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  1. Maybe they do have taxis waiting and maybe not. Some of those mentioned here have delivered success and/or high levels of performance for their current and former clubs. Diskin’s three years are nearly up, and he certainly was a good player in his day. Maybe as fans we should expect very little in the way of competing and simply enjoy the good games when they come along (if we attend at all). Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?
  2. It’s obvious. Batley fans are fair-minded and objective. Leigh fans are enraged simpletons who can’t see beyond their money-fuelled recent past and unusual approach to signing players when they have no funds. All that aside Leigh first ten minutes set out to lie on and slow down and the ref penalised them. After that he had a brain fart and went random.
  3. Too many to choose from but Scott Campbell Taira
  4. Some great entertaining rugby today, with the score massively flattering Leigh. Proper Bulldog spirit on display.
  5. He’s done very well for Halifax - have Marshall over Diskin any day.
  6. No panic here Maybe disappointment, frustration and resignation to another dire season. Most of us will keep turning up for now. Chairman’s already made it clear that Diskin remains coach, no matter how bad or inept he has turned out to be. Principles indeed.
  7. That's quite a few off days now.
  8. Doesn't he normally stay inside?
  9. Sure a great win and a brilliant afternoon’s entertainment (see earlier comments) and looking forward to more of the same. Conversely to your point above, our coach seems to blame the players when things go badly.... When asked again to look back I’m left thinking - why all the other under-performing pap that we’ve seen so far? And does anybody really think that the coach has got the best out of our competitive-looking squad of players so far? Come on Batley!
  10. The win over Widnes was a great entertaining spectacle and everyone involved deserves some credit. Comment is free - good or bad, like it or not. One swallow indeed - a few more performances like that and it really will be Summer.
  11. It’s all been said on here already, but a great, spirited display from Batley. An absolute joy to see. Hopefully onwards from here...
  12. Keep up! There’s been another clear statement from Kevin regards not sacking the coach and everyone getting behind the team. If you want to keep speculating about who should take a role that isn’t soon going to be vacant - well that would make you really negative. So stop whining. Come on Batley!
  13. Both are entirely predictable.
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