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  1. If Leeds and Wigan keep hovering at the bottom of SL wouldn't be surprised to see them going to 14, meaning 2 up to that comp and 4 up from League 1.
  2. 750VFR

    v Halifax

    Well, a cracking start, first half over and more points on the board than Fax. Let's hope for more in 10 minutes.
  3. Hi SJD totally agree with you and I wasn't doubting the sentiments in your post, I was careless in my reply, now that is where being careless is acceptable. Also agree he should be banned from attending games. David
  4. Why wouldn't they? You suggesting racism, that has been accepted rather than is alleged, is acceptable from a rich person? Surely not. Wonder what the Wolfpack players and staff think of their paymaster? OK being embarrassed, OK being apologetic but you can't unprick this balloon.
  5. Was reflecting on that earlier this morning.
  6. 750VFR

    1895 Cup

    Since Mr Beaumont is involved with both our next opponents in this competition, and the comp sponsor, one assumes there will be quite an effort by Leigh to get to Wembley.
  7. 750VFR

    1895 Cup

    See the draw's this morning. Every game is a two horse race with any outcome possible.
  8. 750VFR

    1895 Cup

    When Nathan Mossop left the field he looked to have gone straight up the tunnel. Was he injured, is it bad?
  9. 750VFR

    1895 Cup

    Starting the second half much, much better.
  10. I'll be there ST or not, yes I have an ST and a few games in credit (haha) that I've not managed to get through for. No point sitting at home without a reasonable excuse and then complaining endlessly about the team, the staff, the board, the officials etc. Use it or lose it
  11. 750VFR

    1895 Cup

    Provoked a few thoughts with this post, polar opposite opinions have been expressed. It can't be easy, running a Club, maybe 50% always against you. Main thing is we all turn up and watch the game, no excuses.
  12. 750VFR

    1895 Cup

    Should we hope for a Bradford win in the Challenge Cup and them not being too concerned* about next Wednesday? Would it be better for the Raiders to concentrate on the Championship? Always looks easy from the sidelines but these are difficult issues for Club personnel to consider. * never would I suggest a team wouldn't give 100% but maybe a lesser quality team might be sent to CP. David
  13. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/hints-at-more-championship-expansion-clubs-could-merge/ Maybe only one to go down it suggests
  14. 42-10 at half time, best game of season, and not too cold.
  15. Who'd be a coach? Keighley have parted company with Craig Lingard, ignore the 12 points deducted and they'd be third. So win, lose or draw they're not safe. I'm looking fwd to Sundays game at CP, have to go I've got a Season Ticket, the £15 of diesel is an incidental expense.
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