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    Found it but no idea how to put it in
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    I see that they won't be televising any future games, well not the York, Rochdale and Barrow ones. https://twitter.com/rugbyleagueontv/status/1159085110899204098?s=20
  3. Not listened to the podcast yet, nothing on the website. Is Paul Seguier playing on Sunday? C'mon, let's get behind the Raiders, let's make some (positive) noise.
  4. Not just the squad, the supporters as well.
  5. 1400+ crowd and I'm guessing none from France, good effort, let's all keep the faith.
  6. I'm amazed at only 3k. Today there was almost half of that, and plenty of room - with three thousand in on a big home Challenge Cup game against an SL side it would have to be ticketed.
  7. 6-24 at 1/2 time.
  8. Got the wind, need to build up a good score first 1/2
  9. Is that because of the toilets?
  10. Good call Ron, the reality is those are indeed the only two attributes needed. Sadly rew people have both and are willing to utilise them. My experience is that those who have them, and use them are fighting fires elsewhere. David
  11. Eh up. From my reading this is just a fans forum, not a supporters forum, watch a game, are you having a ., they'll all be sat at home complaining of poor radio commentary Course I'll be there: starting to rain in Kendal but I'm sure it'll brighten up on the drive over. We're gonna win today.
  12. Let's have some positivity, the season starts again on Sunday and with recent performances it's not pie in the sky to believe the Raiders can win. I've seen predictions of Barrow wins in earlier months and been entirely sceptical, but I'll be at CP on Sunday convinced that a win is not only possible, but highly probable. David
  13. Can't wait for Sunday after that performance......
  14. Believe Brian Mcdermott once drew parallels between a rugby league game and his experience with boxing. He said you never, never step into a boxing ring thinking it's OK to lose. C'mon Barrow Raiders.
  15. Interesting that the Our League app website listing for tonight's games doesn't indicate they are showing the York v Batley game. As the Cup is sponsored by Derek Beaumont's AB Sundeck's company one assumes he is looking to get through this round and have his semi final shown. Or am I just a conspiracy theorist? ☺
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