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  1. Home games

    playing at Lamport but stadium will be undergoing some renovations so the stadium won't be ready right away.
  2. You talk about the NFL and completely ignore College Football which is just as big if not bigger in popularity. That community game you talk about is at the College level. Same with Baseball, with multiple leagues all over the US at AAA, AA and A level.
  3. If RL is going to take off in the US/Canada it needs a concentration of force in the Toronto-Montreal-NY-Boston area. The cities are, by North American standards, all reasonably close to each other and have good Rail-Air-Road links. You can take a train direct from either city and would be a good option for touring teams. Any WC should be concentrated in that geographic area. Toronto alone could support a significant amount of games with BMO Field (30,000k) Rogers Centre (54,000k) and Tim Hortons Field (25,000k) in very close vicinity. People would show up just for the event. When the National Union Team plays in Toronto, most of the fans are just casuals looking for something to do.
  4. 2018 Fixtures

    If they were going to play in Manchester, they would have started a team in Manchester. All these rumours are complete BS. The Wolfpack have serious backers in Toronto with actual financial clout that is far larger than anything presently in English Rugby League. They are backed by the City of Toronto, CBC Sports, Air Transat, Cassels Brock (one of the largest law firms on Canada) to name but a few. Perez has openly come out and said the money behind the Wolfpack is not his, he is the mouthpiece for the ownership group which consists of Argyle and other partners who wish to remain anonymous.
  5. 2018 Fixtures

    Those clubs need to find investors then, the point I'm making is you have people that have money that want to invest in the professional game. Professional being the key word. Amateur clubs can't compete with Professional clubs nor should they be expected to. The professional game should be separate from the amateur game. We have a similar setup in Canada and the US with respect to Ice Hockey. The NHL isn't the only professional hockey league in both countries. You've actually got multiple layers of professional hockey in NA. Top tier: National Hockey League - large markets with million dollar salaries, and 20000 seat arenas with expensive tickets and merchandise. Second tier: American Hockey League - mid level markets that draw thousands of fans per game with working level salaries. Players make enough that they don't need to work in another job. Teams also are affiliated with NHL teams (serve as farm/academies) for young talent. Third tier: East Coast Hockey League, United Hockey League - smaller markets with players who are paid but probably need to find other employment, maybe get a couple of thousand a game on good days. Lower Tier: Southern Professional Hockey League - small market teams where players are professional but that means they get paid per game they play and probably get a case of beer and maybe free food and lodging. One of my friends played in this league for year after College. He got $500 per game, lived with four other guys on his team in an apartment provided by the team and got free beer. Elite Amateur: Senior Hockey (Allan Cup, Hardy Cup), University Hockey i.e. NCAA/CIS Rugby is in desperate need of ring fencing. My feeling is teams like Leigh, London, Bradford, Halifax, etc. Should all be pushed in to an expanded Super League and the League should be ring fenced. The whole everyone gets a crack at the big leagues, communist-egalitarian BS needs to stop. It's completely unrealistic for a professional sport that already has a very limited market cachement.
  6. 2018 Fixtures

    This is how Salary Caps actually work though, at least in NA where every sport minus Baseball operates with a Salary Cap. There is a minimum and a maximum and teams spend within that threshold. NHL salaries are tracked and can be found here:
  7. 2018 Fixtures

