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  1. Agreed but the population of London is 8 million !
  2. London's crowds really are a complete joke. The team deserve better but unfortunately the game will never catch on in the capital. They've had 39 years now to make it work !!!!
  3. Barrow don't have the luxury of a reserve side. We basically pick a side each week from the 19/20 players who are fit and available. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will have a reserve side. Some impressive youngsters in the Bradford side last night.
  4. I'm sure we will. It's not like we have a big enough squad to even field a "weakened" team. More a case of squad rotation. I think a big win would only help build the confidence on the back of the Rochdale win
  5. Bradford have named a virtual reserve side. Disappointing.
  6. As a Barrow supporter I have to admit that Charnock's tackle was shocking. Hope James Glover makes a full recovery.
  7. Can't see this happening this year however it does appear that there will be some changes in the near future. This was taken from "Love RL" website ................. Number of pro clubs to cut to 30? It’s looking unlikely that League One will exist post the 2021 funding/broadcast split, with Championship clubs already preparing for negotiations for their own TV deal with the likelihood they will be cut out of the funding via Super League. There is now a scramble for the clubs who think they can maintain semi-professional rugby league in its current form, with fears clubs will cease to exist.
  8. The side played most of last season with Dalli and Ryan at 6 and 7 and it seemed to work well. Massive blow if Star is out for a while as he is a potent attacking weapon for us.
  9. Charny's tackle was shocking
  10. So its same old halfback pairing. Great
  11. Might be our saviour.........................give Cresta no choice but to change things at half back !!!!!!
  12. Unless we shake things up at halfback I fear another defeat.
  13. Change the halfback combination. It's so obvious!!!!! Hopefully Charny will get a lengthy ban for that awful assault on the Sheffield centre
  14. There are several part time sides in this league. I think only Toronto and Widnes are full time.
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