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  1. As good as any other reason to help cash flow by purchasing Season Tickets. Got mine but as per, probably won't get to all the games.
  2. Chairman hinted at a second friendly last night, are we playing GB?
  3. 750VFR

    RLWC 9's

    Things we learned from the nines. in attack spread it wide in defence number up if you're an over 100kg front rower this might not be your game and finally if you're under pressure show some enthusiasm, don't trail back it's only nine minutes a half. -------------------- Not seen Nines before, seen plenty of RU Sevens and thought that was good but this game transcends it. A long afternoon Summer Festival of Nines at CP would be great, 10 local teams 1,000 people (surely) at £5/head (no need for concessions) and all the money from the bar, what's not to like.
  4. 750VFR

    RLWC 9's

    A good showing by "our" PNG lads in the opening game v USA but Oz and NZ to beat tomorrow for the side to progress. Good Luck to them and also of course to the England Men and Women sides who both had wins.
  5. Season ticket bought. 1895 Scheme joined. bring on 2020.
  6. Thanks Keith, Got a prior engagement Wednesday eve, I'll look out for future games. It was a pleasure to be at Fev when they won the final last season. Regards, David
  7. Understand there's a game on Wednesday with a 2 pm KO. Can anyone confirm please, and is game at CP, if not where, travelling from Kendal. Their Twitter feed doesn't seem to be active, so any idea where an out of towner can get updates on future games, RFL website is pretty basic, date, time, opposition?
  8. No problem Jane, as always I was answered in my call by a very friendly voice. As soon as you have news I'm sure it will be published and I'll get my ST; hopefully if many more do this it will, along with the excellent fund raising initiatives, bolster the Clubs finances. David Taylor
  9. Always go to the head of the well they say. Just rang the Rugby Shop to order my ST, (let's face it if you're gonna support the Club, that's what you do, my diesel to Barrow is more than the admission) but as yet they have no news.
  10. Could this be a lifeline?
  11. My point was that the AGM was listed on here but not the website. I really do think we are all agreeing with each other. I want the website to be the 'go to' place for information meanwhile I enjoy looking on here for Idle speculation, rumour and misinformation. A number of us spectators are from Kendal, the club will know this from ST sales or could do so from casual post code enquiries at the gate. 'We' could be the club of South Lakes / South Cumbria.
  12. The Club needs to decide where its mouthpiece is and I'm not sure it should be this forum. Can't see the AGM being mentioned on the official website, to me the 'go to' place for news. I should not have to trawl through Twitter, Facebook or this forum for this sort of news, nor for team updates. I had high hopes for the website this year but alas my hopes were dashed. I had high hopes for the stadium clock but after a few games it became apparent it wasn't synced to the games as the Chairman and spectators wanted. It's these little things that matter. And a criticsism of the RFL, how on earth did they decide if you sign up to social media, clubs get more money: clubs need bums on seats, not sat at home listening to the wireless, yep that dates me as a grumpy old man
  13. 750VFR


    Found it but no idea how to put it in
  14. 750VFR


    I see that they won't be televising any future games, well not the York, Rochdale and Barrow ones. https://twitter.com/rugbyleagueontv/status/1159085110899204098?s=20
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