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  1. wozz


    And why, absolutely gutted about this, I thought he was in the same mould as micky ward, this definitely weakens us, gutted
  2. He's becoming one hell of a player, keep it up lad
  3. wozz


    And Keighley who haven't had as much help, like koukash for one
  4. wozz


    Your right it's not a nice position to be in, but all the vultures where hovering and stripped us clean, just hope a club in the heartlands like Widnes can pull it round, or we could end up with another new club say Tunbridge hippos lol
  5. wozz


    Now could be the time to get a couple of players from Widnes, like they all did when the bear's went bang???
  6. Well it's here match day, what a great day weather wise perfect, good luck to all the lads today, a good win will just about top it off, c'mon yeds ???
  7. Hope grimmer will be up for this one or he won't be up to match fitness for the start of the season, any news on Ben Davies, the pitch will only need a quick sweep and if we all bring a kettle it will be fine, it all seems to be melting now anyway, me personally think we will win the team seems to be gelling pretty well
  8. Sorry for the ignorance, can you tell me who he is and where he's from, and is he any good, if he's another half back, i don't think crooks will play a match this season as we seem to have plenty of cover in the backs now, which bodes well for season
  9. Hawkyard and bishop looked really good, bowman and the other new lads all seem to have slotted in well, but hawkyard deserved the mom award, thought it was a decent crowd as well, that bowman has some boot on him ??
  10. Nor me, got a mate to come and see what leagues all about, he's never seen a league game, only ever been to watch utd, so hoping to convert him
  11. wozz

    Law Cup

    Wife was 8months pregnant then, what a match and what a good night we had, and after we went to that restaurant on Oldham edge not sure if it was called the warehouse, good times
  12. I thought Naylor wanted about another 2or3 signings before the season starts, it's just that the season is getting closer, just hope we stay injury free for the season if we do we are looking good with some good new signings
  13. Any news on any more signings
  14. Hurry up lass pie n peas are free
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