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  1. Bring back GB

    2019 Away Shirt

    Worst Barrow home kit I've ever seen. Who the hell designs these ????? Looks like a school kit. Should be royal blue with a vee or chevron. Check out the Workington kit or the Fev away kit. Superb.
  2. Bring back GB

    Where will we finish?

  3. Bring back GB

    Arnaud Bartes to Catalans

    Spent the last few weeks of 2018 at Barrow and was our main threat in the pack going forward, after Joe Bullock's season ended with a broken jaw. Great player.
  4. Bring back GB

    2019 Predictions

    It was a reply to "who jhave Wigan signed apart from Zak Hardaker?"
  5. Bring back GB

    2019 Predictions

    Joe Bullock. Brilliant prop from Barrow
  6. They're playing Workington on Xmas day to see who starts in the Championship next year !
  8. Barrow have made some very impressive signings and look better equipped than last season. I predict they will finish in the top 7. Leigh will struggle I think.
  9. Bring back GB

    2019 Season

    Where have you seen this ? Cheers
  10. Bring back GB

    SL Club Attendances 2018

    Average will be even lower next year when London come to the party with their 800 fans.
  11. Bring back GB

    What shape will Leigh be in next year?

    Seem to be selling quite a few of their best players. Looking like the lower half of the Championship in 2019.
  12. Bring back GB

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Which means there'll be considerably less than 25000. Shocking. Not helped of course by the shambollic change of day.
  13. Bring back GB

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    A lot of people missing the point here. The GB brand was exactly that........................a brand..................and a successful and traditional one that should never have been disbanded. One or RL's biggest problems is not respecting tradition. Another example is some of the horrendous "away" kits that most teams play in. Another one is players with their socks down, looks bloody awful.
  14. Bring back GB

    Championship Club Attendances 2018

    Can London improve on 861 in SL next year ????????????
  15. Bring back GB

    SQUAD FOR 2019

    Cheers Mick and well done staying up!