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  1. 2018 Season Launch this Friday at 7.15

    Big Phill!!

    Given the coach -the quality signings and the prospect of additional bodies it doesn't look like treading water is the objective this year. I'm all for a tilt at promotion- ambition is the only thing that will get the punters back through the turnstiles.
  3. Hock

    So was Joseph what?? Just what spurious comparison are you trying to make? Wilkes is the consummate professional who would still be at Barrow had they not made him a derisory financial offer for this season. Ollie has a point to prove and he'll be doing it in a Town shirt.
  4. Hock

    Sadly I don't possess the contortionist skills required for such a feat ! I don't however have any loyalty issues and as I have said before the only time I put my money through the jam turnstile is when Town are there.
  5. Hock

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition !
  6. Hock

    I recall when we pushed the boat out and signed Jim Mills. He came with a reputation that makes Gareth look like a pussy cat and he didn't disappoint ! He put a few hundred on the gate at least as the classic pantomime villain (Oh yes he did!) but he could play a bit as well!
  7. Hock

    Yeah - but you're a closet jam fan!
  8. New Facebook group

    Not on Facebook but good luck with what sounds like a good project. I was very much immersed in the Spider Walsh era and spent some memorable times on the road with fans and players alike. Would love to see those good times return to the club!
  9. Squad Numbers

    The rumour still persists ,but to be honest I'd rather settle for a fit Liam Harrison. Being tapping my Barrow contact for any info on his preseason without much luck . Any word around on Liams progress ?
  10. Squad Numbers

  11. Away shirt

    Whiskey by the look of it!🍾
  12. Away shirt

    Is this a coup? Last time I looked Trouty was the Moderator and I haven't noticed any inclination from him to stifle debate. G.T.'s recent "contributions" have ranged from being totally out of order in respect of Jason Mossop's departure to gross with regards to the kit debate. I have a history of having a pop at the Jambos but there is a limit.
  13. Away shirt

    Still talking sh*te I see! 💩
  14. Away shirt

    Care to translate?
  15. Away shirt

    Not even a lobotomy would change the exiled Geordie's mind set !