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  1. Thunder fan

    What's happening at the Skolars?

    hope your correct Kris, squad looking very good so far, with experianced signings liam finn, alex rowe, keal carlile, jared blanke and misi tauluapapa so far announced, and keeping hold of fullback lewis young and scrum half remy marginet so our squad looks strong, cant wait for next season, hunslet have signed well and workington and doncaster will be up their too.
  2. Thunder fan

    1895 Trophy

    i agree though the extra games especialy if their at home is great for the clubs isnt it? 1 or 2 extra home games isnt a bad thing?...
  3. Thunder fan

    1895 Trophy

    16 clubs will start with all league 1 teams and NCL teams, 2 knockout rounds then 12 championship clubs will enter.
  4. Thunder fan

    Thunder strengthen with Taulapapa deal

    great signing, still 2 more new signings to announce, havnt a clue who they are though, bring on next season, will be another tough league 1 season, hunslet are signing well in my opinion.
  5. Thunder fan

    2019 Squad

    thanks alot for that.
  6. Thunder fan

    2019 Squad

    cant wait for next season, looking forward to seeing these guys in action for us.
  7. Thunder fan

    wakefield friendly

    ive lived in york for 10 years now and travel to home and away games, great atmosphere, we are a very friendly bunch the thunder army 😁😀
  8. Thunder fan

    wakefield friendly

    sorry didnt reply earlier, thunder have replied though so thats good, you will realy enjoy your visit to kingston park, enjoy.
  9. Thunder fan

    wakefield friendly

    saturday 19th january 2pm k.o at kingston park we host super league side wakefield trinity, look forward to the game and hope wakefield send a few 1st teamers.
  10. Thunder fan

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    would be great if its held in newcastle, the magic weekend the last 4 years has been great and this would also be great, i would go and watch without a doubt.
  11. well done swinton, this is my opinion which i am entitled to, i think swinton should of been relegated after finishing bottom, great effort workington, see 3 of your subs were injured and still played today, great effort.
  12. Thunder fan

    2019 squad

    14 pete, niall sidney also.
  13. Thunder fan

    2019 squad

    mo agoro signs new deal, another very good player.
  14. Thunder fan

    2019 squad

    so we have a good player fev fans?? thats great to hear, along with liam finn signed at 6 looks like we have another top signing in keal.
  15. Thunder fan

    "T" Ritson

    posted my opinion that was all, lewis young was played out of position all season, hes a fullback though so is tee, lewis was played at 6 and centre though he is a fullback and wants to play fullback, next season he will be back playing at fullback, he was linked with moves to super league though we kept him, again good luck to tee, top player.