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  1. wozz


    Didn't he used to be a drayman for Oldham brewery,big bloke if I'm right
  2. wozz

    Sunday - Whitebank

    Thought nelmes was very impressive rough and rugged and got the ball out in the tackle,thought young Harry maders was impressive in the second row unlucky not to score a try near the line half backs where very good and Phil joy made a lot of yards,stood with joys 80 year old grandad lovely man,was telling me how he played for st Anne's many year's ago
  3. wozz

    Josh crowley

    Cracking player
  4. wozz

    Law cup week 😁

    A.i.eh up
  5. wozz

    Law cup week 😁

    Can someone give us an update on the match and how the players shape up,i start work at 8 so I've no chance of seeing or hearing anything it would be much appreciated thanks
  6. wozz

    Josh crowley

    Anyone heard anything about josh dosent seem to be mentioned on Rochdales forum,very good player for us was josh
  7. wozz

    Law cup week 😁

    Why not play it at whitebank if it's an all weather surface it should be okay for a rugby match if it's available,I'm only saying this because I work nights and cant make it on a Wednesday, so 3 of us wouldn't be able to make it
  8. wozz

    Law cup week 😁

    Looking forward to seeing Danny bridge Craig Briscoe and crook,I'm taking my 2 nephews,it's supposed to be cold but no rain and that will do us
  9. wozz

    What's you're christmas wish?

    We can all but dream
  10. wozz

    What's you're christmas wish?

    To watch Oldham walk out at Wembley in the challenge cup final
  11. wozz

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Xmas to all ye roughyeds and all rugby league fans 🎅🎅🎅
  12. wozz

    2018 Squad and signings.

    Another scrum half in case of injuries or loss of form and full back like the young lad from Wakefield
  13. wozz

    England vs Tonga You Tube highlights

    Absolute cracker of a match,end to end stuff,bet them player's was knackered after that i know i was
  14. wozz

    New shirts

    Likewise I'm going to stick with the gear I've got,I've still got my castlemain and boddies shirts might bring them out and start wearing them again,please forgive my spelling,will still follow owdham to the end
  15. wozz

    New shirts

    I'v always bought shirts t-####### I've even got the roughyeds tmug but I'm getting fed up with the waiting game,on other websites there club's a lot of them have there shirts out for xmas,which will probably make there club's quite a bit of money