    E Easy solution, put Wolfpack straight in to Super League. You need to understand the difference between equal and fair. A competition is fair, that doesn't necessarily mean it's equal.
  8. No they are not, but there is zero history in Ireland or South Africa of clubs forming professional sports franchises. Provinces have always been the way it's done in Ireland which is why you don't see Buccaneers playing Dublin University in the Pro12. Small town/neighbourhood clubs have limited market appeal and are largely a European phenomenon based on how densely populated the continent is. It doesn't really work anywhere else. Ice Hockey in Canada had numerous clubs that competed in the various cities. GTA had: Arenas, St Pats, Maple Leafs, Hamilton Tigers while Montreal had: Maroons, Wanderers, Canadiens. All these clubs eventually either folded or were absorbed by a bigger club to make them commercially viable sports franchises that we have today.
  9. All the North American Leagues are home to Conferences/Leagues and Divisions with crossover games. It needs to be because the distances are too large to structure a sports league like you would find in Europe. Ehm, all the Irish sides are based on Historical Provinces that have always existed. Likewise, one of the Italian clubs is a historic club that has traditionally been the strongest in Italy. The other is an amalgamation of a number of Parma clubs that merged following Italy's entrance in to the Pro12. None of these clubs exist anymore as they dissolved when Zebre was formed. Cardiff Blues and Llanelli are basically the professional arms of the historic club sides. The South Africans are traditional clubs of Eastern Province and Orange Free State. The only ones who aren't are Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newport-Gwent and Neath-Swansea. The two Welsh clubs are the only ones who really gripe about this due to Newport and Gwent as well as Neath and Swansea having very big rivalries.
  10. The National Hockey League went from 6 Teams (Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, New York, Detroit) to a now 31 team league with the newest entrant in Las Vegas beginning play this year. Ice Hockey in the desert, who would have thought that? If there is a market for it, the sport will make money off it. Ice Hockey has blossomed in the States where nobody even played before.
  11. My feeling is Super League needs to expand to at least 18 teams, reinforce the big clubs in the M62 beltway but expand elsewhere. League 1 needs to merge with the Championship and will serve as a semi-professional/minor league feeder system for the Super League. It needs to become licensed and go to a conference system to maximize the number of teams and also look at deriving more money from Television deals. Conferences could be: Northwest England: St Helens Widnes Warrington Wigan Leigh Salford Yorkshire: Leeds Castleford Wakefield Huddersfield Hull KR Hull FC Metropolitan: Toronto New York Montreal Catalans Toulouse London Teams play Home/Away against their conference (10 games) and play either home or away (12 games) against each team in the other conferences. Games could be organized as tours of geographic areas (Toronto, New York and Montreal could be grouped in to the same tour of games). 22 game regular season, playoffs would be top 2 in each conference plus two wildcards spots for next best records. Quarter-finals, Semi's and Grand Final. 25 games total. With room left over to run the Challenge Cup. You've also got room to expand further/split conferences more. Perhaps, North America gets enough teams to form their own conference and some other European destinations decide to join. I was never a big fan of League until the Wolfpack showed up but as I've started watching it, I really like it now and find it a way better spectacle than Union. I wish we would have had it here when I was younger as I would have probably rather played it over Union.
  12. Well, Rugby Canada is dominated by the British Columbia Rugby Union. BC is kind of unique in that they have a large number of private schools which makes them more like the UK. It's important because these private schools filled with rich kids and expats were the ones who pioneered Rugby Union in Canada. Rugby has a cult like following in BC but it's mostly amongst the affluent private school crowd. The game has basically stagnated out there because in order to play at a high level, you needed to go to the "right" school. It's a similar system to that which exists in Argentina where rugby is played by the upper class elite. Some of our best Rugby talent were actually from smaller towns/rural communities but these areas don't get scouts because the players don't play for politically connected clubs. We've got over 100,000 rugby union players in Canada if you count high school players but it's a largely untapped pool of talent. Some players like Jebb Sinclair, Jamie Cudmore, Rod Snow, DTH get discovered anyways just because they are simply too good to ignore. Look at Ice Hockey in this country: Looking up NHL players I randomly looked up highest point totals of active Canadian players. I didn't know the answers beforehand. Hometowns:LondonEdmontonAneroid SaskatchewanCole Harbour NSHalkirk AlbertaMississaugaThunder BayReginaMontreal Rugby in this country misses a huge catchment of players simply because they don't belong to the right "club" or go to the right "school"
  13. Long time Rugby Union player and now coach here. I coach Junior Rugby in Kingston. Rugby Union, while enjoying large participation numbers in Canada, is stuck in the amateur game. The powers that be don't want to change and don't want to see Pro Rugby take off as it might upset their small time amateur competitions in BC and Ontario. I initially loved the idea of the Wolfpack for the sole reason that it was going to shake things up. It already has and I had only a passing interest in League before but now I'm an all out fan. If only I would have been able to actually play the sport when I was younger.
  14. Guess who is one of the main sponsors this year for one of the biggest amateur Rugby Sevens tournaments in Ontario? Toronto Wolfpack are one of the sponsors for this year's Magnificent Sevens. Don't be surprised to see scouts there looking for untapped talent. Magnificent Sevens: Presented by Toronto Wolfpack RLFC yep, a league club sponsoring a Rugby Union event.
  15. The Toronto Experience

    That's probably only in Toronto that this attitude exists. I've been to a lot of CFL games, different beast entirely in Montreal, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary.