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  1. Toal brothers

    Watch Shane live for Scotland in their warm up v Country U23s at 9 am today, Friday 20th
  2. Doncaster Season Tickets

    No intention to offend or criticise, great to bring this to our attention. Must be a difficult commercial decision to make, pricing Season Tickets and general admission to maximise income but also maximise crowds. At the EGM there was an indication Barrow STs would soon be on offer to get some income in before the winter, I'm watching out...............
  3. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Their average crowd for the first eight home games was 591, maximum was 943 v Toronto minimum was 334 v Oxford I'm guessing their STs will be £60 but still a good buy. Out of interest Barrows average was 843 for those eight games,. Of course teams played different teams at home in 2017.
  4. England warm up game

    Affiliated States v England streaming live and free at 11.45 am this Friday on RFL website, but you must sign up to view.
  5. Fixtures

    Nowt yet......
  6. 2018 Squad - Ins & Outs

    Was in the train on squad http://www.hullfc.com/news/2017-09-27-minichiello-named-in-italy-train-on-world-cup-squad
  7. 2017 Championship crowds

    Hull KR 7,351 Promoted to SLBradford Bulls 4,120 Relegated to League 1Featherstone Rovers 2,457 Toulouse Olympique 2,154 Halifax 1,594 Batley Bulldogs 1,150 Dewsbury Rams 1,089 Rochdale Hornets 878 Oldham Roughyeds 824 Relegated to League 1London Broncos 804 Swinton Lions 791 Sheffield Eagles 626 Featherstone Rovers 2,258 -199Toulouse Olympique 1,940 -214Halifax 1,451 -144Batley Bulldogs 1,034 -115Dewsbury Rams 855 -235London Broncos 747 -78Swinton Lions 688 -116Rochdale Hornets 666 -138Sheffield Eagles 539 -87The top table shows the average home crowds for the 11 Championshipgames in 2017.The bottom table shows the effect of deleting the promoted / relegatedteams and their crowds.
  8. Barrow v Whitehaven

    Apologies didn't wait around for presentation / explanation. Banner says League 1 Shield winners but didn't Hunslet win that? So what was the Cup? "Asking for a mate"

    Don't let the facts interfere with a good story. LOL
  10. Craven Park

    New floodlights were installed to get CP up to a 'standard'. I'm assuming the ground is now good enough for the Championship ?
  11. Super 8s

    Carry your bag Sir?
  12. Fixtures-Phase 2

    I assume it's the same format this year?
  13. Look on the bright side

    Good thing is the Raiders v Crusaders are the first to play, could be a bit clarty by teatime, then three games on Sunday.
  14. Players Visas for Toronto trip

    Let's assume the Wolfpack get promoted to the Championship.Unlike in League 1 it won't be the luck of the draw who travels to Canada as all teams play each other home and away.At the start of this season, as a reader of the weekly RL papers I thought trips to Toronto were to be fully expensed, information that seems to have been a 'political truth'. In the coming close season Championship clubs need to find out what the financial arrangements will be for next year; if they need to fund a trip for 30+ club staff they'd best start saving up now.And visas, well there's an issue, I think I've seen reports it took from October to May for the Wolfpack to get one antipodean's - so again Championship clubs had best start investigating now.In the Challenge Cup, will they be in the hat? If so will there be an obligation to play their first game away, but with a possibility for any subsequent games at Lamport and another expensive trip for a club?The Wolpack are a full time team, many Championship clubs are part time they need to be aware of the additional time off work from regular jobs needed for the away games. I'm sure that League 1 club officials can add to this list. It's good to expand the best game in the world but there have been unintended/unexpected/unplanned difficulties - just sad that the experiment and cost had fallen on the shoulders of clubs least able to bear the load.And in passing, the Raiders too might gain promotion, are they prepared for the above and can they afford it?+++++++++++Good to see the Raiders flag on the terraces at Lamport, wonder how many travelling fans the Wolfpack have, and I don't mean from their Yorkshire base?+++++++++++
  15. Re-arranged Keighley away fixture

    Catalans away Sat 13th must be worst case scenario, t'RFL couldn't enforce it, could they?