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  1. Catalans away Sat 13th must be worst case scenario, t'RFL couldn't enforce it, could they?
  2. I make it the Raiders played 29 games in season 2015/6 including friendlies, League and Cup matches, 16 were home fixtures 13 were away. In 2016/17 it's looking like 26 total, 17 home, 9 away plus a possible additional 2 Cup games (fingers crossed) and 7 end of season League games making a final tally of 35. Must be good for the coffers. Anyone know what the Ipro Cup is worth to winners / runners up?
  3. Ben, Have you interviewed Toronto yet, can't recall? On the RLONRY (rugby league on Radio Yorkshire) podcast it was said by the presenters Toronto would be paying accommodation but not expenses. Wondered if this was a change from what clubs had been promised expected? i seem to recall York only taking 12 players to Toulouse last year and though that was because of injury I'm wondering what the knock on might be if part time players are having to take holidays and then be out of pocket. only asking David Taylor
  4. Gloucester had a home draw but chose to play at Town, possible reason for the confusion?
  5. 378 at the Gloucester v Town game 345 at Thunder v North Wales 105 for Oxford v Skolars that looks like 828 total Coincidentally 828 were at Craven Park.
  6. Raiders (and North Wales) in the draw now after a game that was anything but free flowing. PS Don't think the thermostat in the Stand has been changed for British Summer Time.
  7. Well, that's Oxford and Gloucester thro' to the semi finals with Gary Charlton / John Gibson on the R Cumbria internet wireless not seeming happy with Town's performance. Looking forward to tomorrow's game and hoping for a win, Raiders v Cougars would've been a good final.
  8. I'm with you on this. I thought long and hard about a season ticket because last year it was an embarrassment to watch some games, though I have full respect for players in some of the lower teams, full credit to the (then) Scorpions who might not have had a win. Didn't go last night for that reason, and didn't go last time because of the weather. It costs me about £14 in diesel to go to games as well so quite a financial commitment. BUT it's not about this season, it about the future of the Raiders so I bought my ST, I know I won't get to all the games but the Club has my money anyway. Hope to be there next Sunday and that the Lindal chicane is no more. Strange thing is, in 20 years driving to games I've only encountered flood water twice. Top of the League can't be bad, well done all at the Raiders.
  9. Two months for a £ seems like a good offer, unfortunately I paid £99 for the full year, what price loyalty, mind you that's £120 now.
  10. A very good listen, looking forward to future episodes.
  11. Looks as though the offers will be out shortly.
  12. Barrow's squad might not be ready for promotion but with a business plan based on League 1 imagine the increased income from Champ sides and their followers, OK it might be back down but think of the money! Traveling to away games would be easier but oops, Toulouse again, still, it's nearer than Toronto.
  13. Barrow Raiders 10/1 to win League 1, Toronto favourites 3/1 favourites to win League 1 Cup, Toronto not playing - now if I was a betting man....
  14. Team / Club names are useful I guess when differentiating between clubs in the same town, like FC and KR in Hull, but pointless if there is already a nic/name in place - Whitehaven 'Warriors' was never going to replace Haven. At Craven Park the popular sides chant is "Barrow, Barrow" the only time Raiders comes in, is when the announcement is made to get behind them. That said I rather like Barrow Raiders and would hate to have to change my 2009 scarf and 2016 hoodie - both proudly worn to home and away games. I don't know a lot about the other code but what I remember as London Wasps is now just Wasps and play at Coventry; the home of Saracens and indeed the origin of the name remains a mystery; perversely I see today Sheffield Eagles are to play at Wakefield Trinity's Belle Vue ground, what happened to 'Wildcats'? How is this allowed to happen, franchising by the back door? But wait a minute weren't Wakefield going to play at Dewsbury Rams Tetley Stadium!
  15. Great hamper, collected it today, hope the raffle was a success.