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    He did
  2. Yes that man was me, I walked in my local chippie one day last year, it was bitterly cold and there was only one other customer. Linda, the girl serving asked where I'd been on such a cool night, you won't have been to Barrow rugby, she suggested, as it was midweek. Yes I have I told her, at which point the other customer said he'd also been to the game, featuring Furness Raiders. We were in a chippy in Kendal, and where I sit in the stand a few people round and about travel the same road I have for the past twenty years. I read about posters, or absence of, in Barrow, but maybe the club should seek to become the club of South Cumbria by publicising games a little wider, you've got to know its on Facebook to look for it on Facebook. Only saying
  3. 750VFR


    You'd think Toronto would have a lot of followers, aren't they based somewhere in Lancashire or Yorkshire?
  4. 750VFR

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    Did I cheat? Or did I use my initiative?
  5. 750VFR

    2019 Away Shirt

    Wondering if it might be useful for those with home/away or first/alternate shirts if clubs, all clubs, might publish which shirt will be worn on particular match days?
  6. 750VFR

    Summer bash dates

    Maybe should've put all Ch team grounds in a hat and drawn a winner. If the grounds are not up to it, what are they doing in the comp?
  7. 750VFR

    New website

    Looks good.
  8. 750VFR

    Odd Shaped Balls

    Websites a joke, 3 games in September with no results posted. Have a ST but iving in Kendal also go to Keighley, Halifax, Batley, Haven, Town etc when 'we' are far from home. Their websites have plenty of info. NO, I don't want to do the job but then neither does the person who put his/her hand up to do it.
  9. 750VFR


    Simple question, yes. Simple answer, not so sure. (Motorsport this w/e on the Continent so I'll miss the game but hoping for a win v Swinton).
  10. 750VFR


    🎅 If you see me at Crazy Park you'll understand.
  11. 750VFR


    No, there is no payout. There is a liability on the Debenture holder of one shilling see attached screen shot from the Articles of Association. I wonder how many shillings would be raked in? As I've said before this is all dependant on this being the ruling document, but it is the one on Companies House website. Go to Companies House on. gov.uk Look up Barrow Rugby League Look for documents All the information is there.......... That's the trouble with facts.....
  12. 750VFR


    Looks like liability is limited at a shilling.
  13. 750VFR


    Clause 69 of the Articles of Association say on break up the funds go to other local Clubs, but best to read them and the Memorandum of Association as my view is just that, my view, my opinion. The documents and Clauses must be read in their entirety, and legal advice sought as to what the intention was of those formulating them in 1930 anything else is speculation. Most important thing this weekend is the little matter of a game of Rugby League at Dewsbury.
  14. 750VFR


    Voting rights as in being able to attend and vote at AGMs, one vote per Debenture holder, irrespective of number of Debentures held, so 1 Debenture, one vote: 1,000 Debentures one vote. There would not be a dividend if the Club folded and the liability on Debenture holders is negligible. Think there's been discussions on here about ruling documents but from what I've seen on the Companies House website, accessible via. gov.uk to anyone, the ruling docs are from March 1930. (Changes might've been suggested but would have to be voted through and I'm not sure what I can see that they ever were) Main thing to concentrate on is what happens between 3 and 4.40 every Sunday game day at CP.
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    Nice one boat builder, I threw £100 in the pot when I bought 100 debentures. A Debenture is like a share but it's really just a non returnable donation but with voting rights, you can just buy one = £1 Money in a collection tin doesn't attract voting rights. Money via just giving is like putting it in a collecting tin but there's a handling fee deducted, if you live in Barrow (I don't) collecting tins are better. Loans from Directors can be short or long term and with or without interest: I wonder what conditions apply to the recent £50k loan but as I didn't attend the AGM I don't feel entitled to ask. This topic is getting too serious, we should be concentrating on the games and leaving the running of the club to those who are willing to give so much of their time, ladies and gentlemen I applaud you. Sadly not able to go to any more home games, 4 missed but the club won as I, like all true fans, had a ST.