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  1. Dogstew

    Boxing Day

    Biggest cheer for a Jowsbry player was for the heroic and barnstorming (not) Charlie Martin
  2. Dogstew

    Just a thought

    I think they are for sale on-line, but I understand the internet may not have reached Jowsbry. I looked twice but nobody offered me a 50/50 or any other kind of extras.
  3. Dogstew

    Gary Schofield predicts

    I predict that Gary Schofield will carry on writing this carp and getting paid for it. Let’s see if I’m correct. Do I get a prize?
  4. Dogstew

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    No, it’s Juan
  5. Dogstew

    Ryan Bailey

    Go all the way and sign Jamie Acton too.
  6. Dogstew

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Your moobs?
  7. Pure comedy gold on this thread. Of course nobody rated Ridyard. Nothing to see here, move along now... It’s a good job there’s all the £millions to count from your broad acres. Cocka!
  8. Dogstew

    New shirt launch

    With a flake? I’ll have one
  9. Dogstew

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Some clubs are DR junkies and can’t raise a team without it. Some might use it reluctantly because it’s part of the landscape. Both types use DR and while it’s allowed/encouraged we would do well to use it if it helps us compete.
  10. Dogstew

    Why oh Why

    Plenty moaners on here! Last two seasons have been a bit flat (putting it mildly). Squad and signings for next year look good so far and Kevin’s view of DR works for me. If used to our advantage this could work well. Come on Batley!
  11. Dogstew

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    We’re in danger of all agreeing on here - so far the squad is looking good for next year.
  12. Dogstew

    Interesting development at Sheffield

    Sounds good to me....
  13. Dogstew

    AGM tonight.

    I take your point about the solution. Without that solution, the accounts show that the debt seems to keep growing (hence currently unaffordable).
  14. Dogstew

    AGM tonight.

    £120k per annum is quite some debt burden.
  15. Dogstew

    championship 2019

    Is it two down?