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  1. Lol don't bother? Argyle will be back, he is taking a self-imposed time out.
  2. Because he likes money and thinks it can be made. It's called being an entrepreneur.
  3. Have you been to a rugby game before? The words that come out of peoples mouths in the stands is something to behold. Any time I hear people put the words "Rugby" and "Values" together, it's cringeworthy. Glad David apologized and took a step back. Now we can focus on what's really important, smashing Swinton tomorrow.
  4. The Dave Chapelle "Blind Black White Supremacist" skit is a comedic masterpiece. There is an Indo-Canadian Comedian called Russell Peters who also does a lot of good work.
  5. Exactly, TWP need to be in Super League to survive. Playing in the Championship with community clubs is fine for now but won't be long term. The CBD Oil is a good investment. There is big money to be made in the Cannabis market in Canada. TWP will make money if they are in Super League. If they aren't allowed in though they have no commercial value and will fold.
  6. They won't turn a profit outside of Super League. If they are denied entry to Super League, the club folds. It's that simple.
  7. Anyone hoping the incidents of the past few days light a fire under TWP to lay a hammering on Swinton?
  8. Because up until this point he has been a great ambassador to the sport. We shall see what happens.
  9. Sounds like Argyle is keeping his money in but making someone else the face of the organization. A wise decision for an owner to make this day and age. Ultimately it's rugby league's loss long term.
  10. Well I am half French. If you mean to say I practice the age old art of going to great lengths to say nothing, that award belongs to @The Parksider
  11. Blahblahblah How about he meets me in Canada during the next match, Air Transat can pick up the tab. You save money and get the same result!
  12. Communication is a two way street. It's all about interpretation. Lets see what happens first. Using Twitter as your platform to address this is such a weak move btw. Real adults talk about things face to face. That's what happens when you have an owner who makes himself accessible at all times to anyone. Perhaps Argyle will be reassessing this going forward. Oh I see the difference which is why I said he shouldn't have said it. I'm not about to get my panties twisted about a dumb remark someone made under the influence of alcohol in a poor attempt at being funny. It's called an overreaction. It's the same overreaction that's caused the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, Antifa, Etc. More fuel for 21st Century Trolls!
  13. Take er down a notch Turbo save your rage for something worthwhile. Argyle shouldn't have said it. He has supposedly reached out to Swinton and the player in question. Great! When Swinton comes back to TO everyone can kiss and make up, smoke some ganja and sing kumbaya! Not before the match though.
  14. It's a thing here, not saying it's right and people are changing slowly but it is what it is.
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