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  1. Dogstew

    Club statement

    Has the income distribution for championship and league 1 been announced yet? Usual rumours about clubs (fev) having ‘no money’ to sign players with. If true, that would be terrible news.
  2. Dogstew

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    Campbell Manning Brambani but great performances all over - Brown, Davey, Scott, etc etc massive team performance, and what we’ve been missing for half the season (two wingers)
  3. Dogstew

    New league structure revealed

    How very dare you! It’s not just super - it’s super duper. Elstone’s plan confirms this status and, now passed, there will be an immediate improvement in quality, audiences and general prosperity. The odd part is that normally sane individuals appear to believe there is some truth in this. Both Hull chairmen on the radio seem to believe that immediate success will be heralded by these changes. And no mention of the grubby cash crab or the bullying that got it voted through. There is no doubt that rugby league has lost ground over Union in the last decade. It would be interesting to know what the plan is to grow, succeed commercially and provide great spectacle. Word is that ‘they’ have a very clear three year plan to deliver this. After the power and cash grab they now need to deliver it - but don’t be surprised when you see the emperor is wearing no clothes.
  4. Dogstew

    New league structure revealed

    It looks like this great game has finally been hijacked by spivs and bully boys. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. Dogstew

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Brown Gledhill Leak A poor game today
  6. Dogstew

    Has Harrison had his day.

    Just seen this. No indeed. This thread is about Harrison and Day, not about Fev’s coaching woes, money troubles or dual reg players. Sensitive souls can apparently find offence anywhere that their team is mentioned. How high is a Chinaman?
  7. Dogstew

    Has Harrison had his day.

    I agree wholeheartedly.
  8. Dogstew

    And on a wing and a prayer

    A great pair
  9. Dogstew

    Has Harrison had his day.

    I agree. Would not meet his reported wish to move up to a full time club.
  10. Dogstew

    Has Harrison had his day.

    Rumour was that Harrison was moving on for full time and progression - if true then not to Fev, as they resolutely say they are a part time side (even when they’re not). Good luck to the lad if he is moving upwards.
  11. Dogstew

    championship 2019

    Points well made here about ‘the truth’, announcements and omissions. The press conference that these guys held was a case in point - noise about change and stability but nothing concrete, and plenty to speculate on. As for ‘interfering’ in structures, that is what Elstone has been brought in to do. They might even get off the pot soon.
  12. Dogstew

    Dewsbury sunday

    Eating that apple in the warm-up doesn’t fool no-one - nor do these posts.
  13. Dogstew

    Dewsbury sunday

    Haha indeed Only if you counted ten minutes from the end. heehee to you!
  14. Dogstew

    Dewsbury sunday

    No. You must be thinking of someone else. You bit again, though!
  15. Dogstew

    Dewsbury sunday

    Jowsbry never bring many these days