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  1. Thunder fan

    Hunslet 10 Newcastle 46

    maybe we want promotion so are paying decent wages to get promoted, just my opinion though.
  2. Thunder fan

    2019 squad

    yes alex rowe big strong powerful experianced prop forward, just what we need, come on thunder!!
  3. will be at hunslet, tough game, come on thunder!
  4. Thunder fan

    Richard Moore

    lewis young has signed a 1 year deal to remain at thunder next season.
  5. i know it wasnt meant as an insult, just happy to prove you wrong haha, as a thunder fan im very upset we havnt made the playoff spots as we can beat the top sides, we have a really good side, though never mind, cant wait for 2019 season and with liam finn signed he will add much needed experiance to our side, bring on hunslet on sunday.
  6. looks like we are capable.
  7. fulltime thunder 50 workington 22.
  8. half time thunder 28 workington 16.
  9. Thunder fan

    2019 squad

    fantastic news lewis is staying he had lots of clubs after him, class news this.
  10. Thunder fan

    Gaz Hock

    very interesting indeed, why would he start that rumour off, we shall have to wait and see.
  11. Thunder fan

    Gaz Hock

    seen it on love rugby league that he joined thunder haha rumours eh, cant find it on his twitter saying he hasnt signed for thunder...
  12. Thunder fan

    Gaz Hock

    hock linked with a move to newcastle thunder for 2019.
  13. Thunder fan

    Newcastle 2019 League 1 favourites?

    1 game v you boys doesnt make marginet a bad player.
  14. Thunder fan

    Newcastle 2019 League 1 favourites?

    prop forward without a doubt.
  15. Thunder fan

    oldham home

    was a great win v oldham, didnt expect to win that game, shows we have the players to beat the top sides in the league, shame we havnt beat the top sides alot more this season we could of been in the play off spaces, never mind bring on 2019 season cant wait for that!!