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  1. Bring back GB

    Chris Hankinson

    Totally disagree. He's a far better centre than Sarginson or Bateman !!!
  2. Bring back GB

    Chris Hankinson

    I'm pretty sure the 3 loan players played for Swinton at the weekend against Fev who beat them 60-4.
  3. Bring back GB

    More injuries

    Bullock and Pownall were injured at training last night apparantly. Bullock doubtful for sunday.
  4. Bring back GB


    I really feel that this weekend's match at Dewsbury is absolutely massive !!!!! A win would put us in a really strong position on 15 points which would be 6 ahead of Dewsbury and even further ahead of Swinton and Rochdale, meaning we would be almost impossible to catch up. Now that a new board is in place and the financial situation has been "eased" somewhat, players returning to the side also, let's hope the lads can pull together and play the game of their lives for that elusive first away win !!!!!! Come on you Raiders !!!!!!
  5. Toronto by 70 Toulouse by 20 Swinton by 12 Fax by 8 Barrow by 8 Leigh by 16
  6. Bring back GB


    Turmoil in the background at Barrow but have quite a few players returning for this weekend. Massive game for both teams. If Barrow win they will be almost safe but they are poor away from home.
  7. Bring back GB

    Next 5 Championship matches

    Sunday is massive. A win and we will take some catching up.
  8. Bring back GB

    Club Statement

    Sadly not. Unbelievable timing
  9. Bring back GB

    Club Statement

    David Sharpe has resigned. Awful news and not good when the club is reaching out to the public to raise funds !
  10. Bring back GB

    Club Statement

    Currently stands at £3778
  11. Bring back GB

    Halifax game

    They were the best side to visit us this season and we lacked some composure and some firepower in the three quarters. Next week at Dewsbury is massive and we must be due an away win !
  12. Steve Mascord (Aussie journalist) stated on Twitter yesterday that over 18k had been sold.
  13. Bring back GB

    Team for Toronto

    Chris Fleming is making a comeback too for the trip !!!!!
  14. Bring back GB

    Team for Toronto

    Ben Garner from Barrow Island is playing. Great lad, great player.
  15. Over 18,000 tickets sold according to Steve Mascord on Twitter. Should be well over 20,000 on the day hopefully.