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  1. 750VFR

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    3pm on the 'official' website, but 2pm on this fans forum.
  2. 750VFR

    Havens Carlsberg sponsorship deal

    "mandatory complimentary tickets", a new expression to me. Might I be enlightened please Ron.
  3. 750VFR

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    Toronto, would be easy, bus back to Yorkshire.
  4. 750VFR

    Raiders v Toulouse and FIFA World Cup

    From Twitter.
  5. 750VFR

    Over 12 or under 4 directors

    I've been promised my Debenture certificate at the Toulouse game. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  6. 750VFR

    Club Statement

    Website 5pm it says.
  7. 750VFR

    Club Statement

    I was wondering aloud Michael, once upon a time I was a Member elected Pension Scheme Trustee, there was another chap same as me. The business was in difficulties, the Company appointed Trustees resigned, but we weren't allowed to so we had to get the Scheme into the Pension Protection Fund, with help from lawyers, scheme fund managers and a PPF caseworker. Thought it might've been the same. As an extra I do wonder what deal was done in the Stadium naming rights, I would've thought a bit of free accountancy assistance wouldn't have gone amiss. Sadly this is all detracting from the hard work by the playing and coaching staff.
  8. 750VFR

    Over 12 or under 4 directors

    Debentures are like shares but they're not traded. You buy a share of the business but it can be assumed as a donation, you can't get your money back, but it does not confer liability. I was so enthused after the last EGM I sent a cheque off for more debentures. I never got the certificate even though the cheque was cashed, there was always a problem in getting a Director to sign it off. I asked David Sharpe at a game, he was surprised and was going to look in to it. Still waiting. At the EGM no evidence of Debentures or STs was asked for. Just Giving takes a cut, debentures gives the business 100p in the £1. Are the current Directors really professionals? How could they have taken on their roles in ignorance? Who set the cash flow forecast? All the Directors should've monitored it The stadium is named after an Accountancy firm, are they not advising? I think the team and spectators have been let down.
  9. 750VFR

    Club Statement

    Am I not correct in thinking you CANNOT resign from a business if it leaves the number of Directors less than the A of A?
  10. 750VFR

    Shane Toal

    The Toal brothers are a credit to their family. Shane was like the walking wounded at Toronto but played on: yesterday some of Dan's runs were reminiscent of 'the Bull'. We look to be losing one brother to injury, I hope there is no further action to the 40 minute yellow card for the other one.
  11. 750VFR

    Team for Toronto

    The pundits on the various radio and TV programmes I follow think that expansionist into N America is the best thing since sliced bread and that the UK based Toronto Wolfpack are a breath of fresh air. Sadly few of to 6-9000 enthusiastic supporters can make it to away games as, reportedly they only get 10 days annual holiday. In an endeavour to build up more of a following for 'the greatest game', a test match is arranged in Denver between England and New Zealand, here then is an opportunity for the Canadians to see a first class game live on their own Continent, only a short flight away. But, but, but only the RFL would schedule the test match on the same evening that Toronto are at home to Barrow.
  12. 750VFR


    Cresta said a lot of good things on last weeks Freesports Backchat, now available on the TotalRL website.
  13. 750VFR

    Come on someone cheer me up

    Barrow got a penalty when Jamie Dallimore was taken out late, surely, surely more protection is needed in the game for these 'fouls'? The lad is brave for getting up after such 'attacks' and on occasions the runner can't pull up or out but it cannot continue. My opinion.
  14. 750VFR

    Academy Grand Final! Wed May 2nd 6pm KO

    Others might wish to analyse the game, I'd like to commend the 521 who turned out: luckily the rain at KO quickly moved on. Of course I'd also like to heap praise on those connected to the team, players and officials for getting them this far.
  15. 750VFR

    Toronto at home

    Think they had a Canadian but offloaded him, it's a joke, I'm embarrassed to say I was enthused at the start of last year but it's a joke now. How can they not find anywhere to play until May, doesn't look good for any more N American teams applying to join.