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  1. Challenge Cup results.

    Draw tuesday 7pm ish

    You just knew the RFL wouldn't let him off with "sending off sufficient". On a brighter note, Declan Hulme's injury not as bad as thought and should be available for next weekend.
  3. I'm changing my championship predictions

    The only way of finding this info is to subscribe to Rugby League Express or League Weekly. Both publications are printed on a monday and are also available on sunday evenings on line. Try
  4. Marwan Koukash & cumbria rugby league..

    A non-starter, waste of time. One of those "nothing" stories that crops up from time to time.
  5. Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    Its all talk though DKW, where exactly would such a side play ? People in Carlisle wouldn't be interested and the likes of you and I who have supported Town and Barrow for years, would stay true to their own clubs.
  6. Koukash and new Cumbrian club - good idea?

    Yet another menaingless pie-in-the-sky thread about something that has no chance of ever happening.

    He has a virus I think.

    Squad taking a battering at the moment. Hulme out for upto 3 months. Charnock awaiting shoulder operation Litherland injured Dallimore suspended until Swinton at home Stack facing a possible suspension. Both first choice halves and both first choice centres out. We need genuine reinforcements.
  9. DALLY

    According to the League Express, Jamie cannot play again until we play Toulouse away on April 7th. This cannot be right ? Four games = Rochdale away, Sheffield home twice. Halifax away. meaning he should return for Swinton home on April 2nd.
  10. Jamie Dallimore (Barrow) was cited for a dangerous tackle against Batley. Copped a 3 match ban, contested it and got it increased to 4 matches !!!!! Wasn't even Batley whocited him, it was the RFL who were reviewing the ref's performance and spotted the incident. RFL have got it in for Barrow, always have.
  11. Halves?

    Now that would be good.
  12. Halves?

    Parata/Ashall/Marwood ?
  13. DALLY

    Now increased to 4 apparantly. What a joke the RFL are.
  14. DALLY

    Jamie Dallimore has been cited for dangerous contact during the Batley match. Looking like a 3 match ban. Not what we need !!!!!
  15. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    It's forecast a tropical 4 degrees on Sunday so might be ok.