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  1. CanadianRugger

    TWP lose first ever game at home .

    You've clearly never been to a Toronto-Montreal or Montreal-Boston hockey game before, Yankees vs Red Sox or Mets, Cubs vs White Sox, Cowboys vs Packers or any big College Football game. NA sport is filled with emotion, it's just people from the UK don't follow our sports or anything outside your country. Quite similar to Americans in that regard 😉 Our Baseball and Hockey clubs have traditions that are as old as your football clubs in some cases.
  2. Ontario Provincial Police. You seem them on Highways in Ontario because Highways belong to the Provincial Governments; therefore, it's Provincial Police who patrol them. In Canada policing is actually a provincial responsibility except for anything to do with federal jurisdiction. Only three provinces maintain their own provincial police forces though: Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador, the rest of the provinces contract the RCMP to do the policing for them, particularly in rural areas as maintaining their own police forces would be cost prohibitive. Municipalities that chose to can also pay for their own police forces and many large ones do. RCMP are an all encompassing force though and are 30,000 in number and maintain the full spectrum of capabilities. They are probably closer to the French Gendarmerie or Italian Caribinieri than any comparable UK police force.
  3. Oh I know Todd Carney, good thing he never pulled some of his stunts here or he would surely be on the receiving end of a police boot, particularly if he was dealing with the RCMP or OPP. My experience with UK and Aussie Police is they are more gentle than Canadian Police who are nicer than American Cops but practice a similar style of policing. Or heaven forbid Quebec Police, who would certainly beat the snot out of someone. SQ are notorious for it.
  4. Heck no. The NHL makes players like this take a time out. A good example would be Ray Emery (RIP) who after causing no end of discipline issues in Ottawa was released and spent two seasons in Siberia for his punishment. Theoren Fleury is another example who at one point played in Belfast after no NHL team wanted him. Rugby League is full of whinging idiots.
  5. The NHL, NBA, MLS and NBA run a league in two countried with dozens of nationalities crossing the borders weekly. We manage to do this with the USA who have one of the most extensive and strict border control programs on earth. The NHL has 17 different nationalities in the League. Get a grip Rugby League.
  6. Again, Visas are not required to enter Canada for UK citizens visiting or conducting short business trips. Stop reporting that players need Visas when they don't. So players can't fill out a simple online form months in advance? It's an eTA and is required through our agreement with the United States on NORAD and Border Security. Players also need to stop lying and disclose their criminal pasts if they have them. Jesus RL is bush league.
  7. CanadianRugger we go!!!!!!!!

    Going to the Toulouse game! I was hoping to go see a match in August but I'm going to be up in James Bay for a couple of weeks.
  8. CanadianRugger

    Match Thread - Toronto Wolfpack v Featherstone Rovers 28th July 2018

    How did the Fev fans and players enjoy Toronto? Hope the experience was good!
  9. CanadianRugger

    Are Toulouse ready for Super League?

    Toulouse are at least as good as Salford or Widnes, especially from what I saw of Salford's performance against Catalans. Any of the Championship sides could sneak in over those two and I'm betting both drop out of the league this season.
  10. CanadianRugger

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    It's the government, taking a long time to do anything is what they are good at. Judging by how well Brexit negotiations are going at the moment, I would say the UK and Canada are about equal in this regard.
  11. CanadianRugger

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    To clear something up, nobody from the UK needs a Visa to travel to Canada. All you need to do is fill out an eTA and you are all set. Drinking & Driving is a serious offence in Canada, you can do jail time for it here. It's not a minor infraction by any stretch and a lot of people in Canada have died from being drunk themselves behind the wheel, or killing someone else on the road. It's especially bad in rural areas, where "touring" was and still is quite popular. I personally know of a number of people that have died as a result drunk driving. It's serious!
  12. CanadianRugger

    Visa issues for Qualifiers

    I've been to the UK multiple times for work, no visa required. Canadians are allowed to travel to the UK for work or pleasure up to 90 days without a visa. The only thing Britons coming to Canada need to do is fill out an ETA, it's bloody easy and the reason we do it is because the United States does and we have a common Border & Customs Control Policy.
  13. Salford look dour. Widens and they look like they are ripe for relegation.
  14. CanadianRugger


    But what will Senior Tin Foil Hat Association Analyst, Parky, have to say?
  15. CanadianRugger


    Due diligence and criteria aren't the same thing so which one is it? I suggest you look up the meaning of due diligence . If you keep repeating the same thing maybe it will stick!