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  1. Disappointed. Commiserations is possibly the wrong word to the Club at this life and death time, but I feel for everyone who put the effort in to apply for the vacant Championship place. Wonder if the RFL Decision Minutes will become available, to see where the Raiders fell short?
  2. Postmans just delivered mine, Kendal.
  3. Though I live 30+ miles from Barrow, as a Concessionary ST holder I was contacted today to check if all was well with me or did I need help in these difficult times. What an amazing gesture. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Suppose I'm lucky as a pensioner, guaranteed (fixed) income for life, ST only had 10 games but at £100 was £40 cheaper than pay on the gate -I sit in the stand - and even though I'd miss as a minimum 2 games I was happy with my purchase. Hoping that the money helps you keep RL in Barrow, plus I'm in the 1895 Club(?) and just joined the 200 Club. Never been as frightened / concerned of a disease in my 70+ years life, I'm just hoping we all get through it and see Rugby League at CP in 2021 if it doesn't happen this year. Sincere best wishes to all at the club from the Chairman, through the BOD the training staff the people in the shop and office, the fans and of course the players.
  5. Furness Raiders 22 - Wakefield College 6, last night in appalling conditions at CP Anyone know when / where semi finals will be?
  6. I think the Board will be happy(ish)with those scores but disappointed with the crowds.
  7. 750VFR

    Raiders TV

    Happens to the best (rest?) of us. Got a DM to tell me to run the video concurrent with Radio Cumbria's commentary, there's a challenge to a child of the (early) fifties. ?
  8. 750VFR

    Raiders TV

    Is that you Jack Fawcett? Wanted to put a comment, ask permission to use it, on the YouTube site but it says it's not poss to comment on content intended for children. There was no sound when I looked at it, was that intentional? Thanks for your work. David
  9. So close, so very close. Seemed like a better quality opposition brought out a better performance, all bodes well for the 2020 season.
  10. Thanks Keith, Got a prior engagement Wednesday eve, I'll look out for future games. It was a pleasure to be at Fev when they won the final last season. Regards, David
  11. Understand there's a game on Wednesday with a 2 pm KO. Can anyone confirm please, and is game at CP, if not where, travelling from Kendal. Their Twitter feed doesn't seem to be active, so any idea where an out of towner can get updates on future games, RFL website is pretty basic, date, time, opposition?
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