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  1. wozz


    A billionaire
  2. wozz


    Can't stand the fella, he always inherited team's
  3. wozz

    Seven Games

    Thought it was Hussein m'barki haven't a clue how to spell his name ,remember it was freezing but nowt to us northern folk
  4. wozz

    Lack of signings

    I think if we do stay in this division, langers & nelmes might go , but I really hope not proper stand out player's , other clubs are signing player's up now for next year, i would like to see a couple of half backs signed up soon
  5. wozz

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    His firm is still going well on shaw road bless lol
  6. wozz

    Dual Reg with Leigh

    And bennian played for the hainets last week
  7. wozz


    Against Doncaster i thought what a good match that was, i thought both teams put on a proper entertaining game, cracker of a match for lads that have to go to work on Monday (skill was 100%)brilliant
  8. wozz

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    My father in law Tommy Turner played for st Mary's and hornets with fijians when they first arrived, when he had the manor pub on abbeyhills a couple of the fiji lads turned up, what a night that was
  9. wozz

    Doncaster game is one to get the turnstiles clicking

    Thought the discipline was very good especially on a hot day like that, well done to them all
  10. wozz


    The game needs to be promoted round places like glodwick coppice Westwood, give free tickets to kids, and get some players to go round all the schools in Oldham and promote the game
  11. wozz


    Didn't he used to be a drayman for Oldham brewery,big bloke if I'm right
  12. wozz

    Sunday - Whitebank

    Thought nelmes was very impressive rough and rugged and got the ball out in the tackle,thought young Harry maders was impressive in the second row unlucky not to score a try near the line half backs where very good and Phil joy made a lot of yards,stood with joys 80 year old grandad lovely man,was telling me how he played for st Anne's many year's ago
  13. wozz

    Josh crowley

    Cracking player
  14. wozz

    Law cup week 😁

    A.i.eh up
  15. wozz

    Law cup week 😁

    Can someone give us an update on the match and how the players shape up,i start work at 8 so I've no chance of seeing or hearing anything it would be much appreciated thanks