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  1. Latics don't own boundary park yet so nothing has changed
  2. Yeah was it a decade or more now, the grand final at Warrington the defeat against York was his last game for us
  3. Think used to be one friendly counted towards ban, plus challenge Cup will be early doors again
  4. Never said that player was a halfback, but we have signed a halfback, was just hinting at one name. He did play 6 for cru a fair few times tho this season in fairness. Not naming the halfback
  5. If I was moving house I wouldn't use a car I would use .... ah ...
  6. Maybe we can announce one now his season is over
  7. I've heard some good names been offered contracts and some will be surprised
  8. Barrow are a very well run club both on and off the field, during the curtailed season due to covid they had picnic tables covering the whole pitch where people could go drink at the club for starters, they having a huge oktoberfest at the ground too huge marquees, money making the likes we can't do due to no revenue streams to call our own. The below offer for vip season ticket is class too especially if you attend the challenge Cup finals. Hats off to barrow
  9. Tbf they scored 24 against champions Keighley, which nobody else has done this season, without rangi and with only 14 men. Very dangerous team with threats all over the park, a bench that takes the team up a level , suspensions killed them last month or so, Rogers been class as has Sheridan both missing tmoro. I tipped hornets to win playoffs when they won at our place, I'll have to be wrong again now
  10. They play for us and for wigan, if wigan have a game they play for them, it seems to be play one for us and miss one so hopefully they back for next week
  11. Hunslet play donny Friday night. Hunslet on +13 points difference, oldham on +62
  12. Correct. Byron Ford pulled hamstring early on
  13. Logan astley, he played against Huddersfield I think it was. Ridyard was suspended
  14. 1, we did OK lack creativity mostly close to the line, that split second of indecision is crucial. Cru just did the basics better than we did and individual errors were costly. 2. Fair point 3, we do seem to fall away second half 4. Under 400 I'd say
  15. I've been to 7 games that's it, going today so will be 5th home game on bounce, find it difficult to get enthusiastic about games these days unfortunately
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