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  1. Charnock has an offer on the table from the club, I heard abram and barran possibly retiring due to work. Pick has retired
  2. Looks like vestacare for next season
  3. He played in the halves, poc was fullback then
  4. Whitebank costs same as Stalybridge per game. Avro want us to commit to longer term than just possibly one year then move if we get promoted, which is understandable from them
  5. Good start John, hopefully this be on a weekend rather than midweek when it's tricky to get time off, if it's weekend I'll attend
  6. Langtree signed for barrow. Reilly heading to Sheffield with kirk
  7. Presentation night at boundary park, maybe that's where we destined for next season
  8. Class appointment this, as I wanted
  9. No, in the event of relegation there is a release clause
  10. 4 for widnes, 2 for Sheffield, 1 for barrow, 6 for swinton and 4 retired if rumours are to be believed
  11. Confirmation of funding from rfl is tmoro apparently
  12. 2006 wasn't it we lost every game
  13. Personally I would go for Stuart littler, build oldham back up, went wrong at swinton this season granted but done a great job there tbf
  14. Yeah challenge Cup semi final the fages try
  15. Can only of been a double knock on or the injury, who knows
  16. Yeah I was told you can pay on gate
  17. Probably a loan from Huddersfield I'll guess a two week loan
  18. Massive game this feels like do or die for our league campaign to me
  19. No just been told the bar didn't want to open on Sunday apparently
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