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  1. Shambolic performance littered with poor handling, poor tackling and dreadful decision making. No money available to make improvements no doubt, but we need another prop and as stated above replacements for Holmes and maders. Painful to watch
  2. Got a serious knee injury that's why hes come home I'm told
  3. Would bring him back in a heartbeat, cracking player and has that aggressive streak we dont have at the moment. We need another center in my opinion
  4. Isaac Farrell? Released by giants to sign for lower league club apparently
  5. Exactly what I was typing
  6. I'm exactly the same, not a fan of DR myself, had some good kids from giants and wish could have Cunningham from leigh again outstanding player, heard hes at thatto heath though
  7. Out for 6-8 weeks but no operation apparently
  8. Well now Johnson out for 6-8 weeks with a broken jaw our squad down to just 20 now, so we need reinforcements
  9. So Gareth hock has signed for leigh again and will be out for a month or so but will then need game time, wonder if that means he may appear for us?
  10. Probably just kev and Dave mills
  11. Cant really speak about the crowd because I didnt go, first game I've missed home or away in over two years, christening godparent duties unfortunately. So Doncaster game will be June the 2nd and if we win that a Thursday night game after worky away
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