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  1. Bring back GB

    Swinton game

    We competed last year. The difference so far this year has already been mentioned on here and facebook. Lack of creativity, lack of leadership, lack of passion.
  2. Several first choice players returning for Barrow, including the Toal brothers. Massive boost.
  3. Bring back GB

    Joe and Alec in town

    Big Joe in Wigan's squad for their match at Salford tonight. he's currently Wigan's best forward so not a chance of getting him back !!!!!!
  4. Bring back GB

    getting closer but no cigar

    There's no golden point in this league thank god !!!!! Gonna be a tense affair Sunday. Barrow's injuries don't now appear to be as bad as first thought as we have a few returning.
  5. Bring back GB


    During the Odd Shaped Balls show on Cando FM last night, Cresta sent in a text to say Shane Toal isn't quite ready yet. Thought I heard Dan Payne or Grahame Dale say that Ryan Johnstone had injured his ankle ? Will be great to get Dan Toal back - we've missed his midfield breaks and his tackling aggression !
  6. Bring back GB


    Jonno out for 8 weeks. Spedding and Walker doubts for sunday. Johnstone definitely out. Amean passed his concussion test. Heard it said that Brett Carter and Dan Toal might be returning. Also, Big Willie Minoga might be playing in the centres !!!
  7. Bring back GB


    The dreaded injury curse strikes yet again. Can we raise a competitive side for Sunday?
  8. Bring back GB


    Superb news and very much needed with the injury list. How serious are yesterday's injuries? I know that Jonno has a broken cheekbone
  9. Bring back GB


    We lack creativity in attack. Its worrying
  10. Bring back GB


    No tries scored yet again. Awful.
  11. Bring back GB

    Barcelona record crowd?

    Flights and hotel booked. My son and I are travelling from Barrow.
  12. Bring back GB


    This Sunday's game against Widnes is a similar challenge to last season's early games at home against Toronto and Leigh so anything is possible if we play well and cut out the mistakes !!!!! I'd like to see Danny Morrow back in the side though.
  13. Bring back GB


    Alarm bells will be ringing for us too if we lose Michael !!!!!! We this one and then hopefully kick on against Widnes next sunday !!!!
  14. Bring back GB


    He was on Cando FM's "Odd Shaped Balls" show Michael, and he confirmed it At least 6 weeks out but may be more if he needs an Op.
  15. Bring back GB

    Tee Ritson

    Rubbish....... he's been excellent and superb under the high ball. Hope you get sorted soon Tee