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  1. The Toronto Experience

    That's probably only in Toronto that this attitude exists. I've been to a lot of CFL games, different beast entirely in Montreal, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary.
  2. That happens in every pro sport though, some times teams just suck but with time and opportunity they can develop players. I'm just a dumb canuck and it's probably a lack of understanding of Brit sport culture but even in my beloved NHL, the top team usually pumps the bottom ranked team #30 every game as well. That team usually has an opportunity to rebuild though and in a few years will be strong again. I think of the New Jersey Devils & Detroit Redwings of the 1990s early 2000s. Drafted well for a number of years and had good player development and scouting. That long term planning paid off with 3 Stanley Cups each for these respective teams.
  3. The Toronto Experience

    Yep, Pro sport in Toronto is big business. Which is precisely why I want to Wolfpack to stay away from the owners of the Major League teams in Toronto. The Toronto Maple Leafs franchise is worth $1.15 Billion.
  4. I don't think promotion or relegation is necessarily wrong; however, Super League it self is too small. 12 teams is not very many and about six or seven teams Championship teams plus the Wolfpack could probably cut the mustard at Super League level. I think the Licensing a few years ago could have worked; however, it was very poorly executed. Increase the League to 18 teams, split the teams in to Divisions i.e. (Northwest England Division, Yorkshire & Humber, Metropolitan Division (London, Tolouse, Catalans, Toronto, with room to grow). Now you've got a product that is more appealing with a better structure for outward expansion.
  5. The Toronto Experience

    Honestly, Canadians love the working class attitude, it reminds me of our own Canadian Football League with one of the appeals being that CFL players aren't paid much more than a normal persons salary. This is definitely something the Wolfpack need to play up because it's appealing to Canadians. Definitely different from some of the other clubs in town, the Blue Jays total team salary for 2017 is just under $200 million Canadian Dollars.
  6. The Toronto Experience

    Guys, Kingston, ON Wolfpack fan here and long time Rugby Union (sorry guys ) player and coach. I've steadily gotten in to the Wolfpack this season and have watched pretty much every game on television. I'm looking at making a run down to Toronto for the game against Whitehaven. My hope is the Wolfpack come up with a long term plan to revitalize Lamport Stadium as I really think the Wolfpack are doing all the right things right now and would be wise to stay well away from the Bay Street money machines that is MLSE, Bell and Rogers. Also, really like League fellas. I watched league a bit because my brother has played both codes (lived in Australia for a couple of years) but I wish I would have had the opportunity to play when I was younger as I would have probably liked it better than Union.

    Expand the league. Licensing was the way to go but they never grew the league big enough. Bring on Toulouse, Featherstone, Leigh, London and Toronto. Make it a real "Super League".
  8. La Meute des Loups de Toronto

    Une come les Redblacks de l'Ottawa ou en français, Le Rouge et Noir.
  9. Le Rugby à XIII au Quebec

    Bonjour, Présentement il n'y a aucune XIII jouer dans Québec. À Montreal il y a beaucoup d'équipes de XV: Montreal Irish, Montreal Barbarians, Town of Mont Royal, St-Anne-de-Bellevue, Beaconsfield RFC, Parc Olympique, Nomades de Laval, Armada RFC, Montreal RFC, Exiles RFC, Wanderers RFC, Carcajous RFC, Westmount RFC. On peut dire que Le XV à un "cult like following" à Montreal mais les joueurs sont presque tous les anglophones.
  10. Wolf pack Awareness In Canada

    Resident of Kingston, ON and long time rugby union player and fan here. I have been very excited since the Wolfpack were unveiled last year and has followed the team closely ever since. I've watched most games on CBC and am planning on attending the Super 8s with my girlfriend when the games come to Toronto (three hour train ride from where I am right between Toronto and Montreal). As for General awareness, from my perspective the Wolfpack have been very well received, they've received national press coverage and are on TV. This in a very crowded sports market where other far more established sports in Canada (Rugby Union cough) have failed to gain any sort of traction since the game turned professional. I coach Rugby Union and the members of my club are aware of the Wolfpack although many don't really know the difference between League and Union (serious, most rugby players in Canada know nothing about League or much about professional rugby in either code). I think the Wolfpack have done a good job marketing themselves and I think they are going to become permanent fixture. Let me be clear though, there is almost no amateur League in Canada. The sport is almost non-existent outside of a handful of teams. There are what, three clubs in all of Ontario? Compare this to Union where there are more 15,000 registered players in Ontario alone and probably over 100 clubs (not counting high school rugby which is administered separately). What is now needed is a proper amateur game to help feed the Wolfpack support and create player development pathways. I've got some ideas of how the Wolfpack could successfully do this and would love to discuss.
  11. Toronto v Barrow

    What they need to do now is get Challenge Cup matches at home next year. Bigger teams would equal a bigger crowd!
  12. Toronto v Barrow

    Watching the game, good crowd again which is nice to see, especially considering it's a long weekend in Canada and many people are travelling. Very excited to have the Wolfpack in Toronto. Canada is craving pro rugby of any code and the Wolfpack are filling the void nicely.
  13. Money in RL isn't good enough yet. As I said earlier, top 200 or so Canadian gridiron players all get scouted to CFL teams each year. A practice squad player in the CFL can make $60,000-70,000 a season.
  14. You've got a couple of rich men from Toronto Wolfpack fighting to get a place in Super League right now. I don't think failure of PSG or London is indicative of whether this team will be successful or not. Paris is a ###### sports city in general, just look at their rugby union club fiasco right now. The conditions that made Rugby League expansion unsuccessful in the UK don't exist in NA.
  15. Jeff Hassler is a good example of this, guy literally walked on to the Canadian National Rugby Union team.