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  1. You're splitting hairs now - the physical comparison between Rooke and Mellor is there for all to see .According to your logic both of them are "undersized" for wingers yet given the chance they score plenty tries. As others have remarked the lack of A teams is a major problem when trying to give game time to players and I don't have any magic solution for that. My opinion is that lads like Rooke and Marwood will be giving their all when the travelling loanees have melted away. You clearly have a different take on it which you are of course entitled to. That's why this is a forum..........
  2. If Blain is going to get his chance it will have to be soon. He came on a months trial (from Barrow Island,not Seaton) and that time is nearly up. Depending on agreement from both sides I suppose that period could be extended but the possibility is that -like many other local talents - he will drift back to his amateur roots or worse still be picked up by another semi-pro outfit and come back to haunt us in the future. If players giving 100% is your benchmark then Scott Rooke fits the bill perfectly. Regardless of his criticised physique Scotty would play prop if you asked him because the blue and white means so much to locals like him. Oh, and -I stand to be corrected- he isn't from Seaton either - Flimby I am told.
  3. That'll work wonders for the lad's confidence! Scotty is about the same build as Mellor so does the same criticism apply? O'Donnell is no doubt a good player but on loan for an unspecified term and as for him replacing Penky that would be dependent on Leigh releasing him. It would also add another traveller to the roster when the perceived wisdom seems to favour more local players.
  4. I suppose the difference is that O'Donnell is on loan and Marwood could become a permanent signing if he's given a proper chance to show his worth.
  5. Centres and wingers have always been interchangeable, even in Town line-ups and certainly in sides much further up the food chain. As for Blain Marwood you seem confident in judging him negatively based on the few (try scoring) minutes he has been afforded .Ryan Fieldhouse is undoubtedly a class act and I too wonder why "narrow" let him go...........
  6. Just as a postscript to my experience of today I have to mention the uplifting sight of the local kids playing their hearts out at halftime. Imagine the thrill of having your folks and a few hundred others see you performing on that stage. I still recall the joy of winning half a crown (12and a half pence today) in the Seaton Carnival sports 100 yards sprint when Adam was a lad. Those youngsters and their parents and coaches are the lifeblood of Rugby League in West Cumbria and the much needed stadium must be provided for them and so many other local sporting causes as well as Reds and Town. Next week is an opportunity for the new Allerdale political regime to connect with its newly inherited electorate by turning up and seeing first hand just how challenging the circumstances are for all sporting activities in THEIR part of the county.
  7. I understood the pitch at DP will be widened . Shoehorning the speedway track in made it one of the narrowest pitches in Rugby League .
  8. Agree - we are a much better side with Singleton there. He is so strong and full of options including a tactical kicking game. For me the jury is still out on whether Wellington is an improvement on Rooke and I thought Blain Marwood might have made the bench. Nevertheless a good high scoring win and to complete the joy Charlo's champs got beat
  9. Hadn't been to the Reds ground for decades and thoroughly enjoyed the different experience. The pitch was a credit to the ground staff but I was shocked to see the state of the stand - so much seating in positively dangerous condition and a leaking roof. Not a reflection on the Reds management- I'm sure they do all they can with very limited resources. Very handy parking at Perry's Palace ( is Jenkinson looking to take his Crown?) . Also pie, proper peas, gravy and chips for a fiver ! As for the proximity of the speccies to the pitch surely now that DP is to be widened after the removal of the speedway track that experience will be improved? One thing is for certain - both Clubs deserve much better facilities and any councillors standing in the way of meaningful development aren't fit for office.
  10. Drainage has always been good at DP due to it being sited on top of an old ashes tip,created when cinders and ash were pretty much the only waste dumped. Unlike today's landfill largely inert materials including glass.........my old feller used to ratch for old bottles and pot lids when he was a kid living at Back Row, Northside. Probably the reason that historically many matches survived very wet weather at DP when the paddy field down the road was unplayable
  11. Somebody said Scotty had left the building?? Very sad if true - the kid came back from injuries that would have seen lesser mortals opt for the quiet life. Never gives less than 100% and persevered when he was frozen out by the previous coach.
  12. Anybody know just what is occurring in the cradle of democracy that is Allerdale council ?? Are Bluebeard and his missus still in office??
  13. Christ! Is he cutting back!?
  14. Don't understand the German part of that last sentence..........
  15. Great to get the win and the boost to the points differential but what concerns me is the image that West Wales gives to Rugby League in general. On all known evidence they just lurch from one hammering to another without the remotest prospect of ever winning. Just what is Red Hall's take on this shambles? How long can it go on when there is no evidence of any improvement in the playing squad or coaching set up?
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