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  1. Fixtures

    I see that next year's League One is reverting back to a proper fixture list where each team plays every other team home and away. About time.
  2. Championship 1 Situation

    There was only a handful from York, must have been less than 20. Hopefully we will get a very good crowd against Town in 2 weeks.
  3. Chank

    Now this would be fantastic news !!!!!!!!! Please let it be true !
  4. Whitehaven KO time

    Not like the Barrow website to be incorrect !!!!!! lol
  5. SUPER 8s

    Does anybody know the details of the Super 8s which start after the regular season fixtures end ? The top 8 all play each other once i.e. 7 games. The top 4 have 4 home games and 3 away games. Will Barrow play Toronto at home or away ????? You would hope that having already played them away, we would be drawn at home against them in the 8s. Playing them away again would be totally unfair, especially as we may well have to play them yet again, in the end of season promotion play off final, which barring a miracle would be in Canada.
  6. opportunity

    140 points against a champion super league side and a super league quality side in the wrong league, plus we played 3 days before the Leeds game, plus we had a host of players missing for the Toronto game. Fresh faces back in the side this weekend. I'm sure Barrow will be raring to go !!!!!!
  7. Scrapping the GB side was the biggest cock up ever made by th RFL. It needs to return. Please let this be true !!!