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  1. Toronto 34:12 Leigh

    Patterson was great on Defence as was Buchanan.
  2. Well I think that answers a few questions about Toronto.
  3. Game day approaching

    Leigh are attacking with intent but they are just forcing it a bit.
  4. Game day approaching

    22-12 Toronto now. Toronto Defence looking good and causing problems.
  5. New York, Boston and Hamilton in 2019

    The National Hockey League in North America has gone through a number of different expansions, 6 teams to 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, 26, 27, 30. They just added their 31st team this year and are looking to add another to bring the league to 32 teams. The entire time this has been happening, the player pool in Canada and the US has largely stayed the same. What it's Forced the NHL to do is scour the globe far and wide for talent. The NHL created an organization in 1975 called the Central Scouting Bureau whose job it is to find talent. They employ 23 scouts in North America and 6 scouts in Europe and have offices in Toronto, New York and Finland. They publish quarterly rankings of age grade players using comprehensive data analysis tools that continuously update the rank of players based on statistical performance. This has allowed the NHL to find talent from non-traditional hockey powers as well. There is even an Australian, Nathan Walker, who is now playing in the NHL. Rugby Scouting in both codes is positively bush League in comparison.
  6. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Lol no worries mate. I don't take myself seriously at all nor do I take any of this GBA+ stuff seriously. If someone wants me to call them Houdini, I'll oblige them TBH, I miss the war in Afghanistan days, not because it was this rocking good time, but because the military's single occupation was killing enemies of the state Everyone today is like "Gee thank god that war is over so we can get back to the real business of the military!" Which is pioneering SJW causes and being tasked with implementing abstract government programs with no hope of any success whatsoever.
  7. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Gender Based Analysis+, it's basically training that tells people they need to remove gender from the work place. Someone who is Non-Binary is someone who doesn't want to be called a gender. I'm an infantry officer so supposedly this training is super critical to me being able to do the business
  8. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    The term is Non-Binary I recently was mandated to take GBA+ training as I'm a member of the Armed Forces and you know... because it's 2017, sunny ways and all. When I took the test, I didn't study at all, I simply thought to myself "What would Trudeau do?"
  9. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    I totally agree, they need to up their game in the off field operations department and Lamport is unsuitable for Super League atm; however, it has the makings of a good stadium and could be brought up to snuff with some investment.
  10. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Honestly, Toronto had their honeymoon last year. I expect there to be growing pains this year and I will be surprised if they crack Super League, in fact, I'm not expecting them to. I think a year or two extra in the Championship would do the team some good and allow them to sort out some issues with respect to Stadium, Marketing, Players, Scheduling, Etc.
  11. RL on Canadian TV

    Great news!
  12. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Yah, I've noted this. My bro lived in Aus for a couple of years (workes in Mt Isa at the mines there). We would discuss NRL and the topic of how much trouble players got in to came up and the personality cult developed by the media around the players. Canada is totally different, cause problems for the club and tarnish the name, you're gone. All the big hockey clubs here (Toronto, Montreal, etc) will regularly dump players that act up, especially because there are so many others who can step up and take their place. Nobody is irreplaceable, eve. Marquee players. Nobody in Canada gives a about who you are or what you did, act like an ass and kiss the pro contract goodbye.
  13. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Glad the club sacked these guys. This sort of thing is absolutely not tolerated in Canadian Sport. Ice Hockey clubs here dump players like this all the time and other NHL clubs will blacklist them. Reminds me of Ray Emery (goaltender) in Ottawa a few years ago. Guy got sent packing and ended up having to play hockey in Siberia for his sins for a couple of years. Career never recovered.
  14. Home games

    As I said, it's hard to call a team Toronto when they spend 10 of 12 months in the UK.
  15. Toronto v Halifax venue

    They are playing an exhibition series this year. My guess is in 2019, we see them playing out a fixed venue in either Toronto or Hamilton. They are also not controlled by the Provincial Union or Rugby Canada which is a big deal. I think the Wolfpack are great, I'm now a League fan but I've been a Rugby Union man all my life (not by choice but it was the only thing available). The Wolfpack need to be careful is all I'm saying.