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  1. New floodlights were installed to get CP up to a 'standard'. I'm assuming the ground is now good enough for the Championship ?
  2. Carry your bag Sir?
  3. I assume it's the same format this year?
  4. Good thing is the Raiders v Crusaders are the first to play, could be a bit clarty by teatime, then three games on Sunday.
  5. Let's assume the Wolfpack get promoted to the Championship.Unlike in League 1 it won't be the luck of the draw who travels to Canada as all teams play each other home and away.At the start of this season, as a reader of the weekly RL papers I thought trips to Toronto were to be fully expensed, information that seems to have been a 'political truth'. In the coming close season Championship clubs need to find out what the financial arrangements will be for next year; if they need to fund a trip for 30+ club staff they'd best start saving up now.And visas, well there's an issue, I think I've seen reports it took from October to May for the Wolfpack to get one antipodean's - so again Championship clubs had best start investigating now.In the Challenge Cup, will they be in the hat? If so will there be an obligation to play their first game away, but with a possibility for any subsequent games at Lamport and another expensive trip for a club?The Wolpack are a full time team, many Championship clubs are part time they need to be aware of the additional time off work from regular jobs needed for the away games. I'm sure that League 1 club officials can add to this list. It's good to expand the best game in the world but there have been unintended/unexpected/unplanned difficulties - just sad that the experiment and cost had fallen on the shoulders of clubs least able to bear the load.And in passing, the Raiders too might gain promotion, are they prepared for the above and can they afford it?+++++++++++Good to see the Raiders flag on the terraces at Lamport, wonder how many travelling fans the Wolfpack have, and I don't mean from their Yorkshire base?+++++++++++
  6. Had a look at the Visa application system. Not sure what the difficulties were that precluded Raiders players from travelling but I do think the RFL should've given guidance. They want to know if you intend to work in Canada, I wonder if this was the issue? Obviously sitting on the terraces is not work so all of us on here would've been OK as one poster points out. I realise playing Rugby League and getting paid, even semi-pro, is working but the pedant in me says were our players going 'to work' when they were being paid and taxed in the UK. Whenever I travelled on business to the US - and boy can they make you feel unwelcome - this matter was never raised, so if it was a problem for Canada and might've been ambiguous on the form, Red Hall guidance should've been given.
  7. I see that the Wolfpack are playing four games at 'home', Rounds 12-15, that's 'home' Canada not 'home' Yorkshire. I wonder if their players will be staying 'at home' in Toronto over this period or coming 'home', where they live, to the UK - this is confusing?
  8. Find it sad that clubs have been met with unexpected bills Bearman. I would've thought that in the last close season the RFL had talks with Toronto during their entry negotiations. The RFL would surely then have issued all other League 1 clubs with a pack fully explaining how those who would be travelling to Toronto should organise affairs, obtain Visas etc. The RFL would always be mindful that it might be seven days before the trip, that squads might be announced because of injury and in a semi-pro game external commitments. Was it not York last year that only took TWELVE players to Toulouse at short notice, did the RFL learn nothing from that debacle? As a humble, but loyal Season Ticket holding spectator I've no idea what funding clubs get nor how away travel is organised but I thought the Canadian games were to be (and should've been) cash neutral. I welcomed the introduction of Toronto, but that was in the belief it was done in a professional manner.
  9. Ben did his usual good work, it automatically went into my podcast inbox. Think he mentioned holidays so might've been too busy with personal things to post on all the forums.
  10. What a cracking game, League 1 should be as competitive as this every week - though I take nothing away from all at the Raiders so far this season.
  11. Sounds like Visas are easy to sort but it's now May, MoiMoi (if it is him) was signed in November, way before the season start, wonder why the hold up? Someone needs to ask the Minister where the Permit is. No answer yet to the place of employment; must be UK else how could someone not holding a Canadian Visa be employed by a Canadian company to ply their trade there. All for expansionism but is this a British team (financed from Oz someone speculates) pretending to be Canadian, unlike the two fully French teams in our leagues?
  12. It's always better chatting about something with people who don't know the facts - gossip - I think is the word. Anyway I was wondering about the Toronto Wolfpack which seems to have a surfeit of British players, back room staff and a British base. Companies House has two UK companies using this name, both only with a single director, Brian Noble, maybe there is a Canadian backing company, but hey, if I knew that no need for this post. What set me thinking was the game on Saturday and the absence of MoiMoi and Bailey and a suggestion that one, maybe the former didn't have a Visa. So, here's my question, is this really a Canadian team, with a Canadian business behind it employing these players or are they employed in the UK and might it be the case for immigration reasons some players might never be able to play 'at home'? I welcome Toronto to League 1, though I suspect they're just passing through, but are they all they say, and we think, they are? David
  13. Thought it was good that some little ones had a game at 1/2 time, great to include this sort of thing, well done for the initiative.
  14. Catalans away Sat 13th must be worst case scenario, t'RFL couldn't enforce it, could they?
  15. I make it the Raiders played 29 games in season 2015/6 including friendlies, League and Cup matches, 16 were home fixtures 13 were away. In 2016/17 it's looking like 26 total, 17 home, 9 away plus a possible additional 2 Cup games (fingers crossed) and 7 end of season League games making a final tally of 35. Must be good for the coffers. Anyone know what the Ipro Cup is worth to winners / runners up?