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  1. Even if Toulouse were to miraculously win, the chances of being in the MPG are next to nil due with London likely to hammer Halifax. Salford with their full back returning, a home game and TO traveling at short notice look like they will see off TO.
  2. Why didn’t SL/RFL think of that ? Surely they did?
  3. Snowman123

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    TWP v London looks certain. Even with a very very unlikely win for Toulouse over Salford, London will know the PD to hit Halifax with. Halifax are better than their position though. Not sure if they are capable of an upset, with London fired up.
  4. Yeah, needs to be. I wonder if TO’s form is enough to drop Salford, based on the HKR performance and their loss to London. Surely they’ll be serious in the uncoming games. Even if TO came out unlikely winners London should flood Halifax with tries and get the PD above TO.
  5. Wealthy individuals are not the only answer IMO Creating a multi national formula is where I believe the opportunities lie. Bigger audiences, more sustainable sponsors in the mix, like TV and city tourism / co sponsors blah, more players will join. Currently there is enough-player talent in England and Britain, Australia, NZ, France, Pacific Islands, New Guinea to underpin 2-3 Clubs, I believe. That’s 60-90 players. NSW and Queensland Cup has around 800 quality players plus reserves alone. So many British players have to work and leave the sport. Theres plenty of Aussie businessman with an interest in the sport who, if the conditions were right, would consider setting up in a North America and even France, if the model in Toronto were supported. SL could become the premier league of RL. There needs to be more positive and creative thinking out there, which is why the crowds in Toronto are embarrassingly superior in a 2nd season to that of England’s heartlands. The SL/RFL need to communicate something visionary to supporters and other Clubs, then couple it with actions. It’s a great sport if they get the formula right. Just remember the stunning interest levels in the RLWC a few years back. Stunning. Better than Australia / NZ I believe.
  6. Lol. This is 3-0 to TO v HKR over the last 2 seasons. HKR would be beginning to get pretty angry 😡 I’d say 😀
  7. Yes, but I’d argue that this was before the format had a chance to mature, which I believe this year has proven. Only Leeds have escaped being beaten by a Championship side. Confidence is/was growing.
  8. 100% agree. If the excitement in the top half of the Championship spilled its positive forces into SL, the flat caps in the heartlands would be dancing. It’s time to get your many Toronto supporters rallying behind this call. SL / RFL flat caps are wearing hearing aids to. Need to shout louder.
  9. Snowman123

    Toulouse robbed of promotion?

    They definitely were, but from what I heard they blew another 4-8 points, so maybe that isn’t the entire story. They are definitely a side on par with lower SL, especially with better funding possible now with a top 4 Championship finish.
  10. What entrepreneur would risk their money backing a plan next season to go up with 5-6 quality sides in the mix, plus ambitious Bradford and York added. I guess that simply means buy more players. 2 up 2 down would seem better. Sides going down can really fight back. In my view 2 big sponsorship zones, if not 3 were in the hunt for pouring money into the economic pool. Canadian and French TV / sponsors and with that a rival to the RU snobs establishment in London. Multi national RL is enticing. The format kicks ass with potential IMO Why kill its potential? I see the above arguments, but let 2 in and bring on the New Yorkers etc
  11. With 1 up, 1 down now introduced has the RFL/SL effectively snuffed out a solid platform of expansionism for the good of the game? The top 4-5 Championship sides have demonstrated that they can mix it with the bottom 4-6 SL sides. London, Toulouse and Toronto are expansionist clubs and with France and Canada in the mix, noises are being made about a US/New York side. Why would SL/RFL dicentivise new entrants by limiting the chances of promotion?
  12. Even if TO win at Salford, which is highly unlikely, PF would be the decider. So for that it looks like TWP v London will be the MPG Halifax are a better side than their position implies, but on current form I can’t see them beating London.
  13. No wonder SL clubs pushed for the elimination of the Qualifiers. Shame on them and the system because the Qualifiers have been really exciting just as it was getting hold. 3 expansionist clubs in the hunt. SL/RFL have just hammered the concept of expansionism. For my money London will beat Halifax and be in the MPG
  14. Unbelievable win. TO should have had another 2 points from last weeks game in Toronto ( robbed ). When TO are hot they’re hot. 3 tries in 6 minutes. Had HKR gone to sleep 💤 or something?