very good squad, going to be a very competitive league 1 next season, cant wait!
  14. 2018 signings

    aaron ollett joins the club from dewsbury, played on duel reg for thunder from hull kr a couple of seasons ago, top player, great signing.
  15. 2018 signings

    harry aldous is also staying, great news.