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  1. ChampagneCharlieReturns


    Ben Davies sent off for mouthing and nelmes for punching. Hooley sin binned for tripping. Crowd was 1035 I was told
  2. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Batley Bulldogs

    Not signing for us, I'm Oldham pal, we ain't signed anybody yet haha. Few derbies next season again by the looks of it
  3. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Batley Bulldogs

    Yates signed for batley
  4. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Newcastle Away

    It's been somewhat painful to watch us away recently, in a tight game, we look around for someone to stand up and take lead but nobody does, rudderless in attack and pedestrian at times. We will end up where we deserve to be at the end of the season I'm afraid and I said after Donny we will be lucky to make top 5 now with the big two on the horizon next month
  5. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Hemel away

    It's a free play isnt it still?
  6. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Seven Games

    A season of ups and downs galore, predictable in our unpredictability
  7. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Doncaster Away

    697 I think they gave it as
  8. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Now for the final tests

    The 10th placed club as is barrow play both bottom two at home, so u play barrow away
  9. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Doncaster Away

    We were poor again today and really can't understand taking the kick at goal at 8-4 down baffled me that. I'm going to stick my neck out here n say we won't make the top 5 now due to playing York and Bradford back to back in September and we will lose both on recent evidence, plus we play London away last on a Saturday so we won't know till day after if season is over or not. So be it if we don't make the playoffs it's our own fault and attacking deficiencies
  10. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    Is the rule not when u have played 3 games u have to choose between parent club and DR club as oppose to when u played 5 games u can go back and forth?
  11. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    I would sign him up for next season in a heartbeat, been consistent all season and a huge threat on the edges. C'mon Oldham stand by him and sign him up for 2019
  12. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    They can make the 8s. Only Cunningham is available to us now because the deadline is Friday for Dr and the have to have played at least 3 times for us
  13. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    North Wales Crusaders

    466 I think
  14. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Keighley Away

    The same crook that has lead his team in the last two promotion finals from league one??
  15. ChampagneCharlieReturns

    Keighley Away

    Nowt to be positive for last night mate it's sad but true, hunslet worky and Keighley performances all show up why we won't be getting promoted unfortunately