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  1. Canada shows a lot of promise. And there are plenty of quality players to compliment from Australia and NZ For me, Canada shows signs of a younger market developing interest.
  2. With all this talk of Canadian / US RL expansion, now also with Vancouver mentioned, could we have the seeds of an international competition to include more French and European teams. Maybe even Australia and NZ. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/english-rugby-league-ottawa-1.5142569 Suddenly the entrepreneurial spirit of backers and crowds are evolving away from the flatcaps with new ideas. What do you think ?
  3. You were real close on your TO York prediction. I was surprised
  4. It’ll be a big ask of TO to step up. Any news on Batley’s line up and strength
  5. Now that’s a Championship crowd to compliment other clubs pulling in the numbers
  6. It makes me wonder how Toronto can turn this around. Fitness doesn’t come in a week or two. From Toulouse’s point of view, consistency is their issue. They knocked off HKR twice last year, and gave Wakefield a good shake for 40 or so minutes. So on a good day, with confidence and attitude, they are electric. It will be interesting to see how the different styles of English “big” guns plays out against French “flair” in the comp. On a good day I know what’s more entertaining for the fans. I don’t know if the exposed fitness gap is enough for the other Championship sides to exploit, given the overall English style at this level.
  7. Just woke up to see the scoreboard photographed ( I’m in Sydney, AU). I was convinced before the game it would be the other way around. TO had a bad start to the season, and had recently played the weaker sides, so I figured their lacklustre form would result in a loss. Its a weird comp this year, with Sheffield and York in top positions and Widnes battling from their points deduction.
  8. I’m feeling positive about this game as a circuit breaker to a couple of tough results. Why ? - The training partnership day and evening in Paris with the Sydney Roosters ? ahead of the World Club Challenge against Wigan was apparently awesome. Trent Robinson spoke great words of wisdom and inspiration to all. A very generous occasion with the World’s best ( we’ll see ) - Rochdale is a team that Toulouse will never forget for beating them in League 1. So they thought Toronto was painful. Nothing less than a 50 point gd would be acceptable. 100 points and a record for the Championship would be nice, but realistically unlikely. ( Sorry Hornets ? - the boys are motivated after a slow start ) - Toulouse need a big win to start their season
  9. Even if Toulouse were to miraculously win, the chances of being in the MPG are next to nil due with London likely to hammer Halifax. Salford with their full back returning, a home game and TO traveling at short notice look like they will see off TO.
  10. TWP v London looks certain. Even with a very very unlikely win for Toulouse over Salford, London will know the PD to hit Halifax with. Halifax are better than their position though. Not sure if they are capable of an upset, with London fired up.
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