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  1. Here is another POV, perhaps Toronto signed better players this year: Gadwin Springer Joe Mellor Jon Wilkin Ricky Leutele Tom Olbison Bodene Thompson And now Anthony Mullaly. Unlike last season, Toronto have a legit Super League calibre team. It has little to do with the coach.
  2. CanadianRugger

    Toronto Rugby scene

    I agree completely with separate rules at the professional level. They do this in other sports like Ice Hockey so I don't see why we can't with Rugby. Watching an amateur club game contrasted with watching The Premiership, Super Rugby, Top 14, test rugby, etc. Is like watching Apples and Oranges. Two entirely different games.
  3. CanadianRugger

    Toronto Rugby scene

    Rugby Union has a cult like following in Canada and we have produced a number of World Class Professionals for the European game, like this "beefy bloke":
  4. CanadianRugger

    Toronto Rugby scene

    I thought the game between Arrows and NOLA was poor tbh, the game was super messy and the mistakes killed a lot of the flow for me. Some of the kicking from hand was just awful. There is a big difference in skill between the TWP and the Arrows. Still, I will watch them and we should remember it's a semi-pro league atm. There appears to be more space in Rugby Union because of the breakdown and having to commit players to it and also because kicking features more prominently. The reality is there is less space in Union because: 1. The offside line is the backfoot of the ruck vice 10 yards back of the mark in League. 2. There are 15 players per team vice 13 in League.
  5. CanadianRugger


    Argyle is a Venture Capitalist. He will stick around for a few more years then sell TWP to an organization like MLSE for far more money than he ever put in to it. The entire thing is classic North American venture capitalism. The way that David Argyle is running TWP is exactly how Dana White and the Fertitta Brothers ran ZUFFA when they owned the UFC. Btw, Dana White, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta bought UFC for $2 million in 2001. They sold it to WME-IMG for $4 BILLION in 2016. The pay issue was clearly the ownership group deciding whether they would continue to fund the club or not. I think survival depended on securing funding from these unnamed companies.
  6. There is zero incentive for Toronto to take part in the cup. For one, we get no home games and can therefore make no money off the competition. Secondly, the RFL want us to underwrite the competition with a quarter of the salary cap? Get real. Glad Catalans, Toulouse and Toronto are standing firm on this. Refuse to participate and focus on the regular season.
  7. CanadianRugger

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    I've lived in Quebec, I've also coached and played rugby in Quebec. I'm also part French Canadian, Acadian to be exact. I think I know a little bit about the Quebec Rugby scene. Montreal has some Rugby Union, it's mostly played by the English minority though and exists in affluent parts of Montreal like Westmount, Mont Royal, Beaconsfield and St Anne de Bellevue. There are a couple of French Clubs: St Lambert, Parc Olympique, Clube Rugby Quebec, etc but it has almost no following amongst Quebecers. Any Montreal team would essentially be catering to a very small English Minority that live in a few rich suburbs. Quebecers like sports, but the sports scene is different. Ice Hockey is king by a country mile. Canadian Football is next while Soccer is getting more popular but auto racing, alpine sports, tennis and martial arts/boxing are also very popular. You would be better off putting a team in Halifax NS or Ottawa and it would probably draw better than a Montreal team. You may have a Stadium in Halifax soon as they are very close to securing a CFL Franchise or you could play at the renovated Wanderers Grounds where Halifax FC will begin play soon. Lets not even talk about the weather in Montreal. Worse than Toronto and I'm certain there would be some complaints!
  8. CanadianRugger

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    Not a chance with the way the RFL and Super League are run. People talk about Montreal as if you could magically plop a team down there and it would be successful. I can guarantee a team in Quebec would not be successful. Quebec is not European at all, in fact, they generally hate French people from France. Super League would be seen as an "English" sport and would have difficulty gaining support.
  9. CanadianRugger

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    A Rugby League team in Vancouver would draw well. Lower Mainland BC and Vancouver Island are the literal meccas of rugby in NA. CDI Premier League is the top Union Club Competition in North America and there are rugby pitches everywhere in Vancouver and Victoria. There is also Rugby League in Vancouver with a four club competition. Rugby League needs to target Rugby markets in NA if it wants to successfully expand. TWP have provided a good model.
  10. CanadianRugger

    Manchester bouncers investigated over assault

    It was most def the Dome, which btw was closed down and reopened under new management. The police used to park a paddy wagon right on Pizza Corner in anticipation of the evening shenanigans there.
  11. Things people from the UK often have trouble with..... Size of their own country in relation to others. UK - 66 million United States & Canada - 360 million people The US + Canada dwarf the UK in terms of size and yes 155,000 rugby players is insignificant in the US. There are 550,000 ice hockey players by comparison in the US and 600,000 in Canada. Outside of the US Northeast and border states like Minnesota, ice hockey is a niche sport. There are 200,000 cricket players in the United States, are we calling American cricket significant now?
  12. CanadianRugger

    Manchester bouncers investigated over assault

    A friend of mine was a bouncer at a nightclub in Halifax, Canada around a decade ago and was involved in an altercation similar to this. He pushed a patron outside who fell and hit his head on the pavement and went in to a coma which he thankfully came out of. The fallout from this though was the Police charged my friend with attempted murder and he ended up doing 3 years in prison for it. This event, along with a number of other high profile incidents led the city banning the sale of alcohol after 0100hrs. People do stupid things when they are drinking, the whole nightclub culture is highly toxic as well.
  13. I love how polarizing TWP are, you folks in the UK would make great Maple Leafs fans! I'm looking forward to the upcoming season even though I will probably have to watch all the games on TV due to my move to the other side of the continent. I'm seriously hoping Sportsnet or TSN pick up TWP games. The appearance of the Toronto Arrows will be good for the Wolfpack and the existence of both teams will be mutually beneficial. Toronto is becoming a real hotbed for Rugby in North America.
  14. The whole saga is Kabuki Theatre of the highest order. I really couldn't care less about playing in the Challenge Cup as we get no games. I don't know how the RFL expected us to sell tickets when we get no home games to the Challenge Cup?
  15. I'm happy we won't play in the Challenge Cup. More rest periods for the players and we can focus 100% on promotion. We get zero games in Toronto anyways so who cares.