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  1. In my opinion the only team that has come and beaten us this season is widnes, all the others we beat ourselves by being naive and not respecting possession and field position. As in the workington game , the opposition were put on a team warning and what did we do? Kick the two, run that all day long and if give a penalty away it's a man in the bin. Also when 8 points up why do we never utilise the drop goal? Just pure madness do we have a leader on the field??
  2. Two huge games coming up now that should give us a better indication of where we are, Newcastle be tough but few more bodies back in the squad for this, miss bowman when hes not playing , he will be the key player over the season. Bring on Sunday
  3. Our best forward by a mile for me, hope he gets over the issues and returns to the squad asap he is sorely missed
  4. Widnes sold 856 pre bought tickets for Hornets game Sunday, so if that's matched or bettered next weekend plus walk ups should be a good crowd
  5. Well unfortunately don't have that luxury anymore, so spoil your mum mate, see u Sunday
  6. So the widnes game is at bower fold on 31st March 3pm ko, should be a good day and a great away following from widnes too. Hopefully a few of our fans will turn out on the day and let's have a good go at a cup shock, give it our best shot. Cmon you Roughyeds!!! Get behind the lads
  7. Great to see colin at the game today
  8. Shocking in parts today shades of keighley away last season, but we pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat, the interception try from Kershaw changed the game without a doubt. The little offload from bowman for chewy try was brilliant. Awful conditions not great for free flowing rugby, but a wins a win
  9. Is he not alluding to the likes of widnes Bradford Swinton rochdale financial issues, rather than our own?? Clubs financial woes are becoming more common each season and we do well to continue year on year on a shoestring and reliant on a band of hardy volunteers that work their socks off week in week out
  10. Me too, haven had a succession of back to back sets early doors first half couldnt score, we carved them open on our right edge continuously after that with mccomb bowman and hawkyard particularly dangerous. Start of the second half we went to sleep as we do every week in a game, we switch off at some stage , they had two tries disallowed which would of put them in front at the time, then we pulled away a little bit. We need to play for more than 50 minutes every week to finish teams off and stop these lapses that occur every game
  11. Yeah shared gate
  12. Class performance from the lads in testing conditions as always up there, scored some great tries and everyone worked their socks off, great result roll on next week
  13. Just wondering what sort of side we will start with at barrow Hawkyard, Johnson, holmes, mccomb, jones-bishop, bowman, Hewitt, joy, owen, Maders, calland, Spencer, bent Subs, greenwood, law, nelmes, wilko Guess we will start with something like this
  14. Tyson has gone to Sydney for a year and is playing there too
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