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  1. ChampagneCharlieReturns


    Yeah shared gate
  2. ChampagneCharlieReturns


    Class performance from the lads in testing conditions as always up there, scored some great tries and everyone worked their socks off, great result roll on next week
  3. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Possible team for barrow away

    Just wondering what sort of side we will start with at barrow Hawkyard, Johnson, holmes, mccomb, jones-bishop, bowman, Hewitt, joy, owen, Maders, calland, Spencer, bent Subs, greenwood, law, nelmes, wilko Guess we will start with something like this
  4. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    2019 Squad and signings

    Tyson has gone to Sydney for a year and is playing there too
  5. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Swinton squad news for 2019 season

    Tyson gone to Australia
  6. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Tickets for tonight for sale

    Two tickets for sale in n2412 for old Trafford tonight if anyone interested can meet before the game £20 each for £30 face value tickets
  7. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Spare grand final ticket

    I have a spare grand final ticket for sale for £18 which is what we paid for the £30 tickets. It's in the Warrington end
  8. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    2019 Squad and signings

    Might as well post departures haha, Reid gone to crusaders
  9. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Danny Langtree......

    Watched langers come through our u20s team under John Hough to become our most consistent performer over recent seasons it comes as no surprise he has finally got the move he deserves and as above I wish him all the best, hope he smashes superleague
  10. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Any thoughts

  11. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    London Skolars Away

    Just passed sandbach services 😉
  12. ChampagneCharlieReturns


    Ben Davies sent off for mouthing and nelmes for punching. Hooley sin binned for tripping. Crowd was 1035 I was told
  13. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Batley Bulldogs

    Not signing for us, I'm Oldham pal, we ain't signed anybody yet haha. Few derbies next season again by the looks of it
  14. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Batley Bulldogs

    Yates signed for batley
  15. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Newcastle Away

    It's been somewhat painful to watch us away recently, in a tight game, we look around for someone to stand up and take lead but nobody does, rudderless in attack and pedestrian at times. We will end up where we deserve to be at the end of the season I'm afraid and I said after Donny we will be lucky to make top 5 now with the big two on the horizon next month